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Shane Sparks Arrested For Child Molestation

Shane Sparks Arrested For Child Molestation

Shane Sparks, a judge on the MTV reality competition America’s Best Dance Crew, was arrested at 8AM in North Hollywood on Friday (December 18) for alleged child molestation.

KTLA reports Shane, who is being held on $590,000 bail, was charged with 9 counts of molestation, including a lewd act upon a child that took place in 1994.

Back in April, So You Think You Can Dance choreographer Alex DeSilva was arrested for multiple sexual assaults.

FYI: Shane also choreographed for SYTYCD. First Alex, now Shane? What?!

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  • rocky

    OMG!!! i’m shocked! Totally shocked!!! He’s a judge on American Next Dance Crew. I’m totally shocked!! Hope this isn’t true. Horrible if it is.

  • Whoa

    What the!! I highly respect Shane for his creativity in dance but what is wrong with him?!? I never would have thought he would do this. If convicted, he may be out of a job on ABDC and SYTYCD. Sad to hear this story. I always look forward to what he brings on the dance floor

  • Jo


  • Mandy


  • SubSub

    Nasty f.u.c.k.e.r!

  • shenanyginz

    wait. WHAT?!!!!

  • Kenza

    Ewww, OMG that is so digusting!! He’s an amazing dancer too. That’s really terrible.

  • Whatevs

    Bet any amount of money she was 14 posing as 18 and either she or her parents didn’t get the money they thought they should get so someone made an anonymous call.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    he’s a disgusting perverted nobody. the best thing you could of done was not posting on this loser.

  • Jen

    @Whatevs: Doesn’t make it right and legally, that is no excuse. Nor is it an excuse morally.

  • mswin


  • Tito

    Who gives a F if he can dance he a sick f’er that needs to be in prison. I’m not shocked though because that’s hollywood for you money and perverts.

  • dsbnh

    Guys… Accused does not mean guilty. The public is just so stupid. I really need to stop checking out this site.

  • nativenyker

    The dance world is insulated and this cross-generational activity is more common than is reported. It’s what happens when kids are placed in a world where they are expected behave like adults without parental supervision…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • lj

    yall is trippin! this was way back in 1994, the girl is probably like 19-21 right now. so all of this is just stupid.

    and btw; pleasure p said on his website that all that was a damn lie.

  • jj

    Hello you foolish trolls. Lets not accuse this man until he is proven guilty in a court. Right now its just accusations you trolls Remember we have a justice system in this country.

    Jared are all your readers stupid teenagers?

  • scooter

    # 15, 16… is NOT stupid. It is very possible. Just wait and see.

    If it turns out to be true, (probably is)…..then I hope he is thrown in the gutter and sealed inside forever with just bread and water thrown at him,.

    Disgusting pig if it is true,.

  • gigi

    i am disgusted by men that do this…for me personally having been in that situaution justice must be served…makes me just throw up. you never know who is capable of doing certain things, its crazy.

  • dsbnh

    Scooter, you are precisely one of the idiots we are talking about. “Probably is”? What, you just can’t reserve judgment until it goes to trial or details come out? To idiots like you someone being accused makes it “probable” that they did something. Hope you never get accused of anything while being innocent, the cognitive dissonance would be enough to make your head explode.

  • Joanne

    Why did the girl wait so long to charge him?? She must be broke!

  • Reggie

    to dsbnh- commenter:

    Mistake! YOU are the only idiot responding to this. Just because you are a huge fan and probably so-called brother/sister of this monster does not mean it has not happened. Why would news like this come up now? It just means there is ” probable” proof, etc.

    How disgusting for an idiot like YOU to seem to support this monster?

    Go get an education

  • Chau

    First words that came out of my mouth: EWWWWWWW! Disgusting!

  • rocky


    ITA! That’s why I said I hope it’s not true. Let’s get all the facts before we find him guilty.

  • lalalove

    I can’t say I’m surprised. The way he looked at the girl on the show (some underaged) told a story that is finally revealed.

  • Sav.

    Omg. Isn’t he dating Francia Raisa? The girl from the secret life of the american teenager?

