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Hugh Jackman & Daniel Craig: All-Time Top Fundraisers!

Hugh Jackman & Daniel Craig: All-Time Top Fundraisers!

Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig celebrates raising the most money of any show in the history of the Gypsy of the Year competition by collecting $1,549,952. The previous all-time fundraising record holder was in 2003 when The Boy From Oz starring Hugh raised $632,998.

Other pics include Hugh on Tuesday (December 15) heading back home after getting in a good workout.

Over the weekend, Hugh and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness and were seen stealing kisses from one another in St. Barts.

20+ pictures inside of All-Time Top Fundraisers Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig

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hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 01
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 02
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 03
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 04
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 05
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 06
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 07
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 08
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 09
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 10
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 11
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 12
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 13
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 14
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 15
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 16
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 17
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 18
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 19
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 20

Credit: Hector Vallenilla, Fame Pictures; Photos: Bruce Glikas/Filmmagic, Pacificocastnewsonline
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  • Jokergurl

    FIRST! Well when you put Wolverine and James Bond in the same place people are going to come and watch!

  • Old Billy Brown

    Where is his wife?

    Why are there so many identically dressed, identically looking men on the boat?

  • Old Billy Brown

    Oh I see the blonde woman in the water is his wife. What a gorgeous looking lady!

    The makeout seems so real and passionate that I almost fell out of my chair.

  • aka”Hugh” Mann

    We don’t think he is gay because his wife is older – that is unfair to her
    We don’t think he is gay because he played gay – that is plain naive
    We don’t think he is gay because he likes musical theater – because stereotype doesn’t work

    Here is my story:

    Oh Billy Brown had lived an ordinary life.
    Two kids, a dog, and a cautionary wife.
    While it was all going according to plan
    Then Billy Brown fell in love with another man.

    He met his lover almost every single day
    Making excuses for his dodgy holiday
    (Unto religion that he said and duty found
    They didn’t know his faith was earthly bound)

    Oh Billy Brown you are a victim of the times.

  • The Gypsy of the Year

    too late!
    too old news!

  • Kanye West

    Why is jj showing us hugh jackmans holiday? Daniel isn’t even there! The other chick with with long black hair does look like Daniel’s girlfriend though!

  • M.I.A.

    Hugh Jackman is in St. Barts.
    Daniel Craig is missing.
    Daniel can find nobody because he has gone underground!!

  • Angel

    Why is no-one commenting on the real story here? $1,549,952 is a LOT of freaking money!! Well done! :)

  • athena

    @Angel: Yes, that is alot of money…congrats to the duo for doing so….I wish I could raise that much money for my causes…I think I’d be able to give back to people in a big way…Great charity they raised it for….I hope their play is still on B’way…would love to go and see it.

  • Vic

    Good job for charity!!
    But the wife is GROSS.
    Hugh and Mika’s collaboration will be great.

  • to 1388


    last show was on 6th December. But there is hope for another showing in London.

  • 8D

    That grey haired man in the first picture is Hugh’s father. It’s great to see that even on vacation he likes being with his family.

  • Tom

    Who is that ugly man that Hugh is swimming with?

  • to Tom

    I though it was you, a.s.s.h.o.l.e.

  • to 8

    Yeah! They made serious efforts to collect money. Every day, Every time.Daniel and Hugh…They are great couples.

  • The Comedian

    What the hell happen to daniel’s face ???
    He looks like he is 20 years older …
    Gosh, grab yourself man, DO SOMETHING

  • to Comedian

    Really? I think he looks quite young here and very at ease.
    The Gypsy Award was such a great event and I loved his great smile and that he was in such a good mood! All people around me thought the same, thank God the stache was gone. Well done Daniel and Hugh.

  • bebe

    hugh jackman is totally awesome. he is great dad and great husband. always love his family and fan of jackman.


    Is the movie of A STEADY RAIN realized?

  • Gina

    Shame, JJ came with this too late.

  • Gina

    Hugh looks quite relaxed and happy, Daniel looks torn

  • poor hugh

    His wife looks more like his grandmother. How sad that she’s always dressed in black even when at the beach and that she looks so bad that she can’t even wear a proper swimsuit. Hugh is so fit and active while she seems more like an old lady.

  • a rumor

    I heard when he was in Brazil promoting Wolverine he had a very good time partying with women, with a wife like that who can blame him.

  • The Comedian

    @to Comedian:

    Look at his skin on the face ..He is very mark
    He does look at ease (maybe because S. wasn’t with him) but it looks like he lost some cheeks and the flesh is hanging..

  • wrinkles

    @poor hugh:
    Craig’s concubine Satsuki looks like an old baba yaga. Deb is older Satsuki but she has not many wrinkles like Satsuki has.

  • to Gina

    Daniel looks torn

    Is it because there is not Daniel’s gf together? Does he still love her?

  • to 26

    i don’t know. What do you think? he loves her so much that he’ll marry her finally? Next year they celebrate 6 years and there is nothing still. that’s more and more shame as she’s showing off two rings on her one finger so proudly and Daniel still don’t marry her. I doubt about his strong feelings to her because, otherwise,he married her long ago.

