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Hugh Jackman & Daniel Craig: All-Time Top Fundraisers!

Hugh Jackman & Daniel Craig: All-Time Top Fundraisers!

Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig celebrates raising the most money of any show in the history of the Gypsy of the Year competition by collecting $1,549,952. The previous all-time fundraising record holder was in 2003 when The Boy From Oz starring Hugh raised $632,998.

Other pics include Hugh on Tuesday (December 15) heading back home after getting in a good workout.

Over the weekend, Hugh and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness and were seen stealing kisses from one another in St. Barts.

20+ pictures inside of All-Time Top Fundraisers Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig

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hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 01
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 02
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 03
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 04
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 05
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 06
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 07
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 08
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 09
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 10
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 11
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 12
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 13
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 14
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 15
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 16
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 17
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 18
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 19
hugh jackman daniel craig all time top fundraisers 20

Credit: Hector Vallenilla, Fame Pictures; Photos: Bruce Glikas/Filmmagic, Pacificocastnewsonline
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  • DTM

    Where is everybody? Very quiet on here today.
    Going to relax with a glass of vino and watch Dan in Layer Cake on
    Watch channel. See ya later!

  • DC Girl

    Hello DTM

    Having been commenting on this post much because there hasn’t been much news lately about Daniel. Just a lot of talk about Satsuki… I find that subject so boring really.
    We are getimg ready to get hammered here by a major snowstorm. The kids are excited. We rented movies and are hunkering down with pizza and drinks by the fire. I hve quite the Dan movie collection so I cn watch those later fter the Kiddie flicks.

    Hope you and yours are well. Stay warm

  • Keri

    Hi DTM, DC Girl

    I am glad if it is true. The southern hemisphere is a midsummer, and Cape Town is a place of great beauty. Daniel can encounter a penguin in CapeTown!

    Matthew, Please remember “layer cake 2″! ;)

  • hmmmm…

    JJ broughght new thread. What a miracle. I have feeling paps aren’t much interested in photographing and hunting Daniel. is he less famous than others? Why Hugh is on a holiday and Daniel is not still?
    Daniel said he will go, Hugh didn’t say anything. and now, look, Hugh is on a holiday and Daniel isn’t. Maybe Daniel appears in exotic destination and shows to the all world his baba horse yaga.
    I thought Deb lee furness is a quite good woman but after seeing those pics.. she is really old and Hugh looks better than her. What Daniel and Hugh see in ugly and old looking women? Satsuki has many wrinkles in her 33-35 and Deb looks horribly in those pics.
    gossip gossip gossip…is not an eye-opener for Daniel to dump ugly Satsuki, he is a fool when he lives with the ugliest concubine in Hollywood and Britland. there are more beautiful Asian women and he chooses the ugliest.

  • New Year 2010

    So what is Brit-land?? what a miracle we have snow here…oooh.
    In Brit-land is high snow like last year, eh? how much it was 22 inches or metres? it was good last year in UK. Children couldn’t go to school, people couldn’t go to work.
    I am curious if in January MGM and EON announce something interesting…you know, Olga Kurylenko got a perfect present on Christmas day – a part of a Bond girl. so she may got another present. you know, Babs is so generous….
    I would love see Daniel back in action as James Bond. my gooood, stupid Dream House can go to hell. I hope there happens something, a miracle and Daniel go away from the horrible title and script Dream House. My wish on New Year is secret but I hope year 2010 will be very good for most people and the selfish, egoistic people will be kicked out.

  • been there – done that

    I saw the play in the last week of December and my friend paid for having her pic taken. I didn´t but was allowed to go backstage, too. :)) Freaking awsome. Got handshakes from both, but was focused on Daniel as was my friend. Up close and in person, he looks terrific and probably younger than in some of his pics. Plus he was real funny and was goofing around with my friend and treated her, like she was special, once it was obvious, he was the main guy for the two of us. BOTH of us got a hug. :)) All in all it didn´t take a very long time, but it was so worth it to watch him/them in person. True – not THAT tall, average, but build like a wall – his muscles just bursting underneath his shirt. Lovely side.

    I am just telling this, because to me it was obvious, that he was looking totaly fit and happy.

  • holiday

    I wouldn’t call two days on St. Barths a holiday!
    He just made a short trip with his beloved wife to realax a bit and gain some power back.

  • relax stay to holiday

    oooh, thank you for that marvelous info. as you can see, Hugh had at least two days for relax stay and Daniel? I can’t imagine he does the same escapade like before in St.Barth. if he wants a holiday, so without Ella as her mom doesn’t allow her to go to spend time with her father and the monkey Satsuki on alcohol and embarrasing holiday. He spent a lot of time in NY and I bet he wants to be at home now. Hugh and Deb had romantic moments together in St.Barth and Daniel with Satsuki were drunk. what a difference. Daniel kisses Satsuki only if he is drunk and she knows it.

