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Rachel Bilson: Sorento Market Mom!

Rachel Bilson: Sorento Market Mom!

Rachel Bilson and her mom Janice make a quick stop at Sorento Italian Market on Friday (December 18) in Culver City, Calif.

The day before, the 26-year-old actress was seen rolling out her recycling and trash bins onto the street.

Below are two stills from Rachel‘s upcoming cameo on the hit CBS show, How I Met Your Mother. The episode will air on Monday (January 11) on CBS!

FYI: Rachel‘s sporting a Laminated Fleece Hoodie by Bird by Juicy Couture!

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson and her Sorento Market mom…

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rachel bilson sorento market 01
rachel bilson sorento market 02
rachel bilson sorento market 03
rachel bilson sorento market 04
rachel bilson sorento market 05
rachel bilson sorento market 06
rachel bilson sorento market 07
rachel bilson sorento market 08
rachel bilson sorento market 09
rachel bilson sorento market 10
rachel bilson sorento market 11
rachel bilson sorento market 12
rachel bilson sorento market 13
rachel bilson sorento market 14

Credit: Ben Dome; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • ali

    she’s pretty can’t wait to watch that episode

  • DickRambone

    ever notice how some guys nutsacks smell like the powdered flavoring in Ramen Noodles?

  • DingDang

    this is the definition of ugly, what the hell happened to her, she looks like her mother

  • ???

    man she is ugly and tasteless, scarf with those pants, is she insane

  • ocsethummer

    No engagement ring again!
    Maybe she is trying to create speculation, to remove the attention from Reese and Jake. Once the hype is built she will then wear the ring to sustain the media attention.

  • http://deleted sandra27

    so how she got the job in himym? i mean all her previous jobs had either to do with hayden, doug liman, mcg and josh schwartz,who is the connection here. another thing jared why you make a little job of rachel bilson such a big deal? you totaly ignored adam brody everytime you posted news about jennifer’s body events, and vmas again adam was totaly ignored,thats not fair , ha,i love you otherwise jared .

  • em

    Fountain of youth? Rachel’s 28 haha.

  • xxx

    Does she go out every day or something?

  • paulette

    ” Once the hype is built she will then wear the ring to sustain the media attention.”

    ORLY? hmmmm…. Then I guess her now wearing it now means nothing. If they really are broken up then HC has the ring, not her, so she can’t wear it again.

  • paulette

    ” Once the hype is built she will then wear the ring to sustain the media attention.”

    ORLY? hmmmm…. Then I guess her not wearing it now means nothing. If they really are broken up then HC has the ring, not her, so she cant wear it again.

  • Leia

    Rachel looks pretty as usual, love her street style! All haters don’t came to bother!

  • Baby

    She is a cute girl I love her outfit

  • M


  • Stacey Hearts

    Why did she break up with hayden/

  • sharon

    @Leia: LOL street style you walked right into that one ..guess one has to look street smart while pushing a trash can :0

  • EmK

    @M: I’m pretty sure its the Marc by Marc Jacobs Petal To The Metal Sasha Hobo. I’ve been wanting it or months. It looks bigger on her than it is, but she is petite, and it still looks like it from the side.

  • Em

    SHE’S 28!

  • Alias

    @11 – she looks gorgeous no matter what she’s doing

    @15 – unlike some unnamed pot smoking, rapist supporting, recession loving, nerdy, lonely actress who without her makeup looks like cr@p

  • jessica

    I think they split! why did she not wear the ring on the market? :D

  • ?

    big butt, damn ugly profile – jeez who let the DOG out! Kennel it ASAP!

  • ?

    protruding butt, damn ugly profile – jeez- who let the dog out! kennel it asap!

  • lexy

    @ Alias the key word in your insults to Natalie are ACTRESS. Despite all the comments Natalie’s one of the top ACTRESSES in HW and a household name. Maybe RB should become a rapist supporting, no make-up wearing, recession loving ACTRESS so she can get some jobs and a Golden Globe Nomination…perhaps her movies might actually get released in theaters too!! Also do some research on your favorite has been – she’s done drugs and drinks and was involved in a VERY bad drunk driving accident which she has a scar to show. I don’t recall anyone having to be airlifted to the hospital b/c of Nat’s one time pot smoking. Or go on You Tube and see her making a fool of herself more recently when her friend had to help her to her car b/c she could barely walk she was so drunk – yet drove herself home.
    She’s definately not wearing the ring so she can try and drum up some gossip. Trust me – she’d claim she slept with Tiger if it would help her.
    As an actual viewer of HIMYM I know how she got the job…she looks like the girl who plays the daughter. Thank GOD it’s a cameo and if she IS the mom we won’t see her until the SERIES finale which hasn’t been announced.

