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Reese Witherspoon Hits Jenny Bec's Toy Store

Reese Witherspoon Hits Jenny Bec's Toy Store

Newly single Reese Witherspoon gets into the Christmas spirit with a shopping spree at Jenny Bec‘s Toy Store on Saturday afternoon (December 19) in Brentwood, Calif.

The 33-year-old Four Christmases actress brought along her two children — Ava, 10, and Deacon, 5.

How cute is this pic of Deacon hugging Ava?!

Earlier this week, official news broke that Reese split from actor Jake Gyllenhaal.

15+ pictures inside of Reese Witherspoon‘s shopping spree at Jenny Bec‘s Toy Store…

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reese witherspoon jenny becs toy store 01
reese witherspoon jenny becs toy store 02
reese witherspoon jenny becs toy store 03
reese witherspoon jenny becs toy store 04
reese witherspoon jenny becs toy store 05
reese witherspoon jenny becs toy store 06
reese witherspoon jenny becs toy store 07
reese witherspoon jenny becs toy store 08
reese witherspoon jenny becs toy store 09
reese witherspoon jenny becs toy store 10
reese witherspoon jenny becs toy store 11
reese witherspoon jenny becs toy store 12
reese witherspoon jenny becs toy store 13
reese witherspoon jenny becs toy store 14
reese witherspoon jenny becs toy store 15

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  • Bored Now

    Time for the daily Reese arranged photo op. Today she decided to mix things up and pimp her kids during her photo op. Must admit that Reese seems to be dressing a little better than her usual fashion fail that she usually is. Guess now that the showmance is over she has more time to call her stylist and ask for help.

  • Cher

    What a beautiful family.

  • zaraaaa

    I just can’t believe how Ava looks just like Reese… it’s crazy wierd

  • Reese stinks

    That cheap publicity wh*re again?
    How many photo ops per week does Reese Witherspoon need?


    She sure likes to have her picture taken. She must have the paps in speed dial. F-whore.

  • Hello Kitty

    Every day this week, she’s been papped. She sure does like the attention, doesn’t she?

  • Ka-blamo

    Breaking up with Jake was her biggest mistake ever.

  • no mistake

    @Ka-blamo: Jake dumped the beard Witherspoon.

  • to Jared

    I believe Deacon is 6, not 5.

  • Vera

    Its obvious Jake dumped Reese. That’s why US Weekly (Reese’s PR people go-to magazine) decided to take a dump all over jake and making reese out to be the better, more mature, more wanted dumper than the dumpee which she is.

  • anon.

    I predicted this right after the news of the break up! I said we’d see pictures of Reese with her kids. Lots of them. Jake made Reese seem more likeable and fun. Now she has to have her kids do it.

  • ava


    i thought the exact same thing! she looks like her little twin. strong genes

  • mary jane

    so let’s get this straight….she had a lot of people comment on the fact that she was never with her kids always working and off with the boyfriend now she’s going to drag those poor kids in front of every camera she can find…..she is not a great mother at all typical Hollywood narcissist

  • SCB

    OMG Ava is a reese mini me!!! and deacon looks just like ryan! wow! and to all you haters out there reese doesnt appreciate it when the paps take photos of her she has mentioned that before especially when her kids are around! she just broke up with jake, or it was just announced so of course everyone wants to snap her pic and posts things mainly negative about her! you cant win! jeez its holiday season cant reese be out shopping for her family without being criticized for seeking attention! jeez!!! where is your holiday spirit!!
    reese looks really good here btw!! she looks happy! well as happy as one can be while being hounded by photogs!!!

  • Pattycake

    Yes, we are getting a marathon of pix of Reese this last week. But it IS the season for her favorite activity, shopping.

    The kids look beautiful, as usual. Both Reese and Ryan must be very proud of their obviously well adjusted children.

  • Shadow

    @Pattycake: In what way is it obvious exactly?

  • madmax

    those shoes are UGLY!

  • madmax

    I am SO glad the showmance is OVER!

  • Pattycake

    @Shadow: They are well behaved. They are affectionate to one another. They don’t seem to rely upon adult fashion, but dress like their peers. Are you around a lot of kids? I am. These are things you can spot.

  • New Moon

    @19, you’re insane.

  • ace11

    i still have a tough time picturing reese and jake “doing it” in the sack

  • loverducky

    wow, I never knew people on this site were so relentless. Good old anonymity of the internet, lets people show their true colours…

  • ivanka

    ava= reese

  • Courtney

    Cute family!

  • Liza

    Damn, her daughter is wearing shorts and tshirt and I am sitting here freezing with more than a foot of snow outside. I need to move to CA, stat!

  • yuck

    Reese Witherspoon and her DAILY photo ops, since the fauxmance ended, are pathetic.

  • Not so sure anymore

    The children are adorable. Ava is a total mini Reese but I even think Deacon is looking more like his Mom these days. I see a bit of Ryan in him but definitely more Reese. That dress is fugly. So shapeles and matronly looking IMO. I never brought the romance between Reese and Jake. I think good friends yes but passion and chemistry was completely void. I think Reese needs to be with a non Hollywood type. A doctor or lawyer would be good for her. A strong, confident man who is not in the same industry competing with her for attention is best I think. Not a big fan but I do think Reese loves her kids and she and Ryan did a fabulous job so far keeping them their focus and well adjusted under the circumstances.

    The picture of Deacon hugging sister Ava is priceless! How sweet are they?

  • kmc

    I don’t understand why everyone is soo mean to her on this site. Honestly she’s never done anything to any of you. I personally love reese:) I think she’s really classy and down to earth!!

  • Who is?