  • to 26

    Deb is old and looks like an old grandma, but Hugh loves and eats her and she has two children with him, so what to solve.
    Satsuki is a fool with two rings and Daniel’s fans and the public make fun of her. Daniel looks in many pics like a poor, so both are desperate people being together for nothing perspective. I am already bored to see him always looking unhappy and torn. He needs a normal woman who’ll make him happy and relaxed like is Jackman.
    Simply Daniel needs to get from the jail but Satsuki keeps him as she can because she’s desperate and has fear he dumps her. Daniel, if he wants, he can have another women, but there are no men for Satsuki, who is there for her? If you are a boy, do yu want her? no? So you see why she keeps Daniel.

  • what idiots

    are on this board?? This thread is mostly about the charity and about Hugh and his short trip to St. Barth. Even then those pthetic people can’t stop posting about Daniel and his gf. She’s not the topic here!

    Daniel and Hugh have made more than 1,5 Million for the charity and that it is great for the people who need help.
    They both have done great during the play and all people who have seen the play and those who have seen the auction in the last six weeks of the run have seen to happy and relaxed guys on the stage.
    The auctions have been hilarious and BOTH have been in a very good mood, funny and witty. Kudos to Daniel and Hugh and hopefully the play will go to London next year and onto the silver screen, too. It’s worth the waiting.

  • d-rule
  • to 29

    Yes,I agree. However, JJ made a mistake. JJ should not have a topic of the vacation of Hugh and a topic of the charity on same thread.

  • guinness

    I agrreee!! #30! I love that pic of Huge and all the hair tossling around. He is one meaty man of testosteronie I would love to smother!!! After Dan of course. And someone is trying to distract our attention away from NOT HAVING ANY DC pics????

    Dan and I are hiding under the “invisiblity cloak” and we are not coming out for a long while!!!!!!

  • Gabi

    Hugh’s wife looks like a sea monster, or something like that…

  • Mistral

    Regarding the usual old refrain of the “old wife”, read here and meditate:

    @aka”Hugh” Mann:

    I repete: it’s typical: all mediocre people try to destroy who is better than them. This behavior underlines to the whole world their mean, mostly underlining the good qualities of whom denigrate, showing their true face of pathetic looser. Because are YOU the little, little, little, very little man with an ordinary life…

  • To what idiots

    @what idiots:
    You are unlucky, now posters talk about Hugh Jackman’s woman. What do you say on that? Women of stars are topic for all because the women are ugly and ol and ugly people are critized always. Hugh and Daniel are better looking than their women.

  • picture perfect

    Maybe Hugh and his wife have a deep affection for each other and both care for their adopted children.

    But the perceptual rumor is they are best friends and he is really with his business partner who is also a hottie. Some pictures:

  • Ezra

    @picture perfect: Yeah, all rumors in tabloid are true…geez…He practically worships her! Are not those pictures enough proof? And honestly, I think it´s awful that JJ actually posted these photos here. Paps have problems to find anything wrong with Hugh and his family so they are coming up with this stuff. They are best friends and it´s exactly how a marriage should work. If you are not a friend with your wife or husband, then it´s really sad.
    And why is everybody insulting Deb and Satsuki?! Hugh and Daniel helped a charity a lot and nobody cares? What kind of world is this?

  • to Ezra

    a world full of jealous, greedy, sad and lonely people who only feel good when they can spill carbage at people who are more lucky then them.
    Hugh and Daniel did a great job and received much sympathy for that. At the Gypsy award the audience showed how much this was appreciated by many, many theather goers. When they came on the stage to get the plaque you could feel how happy they have been about that. I loved the really joyful atmosphere.

  • zzzzzrrr

    @picture perfect:

    a perpetual rumor does not become true only because it is perpetual

  • Ventura

    @zzzzzrrr: It’s true, a perpetual rumor does not become true only because it is perpetual. Only becomes a boring senseless refrain
    as those craps that the metally ill people repeat obsessively like a broken record.

  • Great Couple

    So refreshing to see a couple who are so in love after decades.

  • Big Pimpin’

    i do NOT get the appeal of hugh jackman. bird nose and small eyes. seems like a very nice guy, but sorry he is ugly. i DO get the appeal of daniel :)

  • Daniel is Hot

    Great job Hugh and Daniel for raising all that money. Wonderful to see Hugh and Deb having such a happy time on vacation. Now if only we can find Daniel. Where is he? Hope he is happy and enjoying himself somewhere hot!

  • lol

    Bit obvious Hugh went to St Barths and has pictures like Daniel and Satsuki and a friend who looks like her in one of the pictures.

    JJ knows what they are doing by printing these and the reaction they would get.

  • alex p

    daniel is hot..

  • mendel

    to Dan is Hot

    yes, Dan and Hugh did a fantastic job in raising all this money for charity. Well done! Also, Hugh’s wife is also doing a lot of charity work – cudos to all of them. And it is great to see Hugh and Deb relaxing – to me they do look genuinely happy, not ‘fake happy’, which is lovely to see.

    *goes off to find and steal Guinness invisibility cloak*

  • Jill Jugglesworth

    They make a cute couple

  • Two hot men

    Two hot men – Dan and Hugh

    Everything else is background …

    Jared are you trying to tell us something

  • longchamp

    danny, aging HARD

  • DTM

    Just found this on twitter…

    So, DC may be in Cape Town and we know how he likes his concerts
    so this may well be true.