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Madonna: Dolce & Gabbana's Spring 2010 Ad Campaign!

Madonna: Dolce & Gabbana's Spring 2010 Ad Campaign!

Check out Madonna in Dolce & Gabbana‘s new spring/summer 2010 ad campaign, which was captured by celebrity photographer Steven Klein on November 6th in New York City. The images will be published in this week’s Italian edition of Vanity Fair.

The ad campaign, which is inspired by Italian Neorealism cinema, shows a very domesticated Madonna washing dishes and preparing food at a dining room table.

Designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana said, “To have Madonna in our campaign is a dream come true”.

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madonna dolce gabbana spring 2010 ad campaign 01
madonna dolce gabbana spring 2010 ad campaign 02
madonna dolce gabbana spring 2010 ad campaign 03

Photos: Steven Klein/Dolce & Gabbana
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  • ava

    Yikes! Easy there with the botox, she looks like she’s having an allergic reaction. Man, the 50s and 60s are going to be tough on Madge.

  • Iris

    She looks AMAZING!

  • bae

    Wow this woman defies age.. love the sexy Italian look she’s got going on. Beautiful pictures.. Thanks JJ!

  • Kookabear

    ummm what is with the cheekbones??

  • Jello Head

    This old lady is so desperate to stay visible that she the minute she gets dumped by Louis Vuitton she hooks up with D&G? There’s loyalty for ya! Madonna has become an old, bad joke. Oh, nice facelift too. Is she kidding??

  • elisilla

    Wow! that doesn’t even look like her!
    Madonna doing the dishes? yeah right!!!

    besides that… she looks great! if it is her!

  • largemarge

    lay of the botox lady! her face is frozen in time. sorry i just don’t find this look attractive. a few wrinkles are ok madonna. step away from the needle.

  • SS

    looks like Lindsay Lohan LOL

  • lisali

    Awful. Compared to most of Dolce& Gabbanas ads,these are CHEAP.
    Madonnas face is so unnatural looking… why why why !! Madonna you did NOT have to go the way of hollywood. SOOOO Disappointing!

  • Kizzy

    I really like this. She looks much better like this than in leotards.

  • AutumnM

    Love Madonna!

  • Felicity

    woah talk about PHOTOSHOP ;D
    she wishes she looked like that… in her twenties!

  • wendy

    Oh, this is wonderful, she looks truly stunning, even in those Nine premiere photos she looks amazing. Now that is how one should look when truning 50, you go girl!

  • Maddyct

    WAOOH =) Georgous <3

  • Beach Lover

    Somehow they were able to photoshop (I’m thinking) all the sinew we usually see in Madge’s pictures, you know, that which makes her nickname “Gristle”. That must’ve taken a lot of work.

    Those are not her lips — no way — Madge has thin lips even now.

    Can’t understand why she would be viewed as a good spokesperson for any company. She who took pictures of her own va-jay-jay, put them in a book and called it art. Stood naked on a FL highway and hitchhiked for photos to be taken. We’ve seen enough of her over the years.

  • Cin

    She’s so desperate to stay in the spotlight and that ad is not appealing at all. She needs to retire.

  • allie

    OMG :) she really looks like lohan, tooooo much photoshop;
    but I can definitely see lourdes in second one (with blond hair :D)


    WOW. It’s called PHOTOSHOP people. She looks good for her age, but the artist responsible, and I’m speaking of a photoshop artist NOT Madge herself, shaved a good 15 to 20 off her photos. Aging is part of life people, it’s kind of absurd to hold ourselves up to these standards which are actually just a bit of smoke and mirrors really.

  • Jaded

    She looks like Courtney Love in these. I usually like Madonna but these shots are not great.

  • donna

    how much is beautiful in this pictures….mamma mia……she look like a sicilian girl…..bellissima………………

  • Lillianne

    She looks like every other face in hollywood. Same bland expression, squinty eyes, sunken cheeks, poochy fish lips. Bizarre. When did just being Madonna become not good enough?