  • funny

    @relax stay to holiday:
    so I assume you are best friend with Fiona, eh? Sorry but it seems as if Fiona has no problem at all with Ella visiting her father and Satsuki. Ella was in NY for more than a week, saw see the play several times and stayed at the Imperial with Daniel and Satsuki. And even if, Ella is almost attaining full age and then Fiona has no say anymore

  • Daniel is Hot

    To been there – done that: Thanks for telling us all about your wonderful experience. I too saw the play but earlier in the season so am glad to know he looked happy and healthy later when you met him. We all know how fit he is, we can see that in the pictures, but in person one can tell if he is happy and well. Thanks for the info.

  • to funny

    stay in New York to see the play and being on alcohol holiday is different thing. don’t forget Ella arrived with other members of the family so her mom could allow it.

  • Danny and George

    Daniel Craig and George Clooney belong to category of the men who are very masculine. frankly, George is more sugar and Danny is more gillette. but when Danny smiles he’s sugar suddenly but George is never rough and never will be. Danny is in the advantage as he has looks of the rough man and when he’s smiling he’s sweet. George is still one – Cloowney. definition for both is they are great men and they have the same taste in women.
    Cloowney’s gf is more masculine than feminine and alot reminds Satsuki.

  • to 61

    Ella went alone. No other family member was there when she was there. I’ve seen her leaving the theater with Satsuki at least three times in the third week of October. There are some vid on youtube where you can see her and Satsuki an NO OTHER family member.

  • beards

    Action Star’s Boyfriend is Very Jealous

  • the look of love
  • Beards

    Glad no one mentioned Daniel’s name. Hugh must have enjoyed working with Daniel in A Stready Rain, and maybe the boyfriend was a bit jealous of Daniel, but Daniel is not gay, so they are just good friends. After all Daniel is in love is Sats, right?

  • to Gina #54 ,55

    to 54

    St.Barths is crowded with celebrity and paps. Therefore they can find celeb easily.He learnt by experience.He wants to have a vacation in a quiet place.

    to 55

    LOL! Gina, till when do you persist in Olga?

  • Kanye West

    New thread on daniel?

  • Stone

    They’re a great couple!

  • Keri

    Kara & Daniel Craig do a ballet routine

  • Daniel is Hot


  • MMA

    As long as they’re not molesting children, who cares?

  • broken link


    Blind item is gone. It must have been too close to the truth.

  • screenplay

    it seems Peter Morgan & co have done their work. He promised it’s a schocking story.
    Well…it doesn’t look well. Raw CR was good, hard QOS wasn’t good, and it seems 23.Bond has to be harder and schocking?
    No, if Daniel will continue in harder and cold tone, so fans are bored to death. QOS made cry a lot of fans and they left the cinema after a half of the movie, just because they disliked the killing robot machine with cold feelings We don’t wanna a schocking story, we want a comedic and funny Bond having sex with sexy girls.
    Babs and Michael have yet to confirm a director.

    “Pre-production work on 23.Bond has now been put on hold until February as the heavily in debt of MGM, through which EON Productions release the 007 pictures, is up for sale.”

    If (MGM) – they sell it, they are fools. I think some company (Warner, LIonsGate) can buy shares and invest money in their movies. It’s optimal solution and usually, company in difficulties invites other company, sells some percents and cooperates. MGM does not need to sell, but it needs money, help. I believe MGM will do the same. I don’t think they want to sell the whole company. It’s an opportunity fpr other film companies on sharing and being ín MGM.

  • DC Girl

    Still no news of Daniel. Whereever he is, I hope he has a very Merry Christmas and that he is surrounded by loved ones. And that goes for all the nice people here that I have chatted with over the past couple of months. Merry Christmas to you all – Guinness, Mendel, DTM.,DIH, Kerri and all. I hope your holiday is a joyous one, spent with loved ones and full of cheer. Good fortune in the New Year and peace and love to you and yours.


  • Daniel is Hot

    Same to you DC Girl and all the others. Let’s hope we hear and see more of Daniel in the New Year.

  • no selling

    Hmmmm, New Year 2010 knocks on the door.
    MGM said they won’t sell it to just anyone. Hmmm, I am curious on Bond in 2010.

  • no holiday? cold water

    Maybe I was right with saying that Daniel changes his plan and he won’t have a holiday and he preferably stays in London as he wants to be home after longer stay in NY. All celebrities were caught on their holiday or shopping, but Daniel and Satsuki – nothing. very suspicious.
    If we will see pics from New Year’s event with them, it’d be surprising.
    I like what people from MGM said, I expect good news in January or February from them. If the’ll find a partner with money for paying debts, they need to sell nothing.
    I still believe there changes something in plans and Daniel won’t do Dream House but James Bond. It could be a cold shower for Satsuki and her plan with marrying.

