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Jon & Kate Gosselin's Divorce Finalized

Jon & Kate Gosselin's Divorce Finalized

Jon and Kate Gosselin are officially divorced!

The couple, who were married for 10 years, were granted a divorce today in a Pennsylvania court and agreed upon “the equitable distribution of marital property and the payment of child support.”

Kate will stay with all eight kids in the Pennsylvania house, her attorney said.

“I am very relieved that our divorce has been finalized, and I look forward to the New Year, focusing on the children,” Kate said in a statement to Access Hollywood.

“On behalf of myself and my legal team, I want to express my deep appreciation to the Judge and his staff, as well as to the arbitrator, for resolving this case. This has been a challenging transition for all of us, but I am confident that we will move ahead with the important task of restructuring our lives.”

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  • Rhonda

    I’m sure the witch got everything, but Jon your FREE! Get the hell away from that bitch, the kids will come to you! trust me, they’ll want to get away from her soon enough!

    Kate please take care of your children and do America a favor and go the —- away!

  • dabu

    Maybe now these two can fade back into obscurity where they belong.



  • Neorules2112

    Kate is hot !!

  • rocky

    Now Jon can go and pork all those ‘little girls’ he likes to latch on to. Kate was strong willed lady, but Jon turned out to be the biggest **ck on the planet!! To have his children know about what he’s been doing with other women is just shameful! Glad Kate’s ride of the big baby! No wonder she was so strong — she was dealing with a first grader!

    Good for you Kate!

  • donna

    A middle age soccer mom from pennsyvania who happen to birth a liter of kids GIVES A STATEMENT TO “access hollywood”?? WTF?! Even real celebrities don’t give statements such as hers. Stop trying to be famous kate gosselin!

  • go away

    GO AWAY, no talent white trash

  • lisa

    The woman is a scam artist who married a dullard.
    Jon will continue to flounder and make a fool of himself.
    Kate will continue to scheme ten scams ahead of everyone.
    (the wild card is Jon playing with guns)

  • Mrs. Claus


  • Mrs. Claus


  • Mrs. Claus

    I LOVE LVOE KATE’s PR team. The wording,statements are always the best. Thanks TLC for that pr team. That person or person are worth their weight in pr gold. Perfect press releases all of the time. They give Kate the words of pr spin every time.

    Kate will go on now and start her talkshow, which her minions will love. The new books. She has hookwinked a good and sufficent following to keep her rich. Acting,voice over for a Disney movie, as kate said she wants to do. Kate the Uterous is the winner hands down.

    TLC , it was said on the news owns the house. I wonder that goes.

    Jon is broke. He wasted his.He has no common sense. he cannot make show buisiness money because the aspect of show business they are in a Womb’s World. The Womb people support Kate.

    HOWEVER,Jon can bethe winner. Build a place on that property. Get a job there. Parent those kids. In 14 yrs. ,Jon can wroite his book-Single Good Dad to 8 SmilingFaces.
    Ahhh, but will he do this.I doubt it.

    Those 8 kids need parenting,stability,and no camera time.

  • Mrs. Claus

    @go away:

  • Mrs. Claus


  • Mrs. Claus


  • anon

    Which child does Katie take her wrath out on since Jon is gone? Who does all the work while Kate barks orders from sitting on her ass or to make her look good? Do the kids still take gymnastics or other activities that we seen them do for the “show” or was that a one time deal? Your behaviors of narcissism Katie jumped to Jon and the kids like fleas from a dog, but at least they shift back into their normal personalities. You are that…a controlling, self-absorbed narcissist along with TLC wanting to earn more millions off the back of 8 little kids. Watch America, we hear and see the 8 go wild just like their father did…because they finally got to escape the narcissist mother that tried to suck their souls for her narcissistic supply source.
    Jon, your best bet for a job? Since you know a little about the business, is BEHIND the cameras…doing anything you have to do to support your kids! Ditch the fame-ho Hailey and man-up!

  • Mrs. Claus

    Rocky,why don’t do yorself and Kate a favor and just send her a check now for just $10.00. If all of her just send her a check,just 10 dollars,now before her book,that you will,you will be helping her and yourself.
    Also,you and other,ALL KATE FAN,please write to the network of her hsow with PaulaDeen and get it started.Go. HelpKate. Add to her millions you all are her minions,and will support whatever scam/businesses she goes for.
    SUPPORT YOUR IDOL. Why wait? You are going to , so go for it.

  • kendra

    How does one “focus” on the children when all they do is seek out new marketing and television opportunities before interest wanes.

