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Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: 'The Bounty Hunter' Trailer!

Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: 'The Bounty Hunter' Trailer!

After the first poster was released yesterday, the official trailer for Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler‘s The Bounty Hunter is here!

According to Yahoo! Movies, the film also has a release date listed now – expect to see Jen and Gerry hit the big screen nationwide on March 19, 2010!

Also up today, the site’s official webpage at!

Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: ‘The Bounty Hunter’ Trailer
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  • Fritz


    Reading these threads is like smoking some really good weed!!

  • eliott


    Bet, I appreciate the shout-out, but there are two ts in my name.

  • You people suck ass

    these threads used to be so interesting…now its just ManLESSton talking to herslef and givng herself stats no one cares about.
    sigh the good ol days are missed!


    I’m going to say something that will draw the wrath of many Team Jen flag wavers and probably a few that’d defected to Team Angelina, but still harbor a soft spot for the tabloid’s favorite punching bag: Jen Aniston looks real old in this new trailer for “The Bounty Hunter.”

    Now, I’m not saying she’s Estelle Getty or that there’s anything wrong with embracing the years, but I was just a little caught off guard by the leathery state of her skin. Perhaps had the trailer been funny, surprising or resembled anything worthy my $10, I wouldn’t have spent so much time analyzing her aging.

    Check it out below and tell me if I’m just being a dick or if she does look old. Although I guess both could be true.

  • oy

    @Fritz: I would have guessed it’s more like taking expired prescription meds.

  • trying to figure it out

    Hi Man, how goes it? Aren’t you just about ready to move to SLC? I wish Gerry would find his Scottish accent again; Sean Connery never gave up on his and it never affected him at the box office. I just don’t like hearing Gerry talk now, he sounds so odd. What’s happening with Burns? Haven’t read anything about that lately. Is it definitely a dead duck now?
    Just saw a preview of The Bounty on TV – let the games begin.


    Ugh, you could put a gun to my head, and I STILL wouldn’t see this. How are you going to make a chase movie, when you would be actually cringing and hiding your eyes at what does happen if and when the old lady is caught?! ..and can she mutilate, and pump her original face full of fillers any more, her nose is half the size it was on the TV show – she doesn’t even look like Rachel Green anymore, but she sure as hell still acts like her – if you can call whining and hand flailing acting. It’s like you want to tell Butler, leave off – did you get a good look at what you’re trying to catch. He has hit a wall and looks terrible, he needs a bra for the man boobs, and those jowls and balls on his cheeks with the awful hair dye just make him look ridiculous.

  • bet

    Newyork post

    the problem is if you are woman, i am wondering you may be good user of botox, this you call it a process of aging. she still look cute for 40 years old woman

    and also, if you do not spend your shollow concept of women not suppos to look good at any age,. and aslo if you did not spend your time on your shallow concept analyising her ,you will probably figur out the moive is hilarious and funny and fun moive. Work it out your brain, function it, any kind of age woman are buetifull.

  • Germania

    Completely off topic: Did anyone else see Joy’s program on HLN tonight? The Brangelina fans must be up in arms and spewing. The main topic was Tiger and his recent proplems. Then some on the show began discussing hoes in general and Hollywood stars; and Angelina was included among those breaking up families.

  • Jill

    julia @ 12/18/2009 at 10:25 pm
    I love jen, to me she will always be rachel!

    Good lord, that’s exactly her problem. Every role she plays, she’s Rachel. Boring, boring, boring. Same boring hair style, same boring mannerisms, same boring persona. She never changes. She never grows. She’s stuck in a time warp while life passes her by.

  • Germania

    I think I may be dumbing down what’s left of my brain by reading this site. Are you people real?

  • lennycome on

    I know that some of you are fans..but come on. Not even a fan can say with a straight face that this movie looks like a winner.

    Please be honest for once in your lives regarding this woman

    she did not want kids
    she is not a great actress
    and she suck in this movie (yeah I know it is not out yet, but please the trailer tell it all)
    Gerry had reached an all time low with this one.

    The movie looks so low budget.. I kind of fell sorry for her..

    LMAO.. I lie.. she is finally getting what she deserves..

  • Me

    He said she’s his favorite person, but he’s not dating her. I believe him, and I think he really likes her as a person. But, in 100 years, who will care? But right now, I just love this man.

