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Caleb Followill: Kings of Leon is Spin's Band of the Year!

Caleb Followill: Kings of Leon is Spin's Band of the Year!

Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill pops, sprays, and chugs champagne in the January 2010 issue of Spin Magazine, as captured by British fashion photographer Frederike Helwig.

KoL was named Band of the Year by Spin and when asked about achieving this level of fame, Caleb shared, “We definitely got bigger than we wanted to be. You feel like you’ve done something wrong. That woman in mom jeans who’d never let me date her daughter? She likes my music. That’s f—ing not cool. You almost start doing damage control: When people ask you to do stuff, you’re like, ‘No, because I can already tell this record is going to get to a level where people will f—ing hate us.’”

Watch the behind-the-scenes video of Caleb‘s cover shoot at!

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  • Christine

    The fact that he appears to be growing his hair long again makes me so happy.

  • postwatcher

    Mom Jeans? These guys are such dorks. I mean what’s with the stupid nicknames when their real names are fine?

  • dundies

    lol he does make a good point

  • Ebb

    Well that’s what happens when you become mainstream.

  • Jules

    So glad they admitted it.

  • Jessica

    Caleb is growing his hair long cause he’s going bald. That receding hairline is a mess. KOL cried for so long about not being successful and famous here in the US so they purposefully changed their sound made it mainstream pop radio friendly and now they complain?!?! So lame and they are way overrated.

  • Whoever

    Well Deserved!

  • Whoever

    Wheres the band though?!

  • aquame

    Gotta agree with Jessica. I tried to like them, but they are no better in the attitude department than the bands they’re slightly ripping off (The Strokes, The Black Crowes, etc.) In fact their hipsterdom is worse than The Strokes. I almost got caught up in their hype, but I made a pass.

    And dating a Victoria Secrets model is edgy and non-mainstream, right Caleb? GMAFB.

  • H.

    Way to bite the hand that feeds, dude. It’s probably all the women in mom jeans that pay your f*cking bills. What a prick.

  • Pita McLaughlin

    Whatever. He WOULD say that. His younger brother and cousin are way cooler.

  • Barney Baby

    Hah, so funny, love them

  • hmm

    My mom likes a lot of the music that I listen to. Music should be for everyone… no age limit. most bands would love to have fans of all ages. strange.

  • khristi

    What a shitty thing to say…..that’s like saying “Please don’t like my music.” I understand what he’s saying to an extent, but I remember when they did bluegrass music and not a whole lot of people liked it. I enjoyed it then and I enjoyed it now. Be greatful for what you have folks. Good day.

  • Dorie

    So they are going to feel hostile towards people who support them because they wear “mom jeans”? They don’t want anyone to listen to them who aren’t, in their opinion, cool enough? What a bunch of jerks. And they really aren’t as good as they seem to think they are. They got lucky with one song and almost everyone’s cover of it sounds better than their version.

  • L

    I like them, but have to agree with Jessica. Caleb in particular was dying for mainstream success. I am not sure why they have to talk out of both sides of their mouths.

  • xxx

    Eughh I can’t stand it when people act all ‘oh I don’t wanna be famous and mainstream’


  • Followill Fan

    I’ve seen Kings of Leon live a few times, and Caleb has always been incredibly humble and grateful for all his fans. I think he hates the fact that people only know the songs “Sex on Fire” and “Use Somebody.” He’s stated that there are a lot of songs he feels are better and yet people only recognize them for these 2.

  • Marieme

    What a total deek!

    You can express your fear or displeasure over being “too big, too fast, too young” (oh waaah), but don’t denigrate a segment of fans while doing so. How rude! My mother is in her 60′s and she likes a couple of KOL songs. What? Now she should feel bad for it? God, sounds like something an idiot, wannabe jerk hipster would say.

    Badly played.

  • me me me

    geez, what a poser. well, in about two years he’ll have his wishes granted: no one will know or care about KoL and he’ll be back to being a stuck-up hipster nobody. btw KoL are overrated, their sound was always mainstream and nothing to write home about.

  • Bey


    They go by their legit middle names, not nicknames.

    And yeah, I agree with everyone. They’re the ones who chose to put some mainstream-appealing songs on their albums. They have only themselves to blame. They should have stayed American indie and continued with their British mainstream style (since Britain appreciates better music than what goes mainstream in the U.S).
    I do agree, though, there are old fans who hate the music and I can see why that upsets them (I hated Incubus for days after their song went big in 1999). But, its wrong to piss off the new ones as well.

    Oh woe it is to be rich, famous, and mega-successful!

  • bambi

    They are great and Caleb is a hottie!I love the cover !

  • Yeahhhhhhh

    They are joking around! Jared and Nathan do it all the time. All he’s saying is that from a critical “cool rock band” point of view, having old mom’s like ur music isn’t exactly “cool”. But rest assured, KOL love all their fans, regardless or age or social superiority. That is all.

  • bambi

    This is what i call a hot hot guy ,what i would do to him !-with that sour cream !Happy holidays Kings of Leon!Keep on rocking!

  • kay.

    everybody’s gotta chill out. he was joking. kings of leon are an amazing band who like everyone else puts alot of time and effort in composing music. These guys are jokers. And what he said was something to make people laugh. if we all tried to put ourselves in their position, im sure we would say stupid shit too sometimes.
    kol, is the best band in the world.
    just sayin.

  • tina


  • monica

    Where are the brothers?Jared on the cover to would have made the perfect Chrismas gift for me!!!! I absolutley love the band since i saw them opening for U2,long ago and i enjoied their show more ,they were way way 100 % better .Caleb is a such Hottie and very talented!Merry Christmas boys you are great!

  • Cathy

    lol everyone needs to calmmmm the heck down ,
    theyre not actually saying they want to be special or unique or better that everyone else but
    their sound is becoming too mainstream and popular and they want to steer away from that industry of music
    they didnt know only by the night wouldddd get soo bigg soo stop hatinn


    oh no Jared Is not in the magazine either…uh…!Caleb is great and such a beautiful men I like their music and i love their spirit!I hardly wait for the new album!HAVE A VERY MERRY Christmas guys!

  • Stone

    I still wouldn’t let him date my daughter!

  • giselle


  • MMA

    They suck.

  • mika

    @MMA: You suck. just get a life

  • Oh Well

    That sucks. His life is probably really hard with all that financial stability and not having to have a real job stuff. Ewww. People older than 16 like you. That’s gotta be rough.

  • jfourkicks

    people, chill out… and wait to read the entire interview before you make ignorant comments about an out-of-context quote. he goes on to say that it IS those people paying his bills, and he IS thankful for that… geez.

  • Becks

    what I understood about this interview and article…and the mom’s jeans comment…is that while the mom thinks he’s shit to date her daughter she likes his is kind of out of context..biggeer than they wanted to get…I think they wanted to sell some songs…play for big crowds but they have become huge so I think is that what he referres to …You people should calm down and take things lightly