  • http://deleted sandra27

    @lexy thanks, hey did you see rachel is 2 younger than one month ago. wow. i wish that happens to me.
    @alias compairing natalie with rachel is like compairing brad pitt with
    brody jenner.
    @ocsethsummer , i agree , this not wearing ring thing is crying out loud for some attention.

  • hater/s till end

    Alias looked and sound the “Loony Lana(ss)” who bugged this site for a very short time but then got lost now somewhere… nice dumb try just like your fave DumbChel!

  • chris23

    Hey, the media whore is back in action.

  • stacy

    Natalie Portman doesn’t need to be brought in to every friggin’ discussion about Rachel Bilson. Natalie Portman probably doesn’t even know who Rachel Bilson is. Comparing them is like comparing the president of the pep club to the President of the United States. THey are nowhere near in the same league. And in case you missed my point, Rachel would be the pep club president in this case.

    Like her or not, Natalie Portman is a respected, accomplished, and WORKING actress and producer, and a humanitarian. Rachel Bilson shops a lot and writes a fashion column once a month, and, let’s face it, gets most of her work from her connections with the OC crew (and even they aren’t doing much for her). Maybe if she would go back to television she might have a semblance of a career, but basically right now all she is is as professional shopper. She might be a nicer person than Natalie Portman (who knows?) but career and prestige-wise, as well as actual contributions to society, there is no comparison. If you want to compare Rachel to someone and actually make her look GOOD, try someone on her level, like Mischa Barton or the cast of 90210.

  • bobby

    the paparazzis waiting in front of her house?
    are you kidding she is a d lister

  • aberfitch

    Rachel Weisz goes to the Letterman Show promoting Lovely Bones, then Rachel McAdams goes to Kimmel for promoting Shelock Holmes…
    While the othe always outcast RaTchel Bilson goes only yet ceaselessly to the market store while dumping some garbage trash on the side… very fitting & well deserved.

  • !

    Rachel’s crash.

    “I had a few years from the age of 14 till about 16 when I was hanging out with people I probably shouldn’t have been hanging out with, pretending to drink beer and acting cool. They were older than me, my brother’s friends, so I can blame him. Then one day we all got into a car accident. It was a head-on collision and everyone ended up in hospital. One guy was paralysed and I was unconscious for a day or two.”

    1. Same time she had her cherry popped.
    2. One to Two days hospitalization is not a serious injury. (My brother had a head on collision with a car. Injuries included pelvis fractured in six places, fractured skull & cheekbone, fractured right arm in two places, severed thumb, seven fractured ribs, swelling to the brain, internal bleeding. (Time unconscious three & a half weeks, time healing seven months). Rachel’s crash just a sympathy ploy to explain lack of intelligence.
    3. No mention of air-lifting.
    4. Any memory loss more likely due to drinking quantities of excess alcohol & drugs.

    Story proves, yet again, what a horrible phoney she is.

  • @Alias

    Stacy #26 gives good advice. You should really think about TAKING IT so as not to look like a complete idiot.

  • lana

    My computer is working now, finally pictures of her in LA! but where is the ring? I not see it in the latest candids

  • aberfitch

    Of course it is… very inevitable that a fughag mom would beget a fughag spawn.
    Isnt it that PopSugar is the 2nd patronised gossip site of RaTchel – why is it that she & and her android fiancee is continually missing in their polls?!
    Some “reality bites” (for being infinitely tagged as an ostracized & undistinguished twocoos) or due to some “postdated checks” LOL

  • ???

    this is for whoever in hell thought to compare Rachel the loser/ditz to the young queen of HW
    that is what the web cite said:
    “Natalie Portman is the mostly lovely working actress alive today, in my humble opinion!”

  • antwacky

    @29 – Rachel’s crash just a sympathy ploy to explain lack of intelligence…

    That would really be a great excuse but hell no buts & no ifs… that its more believable that BilPUKE’s idiocy is simply congenital & inborn.

