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Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: 'The Bounty Hunter' Trailer!

Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: 'The Bounty Hunter' Trailer!

After the first poster was released yesterday, the official trailer for Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler‘s The Bounty Hunter is here!

According to Yahoo! Movies, the film also has a release date listed now – expect to see Jen and Gerry hit the big screen nationwide on March 19, 2010!

Also up today, the site’s official webpage at!

Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: ‘The Bounty Hunter’ Trailer
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  • ummahyk

    She’s funny:))


    Give it up people, why do you keep comparing her to Angelina, that is so old news.

    Besides this movie doesn’t look like Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Have some respect for people. Actually for yourselves.

    The way you see others is a reflection of who you are.

    The media controls peoples mind in such a PATHETIC way.

    WAKE UP!

  • bet

    Critical Bomb for aniston

    you just bring people who judge moive according to how some one face look on the screen, but E! online said it Fun moive to watch, it depend who you ask, who want to see a fun moive or a boring drama moive. And also the moive did not come yet, people judg the moive immedialtiy it is Romantic, but they forget it has action to it, no one no how it end , it had mistery, and also it is funny and fun moive to wactch,

    please stop bringing people who just sit down look at shollow things , wheather her face has wrinkel or not.

  • bet


    thier brain is washed by Branglina, anything that is done by jennifer Ansiton is automatical turned to Branglina story.

    beside the moive is Romantic, Action moive and also, There is jen who is bubbling personality and character in it not boring.


    So much bad energy here. You should open a blog for these low negative losers.

    http://www.i dont have anything interesting to

  • eliott

    @For Eliott:

    Thank you.

  • bet


    i just read your post on your idol thread, i am sure you are not going to rant on me becuase i went there in read.

    but yousaid” let stop discussing about X”
    honey you guys do not have anything but talking about her, you loonies talk more about her than you do about your iodl, do not lie to yourself.

  • @bet

    You know you don’t have to dislike Jen to find the film bad. It is bad. The opening scene is incredibly wooden and fake. On both the very talented Butler’s part and the less talented Aniston’s part. And what gives with the tight body hugging clothing? She is an investigative reporter. Most of them tend to dress a bit more professionally than the character she is portraying. Look at when Butler throws her in the trunk–her purse or bag–it appears empty. What woman do you know that carries an empty bag?
    It comes down to details. I could go on. But the bad acting combined with the very poor script and the execution of said script along with bad directing makes for a bad film.
    Go look at the Valentine Day trailer. The acting is much much better in that one (and I don’t like several of the actors in it) with better directing and attention to detail.
    Just because your idol Jen acts doesn’t mean that she picks good parts. She doesn’t. This is going to be a major bomb of a movie due to first night word of mouth.

  • @aj makes up lies

    The trouble with your post is you defend Halperin, a sleeze ball gossip writer.
    No legit source has ever confirmed the miscarriages.
    And if you read the book, Jen doesn’t come off looking that good either.
    Most of the book is based on tabloid stories and lies.
    He had 900 sources and this is the best he could do? 900. Think about it. He had 900 sources and yet wrote a book that rehashed gossip, tabloid lies and more.
    The book is suppose to be Brangelina Exposed, but it was mostly about Angelina. Brad, the children, Jen and the people critical to Angelina’s life had very little coverage. Gee. 900 sources and he couldn’t find more facts and originality?

    If I were you, I’d be more worried if someone decides to ever try and dig up dirt on Jen. She has been heavy into weed which included a pap getting a picture of her smoking it. She allegedly cheated on Brad in the marriage in year 2. And she supposedly did not have those two miscarriages that Halperin insists she had. She is also according to sources incredibly insecure. Which is why Mayer left her.

    Both AJ and JA are human with more than their share of faults. It is a shame someone like you has to believe a book written by a man with absolutely no journalistic ethics or morals. Supposedly Andrew Morton is writing a book on Jolie. And hunny, I’d wait until that one comes out–since Morton checks and rechecks his facts as they are presented to him. Yes he also gets criticized for not checking facts, but generally he is willing to back up his statements. Halperin is not. He is the hit and run of tabloid gossip. Throws out a statement and doesn’t stick around to make sure it is true or false. If he thought there was money and publicity in trashing Jen, he’d be on her like a flea on a dog in a minute.

