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'Jersey Shore' is a Hit with 2.5 Million Viewers

'Jersey Shore' is a Hit with 2.5 Million Viewers

Love or hate The Situation and the rest of the Jersey Shore gang, they’re bringing MTV a huge number of viewers!

Last night’s episode featuring Snooki‘s altercation at a bar brought in 2.5 million viewers.

The show also has had an 85% increase in young viewers from the series premiere.

Jersey Shore was the #1 cable show in its time period with females aged 12-34 and the 11 p.m. repeat of the show is up as well!

And that’s the situation.

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  • ka-blamo

    Guido trash

  • monique

    i watched the 1st episode and was hooked….no 1 made me watch it i just that it was stoopid as hell and a cant miss hour long show on MTV…the more press the get the more ppl will watch but there 15mins r up soon….espc. sookie…smh

  • Halli

    Eww no! I hate it that MTV has been w*horing this show out for an entire two weeks after okay ratings. And now its a ‘hit’ they are desperate for because no one watches The City or The Hills anymore.

  • lala

    lmao people tune into it cuz it’s freaken hilarious and that meaning laughing at THEM! i wouldn’t be flattered if i were them because there nothing but a big joke, who wouldn’t want to watch a bunch of people making a fool out of themselves? hello it’s called ENTERTAINMENT!

  • Bubbles

    Just goes to shows you how stupid American’s are… at 2.5 million of them. Probably Bush voters!

  • xxx

    And Americans wonder why the rest of the world hate them……………………

  • Halli

    By the way, the guy on the far-right is a professional “Guido”. If you type in ‘guidos’ on Youtube or try to find pictures of a guido. This guy is in several pictures. He’s just a Guido impersonator.



  • anon

    The funny thing is that Italian Americans have the reputation as being very good looking people, hence all the swagger and high maintenance that’s stereotypical. But everyone in this show is, uh, not that good looking.

    My next door neighbor is a GORGEOUS guido/paisan. I mean just an unreal beautiful looking guy.

  • fan

    This is what’s wrong with our youth!!!! MTV has to take some responsibilities too.

  • Miss Anonymous

    You’ve got to be kidding.

    I weep for humanity.

  • gargoyles


    Italian Americans are not good looking. Italians from Milan, Florence, and the rest of Italy are good looking. Italians in America looks like Tony Soprano or the Gotti boys!

  • evalynn

    lame show
    15 mins of fame

  • jdub

    not gonna lie, i was mad as hell when i first heard about this show. i’m from NJ and they’re bringing these greasy ass guido from NEW YORK to the shore to make it look like everyone from Jersey is like that. uhhh no! but of course i had to tune in for the season premiere. i was instantly hooked when i found out there was a girl who legit called herself “Snooki”. even tho this show is such trash, its such a guilty pleasure. i love it!

  • Aline

    Pauly looks like he’s from the mafia! lol

    but he clean’s uo nice though :D

  • Sarah

    For the love of God Jared, I don’t care how many idiot viewers these people get, that doesn’t mean you haved to blog on them. Have some integrity. Most people watch them because it’s just so freakin’ stupid you have to see it to believe it. Sad.

  • Fake Jersey shore

    Freaks and an insult to all Italians and anyone with any intelligence.

  • Fake Jersey shore

    Snooki is fat.
    Jersey girls are hot.

    None of them look like her.
    I know, because I was a hot Jersey girl at one time.
    I was never that fat or that trashy.

  • Baby

    Snookie got wrecked at the bar

  • xaxa

    Who the hell are these nobodies.

  • Elizabeth Lee

    I am sick of these New Yorkers having false ties to New jersey!! I am from South Jersey and there is nobody from here that is remotely close to having any type of personality to these dopes. If you are going to call a show Jersey Shore, then have a cast be a representation of New Jersey. Just because the Sopranos and such are based on NJ, these idiots do not represent the average NJ resident. Snookie is a friggin moron. And the “Situation” should stay out of NJ. Is the Hamptons the only shore in NY? I have teenage sons and they do not act like this scum!!!! The show should be callled “New Yorkers at the Jersy Shore!!!”

  • Stacey Hearts

    Those implants look terrible

  • ck_always

    Greatest. Show. Ever.

    It is easily the most diabolical train wreck that has ever graced a television screen. I look foward to Thursday nights because of this show.

  • AutumnM

    I was trying to avoid watching this show at first, but I’ve watched it and now i’m hooked! A guilty pleasure of mine.

    But damn@ Tonite’s episode. Poor Snookie. I felt bad for her when she got knocked out by that douche.

    They need to put the Jersey shore people on the next Real World/Road Rules Challenge, that would be a riot.

