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Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Sevilla Celebration!

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: Sevilla Celebration!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes celebrate her 31st birthday at an Irish pub in Sevilla, Spain on Thursday (December 17)!

Also joining in on the fun were the family’s kids Suri, Connor and Isabella and Tom‘s Knight and Day co-star Cameron Diaz.

After spending time together to celebrate, the Cruises headed straight to the airport after wrapping up filming earlier that day.

Happy birthday, Katie!!

10+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes celebrating her birthday…

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tom cruise katie holmes birthday irish pub 01
tom cruise katie holmes birthday irish pub 02
tom cruise katie holmes birthday irish pub 03
tom cruise katie holmes birthday irish pub 04
tom cruise katie holmes birthday irish pub 05
tom cruise katie holmes birthday irish pub 06
tom cruise katie holmes birthday irish pub 07
tom cruise katie holmes birthday irish pub 08
tom cruise katie holmes birthday irish pub 09
tom cruise katie holmes birthday irish pub 10
tom cruise katie holmes birthday irish pub 11
tom cruise katie holmes birthday irish pub 12

Credit: Target; Photos: Famepictures
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  • #1

    Tom looks more attentive to Cameron than to Katie.

  • dundies

    i love that cameron was there. they have great chemistry

  • Just sayin….

    William Bradley Pitt and Kate Noelle Holmes were born 15 years apart on December 18. Below are photos of the pair in 1999 and 2009.

    Quick Poll
    Who has aged better the past 10 years?







  • well

    @Just sayin….: I guess they haven’t seen recent pix of Brad the grandpa pitt, eh?

  • DUH

    WOW! Did the aliens just land? And why is that BABY in the bar at that hour? FREAKS!!!!!!! Fruit Loop. tampon smellin disgusting pieces of trash/ And the bat SH*T amount of crazy just doesn seem to end/

  • lakers fan in boston

    wow, only 31, she looks much older than that
    cameron looks like she’s having a fun time
    even tommy girl but as always katie looks weepy

  • Mrs. Claus

    WHY why could Connor and Isablla be sent to Australia to be withtheir Mother and grandparents and sister and ste-father?

    Very odd.

    The children will spend the holidays with Toms’ constant sisters,mother,and Katie’s family in Telluride and everyone ohhhing,ahhhing and adoring Queen Suri.

    Strangefamily situation when it comes to Isabella and Connor being with their mother..

  • st pooch

    31st birthday ? Yeah, Right.
    She is actually 18 years old right?

    Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KATIE HOLMES!!!

    KA- BOOM!!!

    Let the party continue !!!! ; )

  • Ha!!

    I just realized that three trunk cankle mouth is so big.

  • st pooch

    It’s too creepy commenting & getting into someones family situations with out knowing what’s going on really. it’s noone’s bussiness unless beeing asked for it . plase erase & block this comment & postor for future.

  • snoozarooni

    happy birthday to the dullest woman in america…zzz….

  • roadkill

    @lakers fan in boston: Hah..l smell divorce….

  • Irish pub?

    the alchoholic rumors are looking true.

  • VIDEO: Tom mad Katie drunk!
  • jake

    If Tom were a real man, he would dump that ugly golddigger and go after Cameron. If he doesn’t go after Cam, I think that pretty much confirms his sexual preferences. There ain’t NO WAY he’s doing Katie Holmes. She’s nasty.

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest Sarah

    Happy Birthday Katie!

  • anon

    Christina Aguilera’s birthday is today also

  • J

    @st pooch: “Iplase erase & block this comment & postor for future.”
    Are you retarded ?

  • Dieter

    JARED – On the motorbike Tom got a hard-on and Cam touched it; I saw that.

    I love both Katie and Cam !!!!

  • @well

    Brad is still a good looking man even tho he doesn’t look the best he has ever looked–BUT HE STILL BEAT OUT HOMELY.

  • Just My Opinion

    The article says after these pictures were taken they headed home.
    Exactly where is home? It should say they headed to the United States.
    I suspect Katie who seems to AVOID the Beverly Hills mansion is headed for her Long Island rental in New York unless filming has stopped until
    she returns from Spain or after the Christmas holidays. They travel so much I don’t think its exciting anymore especially for Suri. She needs
    stability. According to reports, Isabella and Connor might be headed to
    Australia to spend the holidays with Nicole Kidman (although I’ll believe it when I see the pictures). I get the feeling Cruise sometimes deliberately moves his adopted children around the states to keep them from Nicole.

  • Mario

    Stop creating drama where none exists, #2.

    She is a baby and WOULD need more attention, #7. You shouldn’t be calling her a brat and also claiming that Cruise’s other daughter plays second fiddle. It’s a mean thing to say. It’s also mean to make fun of that poor girl’s physical appearance.