  • bet


    if you talk about detail. then you said jen does have less talent than Gerard. then on the moive we see , it is Romantic comedy,she has more exprience and talent on it. that take you you do not know a sh@t

    and aslo, since when a couple of paper should be feel in the big bag. at the same time the miove is suppose to be fun and funny moive, you can see from the five second traier we all see. plus very exprienced directore direct it and it look perfectly well done.

    as far as know many peopel who go to office wear excacly like her, the only differenc is most of them does not look perfect like her, we can not complain to see gorgoues body on the screen.

    you just like many of them just look at purse, face wrinkel, blahab shallow. things.

  • bet

    @aj make up lies

    we do not nee a war here.

    like jen said, Everyone is here to do a job,not be forced to the public what they have in their drawer. thier personal life should be kept to themself not for public consumpstion.

  • bet

    @AJ make up lies

    we do not need a war here becuase crap here.

    Like jen said. She is there to do her job, no one should be forced to open thier drawer to the public. Anyone personal life should be kept to themself . it should not be a public consumpstion.

  • bet


    i saw valentinday trailer, to tell you the truth with all this famous actress and actor one bit did not make me exited to see the moive, it the turth, i did not even one time make me smile.

  • bet


    again i read your post on thier thread.

    again she denie the lie because jen does not have anything to hide from. anyone who is accused of crime not replying to it just make themself pethatic to me.

  • @bet

    Please tell us all that English is your second language. If it is not, the American school system has failed big time.

  • The Bruiser

    For all you Jen Haters:

    1. Yes, Jen had 2 small low budget films in a row not do well at the B.O.
    2. Renee Zellweger also had 2 films in a row (New in Town and My and Only) not do well at the B.O.
    3. Cameron Diaz just had a flop with The Box.
    4. Angelina Jolie had like 4 films in row that tanked.
    5. Changeling’s world wide gross of 112 Million dollars does not take into account the budget (55 Million) marketing and distribution costs. And the studios do not get all that amount, Remember, Changeling’s domestic gross was only 35 Million dollars, Why didn’t Angie’s fans come out for this film,
    6.. Will Ferrell’s last film tanked also.
    7. Everyone has flops……get used to it.
    8. The Baster will open wide in August.
    9. If you watch some Jen’s past films you will see that she is not Rachel. Jen was completely in difference characters in The Good Girl, Friends with Money, Derailed, The Break Up and Marley and Me.
    10. If you don’t like Jennifer then why come here with the same old crap. Jennifer’s fans are over you.

  • bet

    even though jen is more in to Romantic comedy moive, i never see her in moive like ” All about steve” that kind of moive you call it rediclous moive for a grown up woman or man to involove in.

  • tidbit

    @The Bruiser

    Yes all actors have films that tank, but Jen is unable to carry a film. She is better off being the secondary actress or actor rather than the headliner.
    If you look at her films, the one that tanked generally are the ones with her as the lead actor. The more successful ones had a strong male lead.
    Furthermore most of her take is about 50-50 (domestic and foreign).
    She isn’t a strong lead at all. And many of her films don’t have a listed production budget which probably means the profit was low. People bash Kidman all the time for being an actress that can’t carry a film…BUT her overseas take, with the exception of three films, has always brought the film into the black. Jolie on the other hand, tends to choose more eclectic and has a higher lifetime gross and opening figure. Her mega hits off set the smaller, more serious films.

    And if I were you, I wouldn’t bring up Derailed as a showcase piece for her. She got savaged, and deservedly so, in the reviews. Did you see the scene where she got shot? It was so incredibly bad that I was embarrassed to just watch it. She was awful in Marley too. The woman doesn’t have a big range of skills. Her best was probably Along comes Polly. But she certainly has a talent for picking roles that show her to be not up to the challenge.

