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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Christmas Party Time!

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Christmas Party Time!

Rachel Bilson and fiance Hayden Christensen attend a Christmas party at Rachel‘s mom’s house in North Hollywood on Saturday afternoon (December 19).

The 28-year-old former O.C. actress carried in two boxes covered in cute Hello Kitty wrapping paper.

Yesterday, Rachel and her mom Janice were seen running a few errands together, including a quick stop at Sorento Italian Market.

As they say on The O.C., Merry Christmakwanzakah and a Happy New Year!

FYI: Today is the rumored birthday of Rachel‘s little sister, Hattie.

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Credit: John Shinn; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • jessica

    I hate Hayden and Rachel together!

  • katie

    hayden is sooo cute!

  • Angela

    I guess it is her little sister´s birthday.

  • liz

    today is birthday of rachel sister, hattie!

  • dannyboy

    And I thought it was Happy Christmukkah.

  • Mélanie

    she was so better with adam!
    i miss the oc :((

  • Real Deal

    Yea they look really dressed for a party can this man get any more repuslive in looks or even crack a smile for his so called bride to be. The more I see them the more a shame this looks like.

  • lana

    Cute! *-* Why she is not wearing the ring again?

  • Jenna

    i thought it was chrismukkah to, i thought that was funny in season 1, adam played a convincing happy kid

  • @8

    You can’t view her left hand only the right he is walking like on her right side guess he wants her to play hide the hand game as well. I’m sure she only wears it when she feels up to liking him and refuses to wear it when she is either pissed at him or he isn’t around enough to please her.

  • Alias

    Yep, these two are on the verge of splitting, at least H is wearing a different cap

  • Mandy

    Does he really have to look so miserable? He looks like his dog just died or something.

  • ali

    lol i miss the oc

  • Melody

    @ 11

    Is that sarcasm?

  • hello

    I see no ring on her finger

  • !

    Well, I would look miserable if forced to be in the company of Bilbo Baggage. He’s thinking – I already seen the little twit not so long ago, and I’ve got better things to do in Canada!

  • !

    And her mom, oh my god! That’s awful! No wonder he’s got a face like a wet monday!

  • bobby


  • Alias

    @14 – Was Tiger Woods unfaithful to his wife?

  • Melody


    Does a bear shit in the woods?

  • newport beach, 92660

    its actually chrismukkah.

  • geez

    messed up if they r engaged and she doesnt keep the damn ring on.
    call me old fashioned but once the ring goes on it doesnt come off, especially if it doesnt match your outfit…come on!!!

    they look miserable. im sorry but love shows wether u hide it or not, it gives off a glow.

    but y would h be there if they were not 2gether?


  • Alias

    @20 – you have to ask?

    btw it wouldn’t surprise me if H and R got married or break off the engagement

  • Melody


    Me either. Both possibilities are very much possible.

  • @23

    She takes the trash out, she caries the gift, he just walks along, makes you wonder.

  • lala

    is she short or is he just tall !? they certainly do make a very cute couple!

  • jamie

    Finally Hayden looks sexy! I love his glasses, makes him look intellectual, I don’t know…

  • sarah

    yeah, I’m pretty sure its chrismukkah

  • ocsethummer

    It is Chrismukkah, it’s meant to be a merging of the holidays of Christianity’s Christmas and Judaism’s Hanukkah. I agree with #11 Adam made the Christmukkah super holiday very funny and it continued each season to be with different twists.

    Its interesting how the paps followed Rachel and her mum yesterday and then today turn up at her house! Paps know where every celebirity (albeit a D Lister) mum lives? JJ reports it’s rumored to be Hatti’es birthday tomorrow – who leaked the information. Really Rachel and her PR team must think people are fools not to see through the fake set ups for photo ops.

    Hayden suddenly turns up after readers posts about possible split etc, how convenient, excellent arrangement they have, thank goodness for planes.

    Agree with other posters che looks soooooo happy, NOT.

  • lakers fan in boston

    im surprised that they’re still together
    at least rachel is doing something productive this time, giving her sister a party
    unlike her just walking around hollywood and eating

  • lisa

    This girl loves the paps

  • jess

    @lisa: uh, they are the ones following her hello?

  • delly

    Did anyone consider the fact that they look misreable because they have creepy men with cameras following them to her little sisters birthday!

  • @delly


    Yeah I agree delly. And also creepy people online being uncivilised.

  • lexy

    @ Delly – don’t YOU think it’s odd they have cameras outside Rachel’s MOM’S house?? Is Rachel’s mom a celebrity?? No. Is she Kathy Hilton or Kris Jenner – semi-famous moms of semi-famous celebs?? No. Yet now we’re supposed to believe that the paparrazi are not only stalking RB’s house they are stalking her mom’s house??? Did I miss something?? When did Rachel become Britney Spears or Lindsday Lohan or Angelina Jolie??
    Isn’t Hattie RB’s DAD’s kid with another woman??? Why is she bringing presents for her to her mother’s house?? Where are Rachel’s brothers?? If it’s a family get together why isn’t all her family there?? What about Hayden’s family? They support Mother Bilson’s daughter – can’t they get some free booze and food?? Their brother/son is footing the bill anyway!!

  • @delly

    they look creepy bc their relationship is creepy, every one gets followed in HW they are the only ones who look like they swallowed a frog

  • chris23

    Yeah, I’m sure they’re miserable because creepy men follow them, especially since they tipped them off. So pathetic, they really do deserve each other.

    For my two cents they will get married, she’ll pop a couple of kids, continue making mediocre films, shows and what not, and eventually end up on “where are they now?”

    They have hasbins written all over them.

  • lexy

    Wait also doesn’t Rachel claim to be Italian? I saw her on Craig F tell him she’s Italian on her mom’s side? JJ if you’re going to be Rachel’s full-time publicist at least make sure these blurbs make sense.

  • xxxx

    “As they say on the o.c”

    Umm… didn’t that crap end YEARS ago? LOL.

  • someone

    Wow, JJ posted more pictures of Hayden than Rachel! it’s incredible! I think this site knows that tomorrow we will have pictures of her alone again.

  • louberry

    Merry Christmakwanzakah? what’s that? It’s actually Happy Christmukkah! :)

  • @#33
    But not when she’s ALONE w/ her pap groupies… so stop being so dumb!

  • Let’s call this what it is ppl

    Wishing everyone a blessed day today for me dec-feb is growth months I promise myself to work the hardest I’ve ever worked

  • Madison

    Once again no engagement ring.

  • marissa

    do hayden act anymore?

  • @#43

    Who is this?

  • shadowy

    The JUNKper duo had been engaged much earlier w/ Channing Tatum/Jenna Dewan & Claire Danes/Hugh Dancy, and those two mentioned couples are already married. Then Kevin Jonas who got engaged less than six months got hitched recently too.
    Go figure for some “obviously tell-it-in-their-face conclusions”…

  • CEE

    Den looks absolutely delicious!
    She looks a bit miserable, but whatever ;)
    It’s nice to see him again!

  • Not surprised

    This is Rachel’s Fathers house, not her Mums. Hayden looks p**sed at the press–he was walking towards them………angry Hayden enough said. Maybe x17 will have video.

  • John Shinn III

    Now who was it who said that “creepy” photographers follow them around? the word is “groovy” not “creepy.”

    I took those pictures today…and did you people know that BAUER-GRIFFIN, that celebrity photo agency who claims to be honest than the rest—has been CHEATING some of their photographers such as myself—-all in the name of PEREZ HILTON? Heck, Randy & Frank didn’t even pay me a penny for two years of my JustJared pictures!!!!!!