    Maybe she’s not a third wheel or tag-along and just their friend, #11.

    Of course you ‘sense’ something. There’s always something wrong when it comes to TomKat according to critics.

    You’re an imbecile, #19.

    You are so paranoid and misinformed, #25.

  • to #26

    I don’t where you’re from, but in this country, the US, it’s called freedom of speech. People can call whoever whatever they want, and if they’re afraid of being “mean”, and refrain from saying something “mean”, it wouldn’t be called comment, would it?

  • TLC

    This movie is gonna be a rom-com?

    I am really getting suspicious. Whenever Nicole is having a family time or in town or somewhere aside from Nashville, Tom make sure the older kids are with him and somewhere???
    When she’s in LA, the kids are in NY or aborad. When Nicole is in NY, they are at some events in LA. Bella and Conner’s pictures are not taken that frquently, but especially those times, they pop up.

  • @MARIO

    You are the one creating drama. This is a blog and #7 can say what they want whether any of us agree with it or not.
    And I wonder if Tommy girl would like a third wheel or tagalong for Katie–a male costar perhaps? Bet that would threaten the little man’s masculinity and send him into even higher elevated shoes.
    Tch tch tsk tsk. Name calling again Mario.
    And #26 is not paranoid nor is she misinformed. Cruise does seem to remove the two older kids anytime Kidman gets in their vicinity. It is like he is deliberately taunting her. And there are rumors the kids will be spending Christmas in Australia with her. But no doubt Tommy the Jerk will make sure it doesn’t happen.
    You are the one that is paranoid and misinformed. Nicole loves those kids. And you better believe delusional Cruise uses Scientology any way he can to keep them from her. Google it. Check it out. She is a suppressive person.

  • Mary

    Tom is still very protective about the older kids??? We rarely hear anything from him about the kids.

    Nicole mentioned this and that (most of the time the press didn’t pick it up). That Bella is going to Art school, she gave Sunday Rose her bracelet from when she was two years old etc (saw Sunday was wearing one). Conner into acting etc.

    Tommy C is really tight-lipped about those things (I don’t discuss about it??), except he loves paps pictures of Suri and dangling her in front of the cameras/too many photo-ops.

  • Baby

    I thought they broke up……

  • Mario

    You may have a legal right to say these things but not a moral one, #27.

    Of course you’re suspicious, #28. You’re a critic. You find patterns where none exist that in some way makes TomKat look bad.

    Like I said, #29, you have a legal right to say anything you want but not a moral one and I will call you out on that.

    Why are you so hell-bent on thinking that Cruise is so insecure or that Holmes is so uncomfortable or that Diaz is interrupting their festivities?

    You are being paranoid and misinformed. You’re imagining things and coming up with a bunch of conclusions backed up by nothing since you don’t know any of them personally. You give the man way too much power. No. I’m not idiotic enough to believe that Big Bad Cruise uses evil Scientology magic to break court agreements. You people are such gullible fools that need to stop believing everything they read.

    You’d just say that he was trying to drum up good PR as an ideal father and that he wasn’t respecting his kids’ privacy, #30. It’s always a catch-22 with TomKat. Cruise has talked about his kids before anyway. (Though usually on his son and youngest daughter and not his more reclusive, older daughter).

  • @mario

    As usual you interpret things to fit your view. I never said that Diaz is interupting the festivities. I think it is great she was invited, but somehow I don’t see Cruise extending the same courtesy to a MALE friend of Katies. In fact you rarely see pictures of Holmes with anyone but her minders, the princess pimp and Tommy girl.
    But BIG BAD CRUISE did use the cult to break up his marriage with Kidman. One of the top guys who left the cult even said so and had plenty of information to back it up.
    You are the one that is the gullible fool. You think TomKat’s machine doesn’t power the good publicity, the pictures etc? Hahaha. They do. Whenever you see an article in People – his PR Machine has most likely sent it in or called it in (same goes for Kidman and the rest). Cruise’s team calls the paps for photo ops. And if you don’t believe that is true, then you truly are a naive, trusting foolish fan.

  • oy

    Partying at an Irish pub in Spain is like going to Paris and eating at McDonald’s.

  • Stacey Hearts

    I hope she gets pregnant again!

  • @stacey Hearts

    why? So she can practice her inept parenting skills on another child?

  • LOL

    I think Crazy just wet his pants from too much excitement…….or he just got his period and forgot his tampons.,0,5

  • jake,0,9

    Katie Holmes is s ucking her thumb in this photo. Guess she has nothing else to s uck on since Cam and Tom obviously have something going on.

    Katie has always been infantile. Her brain never expanded beyond that of a two year old. Actually, Suri is probably more intelligent and mature than her idiot mother.