    Love Happens $22,965,110
    Management $934,658
    He’s Just Not That Into You $93,953,653
    Marley and Me $143,153,751
    The Break-Up $118,703,275
    Friends with Money $13,368,437
    Rumor Has It $43,000,262
    Derailed $36,024,076
    Along Came Polly . $88,097,164
    Bruce Almighty $242,829,261
    The Good Girl $14,018,296
    Rock Star $17,008,282
    The Iron Giant (voice)23,159,305 2,179 $5,732,614 2,179
    Office Space $10,827,810
    Dream for an Insomniac $24,727
    The Object of My Affection $29,187,243
    Picture Perfect $31,407,873
    Til There Was You $3,525,125
    She’s the One $9,538,948
    Leprechaun Trim. $8,556,940

  • Jill

    The Bruiser @ 12/19/2009 at 1:43 pm

    Her last two bombs (Sh*t Happens and Management) may have doomed Goree Girls. Word on the street is that the studio has pulled its backing and the project is on ice. After all the talk about the film for the past half a year it is still in “pre-production” according to, meaning it’s going nowhere.
    If either The Baster or this mess bombs, she can kiss her movie career goodbye.

  • If I could choose

    I’d rather be JA than AJ any day. Angie is just too weird for my tastes. Morticia. And, what’s up with Pitt? Have you seen the latest pictures of him? JA must be very glad she’s rid of him.

  • Jill

    If I could choose @ 12/19/2009 at 2:17 pm
    I’d rather be JA than AJ any day.

    You’d rather be a washed-up, no-talent hag who is the laughing stock of Hollywood and a tabloid joke than soul mate of one of the hottest guys on the planet and the mother of his six beautiful children, with a thriving film career besides? Well, to each his own, honey, but your identification with a dumped, desperate loser who can’t keep a man tells me you’ve got some serious issues of your own to deal with. Good luck.

  • Chuckles

    Brad Pitt hot? He looks like a bloated goat.

  • maniston’s mouth

    Looks like she just swallowed Mayer’s pizz

  • Critical Bomb for Aniston

    “Sony Pictures has released a poster for The Bounty Hunter, a new romantic comedy starring Gerard Butler as a bounty hunter who learns that his ex-wife (Jennifer Aniston) is his next assignment. While the premise may sound clever, the poster looks rather pedestrian. The icing on the cake is “From the director of Hitch” scrawled at the top. We know where this is going…”

    Reel Movie News
    Rupert Pupkin
    December 19

  • Exposing Paid Posters

    The Bruiser @ 12/19/2009 at 1:43 pm For all you Jen Haters:

    1. Yes, Jen had 2 small low budget films in a row not do well at the B.O.
    2. Renee Zellweger also had 2 films in a row (New in Town and My and Only) not do well at the B.O.
    3. Cameron Diaz just had a flop with The Box.
    4. Angelina Jolie had like 4 films in row that tanked.
    5. Changeling’s world wide gross of 112 Million dollars does not take into account the budget (55 Million) marketing and distribution costs. And the studios do not get all that amount, Remember, Changeling’s domestic gross was only 35 Million dollars, Why didn’t Angie’s fans come out for this film,
    6.. Will Ferrell’s last film tanked also.
    7. Everyone has flops……get used to it.


    I see Ellie’s shift has started. If your BOSS (yes, we all know you are paid to be here) Huvane paid better attention to numbers, maybe he wouldn’t have been FIRED:.

    NOT ONE of those other stars has had a film that COULDN’T EVEN MAKE ONE MIL. DOLLARS IN THE US!!

    Cameron Diaz’s The Box made $15 mil (worldwide0
    Renee’s New In Town made 27 mil (worldwide)
    Changeling made $112 mil worldwide. If that’s a FAILURE, then what should we call the $1.5 mil that Management made WORLDWIDE? And why is Jolie STILL the #1 highest paid female actress in the world, while Anisotn can’rt even get her low-budget Goree crud financed?