  • sugar

    205, I do not play for either team jen or team angie. I just hate the amount of hate on this forum. But I do agree that her skin looks horrible in this trailer. And I noticed it even before the trailer came out, during the photos that were being released when they were filming. She looked much better in Marley and Me.

  • Trellis

    Blaaaah Blaaaah. I love Gerard James Butler. No one has ever been this goreous in my book. What a devine man. Young and pretty, older and hotter. He just delivers. What a babe. LOVE him.

  • Boo

    Well..some of you do hate rom-coms, it seems. I HATE movies that have superheroes and /or aliens!!!! I HATE any TIm Burton movie!!!! I like historical epics, thrillers, biographical dramas, and yesl, romantic comedies, especially if they star one Gerard Butler. In actual fact, Gerard has only been in ONE rom-com: “The Ugly Truth.” This movie was number one in the world for one week, amassing over 200 million dollars worldwide. (Damn the critics and you naysayers!) “P.S. I Love You” as NOT a romantic comedy: he died in the first 15 minutes, and the rest of the movie was a drama, with a few comic parts melded in.
    \So”The Bounty Hunter” will only be his second romantic comedy, and I think it looks so funny. I loved the taser part and the golf course runnng about to avoid the balls. What amazes me is that so many of you think he is hurting his credibility by doing sit-coms. Listen ,, he just finished back-to-back movies: one an action flick, and the other a psychological drama. It just shows his diversity. How many actors can do all sorts of different genres as he can.? Think of so -called actors who would be so out-of—place in a rom-com…Pitt? Depp? Owen? CLooney did several such comedies in his career. Why are some of you so “high brow”? Gerard is doing “Coriolanus” next..with “Burns” later. He may also do a bio/adventure film on “Another Man’s War” based on the true life of the Machine Gun Preacher, This man began as a Hell’s Angel, and has now been saving people in Nigeria and elsewhere …That will be another varied role for Gerard if he takes it.

    “An analogy would be in terms of music. Do you only listen to classical? or zydeco? or pop? rock? country? opera? latino? Only a few musicians can do well in all the genres…it’s a rare musician , indeed, who could do all of them.

    Let Gerard play what part he wants. Who are you to judge him? Why does he have to take such roles with gravitas? I , for one, cannot wait to see this movie!!!!

    I redict it will be number one at the box office. And then I hope that his “How to Train Your Dragon” does well the next week, as well.

  • sugar

    Well said Boo, I agree

  • For Eliott

    Credit bdj -
    Mayer, formerly known as Peeboy, words to a whiny ex sitcom star.
    15 years is 65 in dog years
    to quote Mayer -
    “I can’t sit here and be like, ‘Oh please, let me live my life in private with this famous person who’s been around for 15 years.’ I have to figure out what are the things that I ask for and sign up for, in terms of cause and effect. The last thing you want is to see me bashing my head going, ‘I’m shocked that I’m being followed right now!’”

  • Stacey Hearts

    They are so perfect together – I hope she gets married and makes Brad jelous

  • For Eliott

    Eliott the above post was in response to – why he (Mayer) is NOT dating anyone right now Especially Fug Face Maniston.
    So Bet forget it!
    Mayer may be young, but he is NO FOOL. He knows when he is being used and WHO he does NOT want his name attached to.
    He sent a strong message to the hag and to her PR person. “I am NOT for sale!”

  • http://gran brandfan

    I wish she was still on TV then we could all use the option of the “OFF’button on the remote!

  • Why oh Why Gerry?

    Why did you do this?
    Do you owe somebody money?
    I hope you have another and better movie in the can because this may spell the end of your once potentially beautiful career.
    What in Hell possessed you to get involved with this no-talent, ugly “actress” and this lousy script?
    I hope you can recover from this. Sorry buddy, I cannot go see this piece of crap! I’ll wait until it is shown for free on tv.

  • to Sugar

    So now you bring out your alter ego – BOO!
    Yes… BOO is YOU and you are both pathetic! You are too dumb to try and fool anybody!

