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Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: 'The Bounty Hunter' Trailer!

Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: 'The Bounty Hunter' Trailer!

After the first poster was released yesterday, the official trailer for Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler‘s The Bounty Hunter is here!

According to Yahoo! Movies, the film also has a release date listed now – expect to see Jen and Gerry hit the big screen nationwide on March 19, 2010!

Also up today, the site’s official webpage at!

Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler: ‘The Bounty Hunter’ Trailer
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  • oy
  • sugar

    noticed what? I just looked at the links?

  • Lea

    This is the only thing she can do. Old chicks wanting young men so they can appear young themselves. Everything about her screams old lady in another crap-out movie.

  • oy

    @sugar: You don’t see the resemblance?

  • good male management

    Women should date younger men. They’re are more virile, more fun and easy to train.

  • sugar

    oy, there is a bit, but very little :)

  • bet

    this you call it the power of a woman, the moive yet not come out, from small trailer who just appear to be fun moive, the whole world come true to judg it depending on her age , her face, weather it is romance moive, some are judging why Gerad is on the moive .

    if this amout of people judging it before even they see it, she must have that power to chant many of them.

    that why we call her Jennifer Aniston.

  • have mercy

    I see oy is geting more simple minded each day with her pathetic attempts to ruffle feathers. Get life sad sack.

  • she shall remain nameless

    Wow Jennifer’s age really shows in this movie. The Marley & Me make up artists really made her look young. The storyline also looks dumb, but at least Gerard tries to make it look funny.

  • Fritz

    Alright….after seeing oy’s links, I have to say this. The make up is God awful. Worse than “Shattered.” I guess I have to give them a break because they were working in putrid humidity in the middle of July.

  • oy

    @have mercy: Well Golly Gee Willikers, Sister Snappypants! Did I upset you? Good! That’s the kind of ‘sad sack’ existence that makes commenting here worthwhile.

    Be careful what you say in response. Santa’s watching.

  • jade

    The Trailer is funny. We seen a lot of the scenes last Summer, when
    JJ had the threads on this movie. This looks like a lot of fun. I’am
    looking forward to seeing this.

    I hope “The Goree Girls” will be filmed in 2010. It would be something
    different for Jen.

  • LuckyL

    This looks just like ever other film she’s ever done.

  • LuckyL

    Lol, and I’m just going by the screen shot.

  • Lexi

    I agree that this is another sad attempt for Aniston. This is like being stuck in the same going nowhere job. No wonder she is so boring.

  • curious cat

    Please, it’s all so old and same same. I just rented “310 to Yuma,” which I missed in theaters, thank God. Five minutes of that stupid American western starring Aussie Russell Crowe with a Yank accent and I was ready to puke. I have oft been told I am not the average American movie goer. I hate this cliched cowboy crap. I hate all the endless Yankee shit, prequels and sequels of stupid movies geared to folks with an IQ of 64, about the same level of squealing GB fangurls. I like to see stunning movies about other cultures and other lives and important issues. Not stupid comedy and gun slinging westerns and fluff. I hate to see GB,who seemed to have so much promise, sucked into this HWood crap. To me there is one really good western, “The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez,” starring a young and then unknown Edward James Olmos.That was a riveting film which probably presented the American West as it actually was, not as hype and fiction. I will say that with all its film power, when Hollywood does it well, Hollywood does it better than anyone else, but it usually doesn’t. It’s crapola after crapola. It”s adolescent men with the power to get other people to spend gazillions of dollars on lowest common denominator garbage. But it sells.

  • trying to figure it out

    Hi Oy – Someone at GALS must have been up all night posting those pics. I can’t get enthused about this movie, maybe by March I might have a change of heart. I may break down and see it once – that’s it; then I’ll regret wasting the money. I got free tickets to TUT and took my daughter, it was embarrassing as we both didn’t really find it good.