    And you dont REALLY want to start talking about additional costs, do you? Because Management’s FAILURE has left distributor Image in such a penniless state that they just announced they may have to file for Chapter 11. The b!tch is now putting companies out of business with her flops.

    (By the way, My One and Only was indeed a Flop, which is why Renee’s history with Bridget Jones Diary, a blockbuster franchise for which SHE can take sole credit, ensures her continued industry cred. Aniston has never helmed ONE blockbuster on her own.)

    And finally, box office failure is one thing, but when you compound it by making a public spectacle of yourself, your career is doomed. After Timberlake dumped Diaz, she lost it for a while. But she soon got herself together and moved on. She has good advisors. Aniston’s advisors are responsible for her image as the JOKE of Hollywood. And they just keep piling on the clown makeup with each new “boyfriend” antic. EVERYONE knows it is all a fake and that SHE is also a fake.THAT is the difference between her and others who may have had a box office slip. .

    You know, I do hope Huvane can afford to keep you on staff, Ellie, because you do a better job than anyone else of opening the smelly can of beans that reveals Aniston for the true Hollywood FAILURE she is. LOL!

  • Critical Bomb for Aniston

    “…Jennifer and Gerard Butler, who she was rumored to be doing in real life, get to know each other a little more intimately in their crap-sounding film The Bounty Hunter. It’s some kind of “rom-com crime caper” from what we can tell, ie. basically hell…”
    3am (UK)

  • CM

    Same stinking slop with JA “emoting” same as in every other lame movie (and TV show) she’s ever made with the latest hunk as her co-star – Pass

  • Mia

    I wish there were a way to separate the JA and GB combined threads into two separate threads – one for JA and another for GB. I don’t give a darn one way or the other about JA and AJ; and anytime JA is mentioned in a thread title it all just comes down to two sides yelling at each other. Guess I’ll wait till we get a strictly GB topic. See you then. Carry on.

  • the observer

    @Mori: Your remark that Nippy does not care about her age qualifies you as an entrant in this year’s Darwin Awards.

  • The Bruiser

    1. LOL, I do not work for Huvane! I work in the retail business you fools.
    2. Name me a film where Cameron Diaz had a box office success with her name ONLY with the exception of My Sister’s Keeper which was only a modest success. The Vegas movie had Ashton’s name above the title with hers.
    3. Cameron’s film, The Box grossed 14 Million dollars woldwide with a budget of 30 Million dollars.
    4.Renee’s film New in Town grossed 22 Million dollars worldwide with a budget of 30 Million dollars.
    5. Renee’s film My One and Only grossed a measley $2,479,538 worlwide with a buget of 5 Million dollars.
    6. Jennifer’s worlwide gross of The Break Up is $204,999,686 with Jen being the draw in the foreign market based on her Friends series and Vince Vaughn had never had a film success with his name only.
    7. Marley and Me had a worldwide gross of $242,717,113 with 100 Million dollars from foreign markets and again Jen was the draw not Owen Wilson because he is relatively unknown in the foreign markets and like Vaughn has never had a film box office success with his name only.
    8. Angelina Jolies flops:
    6/22/2007 A Mighty Heart Mariane Pearl $18,932,117 Worldwide Budget 16 Million dollars
    11/24/2004 Alexander Olympias $167,297,191 Worldwide Budget 155 Million dollars
    10/24/2003 Beyond Borders Sarah Jordan $11,427,090 Worldwide, 35 Million dollar budget
    4/26/2002 Life, or Something Like It Lanie Kerigan $14,448,589 Worldwide, 40 Million dollar budget
    8/3/2001 Original Sin $16,521,410 Worldwide, 42 Million dollar buget

    Today, it takes 2 major headliners to have a successful box office film with the exception of Meryl Streep and Will Smith. Which is why most actors have 2 names attached to a film like Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn, Reese Witherspoon, Cameron Diaz, and yes Jennifer Aniston.

  • Stone

    Now a movie? There just isn’t any shame anymore.

