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Details Behind The Jake/Reese Split

Details Behind The Jake/Reese Split

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal officially pulled the plug on their three-year relationship over a series of phone calls earlier this month.

Why over the phone? Jake has been in Pittsburgh the past three months shooting his new movie, Love And Other Drugs. Reese has been busy filming How Do You Know? in Los Angeles.

“It broke his heart,” an insider reveals to Us Weekly. “[They] fought constantly in the past few months [but] no one cheated. There was no drama.”

“She felt pressured to wed again but she wasn’t ready,” another insider adds. “She couldn’t give Jake enough and she got cold feet. Jake wanted all of her. She really worried that they didn’t have enough in common… He was great with the kids (Ava and Deacon), but she felt like he didn’t get the whole scope of what that entailed.”

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  • LOL!

    Tabloid bulllshiiit prepared by Reese Witherspoon’s PR team.

  • anon.

    I think it’s a shame. I think Jake is wonderful.
    I’ll have your babies, Jake!

  • You/Me

    I’m really surprised that JJ is running with this, the only site I’ve seen with this “confirmed” story is JJ and US Weekly (not exactly a reliable source)!!

  • Mary

    @You/Me: It is true.

  • wtf

    and of course because he’s gay.

  • lala

    boo hoo it’s not the end of the world. i love looking at photos of celebrities and all that, but i hate reading about there personal life. i feel bad for them…. that there every move they make is being announced to the whole world, but then again it’s the lifestyle they chose so be it :)

  • Avon lady

    Don’t be stupid and naive.
    Reese W made sure that we read about her “personal” life and her fake relationship – in her case publicity equals $$$.

  • Caught

    through phone calls cause its a BUSINESS DEAL.

  • me

    it’s pity.. why did she do that? :(

  • Amanda

    I’d think that Reese is too highly thought of by people for her decision to be questioned or for anyone to believe any of the rumors.

  • Stallz

    Whoa, someone didn’t want to renew the contract then. Can’t blame ‘em, boring fauxmanz anyway.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    she got tired of him. he might be gay, and he might never become a real a-list leading man.
    poor gay, i mean guy! poor guy! she’s fug anyways. he’ll get better.

  • Jeff

    “it’s pity.. why did she do that?”

    She didn’t, Jake dumped her, she’s bad beard.

  • people with brain

    @Amanda: LMAO!!!

  • padme

    Damn…I was hoping that it had been Hayden Christensen and fugly Ratchel Biatchson who broke up and not Jake/Reese. J&R at least showed more affection and love than the fauxmance btwn Hayden and Ratchel.

  • Dr. Phil

    She got tired of monkey looking Donnie Darko and kicked him to the curb!

  • Stallz

    Padme, you do realize this was a showmance for gullible fangirlz don’t you…dont you?

    Such shocking naivite.

  • Jen

    Reese is such a BITCHHHH.
    She had her PR team feed this whole “I left him” story to those stupid magazines that LOVE gossip so that she won’t come out looking like an idiot….like when her marriage to Ryan ended.
    Fact is, that they BOTH agreed it wasn’t working out and neither one of them dumped the other. They BOTH decided to end things on an equal note. Yet Reese is trying to look like she is the one who ended things.
    Her obsession of always trying to come out on top no matter who she hurts in the process is one of the many reasons I don’t like her.
    Jake is a BILLION times better and it won’t be long until he finds the right girl for him and not someone as fake and power obsessed as Reese.

  • Caught

    Are you Gyllehaal’s secret boyfriend?

  • LOL

    @lala: “i hate reading about there personal life. ” And yet, here you are.

  • anon.

    I agree with you, Jen, (#18). Well said!

    Don’t forget, the very first leak came from her side just a few days before his new movie came out! .I’m starting to believe what the Ryan fans say. She really isn’t a very nice person. She seems very demanding. Those aren’t Jake’s kids. Yet he was good to them.

  • Reese’s saggy a*s*s kicked

    “She got tired of monkey looking Donnie Darko and kicked him to the curb!”
    Jake dumped ugly midget – did you noticed how happy he seemed during Brothers promotion?