  • amen

    @oy: Sheesh Oy you should have warned to have a Barf Bag handy before hitting that link – erp… What I think is that the summer filming melted the subcutaneous Botox layer of Gerry’s face and, well, we can see where that’s got him.

  • cubedweller

    What a tiresome thread. It’s like trying to have a conversation at one table while there’s an argument at the next one. These two groups don’t mix well.

    Just checked imdb to see what my crush, Hunky Stuntman Tim, is up to. Filming “The Green Hornet” with Seth Rogan. (Seth Rogan??? – Bring gorgeous Van Williams out of retirement – then I’d go see it.) Hope Tim gets to be Butler’s double again, for “Coriolanus”.

    Hey UK people – how’s the snow? I read that trains were stuck in the Chunnel – hope that all turned out ok.

  • sugar

    This thread is boring. We need some Gerry Juice

  • cubedweller

    @amen: LOL! Why do the GALS think it necessary to post every frame of every cr@p bit of film ever produced of Butler? That’s why they have a collection of incredibly unflattering frame caps that scare people. And don’t even get me started on the hair. Seeing that in the trailer made me realize how bad the dye job is. It looked really dark in the pap shots, but on film it’s worse. Bring back the Beowulf weave – preferable to this, I think. Comb it into a mullet – perfect for the role. My fashion advice for the day.

  • Fritz


  • gangrene

    The oy person loves to bait. And I see she took the bait herself put out by another nut.

    Enuf now children.

    This stuff is getting sooooooooo old.

    Can’t you people debate intelligenty? Oy, Mercy and many others here are like kids on a playground. I’m waiting for the Yo mamma comebacks to start.

  • oy

    Is this what happens when Gerry sees his fans?

    Was that being a good enough fisherman for you, Gangrene with envy? If I went too far, please let me know. The Sea Shepherd will surely come and protect you from me.

  • oy

    @cubedweller: The hair is very “Bathhouse Buzz Cut.” It looks like it was colored with a Sharpie.

  • gangrene

    Oy, stop drinking. You aren’t making sense now. See you tomorrow when you’re sober. Good lord.

  • Fannie

    Is he at home in Scotland with the librarian/sheep keeper/Jamie Fraser crowd or is he somewhere with the wantabees? Can’t wait for New Year’s on Miami Beach to start coming our way. Bye, bye sheeps. Sorry, Gals.

    “Love his acting. He’s so deep. Love his soul.” Not.

    I just love what he looks like. Damn he’s fine. Gerry, you are gorgeous. Don’t act. Just stand there and let me look at you. Sign with Donatella or whatever. Make a lot of bucks. Show up in those designer suits. Then go back to real life in your mismatched outfits. What a beautiful hoot you are.

  • Jane

    Jen is so old and ugly looking.

  • leah

    Gangrene you sound like the 60′s were a little too good to you or maybe you ate paint chips as a child. Stop trying to scare the interesting people away with your jealous b-tchery or find a blind sheep somewhere and get some tail for the first time in your life so you chill out and get a sense of humor.

    I think Oy is funny…and right. Whoever did the hair and makeup for this film shoulda been fired. Gerard’s hair looks like they used a can of Krylon to color it and Jen looks the worst she ever has.

    Jane – I agree. She looks really bad, but a good makeup person and the right lighting should have minimized that. It looks like neither of them were properly made up or lit for the film and they look ten years older.

  • twitter note

    What do you guys make of this from twitter???

    twinsoul66 gerard butler is a no good piece of ****, and he’s a fake, he likes working behind the scenes and causing lots of pain to innocent people about 2 hours ago from web

  • sugar

    330, finally something interesting!!! A few weeks ago someone else dissed him on twitter. They said he was a douche and posted his number, which turned out to be fake. I wonder what this one is about?

  • Wonder

    I can`t remember last time I saw a good hollywood comedy. This one won`t be an exception. No matter who is starring in it- it`s going to be just the same old scenario… Sad!

