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Kate Bosworth: Let's Make A Holiday Deal!

Kate Bosworth: Let's Make A Holiday Deal!

Kate Bosworth and a gal pal go shopping for some holiday boutique deals on Thursday afternoon (December 17) in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile on the other side of the pond, Kate‘s on-again boyfriend, British musician James Rousseau, was busy showcasing a few of his tunes during his first solo gig at 12 Bar Club in Soho, London.

After Christmas, James is performing at a wedding in L.A.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth doing some holiday shopping…

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kate bosworth holiday shopping 01
kate bosworth holiday shopping 02
kate bosworth holiday shopping 03
kate bosworth holiday shopping 04
kate bosworth holiday shopping 05
kate bosworth holiday shopping 06
kate bosworth holiday shopping 07
kate bosworth holiday shopping 08
kate bosworth holiday shopping 09
kate bosworth holiday shopping 10
kate bosworth holiday shopping 11
kate bosworth holiday shopping 12
kate bosworth holiday shopping 13
kate bosworth holiday shopping 14
kate bosworth holiday shopping 15
kate bosworth holiday shopping 16
kate bosworth holiday shopping 17
kate bosworth holiday shopping 18

Photos: GSI Media
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  • Rita

    Another Bilson. Why is she here?

  • Lyla

    “Kate’s on-again boyfriend, British musician James Rousseau”

    HUH? What about Skarsgard?

  • Anonymous

    Love her style!

  • lulu

    @Lyla: She’s been spotted with him quite a bit lately.

  • Sweet Pea

    Beautiful girl.

  • Lyla

    @lulu: I know, that’s why I’m wondering what this business is about her being back with James.

  • oh

    So James is a “musician” now. I guess that playing weddings pays more than he was making as a model.
    Kate has been looking so pale, old and haggard lately.
    She is heavier than she has been, but she just doesn’t look healthy at all.

  • Lara

    She looks masculine…and really not beautiful at all…

  • twenty-two

    She is adorable. I hope she continues to put on weight.

  • christine (WeHo & NYC)

    Nice bag

  • Autumn

    She used to be so cute that I can’t believe she is only around 26 yrs old. Looks like she caught the Pitt premature aging disease.

  • peanut

    She went through a rough patch but she’s starting to look pretty again. I think she was ill.

  • Kim

    She is gorgeous but I wish she wouldn’t part her hair in the middle. The center part is not as flattering to her square face.

  • Lisa

    Jared where did you get the info that they are back together? From James?? If they are spending the holidays apart though, that doesn’t sound so good…

  • Erica

    On-again, huh? That leads me to believe that the whole frenzy over “is she dating Skarsgard?!?” was engineered by Kate herself to manipulate Rousseau. Hence the fact that Kate called the paps when she and Alex simply went to the movies as friends. She is a desperately clever girl, no?

  • Gigi

    She’s not ill…unless cocaine is an illness.
    Her people must call the photogs everyday! The paps are not following this girl around, and we get pictures of her every time she goes to the store!

  • burnt bacon

    Back with Zoolander, eh? I guess she ran out of famous taken men to be linked to and went back to the old stand-by.

  • burnt bacon

    And what’s up with that raggedy-@$$ed hair? Does she really think the Otis Driftwood look is good for *anybody*?

  • Nicola

    love the bag, does anyone know what it is?

  • Stacey Hearts

    She is really skinny good for her!

  • Jingle Bells

    Just saw her with Skarsgard the other week. She’s good if she can juggle men like that.

  • squirelmeat

    @Jingle Bells:
    that’s what the query is about: where has anyone seen Bosworth/Skarsgard and is that real?or are they friends and she’s really gaming it to get Rousseau back?

  • kathy

    OMG she looks soooo old

  • angel

    @squirelmeat: She’s pretty. They were spotted together at a Mulberry party on December 7th.

  • Pook

    If she were back with James, she’d be in London with him. She’s probably still with The Viking. That’s why she’s smiling.

  • Get it right

    @angel: he stopped by, read the article correctly, he did not attend with her…besides according to Ted C, he is gay…read the blind item

    In other words you cannot believe everything that is written.

  • http://justjared ?

    Jared how do you know she is back with James?

  • R&M

    She was never with ASkars, she used him for the publicity (when was the last time you saw pix of her before she started hanging out with him?) and now perhaps to make her ex jealous. Though how do we know they are back together?