  • Jen

    Are you retarded?
    It’s hilarious when stupid f*ckin morons like you see an ACTOR play the role of a gay man in a MOVIE and automatically believe he must be gay.
    Or how about when f*ckin morons like you believe stupid rumors online about actors being gay from equally f*cked up morons and automatically assume that it must be true?
    I love the double-standard though. When an actress plays the role of a lesbian in a movie, no one assumes she’s gay. But when an actor does it, people start jumping up an down yelling “he’s gay” over and over again and start acting as if his girlfriend, fiance, or wife is just a “beard.”
    Some of you f*ckin morons need to to get a f*cking CLUE and STFU.
    Jake played the part of a gay man in a MOVIE. But that doesn’t mean he is gay in real life.
    Just like when actors play the roles of superheroes, etc. in films…but that doesn’t mean they’re really superheroes in real life either. It’s a ROLE they play and if you can’t tell the difference between fiction and reality, then STOP watching movies before you idiots become any dumber than you already are.

  • Gag

    I thought that their 15 minutes was up. The only places still going on about the end of the showmance are JustJared and US Weekly-both on the payroll to go to for PR by Reese’s PR team. Reese must have finally found a straight man she really wants to date and Jake must have finally realized that whole bearding campaign didn’t work and was killing off the rest of his fans and his movie career. I hope we can get the awesome Jake back.

  • Barney Baby

    Is he going back to Austin?

  • Reese’s saggy a*s*s kicked

    you sound like retarded fangirl.
    Jake is gay because he f*cks men in REAL life and because he fakes relationships with a women.
    No, we don’t have his gay sex tape but we have 15.000 pictures of Jake and his beard Witherspoon trying and FAILING to look like a real couple.

  • slambang

    Aww, Jake, come here…I’ll make it better…

    He was too good for her, anyway.

  • hmm

    LOL! @ 12/16/2009 at 5:29 pm

    Tabloid bulllshiiit prepared by Reese Witherspoon’s PR team.

    Read more:
    I agree, it sounds like it came from her. LoL maybe they agreed to make it look like she did the dumping?

  • Vera

    “I agree, it sounds like it came from her. LoL maybe they agreed to make it look like she did the dumping?”
    I’m 100% sure that was part of the showmance contract, Reese is very serious about her PR sh!t.

  • julia

    For me it’s NOT over! Gyllenspoon is forever!

  • ~Jen

    And you sound like a retarded delusional freak. I find it pretty damnn hilarious that you’ve come to the conclusion of how Jake “f*cks men” just by looking at pictures of Jake and Reese and saying how they looked like a fake couple.
    Was I fan of Jake and Reese’s relationship? No.
    Am I fan of Reese Witherspoon? No.
    But I’m still willing to admit that I’ve seen some pictures them during the course of their relationship where they actually looked happy. And this is coming from a person who never gave two sh*ts about their relationship. And if you’re really going to sit there and claim that Jake is supposedly gay like a f*cking retard, then why not actually provide us all with some SOLID proof and not base your assumptions based on pictures of Reese and Jake like a complete idiot. I can sit here and make claims until I’m blue in the face of how Angelina Jolie is my long lost mother, but it doesn’t mean sh*t if I don’t PROVE it. Just like your accusations don’t mean sh*t either.

  • ~Jen

    Oh and my comment is directed towards @Reese’s saggy a*s*s kicked: AKA delusional HAG

  • Ava

    Of course Reese gave him the shove, couldn’t have it look like she’d been dumped by two men in a row. But of course we know the real reason this broke up is that the contract was up. Reese was probably tired of looking more like Jake’s mom than his girlfriend, and Austin was probably getting tired of having Jake make all those coffee runs instead of staying where he belonged–in bed with Austin.

  • vmars111


    “She couldn’t give Jake enough and she got cold feet. Jake wanted all of her. She really worried that they didn’t have enough in common…”

    Yeah, a penis!

  • marye

    This is so high school.!!!!!!

  • Andy

    The same few people who started the rumor of Jake being gay also said that Jensen Ackles and Jared Padenlecki are gay as well are secretly in love with one another. Oh….and they also claimed that Tom Cruise is gay as well.
    So I’m assuming you all believe that as well.Lol

  • kaka

    I hope these azzhizzles get back together because now I am depressed. I thought they would grow old on the farm together and raise chickens! Please get back together!

  • sweetness

    There’s something odd here: It took her 3 years to realize she wasn’t ready to get married again…what exactly did she want that she couldn’t have figured out 1 year into the relationship?

