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Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning: 'Runaways' Teaser Trailer!

Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning: 'Runaways' Teaser Trailer!

Check out the first official photo of Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning in The Runaways!

Making its debut next month at Sundance and set to hit theaters in March of 2010, the film tells the story of The Runaways band members Joan Jett (Stewart) and keyboardist Cherie Currie (Fanning) as they make names for themselves as rockers in the 1970s.

Can’t wait!!

The Runaways – Teaser Trailer

Bigger pic inside…

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  • hey

    I liked Dakota Fanning as a kid but the trailer looks like to movie sucks.

  • u

    “The Runaway” !trailer is horrible

  • c


  • Elaine

    So tired of Kristen licking her lips or biting her lip every minute she is on screen!

  • xtina

    it’s gonna be epic movie!!
    Kristen rocks!

  • tam

    trailer looks gggreeeat. and the movie will b great too.:)

  • yo sista

    love them both

  • Tiffany

    OMG, Dakota is SO effing grown up on this trailer.

  • Ka-blamo


  • liki

    It`s funny how all the attention is on Kristen Stewart when Dakota is the really talented actress and Kristen sucks! But that`s Hollywood!!!!!

  • Matt

    if you don’t like the trailer, dakota fanning, kristen stewart and the movie then why the hell are you coming in and post your comments for? You fools have fail, epic fail :)

    Anyway, Dakota Fanning is the best professional actoress in the world and she is not afraid of anything! I saw The Runaways trailer and its awesome!!!!! I give this movie a double thumbs up! w00t! Dakota Fanning rocks the world and she will get a Oscar awards and Screen Actors Guild for this film! Go Dakota Go!!!


    Kristen Stewart irratates me with the whole”I hate life” attitude, dekota on the other hand I wish her all the best!

  • xtina

    btw Dakota is the main actress in this movie
    so i don’t think that Kristen will receive all the attention
    AND Kristen can act! she’s freakin amazing in Cake eaters!


    @Matt: I really wish people would stop using that tired ass comment, we do it because blogs are ment to “comment” regardless of if you like the person or not! so do us all a favor and download the “your own opnion rather than following others” application on your Iphone please

  • wow

    it looks like it’s gonna be a fun movie.

  • Jack

    this is kristen oportunity to probe if she really is a good actress because what i’ve seen so far in twilight, she suks
    am sorry but is true
    she and megan fox are terrible actress, at least megan is hot

  • Mary

    Looks good!


    omg… i am so excited about this movie… i mean dakota and kristen are both amaizing actresses…seriously cant wait!!!

  • RaisingChild

    It actually looks like a really good film.

  • amandap

    that looks goooood!!

  • F

    I will give the movie a chance but I’m still doubting about Kristen’s skills and Dakota was a good child actress. I think she needs to come back to characters like I am Sam or something because she’s really great and talented so please Dakota, if yo read this, do something more dramatic. Don’t try to be a trshy teen idol because your amazing!

  • polly

    omg, i can’t wait for the movie! it looks good…GO KRISTEN STEWART!!!!!

  • dundies

    You fools have fail, epic fail
    Want to try that again? Your nonsense fails

  • Alison

    This movie looks pretty bad. Dakota is a great actress and would kick K.S’s butt anyday. I think she certainly did that in New Moon….

  • lakers fan in boston

    i hate kristen, so naturally i have everything she’s in
    i like dakota tho, she actually has some talent unlike that dumb hl kristen
    she just looks depressed all the time, it’s annoying even looking at her

  • Neil

    I am from that era and I can tell all that from what I remember this band was not taken very seriously and pretty much disrespected by musician and fan alike. And yet they were so much more authentic then many pop icons are today. I think many of us just never gave them a chance. Glad that they had more than a few who did AND actually influenced some pretty good girl bands the following generation.

  • Neil


    You and dopes like you are the tired ones. Negativity is so easy and “faux cool”. Tired of fools like you who whine all the time or snark like you think people care. People don’t. They and you just want to pile on. Internet mob mentality. How banal.

  • Molly

    OMG this movie is going to s u c k!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kristen Stewart is the same person in every single movie she has like no range at all she’s Bella all over again. She really needs an acting coach or something it’s like retarded. Robert thinks she is like such a great actress he’s smoking crack.

