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Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: 'The Bounty Hunter' Trailer!

Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: 'The Bounty Hunter' Trailer!

After the first poster was released yesterday, the official trailer for Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler‘s The Bounty Hunter is here!

According to Yahoo! Movies, the film also has a release date listed now – expect to see Jen and Gerry hit the big screen nationwide on March 19, 2010!

Also up today, the site’s official webpage at!

Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: ‘The Bounty Hunter’ Trailer
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  • boxer

    the movie doesn’t look too bad. finally, she’s not playing the heart-broken and needs rescuing role in this movie. GB is probably the best co-star for JA so far. I see some chemistry bet. them compared to Aaron Eckhart, Ben Affleck, Owen Wilson, and Jake Gyllenhaal.

  • bet

    From Lainey

    since when lainey become miovie critic. And aslo you getting informatin From Lainey and Celebritchy the biggest hater. they are you, wonder sometime the two of them may be post like you here as group

    and also, lainey obessessed about look, people go moiive to see fun not weather jen look good screen, We are going to see there a model, we want to see a comedian. she just shallow like you guys. the only thing she talk about on the moive is how someone face look good or not.

    Did anyone ask Jim carry how he look on the screen, why she obessed about them how they look on the screen, that one shallow woman just like you.

  • !

    @bet: at least she’s not retarded like you.

  • bet


    i do not except from the two shallow sit anything but negative. it is excepted.

  • amen

    Butler has sunk so low with this film. What was he thinking? The extra bad part is that this one will be his only film for 2010 – that’s really bad.
    Everyone gets a do-over in their career – surely this will be Gerard Butler’s. Woops, a double do-over…I forgot about GAMER.

  • bet

    i do not excpect from the two shallow site anything but negative, it is expected.

  • !

    @bet: I’m sorry I can’t understand what you say so I’ll ignore ok? forgive? good.
    The only good thing about this movie is we get to Gerry shirtless again cause even his hair is a mess. bummer.

  • iris

    wowowoow i cant wait see movie 2010

  • Jen

    Definitely not for me. I prefer movies with a modicum of intelligence. This looks like an action rom-com, and there are so many of them around, and none of them are good.

  • @bet

    I certainly hope English is your second language, because if it is first–the American school system has failed big time and you are a poster child for that failure. Your posts are illiterate.
    If you are indeed from another country, my apologies.

  • whos that lainey gossip?

    Is she the regular contributor (half chinese) on acess Canada lol
    I can’t imagine her to be thatt mean haha

  • Danielle

    How can anyone–fan or not of Aniston and/or Butler say this movie looks good?
    The acting is truly horrendous. Aniston has limited acting skills and they are stretched to the max here. However, Butler is a good actor and what has happened to him. He is HOT and in this movie he looks awful, acts like he has no talent–so what happened to him? Did he sink to the lowest common denominator–Jen?

  • ???

    I love Butler and I even liked one or two Aniston movies but this is pure shatt. Why Gerry? I think Gerry is trying really hard to be a box office star and that’s why he keeps choosing shat movies. I think he is a good actor but he needs better films to showcase his talent. Aniston should try getting her own show on HBO or something. Stop the shatty rom coms.

  • team_jen

    OMG this film look really good-Deffo a different role for jen I cant wait still 3 months will fly by jen looking gorgous as always and mingelina fans who dont have lives and just come here to write retarded comments go to hell

  • angel

    @whos that lainey gossip?: you should visit her website, it’s a hoot. she’s really funny and she does show love to a lot of people. talented people that is.

  • jensucksballz


    Holy crackwhore, Bet! This is the first legible thing you’ve ever written. Congratulations!!!

    Oh…wait a second. Wait just one second! We’re no fools. You paid someone, didn’t you? Sneaky little minx.

  • kari

    I dislike them both. I will skip this movie and any others they make in the future.

  • ronda

    so very good movie …

  • jensucksballz


    “Shirt from Gap kids.” HAHA
    To your witts, big tits!