  • spotted Satsuki on a holiday

    author wrote funny article

  • Daniel and his love affair
  • to Gina

    To our regret, MGM is not good at the independent reconstruction.

    Perhaps, it will be sold off to Warner.

  • to 81

    Warner is a strong company with good tradition and has own hero Batman, but funny is, Warner is the second leader, just after MGM who brought the best movies and their actors won many Oscars.
    Warner have money, but MGM has a tradition, so that, MGM needs only financial injection, it can be a new investor who buys some shares and invests money, it can be bank loan to help with debts but not definitely selling the whole thing. Try to sell tradition, it won’t go well and you better find a help.
    MGM has studios, buildings, investors inside, so you can go to the bank, loan money and give guarantee through the properties.

  • to 82

    not in times like this. No bank will give them any money, despite sutdios, buildings……

  • slowly but surely.

    I hope you all had beautiful Christmas and you are excited for New Year. For most people it was a bad year, because of work and money. I don’t know as for Daniel, it wasn’t bad financially for him but his relationship with Satsuki stayed on the same base. Will Satsuki be always showing off her rings like a fool in the next year? She can feel pressure that she is not married after six years in relationship and as she pushes her rings to be visible to all.
    I am expecting Bond starting in the spring of 2010. Only wait if I lose. wait and wait. very soon, things are in process and we will stare in finale. and we’ll celebrate and dance as hell. I am curious what’s the present that Olga Kurylenko got. I hope it’s not a part of Bond girl again. But Peter Morgan didn’t gave much joy with telling about a schocking story. I am not interested in this one. and I am not interested in Dream House as well. Hmmm, it looks Daniel’s getting old and his star slowly falls, slowly but surely. but if he jumps into action in the spring, I’ll be happy. Hele, if he’ll do only Dream House next year so there is a huge space for marriage to Satsuki. No, a surprise Bond changes their plans. yea

  • slowly but surely I

    come to the conclusion that you are really nuts.
    Gina, doesn’t a smard head like you understand that it is indispensable to take your medication to get rid off your daydreams which will not come true.

  • slowly but surely I win bet

    to 85,
    yo yo and don’t forget to buy a champagne to celebrate next year, yo?
    I read, Daniel slept with Sienna for two weeks, she cooked for him Thai meal and did him also Thai massage. They ate at the Ivy, were at night club and Daniel didn’t hide it at all. Satsuki went furious and now she wants a marriage as hell.
    If Bond will be in the spring of 2010 and I’ll be right about involving Marc and Olga again in the bondmovie so I will buy nuts, champagne and celebrate that my ‘bet’ came true. good train goes….tutututu

  • by the way, I won already.

    I said, Daniel won’t go a holiday and I was right.

    I said, MGM won’t be sold and last news hint I am near to be right.Just wait for news in Jan-February.

    I am saying, Daniel, Marc and Olga will be back on 23.Bond.

    According to many speculations Olga has chances to get it again and she herself said he would love to be in the bondmovie again.

    Marc was offered a job, he refused it, but you know, you can change your opinion when people convince you. Daniel convinced Marc once, and he’ll do it for the second time, you can bet.
    That will be crazy drive for all.
    by the way, there are several articles that Daniel and Satsuki broke up before their second engagement, just before start of filming QOS. Maybe he bought another ring to reconciliation and he hasn’t done it from love, but from pressure.

  • to 87

    links to article please. And by articke I mean article and no links to comments on JJ or another gossip site










  • to 88

    Information about their break up are only on a few sites on the Internet, in zimbio, famoushooksup, showhype, few people know it but there exist rumours about their separate before filming QOS.and this czech Šíp article says:“Last year in the summer they engaged, however it didn’t look so idylical. When shooting of another Bond started, there soaked information they broke up.”Zimbio says they broke up secretly and other sites wrote it too. I am surprised we haven’t talk about that. but I am sure Daniel gave Satsuki second ring to make up her, it doesn’t look like engagement from pure decision that he really wanted to engage her but he dit it from nerves of break up and he wanted only reconciliation so he bought another ring. by the way, it’s typical behavior from men if they want to make up their woman do they bring a ring. That would explain his nervous behavior to Satsuki in Panama and as he demented rumours about his engagement. So that, if sites and rumours don’t lie, so Satsuki got another ring because Daniel gave her it as he was under pressure. i doubt it was engagement from love, it was from a different reason.