  • Sharon

    I read some comments here of people ….
    What have you people?
    The Trailer is funny :)
    It would be funny romantic comedy, perhaps expected but I’m sure many people enjoy it and i will too.
    So stop just looking for what’s wrong with Jen and Gerry
    Jenn good actress and very cute
    and Gerry good actor too ,hot ,funny and charming:)
    Not love the Trailer Do not go see the movie if you complain about.
    i love Gerry :)

  • Critical Bomb for Aniston

    “…this one doesn’t look appealing at all…”
    Flix 66
    Kristy Sturdivant
    December 2009


    Hmmmmm. For a disinterested poster who merely works in retail and isnt paid 15cents per post to boost the lonely emblem on JJ, someone seems mighty invested in promoting the to-be-in-my-shoes-for-a-day-would-be-like-being-in-hell wannabe mooovie staar and presenting her as not a HW failure. Hmmmmm.

  • The Bruiser

    Listen honey, I live and work in Chicago……….The Miracle Mile. I’m a guy. I have been a fan of Jennifers since Friends. I would love to meet Huvane but I’m just a nobody although my parents don’t think so.

  • Critical Bomb for Aniston

    “From the looks of the trailer, it seems like standard Aniston rom-com fare…other than ‘Marley & Me’, the majority of Aniston’s recent comedies (‘Love Happens,’ ‘He’s Just Not That Into You,’ “Management’) have seen diminishing returns.”
    Mike Scalise
    December 18


    “Listen honey…..” says the GUY who works in retail and j*rks off while watching friends re-runs.


    Total loser. Its no wonder you identify with the self-styled Lonely Emblem for dumped, sad and lonely women everywhere. So tell me, how’s that rachel wig working for ya?

  • bet

    this moive is not comedy only it has action in it. which make it interesting. it away from usuall Romantic comedy.

  • Dawn9476

    @Exposing Paid Posters:

    And Inglorious Bastards almost wasn’t put out because The Weinstein Company was almost going bankrupt and wasn’t having a hard time promoting money to come up for its promotion. Don’t put a company going bankrupt all on JA. If it had to depend on Management so much, it was already in trouble.

  • Dawn9476

    That should be was having a hard time coming up with money to promote it.

  • Leslie Love

    I think Jen is just old and trying to be hot, but she is not longer that hot

  • RioNemesi

    Freaking Amazing body and the movie looks fun, Can´t wait to see it!! HOT!!

  • Critical Bomb for Aniston

    “The trailer for the latest Jennifer Aniston film, The Bounty Hunter has hit the web. It’s the actresses 1,854th romantic comedy, co-stars Gerard Butler. After watching this trailer you’ll quickly realize there’s nothing romantic or comedic about this film…The film centers on a bounty hunter (Butler) who’s hired to track down a woman who happens to be his ex-wife, as played by Jennifer Aniston. Aniston’s character is unaware that her ex wants to throw her in jail, which is where the hilarity and not so funny humor is supposed to ensue. After starring in The Ugly Truth, Butler continues to slide down a slippery slope of crappy movies that under perform at the box office. The Bounty Hunter doesn’t look like a step in the right direction for either. At no point during this trailer did I laugh or even crack a smile. The entertainment value of this thing is nonexistent. See for yourself if The Bounty Hunter is all its cracked up to be.”
    Krystal Clark
    December 18

  • sugar

    Can we go back to Gerry please? Who did he propose to?

  • oy

    @sugar: “Who did he propose to?”

    Condoleeza Rice.

  • sugar

    Oy hehe lol. No didn’t you hear? He fell in love with a woman who changed his attitude about marriage and now he will be with her forever :)

  • Jane

    Common, you all criticize, but be honest deep inside your all dying to see the movie so you can keep criticizing.
    It’s a love hate relationship with a person you don’t even know. She is a product of hollywood. And she sells.
    Specially tabloids.

  • Menna

    Another pathetic sh!tty movie..

  • michelle

    looking forward to see this movie :)