  • norflundun

    OMG this woman can’t act..the whole things is so contrived.

  • Lara

    WHY DO YOU CARE SO MUCH ABOUT JENNIFER IF YOU DON’T EVEN LIKE HER? Leave her alone, she’s AMAZING. And the fact that you haters are angelina fans doesen’t mean that jenn is worst than her. Pleaaaaaase, if you don’t like aniston, this page is not for you!

  • lmao

    Looks like it will be a pretty good movie, even though we have the jen haters of course hoping it will bomb like “Changeling” did!

  • Joy

    @Lara: this is a public thread, this page is for everyone. if u don’t like reading comments that are negative towards jen then join a fansite and gush your love there idiot.

  • Joy

    @Lara: oh and angelina is a fake as-s bitch who thinks she’s mother teresa. Happy now?
    this is moronville

  • Michele

    Her tanning is beginning to show on her skin. I now understand why her hair is ALWAYS in her face.

  • kaykay

    I am a Jen fan from Friends and like Jerry.. I am also a big Brad/Angie fan.. so there

    That being said this film does not look good at all. Gerry has had a couple of wrong moves lately. I don’t know if he is just making movies for the money or what. This is what is 5th film this year.. OVER exposed.. baby.. And Jennifer really at this point in her career needs to mix it up. This film should have been done by a Kate Hudson or someone. I just don’t think it is good at all, and I would not be suprised is she/he do little promotion for it. Jennifer did not do much promotion for Love Happens (which I think was a mistake). nor did she push Management. (again a mistake). she hardly talked about these movies at all. Not sure why. But if she promotes it hard the fans will go to see it. But she needs to stop playing these goofy 30 year olds. Do something a bit different.. I can’t wait for Goree Girls.. maybe this will be a chance for her to stretch a bit..

    But sad to say I am not looking forward to this film at all.. And I think the critics and word or mouth may kill it..

  • African Girl

    Heavens! What is this?!

  • to lmao

    @lmao: Changeling didn’t bomb. It garnered Angie jo an Oscar Nod which Jennifer tried to sabotage. All 3 Angie jo movies were Oscar Nominated films that year. what does this movie have to do with Angie jo, anyway? Or is it a way to distract us from the bad trailer? Why not bring up Brad and his lack of award noms this year as well? let me guess, you love Brad Pittshiiit? lmao

  • lmao


  • me

    if its on tv one day i might watch it.. every movie of jenny has quality in it.

  • African Girl

    Having read Bet’s comments. . . I see now why JA makes stupid movies like these. She’s got to appeal to her fan base.

  • anonymous

    hahah !!!!!! this looks really funny. They have a good chemistry….. I guess this is Jen’s next big hit !!!!!!!!!!

  • go figure

    Lainey is worthless to Hollywood. Jennifer Aniston is very VERY valuable. There is a very simple reason for that. Go figure why Jen doesn’t need to gossip about other people’s lives everyday for a living……..making snide remarks is a sick way to make a living l……….seriously……………GO FIGURE………………..go figure who had the #1 movie last Christmas. I know it’s hard but you guys have to give up the broken CLINIQUA records, and use your own brains…….GO FIGURE……….listen to the truth

  • Spartan

    This is blasphemy… This is Madness…
    THIS IS A PAYCHEEECK!!!!!!!!!!

  • go figure

    maybe………………..YOU ARE ALL JEALOUS OF A BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED SUCCESSFUL ACTRESS ? I know you are…………just admit it…… it will be good for your soul…………tell the truth about your jealousy or it will kill you like a deep insidious cancer.

  • lmao

    @ go figure
    Thank you, couldn’t have said it any better.

  • viewer

    FUN !

  • cubedweller

    @Spartan: This is blasphemy… This is Madness…
    THIS IS A PAYCHEEECK!!!!!!!!!!

    L M A O !!!!!