  • Gina to BLACKJOKER


  • break up before filming QOS

    they broke up and then they engaged, pretty bloody nice.

  • Gina

    to me as for Šíp article, there’s discrepancy, article iss from March of 2008, there is written “they spent a romantical holiday in Italy last year where they engaged”, (it means year 2007).
    then they wrote another sentence: “However, it didn’t look idylical. When shooting of another part of Bond started, there leaked information they broke up.” (it means 2008, QOS’s time).
    I think, many newspapers have not accurate information and mix old news with newer news. I am wondering if Satsuki got first ring during Christmas 2006 but I read she got it in January 2007 and it was thank you to her for her supporting Daniel during CR premiers. The other ring she got in 2008 and it was probably of reconciliation as rumours hint.

  • hideous satsuki

    funny, Satsuki pouted and suddenly laughed like a spook and then closed her mouth.

  • an open letter to Peter Morgan

    Time Out write an open letter to Bond 23 writer Peter Morgan with a couple of Dos and Don’ts.

    He got the letter and now he came with a schocking story. He and producers probably don’t care for that what fans wish. There are some petitions on the Internet, this letter, another letters adressed to company MGM and EON, but they don’t listen to fans at all. They want to offer only their concept of the bondmovie but if fans have specific demands, company and writers don’t respect them. There is no discussion between fans and filmmakers, and it seems like that fans are so desperate to write petitions and letters because they want a great experience from the bondmovie. Producers ignore their request and they’ll come with their own idea, like the idea and opinion of fans wasn’t enough good for them. Now producers can expect no respect from public and no success with the next Bond. writers Morgan, Purvis and Wade didn’t help much too with that schocking story with political background. it seems like another dark Bond after QOS.

  • what a crap

    no studio, no movie maker, no author, no singer, no actor is going to discuss the next project with fans.
    There have been roundtables and that’s it. This wouldn’t work out.!
    Some want Moneypenny or O back and some want to carry on the new direction. The last two Bonds have been the most successful and I really hope they don’t bring back those cheesy one liners and this crackbrained perception of women like in the old Bonds.
    So if you read this EON and MGN (and I’m sure you don’t), don’t care of those fans who want the old Bond back.

  • to 98: fans are secondary

    “So if you read this EON and MGM (and I am sure you don’t), don’care of those fans who want the old Bond back.”
    “The last two Bonds have been the most successful and I really hope they don’t bring back those cheesy one liners and this crackbrained perception of women like in the old Bonds.”
    Are you so sure I don’t read this?
    Try to read my post 97, and you’ll find out I said in a straight way that producers ignore requests of fans, they don’t discuss to them, they don’t respect their wish and suggestions. it’s fact that all know and I put it clearly, so you don’t put something like I don’t read this that EON and MGM don’t respect fans wanting old Bond because, in my post 97, I WROTE clearly what kind of behaviour of producers, writers and company is to fans.

    And more, when Peter Morgan came with something different than fans wanted, he showed that fans are the second, last people who can determine standard of Bond in these days. Fans are only
    by-product for producers. Producer see only money and they see fans as paying people who bring into their cash box a lot of money.

    Then to your wish, you hope they won’t bring Bond evoking old times and girls who weren’t taken seriously and were only love object for Bond… Well, I attended some Bond forums, all want old Bond and you belong to a very small group who doesn’t want old Bond and girls. it’s okay, it’s yours. but look, just Casino Royal was inspired by old version. I’ve read the book Casino Royal and I can say what’s is old and modern in the movie CR, and if producers pictuirzed all things appearing in the book so it could work in the movie as well.

    as to Bond girl, there is a new type of a Bond girl like is Vesper Lynd but I think there is no difference between old girl Galore and new girl Lynd, both were emancipated and both ended with Bond in bed. No matter if the girl is smart or stupid, both sleep with Bond, at least the old girls were sexy.
    the newest Bond girl, Camille Montes, is the same stupid girl like was, for example, Corinne Dufour. Camille is not smart type like Vesper, and in the movie she looked like a six old year school girl, she was funny looking in that not-sexy orange shirt and ugly skirt. She can’t act and she is not at least sexy in QOS.
    Yeah, here you have New Bond, Quantum of Solace, we talked before about that that QOS had luck and success only because fans were excited to see another Casino Royal but then they found out it’s different and totally out of the previous CR and they left the cinema with disappointment. Craig Mitchell’s case?
    No, thank you, I’d prefer more sexy girls, funny Bond and mainly NO Craig Mitchell.

  • to 99

    ok, my english is bad but your’s is even worse,
    When I wrote that last sentence I addressed Eon and MGM!
    And I hope that they don’t take into account the opinion of those who want a cheesy, ridiculous Bond back!