  • jake

    It looks as though Tom is trying avoid Katie and is focusing all his attention on the hot, hot, hot Cameron Diaz.

    While Katie is shopping for new high heels and makeup for Suri, Tom and Cam have been playing.

  • annieRich

    I actually think that Katie Holmes is very pretty, but what is a three year old girl doing in a bar?

  • Belissima

    the 3 year old shouldn’t be there…. why is cameron there….? that’s not right either…. and why are they not dressed up going somewhere cute in spain? not a irish bar? i mean tom, you’re a multimillionair, and your wifes birthday is spending it in a irish pub? please.. even my boyfriend does better things with me..
    and katie is so not herself anymore, she was always happy and cute and sweet.. not she is a wreck… so sad

  • must say

    cam is fun. alive!

  • Dani


    I don’t care for TomKat at all, but must take your comment apart. First off, in many European countries, kids are allowed in bars. Not allowed to drink, but are allowed to participate in dinner and music with parents.

    And why shouldn’t Cam be there? She appears to be a friend of both Tom and Katie. According to Mimi Rogers, Tom isn’t the most sexually driven human being on the planet (although she later tried to retract her – he lived like a monk statement after getting the wrath of Scientology down on her). So I doubt he is doing the lovely Cam. There may also be other people there. Cam has her choice of men and I doubt Tom would be on the list. She tends to go for TALL good looking guys, not short I wanna be 30 again insecure actors like Tom.

    Thirdly, why shouldn’t they celebrate at an Irish Pub. If spending a lot of money on your significant other or partner is your criteria for love, then I feel sorry for you. An Irish Pub sounds fun. Been in Chicago and NYC ones many times for celebrations for Valentine’s day, birthdays and more. Also have been to the $100 a person restaurants. The fun and love is in who you are with and not the surroudings or the gifts.

  • LOL

    Yah Dani, you don’t care for them at all, but feel the NEED to tear a comment apart. Okay…we believe you….

  • dani


    Actually I like Cam. And I really think it is sad when a couple invites a single female friend to celebrate something and then everyone trashes her. Or male friend. Most of us that aren’t Hollywood stars have gone out to dinner with our partner and a friend before so why can’t hollywood types? Be it TomKat or anyone else?
    Most of them know better than to be seen with anyone other than that their partner since people like you and Belissima make a huge drama out of it.
    And LOL, quite frankly I can’t think of another actor that I dislike more than Tom. In my opinion for what it is worth (obvioulsy nothing to you), he has no talent, he has allowed himself to be brainwashed by a cult that is extremely money grubbing and hurtful, and he is a noisy, insecure little pipsqueak. Katie I don’t really care about although I do think she is a very inexperienced, inept parent.
    So for me to actually defend TomKat for having Cam there means only that I dislike all the sanctimonious comments about her being a third wheel and it means I like Cam. She has talent unlike Katie. She deserves defending.

  • Stone

    She better stop having birthdays or Tom’ll trade her in!

  • Mario

    You called her a third wheel, #33. What am I supposed to think? I don’t twist and turn. And why would you think Cruise would so insecure as to the sex of Holmes’ friends? And you’ve people have been wrong about that jealousy nonsense anyway so many times before. How many rumors of Cruise not allowing (as if he has the power) Holmes to have romantic entanglements were shot down hard?

    You’re gullible and shouldn’t believe everything you hear.Informantion to back it up? You mean his testimony? That’s not proof!

    TomKat has publicists so of course they create and promote a positive image of themselves.

    Cruise is either gay and in a contract with Holmes or he’s not and he’s having an affair, #38. Make up your mind!

    For all we know, Holmes was just licking something off like a ketchup stain.

    It doesn’t look like that at all, #39. Quit creating drama where none exists.

    What did Cruise or the Church of Scientology allegedly do to Rogers after she made that comment because I didn’t hear anything about from Cruise’s camp, #43?

    He’s not that short and there’s nothing to suggest he’s insecure. But of course, like wanting Holmes to be unhappy and her daughter having autism, you also want Cruise to be insecure just to further bash him…

    Even if you’re the worse actor to have ever existed, if someone is making awful comments about you, you deserve defending as well. You can’t pick and choose which innocent person should be treated as a human being.

  • Leslie Love

    Why does Suri wear high heels?

  • dani


    Oh pul-leez give us a break from your defense of the gay midget dwarf and his vapid wife.

    Go defend Tiger. He needs it. Everyone is deserting him likes rats from the proverbial sinking ship.

  • ellie’

    Love the Cruise family .. great parents and Tom is still one of the greatest actors ever…

  • voe

    My, Tom looks like a woman, plump and pink cheek et al, in pic #5.

  • ellie’

    Happy Birthday Katie….

  • LuckyL



  • LuckyL

    Lol, was this guy ever attractive?