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Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: 'The Bounty Hunter' Trailer!

Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: 'The Bounty Hunter' Trailer!

After the first poster was released yesterday, the official trailer for Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler‘s The Bounty Hunter is here!

According to Yahoo! Movies, the film also has a release date listed now – expect to see Jen and Gerry hit the big screen nationwide on March 19, 2010!

Also up today, the site’s official webpage at!

Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: ‘The Bounty Hunter’ Trailer
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  • @lmao


    Changeling was never meant to be a big blockbuster. It was a serious movie and they generally aren’t known for blockbuster capabilities.

    Changeling cost $55 million to make. Made: Worldwide Gross $113,807,735. I could only find info on US sales: US DVD Sales: $12,750,691.

    Not to shabby. And certainly not a bomb.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    WTF! And you graduated from high school with that reasoning? Wow, Im shocked.
    And yeah, I’m sick of giving this narcissistic woman any more of my time including her Jentards.
    Sorry sista you’re talking to the hand.

  • trying to figure it out

    Doesn’t Gerry normally pick his films from the scripts he reads? Then he either can’t read properly or he can’t understand what he reads. I watched the trailer again, and it was just as painful to watch the second time around. It’s like TUT all over again.

    Going off to wrap Christmas gifts, maybe that will cheer me up.

  • @anonymous

    Geez, why don’t you get over the divorce?

    There is not comparison with Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The Bounty Hunter, based on the trailer and audience reaction is a bad movie. Poor acting, poor script, poor directing and definitely poor editing.

    What has any of this to do with Mr. and Mrs. Smith? That was a good movie. The right actors in the role, actors that could act, great directing and editing.

    No comparison.

    Furthermore, the Bounty Hunter is rather trite and tired. How many times have we seen the handcuff bit? The innocent reporter bit? The divorced, feuding couple bit? All of this joy awaits us in this movie.

    How you can say this is going to be a good film is beyond most of us who have viewed the trailer. Aniston’s acting is painful to watch. Flipping her hair seems to be her major talent. Butler, who has talent, well why he agreed to this is unknown. Unless the rumors of he and Aniston hooking up are and were true. Maybe he agreed during a post-coital moment. Who knows? He would do his career far more good to find vehicles where his talents shine instead of useless trash like this.

  • sugar

    Actually I have a Masters degree, am happily married and will some day have a child called FO.CK YOU H.O. You are a loser who thinks that anyone who disagrees with you is not smart. You must be a very very unhappy woman. STOP INVESTING SO MUCH HATE!!!

  • to Ellie

    @FINALLY loons have a JA thread:
    We know this is you maniacal Ellie. Only you can see ugly because you stare at Jen’s ugly face all day and thank the gods that you look better than she does.
    Granny Jen with her hanging jowls and her sagging butt, trying to hide it in the black outfit is being roasted by all the critics and it is tearing you apart. You are the most vile of the jenhags, right along with your idol ManFace, aka Horse Face Aniston.
    As to Sugar, who cares what you think. Jen is a VILE creature. She tries to smile with her botoxed face and she looks evil and ugly. The poor editors of this film could not even cover up her ugliness and oldness. This is a wretched woman who has spent the last 5 years whining to the public, a public which has grown sick of her and will not go see this trash.
    All the hate and vileness she exhibited to her own mother is coming back to haunt her. And you want to think she is NOT a vile creature? Go talk to her mother and let her mother tell you how really VILE she thinks her own daughter is.
    Get off your “pretend” fan act and open your eyes and stop being stupid. Calling yourself sugar doesn’t make you sweet. If Jen is your idol then you are just as VILE as she is because you condone all the evil things she has done.
    Sleeping around with men before her divorce was finalized and jumping from bed to bed ever since. Only a vile, disgusting woman without any morals would behave like this. So STFU and get your head out of Aniston’s ass and recognize the kind of woman you are trying to defend.

  • @sugar

    Your poor kid. Maybe you should get your tubes tied. No one deserves the name you have chosen. You are sick.

  • Emma

    @IslaM.: I couldn’t agree more with you. Glad to know there are people out there who think the same as many of us here do.
    You know I posted earlier and I thought I’d come back and check out the action but I’m still sad. lol I mean… argh
    just sad and I was at a xmas party and the wine was good so I’m just gonna sleep now lol this bounty thing has sucked all the love out of me.