  • twittering

    @twitter note: a new incarnation for biancagarbo I would think! just enjoying scr3wing around with innocent ppl again

  • Dear JJ

    As a bit of Christmas cheer, how about a Gerry Thread without the Aniston??? This is so dull and the regulars from Gerryworld have died with boredom. – So in the spirit of Christmas – a new thread – no news needed!

  • http://butanister butanister

    Watch the Official THE BOUNTY HUNTER Trailer.

  • this looks terrible

    this movie looks terrible. no wonder it is being released in March where movies go to die! I have never seen Gerry Butler look or act worse. He must be in massive debt or be an even bigger famewh)re that he appears to be, to have fallen for this sh)t. I read that he said it was the most fun movie he had ever done. If that was so, I’m glad he enjoyed himself, but really sad that the rest of the world has to watch it. This seems like a very costly private joke.
    The biggest joke however, is that he has nothing else in the year to dispel the horror of this cr*p – Dreamworks Dragon will be good, but it is only his voice that is used and we will have to wait a long time in ‘post production’ before anything else he does actually gets to be shown. By which time, he’ll be a Alist wanabee hasbeen and no-one will care anyway. This movie looks like career suicide from here. I hope that, like Gamer is is taken off as soon as possible.

  • SusiQ

    I just came back from H ELL.. went to the FF site and almose pissed my pants at their conversation.. The fools are claiming this piece of
    sh!t is a winner.. Going on and on about how hot Jen is and that Gerry is just off the chain.. They are saying it is going to be Jenny’s big opener.. LMAO..

    Are these fools blind, dumb or both.. I say both because no person with a brain can look at this and say this movie looks good. OH wait the best part. They are comparing it to Mr. and Mrs. Smith… that Jennifer is doing an Action movie because of the chasing and that last clip of Gerry throwing her down. And they claim that M&MS was a terrible movie because Brad/Angie had no chemistry and the story did not make sense.. because the movie tried to make us care about two murders.. OMG I am laughing so hard it is impossible to type

    Just too funny how these nuts put a crazy spin on anything related to the Brange.. OH and they even brought up Johnny Depp in the Pirates movie.. claiming that while pirates are bad..Johnny made him more human..

    OK I cant’ type this any more.. I can’t these people are beyond insane..

    Bottom line Gerry and Jennifer have a total BOMB on their hands. and people who watch the trailer are saying so and spreading the word..

  • Emma

    Dear JJ @ 12/20/2009 at 6:53 am
    As a bit of Christmas cheer, how about a Gerry Thread without the Aniston??? This is so dull and the regulars from Gerryworld have died with boredom. – So in the spirit of Christmas – a new thread – no news needed!
    Yes please, G and Jen together is no good, the thread is a madhouse and not in a good way.
    I’ll throw in a few ideas if u want JJ

    Gerard Butler’s year in pictures
    (then you select a few good one and a few embarassing ones and voila)

    Gerard Butler headed to Scotland for Christmas
    (then if he doesn’t call the paps to the airport for a farewell shot, you paste on a nice pic and then find the interview where he said he’d be going there and how it’s a big deal to him and his family blah blah)
    That’s all I got for now, I’m still hungover.
    Shout out to Fritz – I’m not sure what the wine was, I think it could’ve been cabernet sauvignon but I stopped noticing after a while. xx

  • http://butanister butanister

    This site, is full of hatred and is not objective, it is more intelligent and adult?

    ” ” You are the hysteric yes and idiot ” “

  • cubedweller

    @Emma: Love it – a “Gerry headed to Scotland” thread. How about a photo of a BA plane, with Butler’s face photoshopped into the window? You can do it, JJ.

  • bet

    what i l like about jen moive, is most of her moive is different than the usuall Romantic comedy,” Marly and Me” is not the usuall , even managment is not the usuall one. love happen is compeletly is not Romcom, There is no funny part on it. it is serious moive, the only one may be” he is not in to you”, but still jen part is not that much of that kind. it is serious too. if you talk about ” all about steev” ” the Bride Maid” something like that kind of moive is typical Romcom moive which is redicouls. since Romance and comediy moives become a bad word.
    but this moive is everything in it, it is not even about two people falling in love kind do thing , it kind of drama, and comedy and action in to it, plus there are a lot of good characeters in the moive,
    it going to be a hit moive. spread the word the moive tralier look fanatistic.
    i am sure this moive is going to be the hit moive.