  • iN tHE kNOW

    The whole thing is quite sick. She is a desperate talentless opportunist, that will now apparently have a talk show…….this really reflects the whole entertainment industry free falling off a cliff…..and Barbara Walters jumping on this tabloid bandwagon is well beneath her legacy.

  • FaithLynette

    While hindsight is *always* 20/20, I wonder if these two (looking back to all the decisions they’ve made – beginning with the one where they let their family life/8 children/marital relationship/etc… become an OPEN BOOK in front of the tv cameras and the public) have ANY regretsor would change anything. Though I don’t respect/admire/or like EITHER of them very much – from a personal standpoint, I do hope they can re-group as PARENTS/HUMAN BEINGS and make their children the main priorities in the future and put their selfish/greedy/immature/attention-seeking selves LAST, for once! THEIR CHILDREN DESERVE THAT…BECAUSE THEY TRULY ARE THE *ONLY* INNOCENT VICTIMS IN THIS WHOLE ‘MESS’!

  • Mrs. Claus

    kate is wrong.
    Jon stopped her cash flow and celebrity gig on TLC. Jon is dumb.
    Kate will earn her millions. Her fan base of sad women will pull her trough to get wealth of whatever seh dishes up.

    JON HAS TO PAY $10,000 A MONTH of child support.

    Comeon,the guys does not ahve it. Even if he stayed in teh attic in an apt.,hestill would not have that kind of money.

    She wants to break the guy. He is broke financially,emotionsly,spritutally, every which way.

    You do allow someone to save face. You do haveaheart. You do fight fair. Jon is way beneath Kate in TLC’s divorce attys.they got forher, and everything else.

    This is bad.

    The guy should just give Kate all he has. Plead to the court. Get this changed. Declare bankrupcty.

    he had real bad atty’s. Badadvice. Bad everything. I do not like nor Kate, but come on, $10,000 a month. What does she give in child support? $10,000 a month too.NOT!!!!!

  • Rhonda

    If there was a role reversal here and Kate was the man she would be called the biggest bully on the planet! She and TLC are POS! they’ll get their KARMA, don’t worry about it.

  • Miss Anonymous


    Wtf? Kate’s the major reason why the marriage failed.

  • Miss Anonymous

    The reason why Kate doesn’t love her kids it because they look like Jon. The reason why she married Jon is because she wanted cute Asian kids. Disgusting.

  • lakers fan in boston

    ive heard that he was 2 pay like 5 figure child support money every month
    i told u jon, that u would get f’ed over
    i doubt u even have savings anymore or that u’ll get a job
    let alone one that pays 5 figures a month, lmao, that’s what u get u douche

  • chelsea

    flip flip flipadephia!!! does this mean i don’t have to hear about this anymore??

  • Stacey Heartman

    I hope they never go poor

  • doskaxd

    Poor kids :(

  • KC

    How will Jon be able to pay child support when TLC will not allow him to make any paid appearances without their consent? And why is OK for TLC to film Kate in a bikini for an episode on a beach in North Carolina, but Jon could not be photographed with women wearing bikinis when he was at a paid promotion is Las Vegas? Kate was certainly paid for wearing the bikini. I’m not taking sides, but that is clearly a jaded double standard. A bikini is a bikini is a bikini, TLC’s only objective is to have total control over these people and their lives which is just another expample of greedy corporations looking for financial gain.
    Both parents and TLC created, and are continuing, to foster negative dynamics in the lives of their children. The damage cannot be reversed.

  • Stone

    It must be nice to have a legal team.

  • Leslie Love

    Jon is screwed

  • TEAM KATE!!!

    FINALLY!!! It’s so good for Kate to be rid of Mr. Useless. Now she can pursue her other interests that don’t include him. She’s going to make it. I’m not sure about Jon tho. He has no gusto, no drive. He’s been on the weed for too long and it killed his motivation. Kate is not a loser. She’s determined to survive. She’s going to get a new show. I see great things for her ahead. Keep the faith Kate and God will help you as you help yourself.

  • MMA

    Sounds like he got the better of that deal!

  • haley

    @Mrs. Claus: The fool should have never halted the show the way he did, he knew he couldn’t support those kids, he is a fool and deserves everything he gets..

  • haley

    @Miss Anonymous: The marriage failed because Jon is a cheater and a dope smoker lazy father

  • Jill

    @lakers fan in boston: Cheaper to keep her you fool Jon Gosselin no more vegas partying for you..