  • Jill

    IslaM. @ 12/18/2009 at 8:30 pm
    … this is actually offensive that some HW studio thinks that the majority of their audience is dumb enough to think this is great.
    It’s poorly done, you can pretty much tell all of the plot from 30 seconds in the trailer and both protagonists aren’t looking their best.
    It’s a disaster and a very poor move on Butler’s part

    The question everyone is asking now is what in the the world was Butler smoking when he signed on to do this movie? Unless he is in hock up to his neck and is in dire need of the money, he must have been stoned out of his gourd when he agreed to do this film.
    One thing you can count on: if the movie is anywhere near as bad as the trailer, it’s going to be a career-killer.

  • 100mph

    OMG!! Another Bomb… Poor Jen.. sniff! – weep! – sigh! (QQ

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @trying to figure it out: Hey Trying to figure it out…
    Supposedly that is how Gerry decides to take meetings on the project is by reading the script first. Giving Nippy the benefit of the doubt, He’s Not That Into You was in theaters IIRC at the time of his meeting with Andy Tenant and Nippy. Andy must be one hell of a salesman or Gerry never saw Fools Gold or the Great Scot would have given this project a second thought. Or maybe they both played on his ego. Would that a script this crappy seem worth doing? Who knows.
    Then Marley and Me came out and Gerry’s team was probably patting themselves on the back for getting a deal with Nippy.
    Then 2009 happened. Nippy’s films tank. Gerry is box office attractive. And the shoot happened. Then the tabloid sh!t storm. And no dog in the movie for a cute factor. Pap pics every day from the set. The script proves to be weaker on film than on paper. So now Gerry has to lie in the bed he has made.
    Sometimes I wonder if both Gerry and his team would like to do as Cher sings, “If I could turn back time.”
    BTW sugar, did you jump up and down while you yelled that? WTF…

  • to Sugar

    Your “Master’s Degree” must be an SS for Sheer Stupidity!. And you purchased it from a comic book store.
    Stop lying. You can’t even put a credible sentence together. And you can’t even spell Master’s Degree correctly!
    Take your own advice, as you so dumbly scribbled it – “STOP INVESTING SO MUCH HATE!!!
    THAT is YOUR sentence you STUPID SOT! It displays, for all to see, how dumb you really are!
    Go back to Kindergarten and start all over again. Master’s Degree. HAH! What a lying joke you are.
    Your real degree is in VILENESS just like your idol ManFace!
    And what man in his right mind would marry you? Yes, tell us anything on this thread you lying witch. Just like your ugly idol cannot buy a man, you can’t either.
    You have shown yourself to be nothing but hateful. Men don’t like ugly and they certainly don’t like hateful, unless you found one just as stupid, ugly, and hateful as you.
    I won’t waste another second on your worthless ass!

  • Tannath

    I’m shocked that this actually looks like an okay film. Hearing the plot line and seeing who they stuck together I was prepared for it to be shithouse BUT then again more than likely….

    THEY PROBABLY SHOWED THE ONLY GOOD BIT OF THE MOVIE IN THE TRAILER which a lot of movies do these days. :(

  • eliott

    sugar @ 12/18/2009 at 8:41 pm
    Actually I have a Masters degree, am happily married and will some day have a child called FO.CK YOU H.O. You are a loser who thinks that anyone who disagrees with you is not smart. You must be a very very unhappy woman. STOP INVESTING SO MUCH HATE!!!


    Poor little FO.CK YOU H.O., Jr. (named after his dad, no doubt) will never make it to school with his lunch money. Way to go, Mumsy.

