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Nicole Kidman: Powder Makeup Malfunction!

Nicole Kidman: Powder Makeup Malfunction!

Nicole Kidman might want to look into a mirror before stepping onto the red carpet next time!

At Tuesday’s red carpet premiere for Nine held at NYC’s Ziegfeld theater, the 42-year-old Aussie actress was spotted with white powder all over her nose and under her right eye.

Where was Nicole‘ makeup artist for the night?!

Nine hits theaters on December 25. The flick co-stars Daniel Day-Lewis, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, Kate Hudson, Fergie, and Judi Dench.

Makeup malfunction first spotted by Us Weekly!

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Credit: Jim Spellman/Wireimage; Photos: Stephen Lovekin/Getty, Joseph Marzullo/WENN
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156 Responses to “Nicole Kidman: Powder Makeup Malfunction!”

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  1. 101
    luckylady Says:

    This is so dumb. The white “powder” or whatever it is isn’t on any of the other photos taken that night. Maybe at some point she hugged someone and their powder rubbed off or it is just a creation from the flash photo. Look around the net, there are many many photos of Nicole from that event without any white powder on her face. Find something else to go crazy over.

  2. 102
    lisa Says:

    Nicole Kidman’s fans are so crazy, you can tell they are social misfits, probably delusional types, verging on being stalkers.

  3. 103
    lalalove Says:


  4. 104
    lalalove Says:

    HAAHAHAHA I just noticed “get the look” hahahahahaha

  5. 105
    lalalove Says:

    Her pale a** tits aren’t so appealing either. Sweet woman though.

  6. 106
    webcamim Says:

    Nicole will be just fine. Nicole rocks! Her inner beauty far outweighs her outer beauty. The real news is how Tiger Woods made everyone forget about Josh Duhamel cheating on Fergie. Fergie is definitely Oscar material. Fergie has many talents but lacks sense of worth. Josh Duhamel is arrogant and sexually promiscuous just like Tiger Woods. Fergie is in denial or just dim-witted. Now she wants to start a family with him? Who would consider bringing a child into a household when she knows her husband is a cheater? Fergie is sooooooooo talented but obviously she has low self-esteem. To bad Josh Duhamel doesn’t share her views about not cheating on your spouse. Future headline: “Josh Duhamel Gives Fergie a STD”.

  7. 107
    "What cocaine? Shh." Says:

    Seriously though. How come no white lady jokes here? You know … nose candy. Anyhow, this isn’t powder, people. This is concealer that has a major SPF in it. That’s the biggest no-no. Concealers and foundations with high SPF’s deflect bright light (and UVA’s and B’s). They’re great in everyday light but under heavy lights and flash bulbs, it looks hideous! I should know after making that mistake with foundations w/ SPF a few years back. You have to go darker with it or just skip the SPF altogether. Any make-up artist worth his or her salt knows this!! Did they actually think Casper-the-plastic-actress was going to burn on the red carpet at night??? Please! Someone tell this kooky actress to get a tan already. She looks worse than the Ugly Betty Canalis escort and her manly mug!!!

  8. 108
    hahaha Says:

    hahahaha dumb aussie birch

  9. 109
    5rferferfewd Says:

    what a stupid coke sniffing aussie clown .. this is classic !!

  10. 110
    Emma Says:

    OF COURSE she would NOT walk the red carpet with this kind of makeup mistake. There would have been a million people around her telling her something if they had seen this before she got to the red carpet. PLEASE. She would NEVER go out with anything that obvious wrong.

    And yet..she obviously did.

    I saw other photos that Spellman took (of Penelope, for example) at the exact same spot and they look OK.

    There was obviously something wrong with that powder they used on her and it only gets visible in flash lights when they take the photos and that’s why no one noticed it when they looked at her before she stepped out on the carpet..

    Spellman could have chosen not to sell the photos, though. Kind of tacky that he chose to sell them.

  11. 111
    LL Says:

    someone is gonna loose their job…can imagine her yelling like a M***** b****** at them through her embalmed face!

  12. 112
    Emma Says:

    Oh, and by the way, there’s a photo of her by Ray Tamarra that has the exact same powder effect so this proves the powder photos are genuine.

    The other photographers probably were kinder in that they photoshopped the photos a little before selling them.

  13. 113
    Emma Says:

    By the way, in spite of looking like she fell into a bucket of flower she manages to look incredibly gorgeous. She has a sweet, elegant and very feminine beauty that no make-up malfunction can hide.

  14. 114
    mary Says:

    90, 92, 93. you are the same crazy fan girl
    That was the glare of the flashes, not make up
    it’s demostrated BY PICS!!!! by logic. being or not kidman fan is irrilevant. if you have an intelligence you will see it

  15. 115
    D'Authority Says:

    What a creative way to generate publicity! You go, Nicole!

  16. 116
    Danni7 Says:

    I am jealous!! She has a bit of a powder malfunction and still manages to looks exceptionally pretty and happy.

  17. 117
    lala Says:

    so what? is it supposed to be a scandal? argh people are so stupid

  18. 118
    ernui Says:

    people are just stupid. that was the glare….you really need a doctor.

  19. 119
    Five Says:

    #88 #90 #92 – You are loser, stupid pathetic, why did you force Nicole fans to insult / to laughing or to admit something the don’t want to do, this is they right to defend their idol.
    anyway nicole just normal female that could made mistake in any way, like you or all human.
    Just get a life!!!!1

  20. 120
    Five Says:

    Anyway Nicole still one of the great talented actress in hollywood.
    thanks #57 – for unusual way soundtrack of Nine which is nicole version. love her voice too.

  21. 121
    Kookabear Says:

    an unfortunate oversight… nothing more

  22. 122
    hami Says:

    why to insist!!!???? it has been demostrated it was the glare of the cameras!!! what’s wrong with you people?!

  23. 123
    Ha! Says:


    Dumbass, re-read my comment.

  24. 124
    christine (WeHo & NYC) Says:

    What the hell happened to her face?
    Maybe she hugged someone w/ makeup that rubbed off on her??
    Otherwise, fire the makeup artist.
    I never trust makeup artists.

    The person’s makeup that I dislike the most is Kim Kardashian’s.
    Kim looks like a clown.
    I dont know if Kim had botox, but it looks like it.
    But Kim’s makeup is more tragic than this on Nicole.
    You’re not supposed to SEE coverup!
    It’s supposed to look natural and just hide the flaws.
    Not look like a street mime or a CIRCUS FREAK.
    It’s always the EYES that give it away.

  25. 125
    amal Says:

    hahahahahahah..4ever lol!!
    i can’s stop laughing!!
    that’s really idiot!!

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