  • Luna

    Oh my god, what has she had implanted in her cheeks…she looks all wrong. She used to be incredibly beautiful natural, and if only she’d age naturally she’d still look beautiful. But no, now she just looks plastic and strange.

  • donna

    amazing photoshoot.cant wait to see more.where are my other comment.madonna is a gorgeous woman.the strongest woman i know.why she should sto?no.shes the one that breakes all the records,.and everybody wants to imitate her or her career.and more being 50 is not being old.being old is like 65.u american ppl are so dumb

  • miracle

    @Luna: please are u blind or what.shes natural beauty.this is just will disapear in few days. she doesnt look starnge at all.this is a beautiful photoshoot. and D&G ppl said she extremelly goegeaous live.didnt u see her last year.i saw her front row.she so hot .those pics are amazing
    shes the best of all time. so what??botox ??whats the problem,she looks hot everybody says that on twitter and facebook

  • jordan

    she looks so well here.very italien house wifes. ohh u ppl.stop it.shes madonna.,everyubody wants her and wants to be like her.relax.she looks extremelly hot last night. and this has some photoshoop of course.her face looks more natural than this.but she looks good for her age and she has more energy than youngest ones. robbie williams said she puts young girls into shame

  • jordan

    madonna is so pretty.shes perfect.italian house the pics.and this of course has photoshoop but so what. she looks naturakl to me and she has a natural beauty.,this is only botox,she will look more normal in few days. last night pics she looked amazing.and those pics doesnt have photoshoop.get a life ppl.shes madonna .,the best feamle artist of all robbie williams said she puts young girls into shame.we wish to have a wife like her

  • mika

    Now that is an ICON. Damn The Queen of Pop was looking hot! All the pop tarts better take notes.

  • anon

    Even though she’s obviously had some things done, she looks amazing in the picture. Now I hope she doesn’t ruin it by claiming that she’s never done anything like Nicole Kidman does in every interview.

  • Lauren

    Duhhh people! Can you say Photoshop!??

  • lmao

    PHOTOSHOP DEFINATELY………where are her vainy hands. She is so desperate to stay young, another Joan Rivers!

  • mimilala

    Those cheekbones are incredibly scary.

  • Lex

    I like the pics as such, but I don’t like the fact that it’s Madonna looking this way.

  • Paulie

    LOVE her! The Queen of Pop. More top 10 singles in the Hot 100 than any artists.

  • jolentini
  • me

    She looks good – What happened?

  • Liza

    I love Madonna and I’m sure it’s tough being under the spotlight 24/7. I can’t imagine what it must be like to keep up with the fountain of youth as a woman enters her 50s. HOWEVER, Madge, this is just too much botox. Just too much. The “Nine” publicity photos I just saw, it’s as if Madonna can barely move her face. I wish she would let go a bit and age a bit naturally and gracefully so we can really see her smile. She looks frozen in these photos. As usual, however, her body is amazing.

  • Lisa2

    This has to be the best photos of her in years! She looks great! I like the bangs on her and she looks so young too. She could pass as a 25 year old!

  • Kuba

    The Queen Of POP! Amazing & Hot!

  • JayZ

    Even with the massive Photoshopping, Madonna DOES NOT look young in these photos. She looks like a fifty year old woman who has really f’ed up her face with surgeries and fillers.

  • Emmie

    When is Madonna going to retire? Give it a rest, woman. I don’t know how D&G could think that Madonna would be good for their brand.

  • Paranel

    The cheekbones, the fat upper lip, the too tight face, slow down bitch you already look too plastic.

  • Bella


  • ava

    why does this stupid b@tch wear a cross isn’t she part of some Jewish religious sec, does she think a cross is a fashion accessory, and easy on the photoshop/ surgery, looking like a blow-up doll

  • shoes4life

    She looks like Blondie after her first plastic surgery.

  • john boy

    she’s always looked like a w*hore……this is nothing new.

  • Lauren Lipps

    She looks great, she still is hot

  • slambang

    OLD HAG.

  • alice

    LOVE HER, SHE LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • natalia

    absolutley beautiful


    I LOVE IT!