  • American

    This is AMERICA guilty until proven for blacks in the lime light except for R. KELLY he was guilty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess all of u that are upset watched him do these things and are now upset that it happened. So why didn’t u convince the girl to tell back when it happened. Or are all of u related to MONICA LEWNSKY and saved his his DNA. And we wonder why other countries laugh at AMERICA

  • British Latin American

    A lot of this is the result of these closeted gay men repressing their homosexual tendencies to pass as ┬┤straight’ male dancers- they end up acting out in inappropriate ways.

  • p

    Burn in hell perv

  • Memei

    what. I can’t believe this wow wow wow. What are these people on. SO Shocked

  • dsbnh

    Reggie, I don’t even know who this guy is so your accusations of me being a fan are ridiculous. The reason I ask for people to wait before casting judgment is because reputations can be ruined without an ounce of proof with that mentality. Our justice system presses charges, it does not declare someone guilty without a trial and examining evidence. Morons like you are the reason why reputations are ruined without so much as an ounce of proof being necessary. You have the insight and intelligence of a nawt for jumping to conclusions that you are simply not informed enough to make. Calling me uneducated? Are you kidding me?

    By the way, I never argued that it never happened. I argued that we shouldn’t rush to judgment over an arrest. This is why you are an idiot. You saw an argument that was not there to begin with…

  • dsbnh

    @Reggie: By the way, I’d love to know what an idiot like you calls an “education”. Junior college? High School dropout? Good lord people on this site are stupid sometimes.

  • gross..poor girl many molestors coming out of the word works….pleasure p (except he wasnt famous enough 4 mayjah sites to report his),now this dude…gosh….i pray and hope tht poor girl isnt messed up,sexual abuse crimes are jst so hurtful to hear abt…

  • Celia

    WHOA!!! WTF?!!! This is crazy!!

  • natalia

    sick bastard

  • Michael Florin

    I can’t believe this! He used to be active on “So You Think You Can Dance” as a choreographer. I was a big fan. I hope this isn’t true.

  • xxx

    Send him to the slammer!

  • Al


  • Al


  • eliott

    Jared, I’ll bet this guy also enjoyed looking at photographs of children. How nice of you to provide hundreds of photos of children for these pervs to drool over.

  • Baby

    Wow thats is crazy.

  • kaitlyn

    okay first Chris Brown is abusive, now shane sparks is a child molester? Will these talented people quit be disgusting? I can’t be their fans anymore… and it makes me so mad, b/c i really think they are talented… but i can’t appreciate their art anymore. This is awful news.

  • Klaus

    dsbnh poster….

    huh? you are the only one hoping he is not guilty of this sick crime.

    and the Idiot…….YOU

  • oy

    Some people are entirely too inspired by Roman Polanski.

  • Stacey Hearts

    Was the girl of legal consent?

  • dsbnh

    @Klaus: I am asking people not to jump to conclusions. Are you that much of an idiot that you cannot tell the different?

    By the way, are you saying you are hoping he is guilty of the crime?

  • LYNN

    I dont even know this person, but I am hoping he is not guilty of this act. I am hoping that others here are not saying they hope he is guilty of this horrible act. I would not want this to have happened to a child being it a girl or boy.

  • Kiree-el

    People calm down…it said “Alleged” Give the man a chance please. You know the media is looking to inject fear, speculation of character, ratings, and “a story.” Soooo, b4 u buzz off that this judge is no longer respected by you, guilty, or your perception changes……………he is innocent until proven guilty. LET THE MAN HAVE HIS DAY IN COURT BEFORE YOU EXECUTE HIM ON BLOG!!!!!!!

  • Stone

    Here come the real Judge!

  • to american

    you are definitley one sick person. this is 9 counts of molestation, including a lewd act upon a child that took place in 1994 that he is being charged with. this is not simply the act of holding the child’s hand. get this straight; there is no excuse for this man’s behavior and if he is found guilty i can think of a few prisons where he should be sent.; sing sing and attica are at the top of my list.

  • Pearl

    dsbnh- so, WHO is the idiot? YOU

    didn’t you see the recent news? Don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand……..when there is speculation—-it comes out to be true most of the time.

    Go eat your shoes