Rachel Bilson: Parking Ticket Time!

Rachel Bilson: Parking Ticket Time!

Rachel Bilson leaves her friend’s house in Hollywood and finds a parking ticket on her car’s windshield on Tuesday afternoon (December 15).

The 28-year-old actress, Project Runway fashion guru Tim Gunn and actress Stacy Keibler will guest star on the hit CBS show, How I Met Your Mother, in episode “Girls vs. Suits,” airing Monday (January 11) @ 10 ET/PT.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson getting busted with a parking ticket…

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rachel bilson parking ticket 01
rachel bilson parking ticket 02
rachel bilson parking ticket 03
rachel bilson parking ticket 04
rachel bilson parking ticket 05
rachel bilson parking ticket 06
rachel bilson parking ticket 07
rachel bilson parking ticket 08
rachel bilson parking ticket 09
rachel bilson parking ticket 10
rachel bilson parking ticket 11
rachel bilson parking ticket 12
rachel bilson parking ticket 13
rachel bilson parking ticket 14

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  • Anonymous

    She is a beauty. Love her style!

  • kim

    All she does is change clothes and wear a ton of make up. Where is the ring again?

  • kim

    she looks like shiiiiiiit, I never thought she was gorgeous but she was cute at times, now it is just a witch with saddle bags

    these are the most complementing jeans she has, she should never get out of them

  • Cin

    Leave her alone, she’s so boring. Don’t get why the paps still follow her.

  • bobby

    because she calls the paps

  • Alias

    She’s simply flawless AND she doesn’t support a rapist like a certain stupid unnamed actress with a huge ego

  • @6

    that unnamed actress is a success unlike this retard, afraid H is not over her, that is why comparing

  • @6

    flawless, community college drop out, saddle bag, flat chest, ugly teeth midget, some standards you have

  • sharon

    @Alias: Hate to tell ya nobody is flawless everyone has flaws ,your just pissed that she got a ticket OMG Rachel acutally did something wrong now that’s good timing for the paps LMAOF!!

  • Alias

    @#9 – lots of celebs get tickets, and it’s captured by the paps, big deal! And some people’s flaws are that can’t spell to save their life!

    @7&8 – the unnamed actress could do worse than H and has + she’ll probably be alone for the rest of her life. Wonder if she’ll attend the rapist’s trial when he’s finally extradited?

  • Little Mi

    Didna wanna ticket, shouldna park illegally , stoopid lil bimbo!

  • Madison

    I don’t get why she feels like she has to hide her engagement ring all the time. Everybody already knows.

  • http://shanghai-guide.r76.se/hotell/ Lost in a hotel in Shanghai

    Always stunning!

  • @Alias

    you hate that she is gorgeous and successful so much that forgot to hate bigger celebs of supporting polanski

    it is better to be alone than with a man who would not help his fiance with her luggage

  • Little Mi

    @Madison: Bimbo behavior 4 sure! Them dumb ones sure do like their lil games!

  • brightside

    Carey Mulligan – one to watch – beautiful, young, extremely talented. Has what RB will never & can never have, a natural gift for acting coupled with a truly cute & charming personality. The Brits breed good actresses (MB not included), unlike California which just clones dweebs for glossy magazines.

  • brightside

    @Little Mi: Oh I so agree with you. She is just a bimbo!

  • Alias

    @14 – yeah, one of those bigger celebs is the squeaky clean Woody Allen, she’s in real nice company isn’t she?

    it is better to be with a man who’s building his own home and gets his hands dirty than to be with a person who runs home to mommy and daddy everytime she breaks up with her boyfriend

  • @Alias

    @18 Alias

    Martin Scorsese, Tilda Swinton, Darren Aronofsky, Steven Soderbergh, Ethan Chohen among others signed it. I think she is a better company with them than a man who would not open the car door for his fiance.

  • Alias

    @19 – I think it is better for H to be with a girl who DOESN’T admit to doing pot and getting drunk and bragging about it to a magazine.

    Maybe that unnamed actress’ ideal guy is Michael Phelps or Snoop Dog

  • @Alias 20

    Well, he certainly picked a loser with no brain, no looks, no talent and no job. BTW, RB did drugs a lot before Mischa and with Mischa and most likely doing it with HC now, it is legal in Canada. The unnamed one just tried it.

  • lexy

    LMAO!!! Too bad only Alias thinks Rachel is all that…maybe if other people knew who she was she’d be able to call herself an actress and people would care what she thinks!! Trust me if she knew how to spell her name, Rachel would have signed the petition just for the publicity!!!

  • Alias

    @21 – You got proof R did lots of drugs? Has she admitted to a mag? ROTFLMAO and even if she did, she wouldn’t brag about it like it was a some badge of honor like your “I wish I was cool instead of a nerd” actress!