  • Not Impressed by JA

    Gerry’s acting is so stiff and horrible.
    What happened to him ?

  • Critical Bomb for Aniston

    “Oh good, I was hoping I’d be the one who got to write about the trailer to go along with one of the worst movie posters of the year I saw the other day. So how does THE BOUNTY HUNTER look in motion? After the initial sort-of-hilarity that comes with the concept of a guy getting to haul his ex-wife to jail, the film is everything you’d expect, as it’s Aniston and Butler trying to screw each other over while a larger conspiracy plays out around them. Fortunately it’s not so gimmicky as to literally handcuff them together the whole movie as hinted at in the poster, but they might as well be. I wonder if they fall back in love at the end? Get your head on straight Gerard, don’t blow your chance to be our next great action star with this crap.”
    December 18
    Paul Tassi

  • bet

    critical bomb

    the man did not like poster. that was, there are a lots of blog like it too,but i am not like you crazy obessed hater, i am not going to bring every one who count the wrinkel on her face, how old she is, or the post shape. the moive is fatatisic and it will going to be a hit spread the word.

    the moive is fatasic and it going to be the hit moive for jen and Gerad.
    that why you can not contorl youself. all her fans like like it ,that what it count

  • bet

    it amazing to see loonies, and funny, how they celebrate thier iodls being together every second of it. they count it it has been 4 years and 2 minute, ok it has been 4 years 3 minute it has been 4 years 4 minute on on on on.

    i am bored . what can i say.

  • amen

    @oy: Where’s the CHOIRMASTER ? How about a rousing chorus of OY TO THE WORLD ! ok. ok. While studying that leap picture, those of an unschooled eye might see an amazing stunt of physical precision. But of course we all know that the REAL stunt was performing that leap with a glassy smooth forehead of Botoxed perfection }}}:-)

  • anna

    I could definitely go for some choirmaster.. there’s too much retardation going on (no need to say who).

  • Exposing Paid Posters

    Dawn9476 @ 12/19/2009 at 4:17 pm @Exposing Paid Posters:

    And Inglorious ******** almost wasn’t put out because The Weinstein Company was almost going bankrupt and wasn’t having a hard time promoting money to come up for its promotion. Don’t put a company going bankrupt all on JA. If it had to depend on Management so much, it was already in trouble.


    I understand that your instructions are to constantly bring up the J-Ps and try to link them to Aniston at every opportunity, but apparently you misunderstood the overall goal of Huvane’s marketing campaign. Perhaps you should inform him that you require a refresher course.

    If Weinstein faced financial difficulty and had little money to promote Inglorious b, yet it STILL managed to become one of the BIGGEST HITS of the summer, then that makes Pitt look GOOD.

    And if Image Entertainment was doing well as a DVD distributor, then decided they wanted to enter theatrical distribution and made the horrific business decision of acquiring Management at TIFF, and the film was such a BOMB that Imagine now cannot pay its creditors and faces Chap 11, then that makes Aniston look BAD.

    So what possible rationale could you have for actually WANTING to compare the hugely successful IB to the box office stink bomb of the year, Management?

    For the love of god, where do Huvane and Jared FIND you people? What a flagrant waste of PR resources. You don’t even know how to spin your posts to make Aniston look good. Granted, that is no mean feat, but still….. You’re clearly as much of a failure at your job as Aniston is at hers.

  • Jordan

    Love Jennifer can’t wait to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • troi

    Oh my. Words escape me. This is truly one awful awful trailer. Ger can act, what happened? He usually looks so hot! What happened? Jen looks old and leathery. Her acting is wooden. What happened?