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Zachary Quinto Goes To Nashville

Zachary Quinto Goes To Nashville

Peaking out from under his fave green hoodie, Zachary Quinto gets comfy in a pair of blue sweat pants as he heads to his car in Los Feliz, Calif., on Friday afternoon (December 18).

The 32-year-old actor is teaming up with pals Neal Dodson and White Collar star Matt Bomer on the CW’s new scripted series, Nashville.

Country superstar Brad Paisley will also be a producer. He’ll be writing, overseeing the music for show and bringing his relationships in Nashville to bear on the series. Brad will even appear as himself!

10+ pics inside of Zachary Quinto

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    The truth is that Zachary sweatshirt is horrible …

  • wow

    He is such a daisy!!!

  • Venus

    lol he looks adorable! <3

    Come visit us @

  • lol

    Sooooooooo Gaayyyy………………….!Still like him though!

  • lennycome on

    He is so freakin weird…

    But I like Weird..

  • j

    too cute

  • angeles

    Adorable. But sweetheart it really wasn’t THAT cold yesterday.

  • angeles

    I should add though, the man does look irritated. Channeling Sylar much?

  • wow2

    oh my god zachary quinto grow a pair would you

  • hrgsy


  • malak

    is he gay ? plz tell me i truley dont know !

  • Mary

    Zachary rocks!

  • hrgsy

    @malak: What do you think? I mean – really. LOL

  • daka

    Zach Quinto + flip flops = deliciously sexy

  • Sindel

    he is using an Havaianas sandal? I love it

  • So Judgemental

    LOL! I love this man! He is going to yoga class people.. you can see the mat in the bag. And that also explains the flip flops.. the other day with the guy.. on the way to yoga with flip flops on.

    And this man is more man than 99% of Hollywood no matter what his bedroom sex mate preference is..

  • empressofgondor

    He’s perfect and gorgeous beyond belief!

  • angeles


    Lets put it this way, he hasn’t said a word about it and seems pretty clear about not wanting to talk about his personal life to the press. Some people think he is, some think he isn’t, some are on the fence and some just don’t care.

    >And this man is more man than 99% of Hollywood no matter what his bedroom sex mate preference is..


  • Jello Head

    Is he gay? Really? Do you STILL have to ask? He is carrying a PURSE!!! This guy is a giant Mo and EVERYONE knows it. And he looks like a horse!

  • m.e.

    @Jello Head: that is the lamest argument I’ve ever heard.

  • Gabriella

    Awnn… He looks sooo cute with that (wo)men bag!! *.*

  • Stone

    Little small on him isn’t it?

  • angeles


    You should just ignore the jello mold (we all do), it’s's a troll and it’s been saying the same thing on all the Quinto threads ie: “ugly, womanly, gay et al”.

  • Anonymous

    @Jello Head: Hey Jello Head welcome.

  • Anonymous

    @Jello Head: Hey Jello Head welcome back

  • limoentje

    haha.. i love it!! work that bag zach, you’re adorable!

  • Jello Head


    How can you possibly look at this guy and think he IS straight? Trust me, in LA it’s COMMON KNOWLEDGE he like to lick the boys from the pole to the hole. Get over your midwestern self and wake up! And do me a favor and s-u-c-k me down just like you would a jello shot. YOU would probably enjoy it.

  • Jello Head

    And this is a BLOG – why do you all b-i-t-c-h and moan when someone posts something you don’t agree with?? Seriously, I don’t get it! This guy is a gay which is all fine but don’t get your panties in a knot and wig out. Look at the facts: 1) never seen with a girlfriend, 2) carries a purse, 3) always pictured with his “male friend.” I don’t care if he is gay, but it’s a fact and all you locals need to chill out and accept it. You are probably the same group that swore that Lance Bass, Clay Aiken HAD to be straight. Clueless people I guess.

  • jolentini
  • Leslie Love

    Is he dating Sulu

  • angeles

    @Jello Head:

    Midwestern self? Hahahahahahahah.