    @Not so sure anymore: Yes, Deacon has his mother’s longer face but his father’s eyes, nose and mouth. As for Ava, I don’t get how people don’t see how much she looks like Ryan, and always has. I found a picture of Ryan on the ‘net when he was about Ava’s age and the resemblance is uncanny. But she has her mother’s beautiful legs. @kmc: People are mean because they can be anonymous and they are unhappy in their own lives.

  • Reese is white trash

    @kmc: There is nothing to like about her, Reese Witherspoon is a smug phony.

  • kelly

    She doesn’t seem to pay much attention to them. They seem more attached to each other.

  • Me

    @28, I love these posters, they keep it real and they make me laugh. Asif Reese knows or cares. Why should the world be all behind fake smiles, fake pairings and coffee runs to promote your films?

  • jolentini
  • anon

    I bet Reese know every single thing that is said about her and tracks it all on a giant Excel spreadsheet. Seriously.

  • Look alikes


    a clone! and he is the spitting image of his dad. great family, seem down to earth.

  • Idiot Remark!

    @Bored Now:

    Idiot, is it ONLY Branagelina taking the kiddies out for shopping, whatever NOT ‘pimping’ them? What a stupid, sick, moronic remark. How else do you take your kids shopping???? SHould she blind fold them? Did you forget, we ALL do this in the real world??? She’s a movie star, they take her pic with ANYONE. Or maybe she should keep the kids in the closet?
    Amazing , just amazing, but unreal, stupid statements!!!!!!!!

  • Class Act


    Dear, that’s because she’s not Angie and Brad!! Don’t ya know this by NOW?? This board lives, breathes Ange/Brad and kids. Head over to, even THEY have something to say about his gross, horrid beard with beads in the ends, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww HA imagine if Tom Cruise DARED to this?? Not that he would, he’s a class act, like Reese. It’s he couple in their castle in France who dont’ always act it, and get cheers and ‘bless them’ from these stupid worshippers. End of story. Reese has more class in her pinky then MOST Celebs.

  • Idiot Remark

    @Hello Kitty:
    Should she stay home because of posters who only want to see Angie? Or brad? Give me a break, you all said the same crap about Katie when she was in NY for her play!
    Newsflash, other fans like OTHER people BESIDES the Pitt crowd, did you know this???

  • Jordan

    @ZZZZZZZZ: like jennifer garner, katie holmes, kate hudson, angelina jolie and so forth with their children!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful family!


    How vile is it that the little boy is scared adn hiding behind his sister to escape the blood sucking paparazzi!!!!

    For all of the MANY ignorant posters who have no clue how the real world works.

    The paparazzi agencies pass out business cards to all the cashiers, employees, etc, they meet within 500 miles of celeb houses. If you call a pap or take cell phone pics, you receive a $500.

    It’s no different then bounty hunters. Reese and Kidman can garner 1k for a good pic tip-off. The paparazzi get over between 10-100k for good pics.

    Where does the money come from? Every time parasites buy a “celeb” magazine or click on these sites.

  • Pattycake

    @VULTURES: What can I say? YOU clicked here. There a law in LA now that a picture cannot be published of a celeb with their children engaged in a family (private) setting. (It was passed shortly after the photos of Ryan, Abbie and the kids at the baseball field.) These pictures would be in a family setting, I suspect. So if the pix have been released it is with consent. Same with all those pix of Garner with her daughters. Consent.

  • Betty Love

    What a perfect family!

  • ?

    @yuck: LOL, I’m sure you know her really well!!!! How do you really know it’s a “photo opt?” OH—- how pathetic you are :0)

  • anon

    If her fans want to be so ignorant that they can’t see that she set up a family shot specifically to coincide with the breakup “for the sake of the children” story that is their business.

    Reese fools a lot of people. No surprise that she fools the fangirls.

    She could have gotten in and out of that store other ways. She could have driven 12 more miles and gone to a store that wasn’t on a heavily paparazzi patrolled street. But she walked her kids right in front of those cameras on purpose.

    Reese Witherspoon pimps her kids. It’s the truth. Deal with it.

  • nic pics

    Women can often survive just fine raising their kids alone. It’s a lot of work and sometimes a man is more trouble than good, especially if he’s the needy type. Reese is rich, young, energetic. She has all the time in the future to find another man.

  • lakers fan in boston

    aww how cute, all the family’s together =]
    reese looks nice, but my god, her daughter looks exactly like her
    and btw those r some ugly ass shoes reese is wearing

  • Divine Goddess

    @Liza: I KNO RIGHT! I was thinking the same thing.


    I was surfing real news when I saw this link. I am checking back to see it’s just as I suspected., frequented by unaplogetic people such as yourself. People who have no sense or right or wrong whatsoever.

    One can only assume that if such a ridiculous law exists, any logical person would realize shopping for holidays toys is private. ANY activity not directly involved with entertainment projects is private.

    After perusing this site, one thing is evident, the people who frequent this site have an insatiable need to peep into the private lives of people with children on a daily basis. It’s sick. You’re sick if you believe you have that right. to enjoy the fruits of stalkers.

    You DO NOT.

  • anonny

    I think Reese might be lookin for a lady. There has to be a reason why she’s not keeping her men around.

  • tash

    Ava is beautiful. I’ve always said she has Reese’s face shape and not Ryan’s.

    Ryan has a much longer face than Reese and it seems that Deacon has inherited the longer face also, Deacon looks more like Ryan, I can’t see much of Reese in him, maybe the chin but he’s like his dad.

    Ava is Reese all over, even from a little baby everyone knew that she was gonna look like her mom.