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Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: 'The Bounty Hunter' Poster Released!

Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: 'The Bounty Hunter' Poster Released!

Check out the promo poster released for Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler‘s upcoming film together, The Bounty Hunter.

Shot in Queens, New York and Oceanport, New Jersey, The Bounty Hunter tells the story of a bounty hunter (Butler) out to track down his ex-wife (Aniston) after she skips out on bail.

The film is expected to be released this coming spring!

Bigger poster pic inside…

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jennifer aniston gerard butler the bounty hunter poster

Photos: Columbia Pictures
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  • anoano

    Just amazes me how Jennifer Aniston has made a career (and how Hollywood has let her), by never changing her hair or clothes (both always look like what she really looks like in real life). I saw the clip of this on ET the other night and she still acts like Rachel, has no range whatsover. Now it’s Rachel on the run in this movie, but it’s still Rachel. Yawn, boring.

  • anonymous

    Jennifer seems to love her hair so much because she never changes it for her personal life or for the movies, yet she allowed it to look stringy and messy on this poster???! This is not a flattering angle or picture of her. There is nothing on this poster that would make me want to run to see it. She’s no Sandra Bulloch that’s for sure.

  • lurker

    ewwwww ugly

  • t

    looks interesting might see it :)

  • Shar

    Oh Gerard, I was sooo rooting for ur career, u made a miss with “The Gamer”, but came back with “Law Abiding Citizen”. And now u want to throw away a promising career with this peice of crap? From “300″ to “Bounty”, come on Gerry!

  • truth is

    this poster is almost the same contrast as the Management poster. It is so boring. No appeal at all.

  • Nola

    It’s surprising to me, how Jennifer Aniston always plays the same character in every movie and gets away with it, while much better actresses get constantly criticized for no good reason. She has absolutely no range.

  • mika_says_hi

    that tag line is so stupid.

  • Endrys

    just can´t wait to watch it!, i love Gerard´s performance a lot!

  • anna

    Why he ever agreed to participate in this movie, which looks like the biggest piece of cheese ever, I’ll never understand. Sorry Gerry, won’t get my money on this one. PASS

  • loyal

    Love Butler but this is going to be another huge flop for Aniston.

  • Loma

    What, Jennifer Aniston is beautiful and she keeps her hair that way because it is the hottest and she knows it. Why bother giving her the click of the button and to then go to the bother of commenting if you do hate? Get a life. Beautiful and amazing as usual Jen.

    P.s She does not act like rachel in her movies! they have directors and they tell her what to do as what the movie will sell!!!

  • Joy

    Why is she still working? And what the hell is Gerry doing to his career?
    RomCom again? with JA? Barf
    no respect for the butler on this one, sorry.

  • angel

    @Loma: you haven’t got a clue

  • the joker is here

    Jen looks the same as ever, no change at all, EXCEPT they made her hips 3X their actual size. Gerry’s head is humongous. LOL

    This is a cheap poster. Guess this film will not have a big ad budget.

    Why has Gerry allowed himself to be trapped in a lame rom com like this? I guess it has to be the money he is paid. He is capable of so much more. But at least Gerry has some variety in his roles.

    Jen on the other hand is totally typecast, she cannot escape. Her next film was supposed to be a singing convict role Goree Girls, but instead it seems that she will be in another lame rom com with Adam Sandler who also really needs a hit. Appears that maybe Goree Girls could not get funded. Jen’s production company does not seem to have much traction going.

    At 41 Jen is not getting any younger, and all the great roles are going to SandraB who is 1000X a better actress than Jen anyway. SandraB has had her own production company for years, and actually produces many films, unlike Jen.

    Now I await the screams for telling the truth.

  • Emma

    Why do I feel like someone just poked my eye with a wooden stick?
    I’m not even in the mood for discussion and thread conversation for this one. I’ll pass on this and on the movie. Sorry G! @Joy: double barf here

  • Noticias de famosos

    That couple …

  • the joker is here


    I really pity you, I really do. No talented actress always stays the same, not one. They willingly switch up their looks and especially their hair style and color for different roles. Jen is frozen in time and neither she nor you is willing to admit the truth. This is what happened to the extinct dinosaurs, a lack of adaption to changing circumstances.