  • what is this?

    hahaha this movie looks like it’s going to be reallllllllllly bad kristen wtf biting ur lips like Bella?????? wow same thing over and over again

  • xxx

    I’m sorry but Kristen has once again FAILED. She cannot act. Just no.

  • Face

    @Jaye – totally agreed. In Adventureland and Twilight, I wanted to scream every time she nervously ruffled her hair or licked her lips.

    It’s bad when the audience notices the mannerisms!

  • eliott

    The trailer looks good. I hope the movie is successful because The Runaways (the band) deserve the recognition. This looks a helluva lot better than the trailer I just saw for Bounty Hunter.

  • blue

    i think the trailer looks good. it is only a teaser trailer so give it some slack….eventually it the expanded trailer will be released and most likely will be better.

  • yikes

    Trouble in paradise?
    Kristin, this is not too promising.

  • Runaways

    This movie is rated R with lots of hardcore sex, drugs and rock and roll! I think it’s very brave or Kristen and Dakota to take on a movie that isn’t made to profit from their demographic (and in turn make a lot of money for the studio- considering how hot they are as a brand with New Moon being such a big box office draw.) The movie is only made with a budget of $10 million so of course it won’t look expensive. The headlining actors all take a paycut to make the movie as authentic to its origin as possible. They will instead take a percentage of the profit if the movie makes back its budget, which it surely will.

  • Runaways

    The movie is rated R with lots of hardcore sex, drugs, and rock and roll! It is very brave of the studio and for the actors to act in a movie that won’t appeal to the headlining actors’ demographic considering the high they had coming off of New Moon. This shows the faith the studio has with these young actresses. Of course the movie won’t look as good as blockbuster movies like Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland or Avatar. The movie is only being made with a budget of $10 million. All the main actors accepted paycuts and instead will take a percentage of the money made from the ticket sales.

  • sam

    kristen is super talented and hot. god i love her

  • Vnzichaela

    Kristen rocks! She still looks pretty even with that short hair.. go Kris!!



    By the way, I see the obsessed Twi-hards who hate Kristen because she’s with Robert have invaded a perfectly good thread – this trailer and the film are already getting sterling reviews, much as Kristen has gotten throughout her career, and no jealous catty bishes are gonna change that. Both Kristen and Dakota rock in this trailer – I can’t wait to see it, and am taking everyone I know. Stewart is channeling Jett like no one’s business, ditto Dakota and Curie.
    Hey Kristen, go on and make these old hater b*tches heads explod – Rpatz weep tonight in ectstasy….3x…just since they’re attacking you as usual.

  • Jadie

    I know right. everyone says she does that because she is a shy actress. I dont get it. whatever. I am tired of all of her mannerisms that she does on screen (studdering, putting her hand through her hair, licking her lips, kissing other girls (there is a make-out scene between Kstew and dakota fanning)