    If anyone needs me, I will be in the corner, pouring ashes on my head and mourning Butler’s career.
    Seriously, he should fire the idiot(s) who talked him into this one, and if he talked himself into it, he should just kick himself. When his own fans are harshly disparaging this thing, it doesn’t bode well for the wider opinion.
    Do not pass go, do not collect $200, go directly to DVD – please.

  • Kim

    @j: Yeah at least X will never be an Oscar winner, highest paid actress in the world 20million+ / film,on Time magazine Influential list 3 years in a row, on Vanity Fair Establishment list,People Magazine most Beautiful 7 times, Guiness Book of world records most powerful actress 2009 and 2010, Forbes nost powerful celebrity ,a pilot, #2 Empire Sexiest film Star 2009, also on FHM and MAXIm lists this year…most importantly a mother of 6

  • lovejen!

    jen and gerard both look great!!!!

  • the joker is here


    Actually it did not bomb at the box office, it made over $100 million after overseas revenue was counted.

    See this is what makes Angelina a megastar ALister, her world wide clout is superlative.

    And how sad for you, you can’t talk about Jen so you run off with diarrhea of the mouth about a megastar, Angelina, the reigning woman money maker (BTW, Brad is 2nd to only Johnny Depp in that regard).

    Your inane comments just make Jen look even more of a CLister.

    Truth is Jen needs a hit and this film will not be one. Gerry is a man and will continue to do well.

    Jen must find better roles or she will fade into the ranks of oncewas and hasbeens. I really think her best medium is TV, not films.

  • she is old news

    who the hell cares??? Her career is as dead as that weave on her head. He teamed up with a loser, pay attention next time, there, Gerard.

  • Lisa

    Looks like total crap – as per usual. This gal needs someone to talk the truth to her.

  • Tina

    Who let the dog out? This aging hag making another crappy movie is hardly news to anyone but her maniacal fans.

  • janeth

    I am so going to watch this movie! I totally agree what does brad and angelina have to do with jennifer???? nothing move ppl get a damn life!

  • http://Greece micaela

    Gerry looks funny and so….hot…… Jennifer seems…tired…

  • Tim

    What was Butler thinking doing a movie with this crap actress???

  • Linda

    I don’t get the JA appeal – she is so old and tired looking. It seems like Americans really go for the fake tan, aging blonde look. Also don’t get why JA dresses like such an aging tart? Why can’t she be more elegant/classy like some of the other American actresses???

  • the joker is here


    How sad that your obsessed compulsion to “hate” on someone who is by all accounts a loving good hearted person compels you to rush to post first in the thread total slander in the form of complete lies. Shame on you.

    Someone you have no personal knowledge or acquantance with.

    Someone even your idol IH book said was not on drugs.

    Someone who is not the subject of this thread.

    Someone who has done a wonderful thing with Brad in adopting children so that they have a family. Just like Brad’s sister who has adopted 2 little boys from Ethiopia, from the same orphanage as Zahara was adopted. Adoption is an act of love, something you refuse to recognize. Shame on you.

    All in a vain attempt to deflect comments away from this terrible amateur appearing trailer which the studio has obviously decided to dump and cut their losses. This production was poorly done.

    Jen looks old here, her makeup is poorly done, she has jowls, her feet look AWFUL, and her wardrobe is ill fitting.
    Gerry is seen with a humpty dumpty face, a poorly attempted failure at an American accent, and stiffness with his costar. He had to do this for the paycheck I guess.

    You are one angry miserable loser whose vileness is helping to drive people away from Jen’s films. You are contributing to her rep as a whiner full of self pity. In a time when people have lost jobs and all else you are helping to breed resentment of her.

    People are tired of your 5 year old cra*, really want to see a family with 6 kids succeed, and want this ZERO TRIANGE TO STOP.

    It will be 2010 in a few days. Get off this train to nowhere.

  • What happened to her face?

    What happened to Jennifer’s face? She looks so bloated and old? What happened? She looks like she is drinking too much or something – yuck!!!