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Nicole Kidman: Powder Makeup Malfunction!

Nicole Kidman: Powder Makeup Malfunction!

Nicole Kidman might want to look into a mirror before stepping onto the red carpet next time!

At Tuesday’s red carpet premiere for Nine held at NYC’s Ziegfeld theater, the 42-year-old Aussie actress was spotted with white powder all over her nose and under her right eye.

Where was Nicole‘ makeup artist for the night?!

Nine hits theaters on December 25. The flick co-stars Daniel Day-Lewis, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, Kate Hudson, Fergie, and Judi Dench.

Makeup malfunction first spotted by Us Weekly!

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nicole kidman powder face make up 05

Credit: Jim Spellman/Wireimage; Photos: Stephen Lovekin/Getty, Joseph Marzullo/WENN
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156 Responses to “Nicole Kidman: Powder Makeup Malfunction!”

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  1. 76
    irene Says:

    Her make up can be corrected, and she’s a great actress. Worse it would be to be a wanna-be and to have huge tree trunk legs and cankle tighs

  2. 77
    youallstink Says:

    Maybe she had an accident and didn’t have time to notice? who cares she can wipe that thing and still look gorgeous. To the ugly jealous ******* who are bashing her…too bad you can’t wipe your ugliness off!

  3. 78
    Five Says:

    #75 – what are you talking about, i’m not her PR, loser.
    Don’t ever believe gossip, if you heard from somebody that she is the biggest ball buster, you are stupid.

  4. 79
    irene Says:

    @The Truth:
    and you are a paid poster too? So you worked with her for ten years?OOHH the years she was married to the tiny man? Now we know how valid your opinion is. Yeah right.

  5. 80
    cathy Says:

    Nicole looks stunning as ever,class, elegant and sophistication. No need to laugh at her, just proves she is a normal female.

  6. 81
    The Truth Says:

    Ask anything – I know it all

  7. 82
    cathy Says:

    @ irene – i had the same opinion with you, i think “The Truth” is paid by scientology tomy girl.

  8. 83
    The Truth Says:

    #82 – I never got involved into scientology There a dangerous org. I worked for tc & nk for many years like alot of people did. I know alot about them and some day it will be in a book.

  9. 84
    cathy Says:

    I love her, she has so beautiful skin, such aristocracy.

  10. 85
    Lauren Lipps Says:

    It was probably in the cold and didn’t dry too much

  11. 86
    KATE Says:


  12. 87
    Five Says:

    #81 – we don’t need to ask you, Nicole Kidman is amazing & greatest actress in hollywood, not like three trunk katie holmes the worst actress ever.

  13. 88
    Queen of Sheba Says:

    It’s funny how someone can believe that Nicole Kidman is the greatest actress in Hollywood while we have Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Julianne Moore, Naomi Watts, who are far more superior than Kidman in every way.

  14. 89
    my leg Says:

    LOL, how embarrassing.

  15. 90
    snowman Says:

    It is very creepy how Kidman’s fans defend her no matter how bad she appears. Read the first page of posts on here. Her fans claimed the pictures were fake, and anyone who was laughing at her was stupid. Then someone posted that the makeup artist said those were actual pictures and were a result of a flash/no flash/powder. This woman has flaws, and you people treat her like a God. Get help already! It is not healthy to hold someone so high up on a pedestal. Take Tiger Woods for example! And can you find another word than “classy” to describe her. Expand your personal dictionary. Look up a new word each day.

  16. 91
    Josh Says:

    Surely its coke?!

  17. 92
    AutumnM Says:


    Thank u! I’m glad someone else see’s how crazy, nasty and rude Kidman’s fans are. People aren’t even saying anything that bad but of course her fans start yelling at everyone who doesn’t worship their Queen Nicole. It’s ridiculous. I mean you don’t have to defend your fave star over EVERYTHING. If this was Angelina who looked like this, I would laugh too. I mean I love her, but no one is perfect and it’s so stupid the way Nicole’s fans carry on. They always talk about TomKat fans but they are 1000x worse!

    Get a sense of humor guys.

  18. 93
    CoGirl Says:

    My God, you Kidman fans need some serious help. You really need to get a LIFE, instead of trashing people who don’t love or idolize some Hollywierd actress, and live in the fantasy world you do. Do you know how mentally unstable you sound???

  19. 94
    df Says:

    it’s embrrassing! why nobody told her..? poor nicole

  20. 95
    snowman Says:

    You can go on any of the other posts on here and people can freely bash any celebrity for any reason, but don’t you even think of insulting Nicole Kidman. Sick. Just sick.

  21. 96
    alexkziel Says:

    Poor Nicole lol

  22. 97
    xxx Says:

    Oh my god love when celebrities stuff up like this!! woo woo.

  23. 98
    Maisy Says:

    OH MY GOD . . . I can’t believe it. She’s HUMAN! :O

    Honestly people, whether or not this was photoshopped, we ALL have crazy mishaps. The only thing with Nicole is that people are there to capture hers. This as news is a really sad indication of the state of our society.

    I can’t wait to see this movie. What an amazing cast!

  24. 99
    Leah Says:

    its powder… get over it.
    her tits aren’t showing. relax.

  25. 100
    luckylady Says:

    This is so dumb. The white “powder” or whatever it is isn’t on any of the other photos taken that night. Maybe at some point she hugged someone and their powder rubbed off or it is just a creation from the flash photo. Look around the net, there are many many photos of Nicole from that event without any white powder on her face. Find something else to go crazy over.

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