    Jen has the RachelG look going on for like 15 plus years now and that is how she is marketed and sold to producers and the naive like you. But the problem is that she is not a 20 something anymore, she is a 41 year old woman in less than 2 months.

  • Dawn9476

    @the joker is here: You forget that Jen had to start a production company over from scratch because Brad got Plan B in the divorce. You can’t compare her production company which is just getting started to Sandra’s.

  • DL

    Boring. No appeal at all. Same hair style!! So lame. Gerard look hot.

  • !!!!

    What the hell is this? Some kind of joke from Butler? We know he’s a notorious jokester so maybe he’s just messing with us, right?
    Like he’ll say anytime… ha ha ha just kidding! You think I’d commit to this piece of crap? You fell for it!
    I’m gonna believe on this version, I have to.

  • Whamo

    Jen Is WAY better than St. Angie the herion addict!

  • anna

    Why do you people have to always bring Angelina into the conversation? This has nothing to do with her.
    It’s about Jennifer not being able to act or be in a decent movie EVER and Butler making the stupid decision to be a part of this mess. period.

  • ka-blamo

    ANother shortbus romantic comedy!! How exciting!! Lets vomit in our shoes!!

  • Ugly Jenny


  • sugar

    I think it’s going to be good. I like the whole I hate you I love you scripts. It’s cute

  • michele

    Looks like this will be Butler’s last romantic comedy for a few years so I’m looking forward to seeing it. He is doing a Shakespeare movie with Ralph Fiennes next, plus there is another rumor that he might do another small indi film.

  • the joker is here


    Jen was not a major partner in Plan B. Brad and Brad Grey owned most of Plan B. Jen owned 10% or less, and when Brad Grey went to Paramount his share went to Brad. Jen was not an active part of Plan B but did see it as a vehicle for her to move from TV to films. Brad worked at Plan B and gathered a competent staff who had production experience. Brad has since taking major ownership of Plan B recruited some really good production people and Plan B is doing well.

    Jen was paid for her share of Plan B and then she went on to start a production company with her BFF KHawn (whom Brad had fired from Plan B in 2005). Neither Jen or KHawn have the experience needed to make a go of a new production company in these tough financial times.

    Very true that SandraB’s company has been around for years and has much experience and success. Sandra’s wise and has good people working with her. She picks good projects and can finance them herself if needed, she has sharp business skills.

    I don’t know what will happen with Jen’s company, unfortunately for her, many actor’s productions companies turn out to be only vanity projects and fail. And this is a time of major studio retrenchment in # and funding of films. She may only succeed by putting in a lot of her own $$$$ and that may not want to be a risk she is willing to take. Also she does not have the huge $16 mil/year Friends residuals cushion anymore and her Smartwater contract may not be extended.

    So the answer is time will tell.

  • the joker is here


    I won’t be seeing this but glad to hear the news re Gerry’s next films. He is a good actor.

  • Ugly Jenny

    WHAMO @ 4:14


  • karen


    Every time you FREAKS compare her to Angelina you make this woman a loser again and again..That is her legacy.. how she measures UP to The Jolie.. problem is she lost the man, the careers are not even on the same scale. She did not get the house, kids and the dogs.. so see.. the herion users as you call her is still the winner..

    YOU ff freaks are amazing.. please prove the drug claims.

    This thread is about Jenny and her film.. and yet you have to bring The Jolie into it.. YES even Jenny poos fans are PATHETIC…

    I guess the saying is correct.. ‘YOU ATTRACT WHAT YOU ARE”


  • McK

    The poster looks cheap and rushed. Looks Like something that a high schooler photo shopped. I agree that JA is no Sandra Bullock. I think her fans like that she is still Rachel because they are hoping to keep Friends alive. Please, Please, Please Gerry if you do another Rom/Com do it with someone like Sandra Bullock otherwise stay away from them, you were already the revolving door man in the JA and Katherine H rom/com sagas, not anymore. No one remembers the man with these kind of leading ladies. I wonder if he knew what JA’s box office draw for her last two movies were if he would have done The Bounty?

  • Fritz

    Another bomb, but I’ll see it anyways. He still manages to charm through the garbage.

    And I’m in the camp who says he did this for the paycheck. Gotta pay those damm California property taxes after all, lol!