  • squirelmeat

    @Get it right: The blind item is probably about Ian Somerhalder if you read it closely (along with the fact that Ted C gave a bunch of other non-Askars clues in it and on his twitter). and he went to the Mulberry party with other people, not her. Strange, Us magazine just ran an item on her about how she’s pining away for Orlando still and was basically miserable. curious as to how James came back in the picture

  • wow

    @Get It Right The blind item is about Ian Somerhalder not Alexander Skarsgard. It caused such a stir that Ted had to give away more clues on his Twitter account as to who is WAS NOT. He specifically states that it is NOT someone who has to look down continually sometimes shyly. We all know Alexander is 6’4″ and he always has to look down at people. Besides he states that the guy is known for his smoldering eyes and gaze. Uh hello we all know Ian is known for his AMAZING eyes. Lastly the fact that he uses “smoldering” “smolders” over two times in the blind item is a play on Ian’s last name “Somerhalder”= smolder.
    Ugh some people are just so dumb it’s beyond words. Read for God’s sake like you mean it. Hahaha!!! Read the clues. Not just the words and jump to conclusions. And follow Ted on Twitter if you are going to go around quoting him. It’s under “theawfultruth”.
    Later F*ckers!

  • wow

    Also, Kate is the one giving Jared this information. She couldn’t get what she wanted for Alexander. And Orlando is pretty much “engaged” to Miranda. Alex was photographed having dinner with Bjorn Larson, Michael McMillian and three very pretty ladies(one of which is Bjorn’s wife) and none were Kate. I hope that Alexander figured out her famewhoring ways and that fact that she was trying to pounce and attach herself to him so fast. He is the one that made it clear over and over again that he was single, dating, but not attached. It was later noted on Michael’s twitter that all parties involved had a party that night that involved packing the hot tub, ladies including. Alex is not gay and he never will be. His brother is and the family is more than accepting of it and his film career does just fine. Alex would be out if her were and people would just have to accept that.
    Kate is desperate and since she can’t find a film star in his right mind who wants a relationship with her because she is a coke head, famewhoring, desperate, sh*tty actress she is going to run back to James. She is like a monkey. She won’t let go of one branch before she clings to another. This girl is way insecure and the guys can sense it. She like HAS to have a boyfriend at all times, even if it is the wrong one. And the US Magazine article makes her look pathetic which is probably a pretty accurate description.
    For the last time,
    Later F*ckers!!!

  • Kate

    kate kate kate…still calling the paps and tabloid bloggers to get attention huh…can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

  • wow

    the fact that jared is the first to report this along with photos no one else has and he has all the deets on James “music” career and the fact that he will be in LA to perform at a wedding reeks of kate and her tip line to the tabloids and paps. No one else would have this information because it is not published anywhere. Does this girl have a 1-800 number for all media to call to find out what is going on with her life. She should just become a reality TV star and live her life, every moment, in the public eye like she wants.

  • Ash

    @wow: Ted Casablanca’s tweet about the BV never looking down shyly was to eliminate Robert Pattinson, lol. Don’t you watch Twilight? That’s his m.o. That little tidbit had nothing to do with Alexander Skarsgard, who I’m sorry to say, IS the subject of that Blind Vice. READ LIKE YOU MEAN IT. Also? Ian Somerhaulder means nothing to Ted C. but he is obsessed with Skarsgard. Probably why he tweeted that he was shocked by this BV. Skarsgard is GAY. When will the little fangirls–and his female costars–figure that out?? He could be doing gay pr0n and living with his boyfriend and all of these fat little fangirls will still dream of him proposing marriage to them. LOL.

  • Stone

    What’s next for him? A try out for American Idol?

  • wow

    @Ash uh..okay..whatever you say..
    Anyways if you read Ted then you know that he said a few weeks back that Ian would be the subject of an upcoming blind vice very soon. It is Ian Somerhalder.

  • squirelmeat

    @Ash: Agree, wow – I’m not a denial queen and I know that Ted C loves him some Askars, but I think this one is really about Ian S. Too much is leading in that direction. Re Kate – sorry to see she has to resort to too much leading on of Jared et al to follow her sorry her existence if that’s the truth – does seem to be a lot of coverage of her every move her, which has to be fed by her.

  • JP

    @Get it right: This dude is not gay and he’s been spotted with Kate several times this month. If he’s hooking up with anyone it’s probably her. No idea where JJ is getting this info about James but they’re not back together. That’s why she’s still in LA.

  • Get it right

    @wow: maybe you need to read, not one time did I say that it was Alex, I posted on that thread and said no way that it coud beAskars. So maybe you shoud read like it is written. I posted that ink to make a point. Alas, you are the f**%%ing idiot itch… Apparenty you are just as pathetic as Kate, to insult people and call them dumb, when in reaity you are the biggest dumb azz there is…whitch , reading and comprehending is fundamental…

  • Get it right

    @JP: damn woud you fricking fatt azz fangurls read!!! I did not say he was gay, I said according to Ted C BV. damn I said at the end you can’t believe everything you read….It woud help if you fat azzes put down your Lil Debbie cakes and READ it right!!!!!

  • MMA

    He does wedding’s, eh? You’d think he’d get the hint!

  • voila

    She’s so so beautiful.