  • AutumnM

    @Elizabeth Lee

    Get over yourself. New Yorker’s don’t give a s**t about that dump known as Jersey. Seriously, you guys are the ugly sister city no one cares about. You guys are always trying to have ties to NY and act like us. NYC is a world class city and probably the most well known city in the world along with Paris. Wth is Jersey? Lmao please. Us NY’ERS only go there for shopping, the beach and six flags. No one cares about Jersey like that honey, least of all NY’ERS. We make fun of you guys all the time.

  • mimi

    Is it true that Snookie isn’t even Italian? Anybody hear that?

  • melissa asherman

    i’m from the jersey shore and i absolutely love watching this show

  • Kristina

    who’s that midget?

  • Celebwatcher

    I haven’t been to the Jersey shore in years b/c of the the snookis and “The Situation”. I do love Cape May though!!!

  • Bells

    Already hate that fat, little midget one of them… have never seen the show, just pictures… ew !

  • ethansaysdotcom

    It’s only a HIT because it’s a complete WRECK! People stop to look at wrecks on the freeway…and they do the same with television. These people are oddities to most of the world. It’s hard to imagine that people like this even exist!!!! It’s seriously embarrassing.

  • Jayce

    Its funny that we see some of you New Jersey clowns come on here and talk about New Jersey as if it is anything other than a dump. There is no way you can compare NYC to your backwater town. The sopranos isn’t based on anything other than fiction. This is the problem with you fake Guido’s in New Jersey, all of you idiots think your in the mob or New York cares a lick about your fake town of posers. The only place you little cartoons can act up like that is in New Jersey because they sure as hell will not act like that in New York without catching a serious beating.

    The New Jersey Shore is exactly like the show with the annoying jersey boy and jersey girl accents and fake ass mobb ties. Who love to proclaim that they are real Jersey boys and girls all the time as if it is a badge of Guido honor.

    The show is accurate,

  • dude

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 2012 is coming. thats the year their second season is coming out!!!

  • Stone

    Now that’s a bad commentary on our situation!

  • lakers fan in boston

    i keep missing this show =[
    i really wanna see how funny it is
    btw snooki is so ugly
    i hate chicks who think they’re hot shiz and they’re just fugs
    her fake tanner doesnt help either

  • Karen

    I can’t believe how disgusting! MTV Really? The Hills is bad enough, but come on these are the trashiest people ever and I don’t mean it in a good way.

  • Jen

    I saw a little bit of it and they were so ridiculous!

  • Betty

    This show is my guilty pleasure. I think all the guys are tools but it is funny. If I were any of those boys Mom I would be utterly ashamed of them and how they treat women, if I were there Mom they would be much nicer boys. The dirt bag white trash that punched Snookie should get his a$$ kicked for putting his hands on a woman, then get his a$$ kicked again and again while he sits in jail for a year, and then the loser sholuldlose his teaching certificate or license what ever they have. OMG I was horrified.

  • mani

    mimi—- snooki isnt italian. she was adopted from chile by italians. my friend went to high school with her.. he also said she was a huge slut

  • car crash

    its so horrible you cant look away. like watching some discovery channel special on freaks of nature.

  • jules

    reality tv-what an oxymoron.

  • Big Pimpin’

    @gargoyles: yeah i agree

  • Big Pimpin’

    @AutumnM: ure a trashy bi*ch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Big Pimpin’

    idiots who watch this don’t know the punch was prbbly frickn fake. most americans are fat, ugly, dumb sheep that will fall for anything. HA.

  • Betty Lovers

    I love the implants, very classy

  • Sara

    This nonsense can be filmed anywhere where a bar is open too long on Friday and Saturday nights and anywhere people these ages settle for less.
    I live next too bars.
    The noise these obnoxious loud types make can be heard at 1:00am when the bars close.
    In the parking lot screaming and people fighting.
    If people want this reality, just live near a row of bars and you’ll get what is called a guilty pleasure.
    Just watch out the window here, minus the bikinis it’s too cold for that and no hotubs.
    This nonsense like this goes on anywhere with barflys , not just Jersey Shore.
    Heck I just want too sleep at 1:00am or have some quiet time.
    I’m just glad when the drunks and the loud rowdy people go home.

  • MMA

    How cute! A show with a midget!

  • Khloe Dash

    Wow, there are some dumb people in America. This show is doing well because the IQ of those watching the show are that of carpet. Obviously all those that are watching this show voted for Obama. Like I said they all have the same IQ.
    Next for MTV and it will a hit. Kentucky Trailer-park, and it too will have the same idiots watching it.