  • anon

    So obviously someone from Reese’s camp is the source. She’s basically throwing him under the bus in a sneaky manner just like she did to Ryan after their bustup. Her sweetness is so fake and she’s known for being a schemer. And Jen, if you want to blame anyone for the gay rumors then look no further than Ted Casablanca because he started it with his toothy tile nonsense.

  • GG

    Witherbeard and Toothy tile ended their contract…….hahaha

  • Pattycake

    There was a blind item several weeks ago about a couple together just for PR, one of whom is a A-list actor, who had broken up but weren’t publicizing it yet. The reason for the breakup? She had gotten tired of his double life. For what it’s worth, take it with a grain of salt. My instincts tell me even that story was a plant because I’m willing to bet that Jake did the breaking up. And this story about Jake wanting to get married and her all concerned about the time she spends away from her kids is all PR nonsense. Ryan has a healthy relationship and spends plenty of time with the kids. Reese can’t stand to be seen as in any way flawed or not in control. This fauxmance had just run its course.

  • Jen

    I had known from the beginning that it was Ted Casablanca who started the rumors of Jake being gay and a few of his groupies went and spread it all over the internet like psychopaths.
    Ted is also behind a lot of other rumors as well and has falsely claimed other actors to be gay as well…..when they really aren’t. And he still continues to make false accusations today. What people don’t realize is that the reason Ted started those rumors about Jake was because Jake ignored him at an event a while back(I don’t know if it was on purpose or because he didn’t know Ted wanted to interview him) so Ted decided to be a total d*ck and started accusing Jake of being gay. And he knew since Jake played the role of a gay cowboy in “Brokeback Mountain,” it wouldn’t be hard to convince people of his stupid rumors. And clearly he was right seeing the way some completely stupid people actually fell for his crap.

  • T.ittygal

    US Weekly ..I am sure she gave them a story . Get Real!!
    ~ A Tabloid Folks..uhuhh Reeses sat down and talked her heart away to a tabloid. LOL
    I love Jakeu but he is flakey for the boys.

    Reece has been his beard and is ready to move on to a real fcuk..

    Jakey my boy can now do his boy thingee now.. as he if ever quit .lol

  • Pattycake

    @Jen: You seem totally bent out of shape over the idea that Jake could be gay. Listen, Ted is gay. He’s not outing Jake, or anyone. But he reports duplicity…stars that have elaborate phoney lives to disguise who and what they really are. And I think Ted is sympathetic to the idea that a performer’s career could go in the toilet if they were honest. But really, how is ANYone going to be able to come out, if the stars don’t risk it? Ted is full of praise for Neil Patrick Harris and Ellen Degeneres. And THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH “BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN”. Jake used to be more open about his sexual orientation in his younger days and Ted started talking about him in a blind, expecting a reveal. But instead Toothy went into deep cover and involved other people in his duplicity.

  • ace

    Dang, they look so cute together, it’s a shame. Don’t Hollywood romance last at all?

  • brian

    Reese is so hot, would marry her in a second. Blonde and big swedish eyes. :P

  • brian

    And evidence is that I know Tiger would agree, lol.

  • tweet

    Jen I don’t believe in the ‘Jake is gay’ rumors much, but why do you talk about ‘accusing’ Jake of being gay, is being gay a crime? I think you should simmer down even if Jake was gay so what, big deal. Ted Casablanca is the master of bs for sure, but he is also an openly gay man, so what you say about him and the reason for cooking up Toothy Tile makes very little sense.

  • brian

    Gay people are nice people, but that doesn’t give them permission to be gay. It’s not allowed. Be with the opposite sex, its only normal. Duhh.

  • lennie

    Though I don’t believe a single word from US Weekly, or Star Magazine or whatever, I have always disliked Reese. Jake is a fine guy, he deserves much more better than a publicity hungry and money driven kind of girl like Reese. Really hate those fake girl-next-door actresses, and amazingly Reese’s chin is as big and as manly as another fake all-american-next-door actress one’s that I equally dislike. Those girls smell hypocrisy. You are their friends only if you got what it takes: money, money, money….. Go Jake, fate has done you a favor. If you married her, you would have found yourself divorce within few years anyway, feeling unhappy and wondering yourself why she refused to give you what you wanted the most: a quiet family life fit for a quiet guy like yourself.