    Some of you sicken me, and make me ashamed to be female. You’re ganging up on one small teenage girl all over the net, just because Rob loves her? You’re disgusting.
    I never noticed this level of hatred when the first Twilight came out – I guess ‘Robsten’ wasn’t ON, then, eh??? hahahaha!
    Well they are MORE than ‘ON’ now baby, so deal. Despite you jealous she-slags best efforts, Kristen is always gonna be the cream that rises to the top. Do you really think your opinion counts for anything – you’re nothing more than ‘mean girls,’ doing what you do best — destroying other women you don’t know out of PURE jealousy over ‘a guy.’ On some levels, you ought to be ashamed beating up on a young girl, but I know you’re not. The anonymity of the internet makes you b*tches braver than you’d normally be. I mean really, how SAD are your lives that you’d attack a teenager just because she’s loved by a hot guy you’ll never have. I mean really – does it GET anymore DEMENTED??!!
    Get a life c*nts. There’s no excuse for any of you harboring this much anger, resentment and jealousy for a girl whose only guilty of carrying a half BILLION dollar franchise on her back – and dating Robert Pattinson (yeah, we know you hater twahts see that as her REAL crime). She’s NOT Hitler, she’s not a Tiger Wood’s ho, she’s never been to jail, or been nominated for a razzie – she just has the respect of her peers and all of Hollywood. You being jealous lames, and trying to make day into night, and black into white – will NOT change reality, it only makes YOU look and sound like the jealous crazy rpatz freaks you are.
    so take it from Stephanie Meyer who said she thanks her stars for Kristen, from the NY Times and LA Times, that count Kristen’s portrayal of Em’ in Adventureland, as one of the best this year (it’s in 8 of every 10 ‘Best of’ lists, and Kris in every fcking frame!) and Chris Weitz who reveres her talent more than any actor he’s ever met — along with most of her peers in Hollywood and even some legends– she’ll do just FINE without you angry jealous twahts who just want to rake her over the coals for who she’s dating.
    Frankly, It’s the same exact sh*t Angelina Jolie deals with for being with Brad Pitt – no one had a problem with Jolie when she was a single mom kicking ass and taking names – people loved her, her moxy, her fortitude, and her charity work — but she gets with ‘Brad Pitt,’ and the crazy jealous b*tches lose their fcking minds…calling her every vile name in the book. Be as strong as Jolie is Kristen – you may not have wanted that kind of fame, but you have it now…just live your life, and keep your eyes on the real prize, your career and the man you love. ;)
    I sincerely hope that for every nasty jealous stab in the back she gets from hater worthless females such as yourselves, she loves Robert Pattinson TEN times as hard.
    Keep doing what you’re doing Kristen, know that for every b*tch that comes for you for dating Rob, 100 more are backing you up, wishing you guys the best life has to offer. Don’t let these crazy jealous loser females get you down. They are the equiv of the Tiger Woods ho’s — willing to stab another woman in the back in the blink of an eye.
    I will be there with bells on when the first showing of The Runaways hits my local theater, as will dozens of my closest and mostest on March 19. The trailer rocks, and sites all over the web are praising you and Dakota (already!!) for an amazing job well done.

  • mimi

    The trailer looks amazing, though I agree that Dakota is the actress and Kristen is more of a model type.

  • Matt

    Jaye, for your information, I am 35 years old and thank you for your weakiest comment! I’ve been a fan of Dakota Fanning ever since I AM Sam duhhhhhh! So Learn to read next time loser :)

    To YezSir, I do not have iphone retard and get a clue little child, so you fail :)

  • Matt

    Dakota Fanning is the best actoress in the world! She is better than any other actoress out there! I have met Dakota Fanning near my home where she was filming “The Secret Life of Bees” and got her autograph! w00t! I have all her movies from I Am Sam to Twilight: New Moon :) I can’t wait to see The Runaways next year!

    Dakota Fanning owns! so take that you fakers! ;)

  • sugar

    @Matt: hahaahahaha r u sure ur 35 wat type of 35year old would waste their time on this XD lmao u should have said 18-20 better yet 16

  • Get lives jealous girls

    So, uh, I see – now you jealous loonies are trying to make this a contest or catfight between Kristen & Dakota? Hahaha. Good luck with that. Uh, the movie hasn’t even released yet – and you’re priming message boards for some versus battle, that exists only in your own toxic jealous minds – and all for what? This movie is ABOUT solidarity among young women, and you lames ripping them apart, are the antithesis of that. You want to reduce these two strong young women to b*tchy cats like yourselves who will destroy each other over pettiness and resentments. Sorry, but that’s not going to happen – not only are they great friends, but the support they exude and their relationship is quite genuine. By the way, there’s a main and a supporting role, so they aren’t exactly in competition either. Just so you’ll know Dakota admires Kristen (and vice versa) – I’ve already read several interviews where she gives her amazing props, and expresses that if she had to do 3 movies in a row with anyone, it would be Kris every time.
    Try stabbing some other girl in the back that you don’t know, but that you’re real jealous of. Kristen has way too much support among her peers and her fans for you lames to make a dent.
    Oh, and one more thing…
    You might as well drop the attacks, you’ll never have Robert, so what’s the point really.

  • Stacey Hearts

    I hope they kiss and make out

  • AutumnM

    Didn’t even recognize either of them, wow

  • yes

    This is so badass, I love it!!! now this is cool!! I can’t wait Kristen kills it!

  • LALA

    looks amazing. cant wait to see it.