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Rachel Bilson: Africa for InStyle!

Rachel Bilson: Africa for InStyle!

Rachel Bilson visits an office building on Wednesday afternoon (December 16) in Santa Monica, Calif. can exclusively reveal that the 26-year-old How I Met Your Mother actress went to Africa earlier this month for her monthly InStyle column, Ask Rachel. (It was right before her trip to New York City.) No word on which issue will include her travels but it’s not the January 2010 issue with Whitney Houston on the cover!

15+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson back from Africa…

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rachel bilson africa instyle 01
rachel bilson africa instyle 02
rachel bilson africa instyle 03
rachel bilson africa instyle 04
rachel bilson africa instyle 05
rachel bilson africa instyle 06
rachel bilson africa instyle 07
rachel bilson africa instyle 08
rachel bilson africa instyle 09
rachel bilson africa instyle 10
rachel bilson africa instyle 11
rachel bilson africa instyle 12
rachel bilson africa instyle 13
rachel bilson africa instyle 14
rachel bilson africa instyle 15

Photos: WENN, Fame Pictures
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  • Jo

    does she even “act” anymore?? she hasn’t done much lately, yet she is getting photographed

  • http://hayden zachary

    very beautiful rachel^^ love jared is the best site ever

  • #3

    JJ, last post you showed her on the same date in a different outfit, does she have a sweat and odor problem like her fiance, why does she change jeans and top twice in one day

  • ocsethummer

    Paparazzi in underground carpark again, how did they know!
    No engagement ring today either, mustn’t go with the outfit.

  • R

    she has gotten fn ugly lately

  • carrie

    Hmmm it seems as if the ring has gone missing in this staged photo op as well. I guess that it didn’t match this outfit either. And since when did this hag become part of the cast of How I Met Your Mother? Oh right Jared because she appears on 1 lousy episode. Please Jared don’t try to make us laugh too hard.

  • R can exclusively reveal

    and you are going to tell me that she or her handlers do not a deal with JJ to post her all the time

    RB is a LOSER, desperate for attention JJ pet

  • ocsethummer

    I thought Rachel was 28, not 26?

  • Alias

    Never tired of seeing this beautiful girl, keep up the good work JJ! Rather her than a certain self admitted pot smoking, boozing, rapist supporting, recession loving, overrated certain actress who’ll remain nameless.

  • Alias

    @#3 – the last post was dated Dec 15th, this is Dec 16th, how is that the same day? Whoever read this post to you needs their eyes examined!

  • Natasha

    Darn. I thought she was going to Africa to do some good so the haters could shut up. But she went for Instyle?

  • Noticias de famosos

    Rachel is beautiful I love her style.

  • @9

    These are her movies this year alone. Why compare, Hayden will never be over her even he denies it and you know it.

    Thor (2011) (pre-production) …. Jane Foster
    Black Swan (2010) (filming) …. Nina
    Your Highness (2010) (post-production)
    Hesher (2010) (post-production) …. Nicole

  • geez

    angelina goes to africa to help the poor, rb goes to africa to promote fashion. umm r u that clueless?!
    most of africa doesnt much like the western world and its materialism. geez!

    hopefully hc wakes up and realizes he could do much better!

  • confused!

    So Nov 23rd goes to Toronto, Dec 11th in NYC. Somewhere in between RB goes to Africa! What, for one day! Carbon footprint or what, and for fashion…disgusting! JJ, Africa is one big continent and it doesn’t sound like she did anything important there apart from contributing to global warming. No awards for her from Copenhagen then.

  • stacy

    Anyone ever see “Just Friends” with Anna Faris and Ryan Reynolds? Bad movie, but I love Anna Faris’ portrayal of a bubble-headed, vapid wannabe starlet.

    Hi, everyone, I’m Samantha James, and I’m here in Africa to raise awareness about vegetarianism which is like, really important! By the way, be sure to buy my new album which drops next week!

    (I know that’s not the exact quote, the exact quote is even more ridiculous, but you get the idea, and it’s even better when you see the scene).

    Let me think why THAT comes to mind.

  • rb

    Okay, i can’s stop laughing at her in Africa ! Did she go to ………. help them in fashion ??????? Is leopard print gonna be HUGE next season ?????? My mind boggles !

  • rb

    And opps ! No ring, 2 days in a row ! How long will it take her rep to deny a split ?

  • @Alias

    rather than a brainless, college retard who can’t act, does nowt that doesn’t promote herself & fails to get respect for anything she’s been in. yeah, i can see why she appeals to you. losers love losers.

  • geez

    how did they find her in a parking garagE?:::cough:: pap tipper:::cough cough::

  • shame

    Such a shame. Africa has enough problems w/o RB inflicting herself upon it. Tho she’s so not well known that I doubt if anyone noticed she was there.

  • lexy

    LMAO – just b/c the women in Africa are starving, live in a war zone and a country where AIDS runs rampant doesn’t mean the women can’t look nice!! Rachel is after all the fashion police!
    No wonder magazines continue to lose money. They’d pay for a has been actress who is such a bad actress she won’t go to her own movie premiere to fly to a country known for war, AIDS and oil!

  • !

    a 28 year old woman who’s entire existence revolves around deciding how to roll up the sleeves or which boots to wear today or which bag to take today and transfer all the content into a different bag every day so she would get photographed to get on JJ

    i don’t think i know anyone more pathetic

  • pepto

    I keep telling you people she does NOTHING that won’t benefit herself in some way. She didn’t do that Target thing last Friday for any reason other than to promote her useless self, and you know she didn’t go to Africa for any reason other than to promote her useless self. I find her to be one of the most disgusting individuals I have ever had the misfortune of knowing about.