  • Stacey Hearts

    She has gotten uglier

  • meme

    wow i cant wait it look really funny and i really love boht off them they are great so fore them to be in the same movie it gonna be good

  • to Stacey

    @Stacey Hearts:
    Aren’t you the dumbest person on this thread today. Jealous of what?
    An aging 41+ year old has been “sit-com” hacktress who cannot act and looks like she is going on 65?
    Look at that leathery, ugly, old face all the bloggers and reporters are laughing at and can’t stop talking about.

    Honey Brad has NEVER looked back at this ugly thing since he fled from it more than 5 years ago! And he counts his blessings that he escaped EVERY day!
    STOP being STUPID!

  • goopydrawers

    Jen needs to find someway to STOP, STIOP, STOP this film from ever opening. i don’t know if she has the hiorses anymore as she shoudl have stopped the last two, as well. If it does open she can kiss her career goodbye!!!

  • scottyhawtness

    Wouldn’t you know it, majority of the people commenting on this thread are supposed fans of the “W.Hor.e and Pitscum. You loons are so predictable, you are only making Jennifer Aniston more popular commenting on her threads. But in your stupidity, i’m sure none of you morons have thought of that yet. Pathetic, lonely trailertrash with no brains. And you wonder why all of the other sites make fun of you.

  • Excuse me?

    I love how her few remaining “fans” are up in arms over the negative comments about her looks. Well, what do they expect? She and Huvane have marketed her SOLELY on the basis of two things for the last 5 years: (1) her marital/dating status and (2) her appearance.

    Do you see Sandy B or Halle B or Nichole K promotiong their films by stripping naked and donning only a tie, or (Dear God in heaven) spreading their legs and showing their c**ch while filming a scene with a co-star, and having the photo conveniently find its way into the NY post and other mainstream media??

    EVERYONE AGES. And in Hollywood, everyone wants… no … NEEDS to look as good as possible for as long as possible. But the difference between Aniston and REAL actresses is that they also want to be respected for their WORK. They understand that their appearance is secondary to their talent.

    During Management, do you know that Aniston had Kimmel Entertainment spend $13,000 on a wig for her so she wouldn’t have to cut her precious hair for the role? An “actress” who refuses to cut her hair (something that GROWS BACK!!!) because she so obsessively strives to look “young and beautiful.”

    With this film, for the first time she will be forced to see herself as she really is — a middle-aged woman. There is nothing wrong with being a middle aged woman … unless you insist upon trying to look like an eternal 21-year-old.

  • Marybeth

    Gerard has been proposed to by a woman and he has agreed to marry her and have children with her. This woman has suddenly come into Gerard’s life and has changed his life as he knows it. He seems to be deeply comitted to this woman because he deeply and genuinely loves her and wants to please her and respects her. She has changed his thoughts on marriage and having a family since she is a part of his life now and always.

  • sugar

    232, yeah and who is this woman?

  • lavender1960


    True dat, I watched the first movie, Twilight, when it came on cable and I thought this is what all the fuss is about??? And New Moon is apparently not on par with the first movie? But the popularity of the book series is driving that train in large measure.

  • lavender1960


    True dat, I watched the first movie, Twilight, when it came on cable and I thought this is what all the fuss is about??? And New Moon is apparently not on par with the first movie? But the popularity of the book series is driving that train in large measure.

  • Katsaridoula

    it looks like they copied Mr and Mrs Smith…. trying to get their ex arrested? Why is aniston always behind?

  • siska

    can not waitto see it!!! much fun..

  • Sinful

    So who is the lady who stole Gerry’s heart and got him to propose and how did she the escape the paps for soooo looooong?