  • twitter

    Thought I’d share what the kids have been saying

    JulieRappe: Dear Santa. Please give Gerard Butler a new agent, manager, partner, and a better script picking brain for Christmas. Bounty Hunter Blows

    actors_com: Gerard Butler & Jennifer Aniston look terrible in ‘Bounty Hunter’ trailer

    avidtips: RT @stevensantos: When will Gerard Butler and Sam Worthington battle to the death to see which will be crowned the poor man’s Russell Crowe?
    (this one is just funny)

    Bcva500: dear hollywood stop casting Gerard Butler as an American, he can’t do an American fuc-king accent!

    lipehff: GERARD BUTLER EM OUTRO FILME? Meu Deus… ou é amor pelo cinema, ou tava falido…
    (translation = Gerard Butler in another movie? My God.. it’s either love for the cinema or he’s broken)

    woGerryButlerfs: During The Bounty trailer Aniston tazers Gerard Butler. He was rapped in a towel. I would have so pinched that towel. What was she thinking?
    (that’s a good question. She was probably flipping her hair and didn’t think of it)

    essbeevee: Watching the Ugly Truth. Gerard Butler’s American accent is atrocious.
    (kids don’t seem to think he can pull american)

    chrisdotfoster: Bounty Hunter trailer. Gerard Butler sounds like Tommy Wiseau.

    AmyGrindhouse: Gerard Butler The Bounty Hunter Movie Trailer | Amy Grindhouse Not sure what to make of this.

    sandi915: Gerard Butler is sexy :)

    sheesidd: Trailer for The Bounty Hunter w/ Jen Aniston & Gerard Butler
    It will prolly be bad but I’ll still see it haha

    and there you have it…

  • lurker

    Domestic: $934,658 64.9%
    + Foreign: $504,795 35.1%


    = Worldwide: $1,439,453

    this is what anistons management made a total bombed she needs to retire from acting

  • lurker

    Domestic: $22,965,110 85.6%
    + Foreign: $3,865,777 14.4%


    = Worldwide: $26,830,887
    love happens or shi* happens sucked and bombed

  • lurker

    miss jolie changelling made more than the two movies of fugly maniston
    The Numbers Rating: 7.48 (21 votes) Rate it – Rating Details
    Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 61% – Fresh Theatrical Performance
    Total US Gross $35,739,802
    International Gross $78,067,933
    Worldwide Gross $113,807,735
    Home Market Performance
    US DVD Sales: $12,750,691 Weekly Breakdown
    For full financial breakdown, please contact our research team.

  • lurker

    they try to rip off midnight run epic fail

  • Busybee

    Why do I always think of Gerard whenever I watch Will Ferrell in this???

  • anna

    @twitter: lol thanks twitter.

  • lurker

    And tiny black spandex and 3 inch heels cannot draw the eye away from the over tanned wrinkled neck of Aniston ewwww

  • to Jack

    And Who the hell are YOU?
    Some lezbo who can’t come out of the closet? Why call yourself Jack, pretending to be a man when everyone here knows you are “fronting” so you can hide behind your love for HorseFace Manny. Are you the hag’s “secret lezbo lover” we keep hearing so much about?
    Did you spend all your time sleeping in YOUR momma’s bed with YOUR father and her boyfriends while your momma was walking the corner looking for pick-ups? Is THAT what makes you the evil wretch you are today?
    Look in the mirror you filthy pig and get a good look at WHO YOU are talking about. Then ask yourself if you wish to continue the conversation!

  • Joy

    @Busybee: @Busybee: Oh my God that’s too funny

  • #156

    Wow you sure know a lot about someone you claim to dislike. Too bad it’s all made up in your head. bwahahahaha.


    Gerard Butler is a crappy mush-m0uthed actor. His ship is starting to sail.
    I can bet you the women you losers from hades have associated him with not to mention, would be DISGUSTED to know you f*ags have put them on his scab list. I can bet you not one of them was actually “with” him. They just “help him out” bc he’s GAY

  • Al

    I’m so sick of Maniston and her romantic comedies! Seriously, stop with the romantic flicks!!

  • angie does her brother

    Did you hear……she’s but looking nuttier since she was outed too.

  • Jannifer

    who cares she is like old and shit at 45.

  • Joy

    @YOU KNOW: So I’m guessing you got your freak on with him to know for sure he’s gay?
    please please share!!

  • anna

    Ok this just got infested with morons
    bye have fun

  • gem15

    Usually the trailer has the best scenes in a film, which isn’t saying much for this one. Also, she produced this and very much had a say in her wardrobe, hair, lighting, etc. This was the film that would help take her out of the romcom genre and into more action flicks (you know, the bond girl desire). A March release date is considered a “dead zone”, much as a January release date. the big seasons are summer and winter holidays, so guess the distributors aren’t too hopeful of making a lot of money with it. What happened to The Baster? It was filmed before this one but isn’t being released yet? Know they were doing re-shoots (which is never a good sign). This woman needs a hit, and unfortunately this doesn’t look like it.

