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Zac Efron: Vanessa Hudgens Birthday Bash!

Zac Efron: Vanessa Hudgens Birthday Bash!

Vanessa Hudgens and boyfriend Zac Efron leave V‘s house in North Hollywood before heading to celebrate her birthday at East Restaurant on Monday (December 14).

Vanessa turned 21 today and is now legal! The High School Musical starlet wore a glamorous black outfit and showed off her gorgeous gams.

The pair was joined by Monique Coleman, Ashley Tisdale, Chris Warren Jr. and others for the festivities!

Happy Birthday Vanessa!

More pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron celebrating her birthday…

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vanessa hudgens zac efron birthday bash 01
vanessa hudgens zac efron birthday bash 02
vanessa hudgens zac efron birthday bash 03
vanessa hudgens zac efron birthday bash 04
vanessa hudgens zac efron birthday bash 05
vanessa hudgens zac efron birthday bash 06
vanessa hudgens zac efron birthday bash 07

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  • ayen


  • nic


  • gaby

    they both look amazing!
    happy birthday vanessa!

  • maeli

    beautifull they look hot

  • athena

    Wow, they look great! Happy Birthday Vanessa. Good to see them together…looking like they’re enjoying themselves while hating the paps being in their business.

  • ainamae

    she looks soo pretty! <3

    wish Vanessa a happy birthday <3

  • Jo

    happy birthday hot stuff

  • lisa

    omg am i the first? any ways she looks so effing sexy here! i love this look! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  • athena

    Vanessa looks great eventhough she looks a little fuller in her face, and her dress is a bit bulky around her belly….not that I’m trying to be controversial….she does look amazing…I really love her hair, makeup, and dress…

  • vees!

    Im a fan of hers but she is getting pretty….ugly! sorry she should look in the mirror before she goes out

  • kro

    they are perfect, i hope she had a very special birthday and for her wishes to become truth

  • Caro

    happy birthday V!! they are cute, i wish them the best

  • birdie

    Vanessa looks incredible. She looks like an old time movie star like
    Rita Hayworth just gorgeous. Zac is the perfect partner for her. Hope she has the best time ever. Happy Birthday Vanessa.

  • sugasuga

    @vees! ummm are you blind? she looks amazing actually she always does/ if you were a fan you would see that so clearly your not do us a favour and take your comments somewhere else

  • diva

    WOW! she looks amazing luvin the hair and the outfit and how much of a great boyfriend is Zac throwing a party for her aww so much love there two have for each other it’s so hard to hae them eventhough they come out of the house looking like a freaking BILBOARD AD!

  • Babiivfanforeva

    so gorgeous!!!! hope shes having an awesome time!!

  • coco

    You are the vodka rum tequila and scotch in me!
    Happy 21st!
    Look at Zacky trying to be all smoldering and sh*it! Loves it!

  • jane

    Her dress is by Aussie brand Lover, for those who are interested. Personally I think others have worn it better

  • mixxie

    love her outfit!
    happy 21st (L)

  • OK

    She looks stunning, amazing, beautiful,sexy…

  • Yily

    She looks like a whore as always. She’s so slutty. And dating a gay guy just really ruined her reputation.

  • Stella

    She looks like a pale tranny in those pics. to much makeup vanessa. Not cute!

  • reckless

    Vanessa looks amazing!!… and zac looks hott cutest couple ever hope you had a wonderful

  • linda

    WOW!! vanessa you look so beautiful…
    your gorgeous and zac looks cute
    hope you had a great 21st birthday!

  • lolol

    oh how i love bitter bitter hypocritical delusional pathetic shits also known as zikki cu*nts.

    this twitter of one that posts on fanforum is a laugh, little bit*ch needs to work out her issues.

  • yeta

    i love her
    God Blss V.

  • rosielee9


    Can’t you think of anything original to say and how as dating Zac ruined her reputation.

    I think she looks every inch a 21yr old and has grown into a beautiful young woman and it’s lovely that Zac is there to see it, mind you I have always said and throught right from HSM 1 she was a beauty then and would only get better with age and she has even my daughter said the same.

    You obvioulsy don’t like her or Zac and that’s your right but why not go and post on board to someone that you do like.

    It’s great to that some of her former HMS star’s were their to I think it’s great that they do still stay in touch obvioulsy not as much as they used to which both she and Zac have said but the friendship they made from that first movie is still there and that’s nice.

