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Kendra Wilkinson: First Baby Pics of Hank Baskett IV!

Kendra Wilkinson: First Baby Pics of Hank Baskett IV!

Kendra Wilkinson and her newborn son Hank Randall Baskett IV take the latest cover of OK! Magazine.

The 24-year-old Playboy playmate and her NFL player husband, Hank, 27, welcomed baby Hank on Dec. 11, in Carmel, Ind.

As for how Kendra prepared for coming to the hospital, she shared, “The good thing about being induced is that it’s like planning a trip, just very calm. We ate a huge dinner before we came to the hospital. I ate a whole batch of brownies because I was nervous. No wonder he’s 9 pounds!”

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  • nadine

    Baby looks gorgeous
    Congrats to the happy couple,

  • T

    Damn, didn’t she just have the kid like last week?

  • boxer

    geez, talkin’ about ho…

  • Ale

    wow it’s a biig baby!!
    but cute e pretty *-*

  • once a…

    She’s still just ho…poor kid with a skank for a mother and no one to look up to.

  • haley

    Did you crap all over the delivery table after eating all that food? jeez..

  • Kristin M

    You know, Hank IV didn’t come out like I thought he was going to come out. Don’t twist my words around and say I’m racist and stuff, because people do that sometimes when people comment about this s**t, but I thought because Hank was half-black, I thought the baby would come out black. I guess that baby got the white gene.

    They must have done this photoshoot the minute they got home! As Chelsea Handler would say, “What a cute little nugget!”. Hank IV is absolutely adorable, I just wanna eat him up! Kendra may have a wild streak in her, but I think motherhood is going to change her for good. She has her family, his family, and she sounds genuinley sincere when she says she’s changed ever since she got pregnant, and I believe her. She’ll be a great mother.

  • J

    hope they enjoy their baby, but i think she is so ugly and used up looking. she looks like one of tiger’s 14 mistresses. 24 years old? all rode hard and put away wet. and he (her husband) looks at her like she is a queen and not the bimbo she is. some of these men (esp black men) will take any woman, former tramp/stripper/prostitute or not, just as long as she’s blanquita. tiger woods, i’m looking at you. and where did that get ya, partna?

  • SGKM

    @kristin: Not necessarily, the baby is still 3/4 caucasian.

    On the other hand, AA babies are sometimes born really light and then darken up as they get older. I’m sure as he grows we’ll be able to see some of his fathers features. He’s a cutie pie!


  • dabu

    Seriously, who cares about these people?

  • AutumnM


    Um, Hank is half white and he is on the light side. Kendra is white. The child is more caucasian than anything else. Why would anyone expect the child to come out looking “more black”? Don’t tell me you buy into that one drop rule. Use your brains people! The kid’s color is not suprising to me at all.

    Either way, congrats to Hank & Kendra! Cute baby

  • Neorules2112

    Poor Kid will have the IQ of a grapefruit ..

  • jenna

    this poor baby was probably only 2 days old when his publicity loving mother sold him to a magazine. she only had him 5 days ago.

  • anni

    hahahahahah #12 xDD I was just thinking about the same thing.. and I agree with #13 … poor little hank.. (what a name for a baby dude! )

  • Ladyb

    She had the baby on Dec 11 and she is on the mag on Dec 16. Talk about addicted to fame. Did she take the picture from the ward???

  • Mrs. Claus

    Good for them. She is something, but honest. always liked her on her shows.
    Hank is a good looking man. His father is Black and his mother is White. Hank looks mixed as he is.
    You look like your parents;both ofthem or either one of them. You don’t come out like the grandparents, greatgrandparents in color complexion, whatever.Yeah, each parent my have that dominant gene, but it is showing on that parent too.

    The baby looks like he should coming from Hank and Kendra.
    Just like Micheal Jackson’s kids are 100% White and are not his biological kids. The first two, I doubt are even for Debbie Rowe.

    The baby looks like Kendra and Hank.The baby is going to get dark. the baby can’t look Asian or Black Amer.
    the baby is going to look Hispanic.


    Good wishes to the Basket family. Hank,Kendra,and baby are a lovely,real,happy,healthy family.

  • Lillianne

    Why does the baby have to be racially profiled? He’s a cute baby and he’s mixed. So what?

    Congratulations Kendra and Hank. Can’t wait to see this little one grow up.

  • British Latin American

    @Kristin M: Maybe everyone is right to think you are racist, ignorant white trash internet bigot.

  • British Latin American

    @Mrs. Claus: Do you even know what you are talking about, let alone what is ‘Asian’ or ‘hispanic?’

  • Big Pimpin’

    he looks cute from that angle. which means it looks like her 100%

  • Mileena

    Kristin M, I take your comment as a racist one and I don’t care what you said right before. Geez, the dad is only half-black. Don’t expect the baby to come out more black, for God’s sake! Genes are so complicated and complexions can be so surprising…..I mean, I know many dark-skinned couples who had light-skinned kids or I know many fair-skinned people who got darker-skinned children, why does it matter so much to you? Pfft. You people piss me off. You do believe in the “one drop rule” and don’t wanna admit it and play the “don’t get me wrong” card. I don’t buy it. Anyway, I don’t understand why these people (her or the Kardashian and even Nicole Richie) keep being posted about on here Jared since they’re nothing….well, famous for nothing. Must be cool to have their easy life!

