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Brad Pitt Makes It a Mexico City Night

Brad Pitt Makes It a Mexico City Night

Brad Pitt and a male friend have a guys’ night out together on Wednesday (December 16) at Mexico City restaurant in Los Feliz, Calif.

At the recent Inglourious Basterds DVD launch, People caught up with Quentin Tarantino and asked for his thoughts on Brad, 45.

“The thing that really just comes to my mind when you say something like that is – he is a guy,” Quentin said. “He’s a cool guy. You can have cool and fun man/boy discussions with him.”

Brad turns 46 on Friday (December 18) – happy early birthday!

FYI: Brad is wearing a jacket from What Goes Around Comes Around!

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brad pitt guys night out mexico city restaurant 03
brad pitt guys night out mexico city restaurant 04
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877 Responses to “Brad Pitt Makes It a Mexico City Night”

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  1. 1
    norflundun Says:

    I love the beads in the beard

  2. 2
    josh Says:


  3. 3
    ! Says:

    There is something very charming and lovable about him. He seems like a very nice guy. Not just when he is drunk.

  4. 4
    ManLESSton, I likely Says:

    Brad is one handsome man. Yummy…

  5. 5
    zxc Says:

    He looks like walking c.r.a.p. His beauty is gone.

  6. 6
    gg Says:

    I love him he still is gorgeous. Haters, it is just a guys night out it is not a red carpet or a date,

  7. 7
    karen Says:

    I am glad the haters, save one have not arrived yet..

    Brad’s birthday is tomorrow.. good for him having fun with his friends.. Quintin is right about everything he said about Mr. Pitt..

    Brad is a cool guy.. Love him.. Haters be Dam*ed.. go post on somebody eleses thread if Brad is not beautiful to you.. We fans find him quite the MAN.. but I suspect you fools do too.. can’t stay away from him can you..

  8. 8
    he is the man Says:

    Of course he is cool Brad is the man.

  9. 9
    what the hell Says:

    he looks yucky. Used up. Tom Cruise is better looking.

  10. 10
    what the hell Says:

    once upon a time people (mag readers) thought Tom and Tiger were good guys too. Stars with the good guy/girl images are the one’s with the biggest closet. :)

  11. 11
    Mileena Says:

    Jared, get over my comment. Pfft, “awaiting moderation” my butt. Anyway, I’l repeat it. He looks HORRIBLE. Get over it.

  12. 12
    Lexi Says:

    I adore Brad . Love him and Angie together.
    But i have never seen such a dumb pic in all of my time here
    . It doesn’t say where he was, who he was with? all it does is tell you an old quote that Quentin Tarintino said about Brad a mo or two ago.
    So what’s the big deal?

    Jared WTF!! is up with this bull???!

  13. 13
    Cindy Says:

    He is looking so effin old lately!.

  14. 14
    The Real Mrs Pitt Says:

    Brad will start looking much better once he gets himself back to me. Honey, I hope you’re spending this time getting your sh*t together! I’m screwed, I love ya. Thanks for doing that.

  15. 15
    xxx Says:

    Wow… look at what Angelina has done to him. He used to be so good looking.

  16. 16
    TommyTunes Says:

    Whoa! That is one Waaaaaaay Wasted babydaddy! Don’t bogart that joint, my friend!

  17. 17
    groundcontrol Says:

    Brad will always be The Man. He loves his life as he chooses and with whom he chooses.

    Happy Birthday, Brad. You finally have it all and you deserve it. Okay now I’m talking to Brad PItt – LOL!

  18. 18
    groundcontrol Says:

    Oops- I meant he LIVES his life as he chooses and with whom he chooses. But he probably loves it, too.

  19. 19
    elizabeth Says:

    Thanks JJ for the new thread. Still awesome to me so others can just go away. Beard or no beard he is still good looking and best of all a good heart for helping the needy. Hello to all JP fans.

  20. 20
    You All Shall Know Says:

    He looks alittle wasted. At least he isn’t driving.
    You all know if Brad isn’t nominated for anything, Angie won’t go to any of these awards unless she is the presenter.
    She doesn’t like QT obviously and as you can see she hates being around him and she won’t do anything to help him to promote his movie. I thought you all knew by now she doesn’t like Quentin at all.
    And There you have it, Brad isn’t nominated and even if he decides to go to support HIS movie, I’m sure He will have to do it alone cause Angie won’t. Besides she will try to get ready for her movie then , she won’t even be in US in March during Academy.
    How sad Angelina has to work during XMas Eve and XMas. I hope kids and familt will all go to NYC .they won’t be able to make their own XMas tree if they all go but at least they will be with mommy then. How can this stupid studio put reshooting in XMas, Don’t they have family of their own? I don’t think Angie will celebrate XMas alone. Brad or kids must be pissed that she is working during holidays and won’t be with them. She will be gone working at Feb again.

  21. 21
    The Real Deal Says:

    *** @ 12/17/2009 at 5:28 pm —Yeah, look at what she’s done. Since hooking up with her he’s become a respected humanitarian, world traveler, a critically acclaimed actor and a father. Beats being the plastic looking Ken doll he was before , don’t ya think? or do you think that looks are all that matter.

  22. 22
    Donna Says:

    Love Brad and Angie. Love that they set the bar so high for other celebs to “make it Right” and give so much back to so many people in need. I was born the very same day and year as Brad. I am proud to share the same birth date as him. He should be so proud of his accomplishments.

  23. 23
    the joker is here Says:


    Agree that he loves his life. And he has the confidence to grow that beard and wear it with elan. He is comfortable with who he is and where he is in his life. SIGNS OF A HAPPY MAN.

    Brad is the man and will always be the man.

    And he has 3 little men to be at home who will also be the men in their time, LOL.

  24. 24
    nani Says:

    The guy in the car with Brad seems to be James, Angie’s brother. Isn’t he?

  25. 25
    karen Says:

    You know I was just looking at the picture of Brad/Angie posing with Jerry.. and it finally hit me.. the reason the Trolls are hating Brad’s goatee is because the length of it is almost identical to the length of Aniston’s chin..

    I think Brad’s facial hair reminds them of how long that chin is.. ONLY difference is when Brad gets tired of it he will cut it.. but Anistion can’t cut that chin and live to talk about it..

    Brad has not been wearing the newsboy hats much.. I don’t think the goatee is for a movie.. I just think it is something he is doing while he does not have to work. I think.. JMHO.. that his look in the last few films he has done have been dictated to him. BAR (that puffy hair).. TOL (Army buzz cut) IB (the tiny stache and hair cut). Well he is not working right now.. Taking Time OFF (his words).. and he can do what the he ll he wants, and he wants to keep the chin rug.. so I am fine with it.. I understand Brad.. It would get a bit tiring for me too if I had to change my look for every movie.. (something Jenny poo knows nothing about).

    Just my thoughts on the Chin rug.. I am sure he will cut it soon. But let the man relax and do what he wants.. I like that he does not allow the world or haters to dictate his moves.. If he did he and Angie would not be together..

    Prime example of the fact that Brad Pitt does not give a SH*T. and neither should we the fans..

    And if he is so unappealing to some of you..
    Why are you here.. LOL.. yeah we know.. we know..

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