  • http://www.datingsingledoctors.com/ Lauren Lipps

    What happened to her engagement ring?

  • @24

    If she had a brain and a heart she would wear it.

  • @23

    Well, the nerd actress is gorgeous and smart and is #4 most bankable actress in HW. Something RB will never be.

  • @23

    It is much easier to be cool than to be a nerd, anybody can be cool, only smart onces can be nerds. The unnamed one can afford a much better stylist and clothes than RB if she only wanted to.

  • antwacky

    Awww… BilPUKE cant really stay even a month long away from his paparazzi groupies!

  • antwacky

    Or her MONTHLY Photo Ops. w/ her stoned-fiancee had been accomplished already…

  • lexy

    Rachel admitted she partied hard and was in a very bad car accident before she was famous she’s got the scar b/c of it. Natalie is truly an actress with talent – she doesn’t need to get glammed up and call the paps for photo opps of her shopping. She actually gets jobs that keep her busy – she has a career that Rachel and many others would kill for. As for Natalie running home to her parents – who cares?? At least her family speaks to her. Rachel pimps out those little sisters of hers and her mom but what about her brothers?? Too bad she didn’t get this ticket while taking a much needed acting class!!

  • screwed

    @ # 12 & 24

    It was just the pathetic & recycled attempt to get continuous attention of this Permanent Zlister!

  • ?

    @lexy: And had sex under the age of fourteen. Truth, that.! Drugs, teen sex, car crash, & now she’s brain damaged! No wonder!

  • @#30

    @ Rachel admitted she partied hard and was in a very bad car accident before…

    Suc a very damn unfortunate accident coz she’s “still alive”!

  • emmaa

    So she’s making an appearance ALONG with these other guests? I’m really eager to see this.

  • Don’tYouOpenThatTrapdoor!

    4 heavens sake y keep with the NP/RB comparisions…tis like comparing smoked salmon & macdonalds kids meals. quality vs crap. RB’s no way in NP’s class. nuff said! her brain’s simply too small. evolutionary thing.


    Funny and how ironic this all is. Natalie Portman who, is talented and so much very much more beautiful then Rachel may even be given the Oscar nod for Brother’s is getting trashed by one loser on Rachel’s thread. Why is that? Oh gee…..??? B/c Rachel would not get any posts othetwise. Nice & sleezy “Rayden” tactic. It is not going to work. Just stop posting on the idiot board Natalie fan’s and, move on to Natalie’s when she appears on jj. That is that simple. Their seems to be only one stupid “Rayden” left to draw attention using diiferent aliases. Let them or HER have it. Don’t give the moron any more attention. She does not deserve it over a parking ticket much less. LOL!

  • http://deleted sandras27

    next rachel bilson post on just jared
    Rachel Bilson;time for bed
    just jared cameramen caught the former o.c star going to a bed in her home this night, later rachel’s rep confirmed to just jared that it is true, the 28 year old actress is infact going to her bed to get some sleep after a busy shoping day.

  • Butthead Bilson

    @#33 – that was tooo funny…it is a damn shame she is still alive!!! She hasn’t made a profound impact on anyone, so no one would miss her if she is gone for good.

    @#36 – all the Natalie supporters are posting on Ratchel’s threads b/c RB pays JJ to pap and post her all the time since she’s the mother of all media whoares!!

  • fitzroy

    The Little Mutt might look physically ok (but as long as one has financial resources, who couldnt be?!) – but she obviously acts & thinks “mentally impaired”.

  • bobby

    why is she famous again?

  • @Bobby

    Again! What, you mean she was famous BEFORE? Sheez & I didn’t even know…I just thought she was some dumb brunette from TV crap land!

  • Huh

    Why 3 guest stars on 1 episode? Why do that???

  • http://dlisted.com lakers fan in boston

    i really dont like like her that much anymore but she looks great
    i like her outfit, it’s really cute
    like the jeans she’s wearing, they look nice on her

  • her brain is always frozen too


    Because RB doesn’t count

  • http://www.tenonanatche.com/stone.htm Stone

    Maybe we should take up a collection for her.

  • http://righteous.bz/ MMA

    She’s so over-rated!

  • ashlyn

    you are the best i love the part on oc when you where in the pool house and sandy came in on thank giving that was so funny your so cool my favorit songs Bruce Springsteen, Billie Holiday, Jeff Buckley and my favorit books par Jean Stein et George Plimpton do you want to hear a joke what did the snail on the turtles back say ……wwweeeee
    lol so funny i always have to explain it to people. bye

  • Ashlyn

    oh and i see your birthday is on the 25 of august happy early b-day have fun and i hipe all your wishes came true

    >*-*< Ashlyn


  • Ashlyn

    MY email is Ashlyndiva@aol.com