  • g!na

    British Latin American &Mileena- leave Kristin M alone. She didn’t say anything wrong or mean! She was just staing her opinion that she thought the kid would look different. She used her words thoughtfully. She did not make any racist comments. You both sound like angry idiots. I back up Kristin M. because i read her whole statement and i thought she was being sincere. Why don’t you read everything before you comment.

  • Stacee

    Look at JLO’s and Marc Anthony’s twins. Both of them were very light-skinned when they were born now both of the children look very dark with kinky/curly hair. They did not take after JLO and Marc, they took after their slave Puerto Rican ancestors from LOIZA Puerto Rico. You see you never know with genes.

  • Nadal

    Hey Troll since you are a Puerto Rican why are you concerned with the one drop rule anyway. It’s got nothing to do with you or your people.

  • Barney Baby

    Wow, they are so cute

  • Mrs. Affleck

    This is how Jlo wanted her children to look with my husband. But Maxx and Emme looks 100% Puerto Rican.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i prefer her over kourtney, kourtney is the bigger famewhore
    i wish her the best of luck tho, she wont be that annoying after she the 1st couple of months of her going nonstop about the kid

  • British Latin America

    @g!na: I read her whole comment too, and it sounded ignorant and racist. You sound like a racist white trash too! B***h!

  • xxx

    God this bitch would do anything to be on the cover of a magazine!!
    Didn’t she give birth a WEEK ago? Geeez..

  • asjkda

    LMAO she’s not only a media wh*re, she’s a CHEAP media wh*re. People magazine clearly didn’t give a sh-t, so she posed for that crappy magazine. And WTF, most celebrities at least wait a month or two before they start selling out their children, she just had her flippin baby a WEEK ago!! Poor kid, I hope it has some sort of actual parental figure in its life…

  • remember da truth

    Kendra has come a long way! Even before motherhood, she was the one of the three Girls Next Door who was growing the most, maturing.

    She is only 24, probably older than most of you, but she is grateful for her opportunities and learned a lot. While with Hef, I think she just wanted to have fun, while Holly came across as calculating and Bridget is cute but not really growing up much.
    Kendra wasn’t book smart, but turned out to be the smartest of teh bunch. She had a blast, which is why she was so much fun on the shows, but took the travel adn the experiences and grew up. She even invested her money, and is always so grateful to Hef for taking a wayward teen and making her a stand-up woman.

    She will be a great mom and is seeming more grounded and smarter every day.

  • Stone

    Looks like it was a pretty rough birthing, eh?

  • sherrie

    You all kill me! Good lord, what in the hell does color have to do with anything? Really would someone tell me? He is a baby for god’s sake, another human being. I highly doubt that God himself is thinking the way most of you are, after all he created us all equal regardless of color. Blood is still the same color. Also I think most of you are just jeaulous because you aren’t as hot as Kendra, people who have to knock others are usually the ones without any self-esteem or confidence in themselves. I would say you should all seek a psychiatrist as soon as possible and work on yourselves and stop worrying about degrading other people!!!

  • MMA

    Couldn’t she wait to at least catch her breath before letting then take a picture???

  • kitten

    Are any of you smarter that these two?? That baby will be better off than other babies who are born to single mothers, 15 year olds, drug addicts. etc. Kendra has family support and no financial problems. This child actually has TWO parents. She will be a good mother. She has love in her heart. Her husband loves the child. They will be fine and bless them all! Btw, who cares what the baby looks like?? You superficial creeps.

  • Pook

    What? The baby is going to be “dumb as a grapefruit??” Don’t be ridiculous. Kendra is NOT dumb. She plays dumb on TV. She’s a very smart cookie and she’s very articulate. She’s a little young still but she’s like the nicest sweetest person ever, and a lot of fun. He is loving and giving and a heck of a nice guy too, and btw, in the top 5% of his high school and college as far as academics go.

  • vivian moore

    I’m a black women in Seattle, and I have seen many biracial children. This child is white looking, and will stay that way….Trust me. The baby look like a pure white baby that’s all too it.

  • http://hotmail Yamileth Shannon

    @Kristin M: You are a ignorant person I am a black woman with a white husband and my son looked the same. Children don’t start to develop as they get older and he will change too he will have the most beautiful skin tone. Hank is also Half white dummy. For the record Black people come in all different shapes and sizes and just because a person is black does not mean that they will automatically be dark, dummy. Americans are so racist and i glad I am a black person who didn’t grow up here the first 6 years of my life I would be scarred. Like you are Dumb Ass!!

  • MikeNShe

    Kendra is going to make a great mom. I cant believe all you people bashing her- you are just jealous. She is beautiful, married to a pro football star and has her own TV show- seems like she is doing at lot better than any of you. The baby is beautiful and Hank is soooo nice, they will have a great life together.

  • Baby picture

    What a cute baby, congrats to them both!