    It’s a pity that the pap’s were outside her house though as they had already got photo’s of her earlier in the day so they should have stayed away on the night which I can imagine is why they both don’t look to pleased copmpared to some of the other photo’s that we’ve had the last few days, nothing to do with their relactionship as Vanessa has her ring back on as you just know that before long the post’s will come that Zac looks miserable, does’nt want to be there, they’ve had a row all the usual one’s that occur when there not smiling. But to that I say now just look back over the photo’s since they’ve come back to L.A. and they are obvioulsy still very much together and happy.

    I hope she had a great night and enjoyed herself with family, friends and of course Zac.

  • olivia

    @vees!: How can you think she’s ugly? She is GORGEOUS! You must be blind.

  • linda

    WOW! Vanessa you look beautiful.. but thats no suprise
    cause your gorgeous!.. and lets not forget zac he’s so cute
    hope you had a great 21st birthday!

  • http://jj daydreamer

    Vanessa looks beautiful and amazing. Perfect.Hope they had a great night.

  • http://jj daydreamer

    They both look amazing!

  • Austin

    Even with the heels Zanessa, you are still freakin short,. Oh and anyone else think perhaps a few implants wouldn’t go astray. This girl is by far the smallest in the titties department of all the HM cast and I think even Zachey has a bigger chest – not too bad really for a gay guy. Best of luck Zachey with trying to get it up after the party. Bye

  • rosielee9

    I love how they walk in sync with one another to like in picture 2 according to body langauage experts that’s shows that they are heading in the same direction in life and I think that 4years proves that too how they’ve stayed so strong and togerther with all the crap that get’s thrown at them and written about them as a couple and as indivudals they have that connection and it’s great to see in a young couple.

  • Misa


  • Trina


    Why do sick people like you come on a site with these nice kids? You are so beneath them in every way. Are you Perez Hilton? I think so.

    Vanessa is very well endowed for her petite frame. But then you already know that.

  • Trina


    I agree. She does look like a classic Hollywood movie star. Very glamorous.

  • Susan

    Zac and Vanessa both look awesome. A very striking couple. He’s handsome and she’s beautiful. A perfect match in the looks department. Plus they are down to earth grounded people with great families to support them. Hope Vanessa has a great birthday celebration.

  • Channy

    I think she’s very beautiful

    but sadly since this is hollywood it matters for her “job” that she’s looking a bit cubby… or pregnant

  • Sophia Tang

    I don’t think they are too comfortable having all those paparazzi flashes going off in their faces. In fact, that is very dangerous. The blinding flashes could cause them to trip and fall. But, do you think the paparazzi would be blamed? No, Zac and Vanessa would be called clumsy or drunk or on something worse. I’m betting they are missing Vancouver right about now.

  • Sophia Tang


    The girl is skinny as a rail. Did you see how flat her stomach was in the jeans she was wearing at the airport? It’s nut cases like you that get crazy rumors started. And you do it intentionally.

  • Nay

    She has gained weight!

  • Sophia Tang


    She has gained muscle from all her SP training with the Navy Seals. She looks awesome from head to toe.

  • Naomi


  • rosielee9


    To answer your question no I don’t think that implants would make any difference to how Zac feels about her whereas you are obvioulsy a guy who only looks for one thing on a girl, so what if she has’nt got a big chest at least what she has got is natural and obvioulsy the way that her body is intended to be. If Vanessa had big boobs then they would just look silly in my opinion becuase of her frame.

    And Zac has a broad chest not boobs of any kind so that does’nt work.

    I don’t mean this to sound rude but there is a saying about boobs and it is this ‘ more than a handful is a waste’ and Zac is obvioulsy more than happy with her frame.

    Out of the HSM girls Monique yes is big boobed but she has the frame to carry it off, Ashley is also small chested, as they say’ it’s not what’s on the outside that counts but what’s inside’

    Sorry but comments like that from guys about the size of girls boob’s just annoy me and to me shows that they don’t take into account any other aspect of a girls personality beyond what’s below the neck.

  • lslsharon

    She looks hot!Hope you have great time,Nessa!!!

  • Ivy

    She looks good!

  • Noticias de famosos

    Both are gorgeous! But Vanessa is amazing!

  • Laura

    Hope Vanessa had a great 21st birthday, she deserves it.

  • yets

    i just want her to be Happy.

  • Rickii

    <3 U HOT GIRL