  • Fritz


    Oooo! What kind of wine? I ADORE pinot noir!

    As far as this film goes, it’ll most likely settle into his “mediocre” list. I hope I’m wrong, though.

    *waves at the regulars*

  • jen slept with norman the dog

    did youn hear jen slpet with norman the dog the love of her life

  • jen slept with norman the dog

    jen is a hollywood Whore she slept with her daddy

  • Jen does Norman & ALL DOGS!

    @angie does her brother:
    Did you hear……she’s butt ugly looking too. Just look at this trailer! – And try not to throw up.
    Her friends say she sleeps around worse than a prostitute ONLY she pays her lovers to sleep with her. They WON’T sleep with her for free.

    Insiders say ….she will sleep with anything two legs or four.
    Insiders also say If her own brother didn’t hate her so much she would sleep with him too. She is THAT DESPERATE! But he can’t stand to look at that mannish face!
    No wonder ALL men RUN from her.
    Can you imagine the smell on her?????? GAWD!!!

  • Jen is Box Office Poison.

    and she is a needy b*tch. Thats why brad ran from her.
    she sucked the life blood out of him for chrissakes.
    why do you jackasses feel the need to announce when you leave??
    just fcuking leave – trust me we dont care!!

  • mike

    good movie …coolllllll

  • Mori

    God I can´t wait. I had a great time just watching the trailer!!! Love them together!!! Although I will have to agree with some people but her face looks different!!! But I adore her!!! She´s so down to earth and the way she accepts jokes about her age!!! So classy!!! She really doesn´t give a dam about age!!! She wants to be healthy and happy!!! God Bless you Jen!!! Big fan of you since 1994!!! Hugs from Brazil!!!

  • Mori

    @Al: and yet somehow you spend your precious time posting on JJ about Jen. I can see you totally hate her!!!

  • Looks like Gerry!!!! OMG
  • to Mori

    If Jen did not give a damn about her age why is she botoxing the life out of her face? – That is why her face looks different. You even noticed it. But you could not put your finger on what it was. Now you know.
    And if she accepts jokes about her age why was she whining like a sick cow when Rod’s daughter called her “homely?”
    And if she wants to be healthy and happy she would go away and stay gone. Torturing the public with her stupid romcoms is not helping anyone stay happy. Especially her co-stars.

  • Man for hire Call JEN!

    Insiders say Aniston’s friends are watching her very closely.
    John Mayer dissed her so badly on Ellen’s show the other day she had to be sedated.
    Her self esteem is right through the toilet. She has been reduced to pimping hotels and dvds and all of her movies are complete duds.
    With the release of this trailer, we know Gerry is mad as hell at her.
    She feels Huvane has failed her miserably, of course he feels SHE has failed him. He had no idea she stank so as an actress and would ugly up so quickly!
    None of the botoxing is working and that voice is getting rougher than ever.
    They say she has an ad out for a real hot man. But so far….no takers.
    Spread the word…..Man for hire….Call JEN!

  • eliott

    @Man for hire Call JEN!:
    How did John Mayer diss Aniston on Ellen’s show? I didn’t watch it.

  • julia

    @eliott: why are you so angry? crazy person! actors don’t choose their clothing..@ck_always: is right! I love jen, to me she will always be rachel! He’s the one getting uglier by the minute! He’s hilarious but what’s happening to his face? he used to be so’s getting wide!

  • You people suck ass

    all of you

  • bet


    no body said you are brangelina fan. but most of them are branglina fans. i will give you example Jill , malesston likely. Jen hen, Jenretard eliot, many many change of name too. if some one is complaining about it, it is true, this are the usuall that bash and find them in their thread non stop.

    and aslo i do not undestand the dedication of people hate in this woman is unbleivable, . and also, why most of you so egerly want her to be Merlen streep. She just there to do her job, means being comedian.

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @You people suck ass:
    How did you know we call it an A$$ Castle? he he

  • eliott


    Hey superstar, I’m not angry. Are you who I think you are? Ellie, come on out. Don’t be shy.

  • julia

    the movie seems great!! hilarious!