  • GoodTimes


  • aj makes up lies

    Jen’s miscarriage heartache
    Old wounds are reopened as Jen Aniston confronts the memory of the two babies she lost with Brad Pitt.
    The tragic truth behind Jennifer Aniston’s split from ex-husband Brad Pitt has finally been revealed: she suffered two traumatic miscarriages during their marriage, and the emotional turmoil that followed tore the couple apart. Celebrity biographer Ian Halperin has confirmed in his book, Brangelina Exposed, that Jen lost two babies, one in 2003, and the other in 2004, just months before the couple officially split.
    The last poignant photographs of Brad and Jen – taken in January 2005 – show them walking arm in arm on a Caribbean beach, sadness etched on their faces. Just days later, they shocked the world by announcing they were separating.
    At the time it was presumed they were simply mourning the end of their relationship, but Halperin’s shock revelations have cast a new light on the couple’s final months together. “If a marriage is in trouble, a miscarriage can be the nail in the coffin,” says psychologist Sarah Calleja. “If a marriage is strong, it can help bond the couple over their shared grief.”
    However, it seems their grief drove Brad into the arms of Angelina Jolie, his co-star in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Angelina has since admitted she and Brad fell in love while filming the movie. Jennifer, on the other hand, has always kept a stoic silence on the trauma she went through as Brad and Angelina went public with their relationship, resisting the temptation to dismiss stories that she was career-obsessed and did not want to have a family.
    Halperin’s book even claims the rumours about Jen were spread by Angelina to deflect criticism of her for stealing Brad. “I’ve always wanted to have children,” Jen simply said after the split, as gossip swirled that she had refused him children in favour of movie roles. “I would never give up that experience for a career.”
    Even Brad felt compelled to step forward and defend Jen, telling GQ magazine that any suggestion the relationship had ended over her refusal to have a baby was “bulls**t”.

  • bratt

    to Stacey, Brad has said on many interviews that he still loves Jen and Jen will always have a place in his heart…Brad is the one looking back…So if anyone is f*cking stuipd the finger is pointing at you>>>ROTFLMAO

  • Boo who

    @to Sugar:
    I think we have a winner. If any old slop will hold your attention, if you refuse to apply even the most basic standards of artistic criticism then Gerry Butler’s latest offering is going to be just your cup of tea. And what the h*ll happened to his face? He’s plastered it with some kind of putty or something. He’s so unhealthy and unnatural looking.

  • Fritz


    Say hello to Jim Bob, Erin, Elizabeth and John Boy for me!

  • Critical Bomb for Aniston

    “…Butler (shirtless!) really does charm his way through every frame. I know you’ll put that down to my girlish bias, but it’s true! He’s got that roguish, Mel Gibson-circa-1987 appeal that begs for a better film and a funnier costar. THE GAME IS AUTOMATICALLY DRAGGED DOWN BY ANISTON, WHO IS PLAYING HER USUAL STRUNG OUT ROMANTIC COMEDY CHARACTER. But this one is a hard-hitting journalist of some kind, so it’s automatically more feminist than the other 159 versions, even if she’s dressed in an outfit Lara Croft would call impractical. (Have you ever seen costumes less suited to a bounty hunter and a journalist?…”

    Elisabeth Rappe
    December 18

  • An opinion

    The majority of threads on JJ are getting tiresome. The same type of thing happens over and over and over. People with personal agendas post statements geared only to push each other’s bottons. It’s kind of amusing at first, but it gets old and boring after a few reads.

  • 100mph

    aj makes up lies @ 12/19/2009 at 9:25 am #240
    Yawn!!! who gives a Sh!t?????? keep it moving ->> slug*

  • not impress with aj

    @fresh: @fresh: such a hyporcrite! lol. you brangelina post on Jen’s thread more than Jen’s fan post on Brangelina. lol. move on! The movie looks great! can’t wait!

  • get real

    @Not a fan: like angelina action movies, yep same old same old! Can’t wait to see! Love Jennifer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • not impress with aj

    @cm: jealous much? lol! Jennifer’s life isn’t about angelina! that is brangelinas not letting go! move on! If she wasn’t doing this type of movie it would be she does the same old thing! lol! so sad! Jennifer is and has to continue to grow as a person and actor since her divorce from Brad. Brangelina have to have Jennifer to blame Angelina and Brad bad press or whatever is negative going on in brangelina lives! Jennifer has moved on, however brangelina can’t who would you blame? Who would be your scapegoat? One day the press will stop protecting brangelina like they did tiger! It is going to be a huge hit! Can’t wait Jennifer and Ger!

  • bet

    To stacey

    if you spend more of your time and bash a woman becuase of her skin,then you are jelous

    who said pitty want her back?, no one is arguing with you on that? you just arguing with yourself. to both of them not being together is a blessing. i am sure as much as Tiger wife can not wait to divorce her husband, that feeling is the same at the time To Jen. the only difference is Pitty is treated as king while tiger is tread as trash eventhough he is the most talented man in history. Yet Jen is trashed for what ? no body knows.

    they are both blessed for not being together.

  • bet

    Boo Hoo