    *laughs at the troll*

    No really, I shouldn’t encourage you, but the use of “midwestern self” as an insult tickles this LA native. Thanks.

  • heyyou

    >I don’t care if he is gay,

    You are the only one here that cares so much as to get his briefs in a bunch about it. Let me guess as to why you seem to be so angry at this man. You are an angry closet mo, who is actually into boys but will not admit his own latent homosexuality to your homophobic immature friends out of risk of being beaten and tied to a fence…yes? You actually have a crush on this man, but either you know you’ll never have him or you have met him and he rejected you. Or maybe you are just so unhappy in your sexual confusion you just have to rip into this man to get your rocks off. Uh sorry that Quinto is more successful and has more money than you do, but that’s just the breaks isn’t it?

    Honey, you are a mo in denial and a hater and that jealousy just burns on all sides of your jello. Jello-MO. That fits.:)

  • whats up

    What is wrong with you people? Why does everyone care so much that he’s gay or straight? Either way, he’s going to end up with a man or either a woman…SO WHAT!! For all those are desperately inlove with him, you’ll never get to be with him and for all those that are disgusted with him or dislike him, I bet he can care less. Move on!!

  • Beckeroos

    @Jello Head: Jello Head…..That names suits you well. Everyone knows this is a blog but why are you b-i-t-c-hing and moaning that he’s gay. Does it really matter that much to you just like it matters that much to those that believes he isn’t gay? Let’s just put it this way…he’s bisexual just so it will shut everyone up and everyone wins. Yay.

  • poshy

    i’ll have to agree with beckeroos. he’s bisexual. the gays win and the straights win. i love this man. he’s creative, driven, motivated, and passionate with his work. love him in heroes because no one can ever portray the evil syler and love him in star trek because no one can ever portray the motionles spock. can’t wait for heroes again, anticipating the star trek sequel and looking forward to nashville.

  • XY


    “Some people think he is, some think he isn’t, some are on the fence and some just don’t care.”

    Well said. ITA

  • XY

    @Jello Head:
    1. “never seen with a girlfriend,” If ZQ keeps his private life private, then no, you will possibly never see a girl friend or boyfriend or if you did you would never know.

    2.”carries a purse,” Hey guys keep away from those damn purses! you’ll be labeled gay for life if you go anywhere near them. Shit!

    3.”always pictured with his “male friend.” yeah? which one?? Please enlighten me…. and the female friends he’s seen with?! awww it’s not nice to leave them out like that!

    Look, I don’t know if ZQ is gay or not but if you have a need to yell “Gay” then you have to come up with something better than that.

  • followmaryg

    seriously? hahah i’m sorry but this is horrible. he’s carrying a purse and acting just like a girl with it. and people still call that “hot”

    no thank you.

  • angeles


    Good points.


  • Jane

    It is a yoga bag or messenger bag, what pray-tell should Zachary be carrying his yoga stuff in?

  • Amber

    Jello head, it’s a bag not a purse.

  • m.e.

    @Jello Head: classy Jello…real classy…

  • m.e.

    @whats up: never say never…Katie Holmes had a crush on Tom Cruise when she was young and look where she ended up. Just sayin;….

  • empressofgondor


    Whatever his style, his face and body are picturesque. Most importantly, his ability to be himself in spite of the peanut gallery is what makes him so sexy to so many.

    Sexual orientation obviously makes absolutely no difference to people who will never have a chance in the first place.

    Since this site is the root of all pap photos for ZQ, I think I’ll continue to post positive comments to counter-balance the negativity I see here.

  • A

    i love ZQ, but he has really got to get some sun. You’re in LA Z, catch some rays, you’re gettin’ pasty!
    (i really hope i get star trek fro x mas!)

  • malak


    lol …. ur right :D

  • andrew y

    i found some interesting news about zq and his company this morning .

    wonder ???

  • Betty Lovers

    Is he going to die in the sequel?

  • angeles

    @andrew y:

    Wouldn’t find seeing Zach as the male lead in a film…again.

  • ThataBR

    This COKE is PEPSI … aaaffffffffff !!!!