  • Alias

    Natalie is such a good girl alright, bragging about smoking pot and getting drunk, she also supports a rapist and thinks the recession is good, what a joke! Even when she does risque scenes in movies (if you call showing her ugly butt) to drum up attention, then goes on to say she regrets doing those scenes, what a fraud! Queen of HW my @ss! JMO, if you don’t like it, don’t ask someone to read it to you.

    @30 – and you sound like you already have been taking it, and for a long time too
    @33 – why the F should I care what that person thinks! And website is spelled with an s. You’re a perfect example of the failure of the education system, congrats!
    IMO, while she may not be the actress N is, she is the better person I believe

  • lana

    @Alias: I don’t have nothing against you, really, but why do you always talk about Natalie here? Compare these girls is really stupid, they are very different, the only thing in common is that both worked with Hayden and only. Why you don’t compare Mischa with Rachel too? Mischa also worked with Hayden and made worse things than Natalie and nobody ever mentioned her name here. Another Nayden fan?

  • Alias

    @36 – the funny thing is I didn’t start the comparison, do your research and you’ll see all the R haters are also N supporters, the same people who defend N on her thread against N haters like myself are the same people who are R haters, is that too confusing for you? They seem to relish saying R is nothing compared to N, which is probably true onscreen but offscreen, I think R is a much better person than N. And how could I be Nayden fan when I’m standing up for R, his fiance? There are actually R haters who think R is worse than Mischa (they know who they are) And one final thing, R is only an inch shorter than N so to call Rachel a midget all the time is beyond pathetic

  • @Alias

    jeez, what did NP do to yank ur schizo chain? so she was one of many in the Ind to support RP, so what! he didn’t rape that little wh*re, she gave herself to him & her parents stood by pimping her 4 profit. u don’t know u.s. girls, they sell their s*x for clothes at the age of 12, it’s how they get their b/f’s to pay for stuff they couldn’t buy themselves. read about it, it was a national survey. they r all sluts & they start early. 1 in 4 teenage girls in the u.s has an STD. fact.
    so NP made a crack about the recession – again, STFW, i don’t know anyone who’s that affected by it.
    & she smoked pot & got drunk – again, louder, STFW. WTF r u, a damn muslim? who hasn’t!
    u think ur piece of trash hasn’t had a ganga party now & then. grow up, please. RB is a foul-mouthed drunken idiot hitched to a stoner, both of whom CANNOT ACT!

  • @37

    It actually makes sense, it is natural for someone who supports educated, talented, gorgeous NP to hate superficial ditz fame wh0000 RB. Why not? NP is what is great about HW, she makes the thing look respectable whereas Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan and RB make it trash dump.

  • Hey

    RB is Thinking how to wheel the trash can, don’t think too hard you can hurt yourself, reeeetard.

  • bobby

    of course rachel bilson is worse then mischa barton there is no question about that

  • height?,0,4
    this guy is almost 6.2, no way NP is only 5.3, she is at least 5.4-5.5

    and RB is 5.1 and a half
    Alias there is nothing to compare

  • Alias

    @38 – the way you talk, you must’ve been on Maury…more than a few times ROTFLMFAO!!! You ARE the father!!!! LMFAO!!!

  • @Alias 37

    Come up with something about RB that is actually real and decent, we will wait for another hundred years, take your time.

  • M


  • jessica

    It’s incredible, but they don’t talk about Mischa because she’s worse than Rachel LOL

  • @jessica 46

    Another delusional RB fan? MIscha was the lead in OC and made a lot more movies than RB. Mischa with all her problems is the real star and designer, RB is her midget side kick and a follower.

  • Alias…

    accurately reminds me of “Anakin”… So to those 99% ANTI-Rachel here, havent you all now forgot about that pest?!
    Check it out to some previous threads…

  • @jessica46

    Mischa is much younger than RB and has no relatives in HW to get her work and is much more known and successful than RB. RB lies and you lie, no wonder you are a fan. BTW, has anyone seen the engagement ring from Adam Brody to RB or it is just her PR team spreading rumors to save her tarnished image of a little whooornet.

  • antwacky

    M. Barton lost her supposed to be promising career due to her emotional problems…
    While R. Bilson cant even jumpstart any career due to her “mental” problems – lol!