  • Pinkrose

    I bet the critics are going to say the same thing they say about all Aniston’s characters, “Character not developed. ” She needs to stop playing these stereotypical one-demensional characters.

  • Joy

    I wonder if he knew what JA’s box office draw for her last two movies were if he would have done The Bounty?
    Of course he wouldn’t. G isn’t That stupid. just a little bit for thinking it would be nice to do ANOTHER romcom and with the next Meryl Streep. Cause that’s what homegirl Aniston is, no? So amazingly talent with her always changing roles, looking for challenges and fearless when it comes to changing appearances, she’s so commited to her art. A true artist she is. Let’s all give her a big hand!!!!!!
    Butler, you’re getting a big slap on that nice a$$ of yours.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @the joker is here #15
    ITAWY! Wouldn’t it have been a dream combo of Gerry and Sandy Bullock? You couldn’t have kept the masses away.
    Not only is Nippy and her lack of box office clout and lack of acting talent a negative to pull the project down, don’t forget that Andy Tenant directed it (Fool’s Gold POS anyone?). There is so much going against his film plus they buried it in the weeks when box office is traditionally the worst of the year, not another good sign.
    Gerry is “rumored” to be involved in the film of Sam Childers life. It would be a real feather in this cap to get that role.
    @LOMA the Jenhen
    A director can only work with the talent he is given. Nippy will do Rachel Green again, it is all she does. You would think after years of having acting coaches on set she would have learned something. NOPE! They will never teach this old dog new tricks.
    Well the Great Scot can say he did a romcom with Rachel Green. BFD. That is about all it will add to his career resume. This crapfest may actually make Gamer look like a success…oh my!
    @Dawn9476 — Brad just kept the company he built and grew. BFD.
    Left a few shout outs on the last thread for the regulars. Thanks for the concern. Things are going well… *hugs*

  • the joker is here


    Too bad that you can’t spell, TOTAL LIAR.

    Get an education. Your ignorance is not bliss.

    Could not help yourself could you denizen of hel*?

    Always has to be someone posting filth, and you hit the jackpot today.

    For once intelligent conversations were happening. UGH!!!

  • the joker is here


    Too bad that you can’t spell, TOTAL LIAR.

    Get an education. Your ignorance is not bliss.

    Could not help yourself could you denizen of hel*?

    Always has to be someone posting filth, and you hit the jackpot today.

    For once intelligent conversations were happening. UGH!!!

  • Funny
  • norflundun

    I didn’t realise they made handcuffs in two different sizes on one pair? They’ve made Butler look like Beaker from Sesame Street and Anistn look like ummm………….. middle aged Rachel. Perhaps they’ve made the poster so boring because they are looking for tax write offs? Can’t think of any other reason anyone would make such a boring, lifeless poster.

  • Joy

    @Funny: that’s the face he did when he realized what a dumb mistake this movie was.

  • McK


    The sad thing is some of her fans might think you are being sincere.

  • Joy

    @McK: LOL!!! Bless their hearts.

  • anna

    hahahahaha I pi$$ed myself with this one.

  • Fritz

    @ManLess….oh yes, I was SHATTERED! LOL! J/K.

    *hugs back*

  • Nora

    She is hoping for MR & MRS SMITH aura. The MR & MRS SMITH poster was a man & a woman standing up.

  • karen

    Why is Gerry’s shirt so small..
    and why did they have to photoshop a road.. especially when they could have done the poster on a real road..

    I hate comparing , ubt here goes. remember the Mr. and Mrs. Smith poster.. SEXY as H e ll.. and it was just the two of them leaning on wall facing each other.. White background.. See Sexy does not need the probs.. this poster is really cheap looking..

    How much money was put into this movie.. and is Jennifer the Producer.. I guess that explains why her name is top billing.

    really curious.

  • Mario

    Who wants to bet that if it was Angelina Jolie in this exact same movie, there wouldn’t be a shred of criticism but the total opposite?

    Because it’s mostly Jolie fans that bother to diss her, #23. Your idol hooked up with a married man. Accept it and move on. Aniston has. Quit trying to make your idol look better by trashing Aniston.

    She’ll survive, #28. She’s not as dumb as you think she is.

  • anna

    @Mario: I’m not an Angelina fan and I think Aniston sucks so much a$$ I couldn’t put into words. try again.

  • the bounty hunter