  • Jill Juggles

    She is no longer engaged

  • !

    Hey, Rachel Bilson, do something that requires a brain or ability.
    Ups, you poses neither.

  • pepto

    @25, how do you know? Something/someone reliable?

  • geez


  • lakers fan in boston

    no wonder jared hasnt posted on her for like a week
    it seemed weird 2 me that he stopped all of the sudden
    but she wasnt even in the country 2 get photos, that’s why…lol
    boring outfit rachel

  • lexy

    @ Geez #28 – you are so right!! Tomorrow’s post on JJ will be Rachel confirms engagement is still on. You know she pays this board to be her PR person so she responds to all the comments. Since she can’t get any acting work she has to cause drama some other way – so she uses the ring!

  • Jax

    She’s so transparent and pathetic. Oh, and don’t forget desperate. What that other person said, disgusting.

  • padme

    JJ – get your facts straight, dude…Ratchel is 28 not 26 yrs old, but she looks 38. Can’t believe she is still on InStyle’s payroll…her column is ridiculous…most of America cannot afford what this bimbo is recommending in that mag. BTW, if RB is such a fashionista, then why wasn’t she nominated in Vogue’s best dressed of the decade for each year since 2000?? Natalie Portman was one of the choices for 2009…go Nat!! RB is a big time loser and an embarrassment to society. Such a shame that Hayden doesn’t see that. I agree with #13 that he will never get over Natalie, and fugly Ratchel will never measure up to Nat.

  • padmehater

    @32 – Yeah H is not over Natalie, that’s why he’s getting that huge farmhouse in Ontario built for him and Rachel. Get over it already, he has! I don’t think anyone is good enough for Nat, and probably neither does she. If you want fug, look at a recent pic of Nat with her greasy hair,

  • jess


  • moi

    wow, a lot of really high and mighty people in here! strange how the camera’s are following HER and not YOU…jealous much?

  • You’re wrong


    HC is building his farm first and foremost for himeself and his future wife.
    RB and HC are the weirdest couples I have ever seen. Even Reese and Jake showed some love.
    HC is not into that chick. He gave her a ring (if he really did) to make her stop whining all the time.

    She should take some acting lessons. She has zero potential as an actress, so she better work hard.

    If she is In Style, it’s all because of her father’s connections and not because or her writting skills. Designers give her away clothes/bags/shoes to be a living ad (one who is always shot by her paps in LA and has 2minute fame in JJ pages

    @those who think she is fat, she is not. She just has a funny shape below the waist.
    She is kinda cute and serioulsy boring.

  • lexy

    I think she’s in InStyle b/c she’s cheap! They can’t afford a real writer and this has-been is desperate for ANY work and publicity she can get. They probably don’t even pay her with money – just use the photos she hires the paparrazi to take of her. Hayden was building that house LONG before Rachel came along. If he were building a house for Rachel she’d have him building her a castle near Angelina and Brad’s house or Britney Spear’s home in LA – not some farm in the middle of no where.
    No one is jealous that the cameras are following her around. We could all pay the paps to follow us around and take our pics. I mean seriously – check out Jennifer Lopez’s comments about the paps – it’s a business and if you’ve got nothing going on (and Rachel hasn’t for quite some time) they don’t bother you. Yet somehow she gets as much coverage on this board as Rihanna. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see something is up!

  • reedley


    Much Much Uglier & Forever & Ever Useless!

  • Jean

    “The world would be a sunnier, cuter, better dressed place if there was more Rachel Bilson in it — thankfully the pocket actress is returning to TV on Jan. 11 as a mom-candidate on “How I Met Your Mother!”
    I first reported on her appearance back in October, when we were led to believe that she would only be a momentary off-ramp on the super-mom highway. But as you can tell from these pics, it’s hard not to fall in love with Rachel!
    So maybe if enough fans of the show — which was just named one of PopWrap’s 10 Best of 2009 — rally together, we can get her character Cindy to stick around a little longer, Like, forever!”

  • !

    No selfrespecting successful movie star would do TV.

  • &

    many people in African countries are fed up with hypocritical celebrities using their poverty, suffering & misfortune to peddle their own image. RB, another meddling, peddler. Leave Africa alone & for pity’s sake, get a proper job, not one that involves gimping in front of a camera, whether on film, tv or held by a pap!

  • chuck

    @39, Please. Rachel Bilson is a self serving, ego maniac with no talent AT ALL and questionable good looks. The only reason she got this part is either because of a favor to her dad or to Josh, or because of her “ties” to certain sectors in the HW community. NOT because of any other reason. Fall in love with her? Please. She’s disgusting and nauseating and needs to just go away. And you, Jean, need to go back to your middle aged woman’s fantasy website where you can pretend to be Rachel and be “engaged” to Anakin Skywalker. And I agree completely with #41. This is pathetic.

  • ?

    Jeans, top & boots ok but what 5 year old page boy did she steal that jacket from? I doubt she can even do it up.

  • Rog

    i give her 5 out a 10.
    my g/f (prettier) never heard of her.
    ‘Hey Clare, it’s Rachel Bilson.’ (watching jumper)
    ‘Rachel who?’
    ‘Rachel Bilson, you know!’
    ‘No I don’t, who’s she?’

  • sharon

    @Alias: Oh when did you become an actress bet smoking that pot got you confused poor thing :(

  • Alias

    @45 – Oh since when did english become a language you couldn’t speak you confused poor thing

  • bobby

    is this newsworthy?

  • ?

    @Rog: 2 out of 10. Face of a closet druggie. Note eyes/eyebags.

  • hobbitmania

    Bilbo – what have u done w ur ring?

  • jessica

    I think she and hayden split…