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Chris Pine & Olivia Munn: Coffee Date

Chris Pine & Olivia Munn: Coffee Date

Chris Pine takes his girlfriend, G4’s Attack of the Show host Olivia Munn, to grab a cup of coffee in Los Angeles on Sunday morning (December 20).

Almost two weeks ago, Chris and Olivia (both 29) were spotted on a dinner date (they’ve been romantically linked for over month). Olivia is currently on the January 2010 cover of Maxim magazine.

Next Thursday (December 31), Olivia and Twilight stud Kellan Lutz will be co-hosting‘s NYE bash in Miami, Not Just New Year’s. You can pick up tickets at!

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Credit: Jonathan Friolo; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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124 Responses to “Chris Pine & Olivia Munn: Coffee Date”

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  1. 1
    Laura Says:

    Ok…..this is so staged. This girl is telling photographers where she and Chris will be. She’s going to coffee on a Sunday morning with jeans…a button up shirt…and heels? And….does anyone else find it strange that she’s hosting the NYE celebration for Just Jared? She is telling them where she’ll be so they can photographs of her. Poor Chris. This girl will do anything to get her name out there as much as possible.

  2. 2
    James Says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Just Jared was also the only website to have photos of Olivia buying condoms. She walked out of the store with the smallest bag ever…so the condoms were overflowing from the bag. And now this? Dressed up for coffee? If anyone watches her show…you know she’s an attention *****. And it’s not a coincidence that she’s hosting just jared’s NYE bash. She’s letting them know where she”ll be so the sites can get some good pics of Chris and her. Poor guy is right. Olivia….have some morals.

  3. 3
    Howaboutno Says:

    There can’t be true feelings between the two. I mean, Chris hates the paps, therefore he must hate JustJared in particular. Would someone who knows and maybe loves him, host an event which is organized by those who hunt him? Don’t think so.

  4. 4
    Christine Says:

    That guy does not have sex with women.

  5. 5
    lucylulu Says:


    i’m sure his ex girlfriends will disagree with you. I can’t stand Olivia since she’s certainly more in love with the paparrazi then Chris but there is no need to attack him, because of his obliviousness.

    btw, your comment makes you sound like an insipid moron

  6. 6
    Jane Doe Says:

    I don’t think he’s so oblivious. This is the coffee place near where his apartment is. He is ALWAYS photographed there. He knows it’s very likely and yet he went there with her. According to John Cho he FREAKED out when the paparazzi found him there with Cho and Quinto. He also got angry and yelled at a paparazzi when they found him there with Beau Garrett. So why did he go there? Does he want to increase attnetion on this so called relationship? Seems he doesn’t care so much about his privacy. Something to hide, Pine?

    I do agree with the above. She is way dressed up on a Sunday morning and he looks like he put on whatever. Who gets that dolled up, jewelry, heels and all for a coffee run? Definite set up but not so sure Pine is the innocent party. Why he would “date” someone who curries a gossip blog’s attention (JJ Party Host!) is quite curious indeed.

  7. 7
    hmmm Says:

    i am not a fan of hers at all but there is something here.
    i am starting to get the feeling that he must really like her otherwise he would never have taken her there.
    not really sure i believe this is him not caring about his privacy so much as maybe its just that he likes her and doesnt give a damn.
    at some point he will have to make his peace with the paps and he cant spend his life doing or not doing something because of them.
    i certainly agree that her profile has gone WAY up since she started dating him and personally i think he should find a girl who is not (nor wants to be) in the public eye but seems like they are gonna be together for now.
    will be interesting to see if he goes to miami with her next week….

  8. 8
    Alex Pisano Says:

    If there was ever a celebrity couple i approved of it would be Chris Pine and Olivia Munn. YEA!! Is it weird that this made my day? this is definitely a step up for Chris since that ditz Audrina.

  9. 9
    roadkill Says:

    l wonder, when a couple starts dating they have that fresh and exciting aora abut them….you can tell it’s there. So, when does this type of thing stop? 2nd year of dating? After the 6th month into the relationship?

  10. 10
    Jenny Says:

    Have you noticed the same pap who shot her buying condoms also photographed these pictures? She must have some deal going on with this guy and poor Chris is a sucker for this attention grabbing *****! Chris please find someone else!!!!!!

  11. 11
    confetti Says:

    What is he doing with her? He needs to get busy with Zach Quinto. Now that’s some action that I would like to see.

  12. 12
    Pining for Chris Says:

    I bet everyones is thinking Beau is a better choice now lol…

  13. 13
    not happening Says:


    Sorry to burst your fangirl heart, but Pinto is NOT going to happen, kind of like fetch, just because you keep saying it doesn’t mean fetch is going to happen.

    Quinto is bi-sexual, but Pine is turning out to be painfully straight and attracted to ******.

  14. 14
    Time for Truth Says:

    People, this isn’t staged. Jeez.
    Why can’t some of you just accept that he is with someone. Do you honestly think Olivia Munn has any chance of being anything bigger than what she is now and would go through all of this to raise her status? Quit with the conspiracy theories and just accept that they are together.
    There is nothing staged about this.
    He isn’t gay.
    She isn’t waving and smiling for the cameras to see her.
    They don’t look awkward together. Can’t you just be happy for them? Obviously, he doesn’t care about her getting attention.
    Doesn’t care about her Maxim spread.
    Doesn’t care about her rolling in a vat of pie on AoTS.
    Doesn’t care that she uses the “Stardate” line in the beginning of her tweets.
    Doesn’t care that she actually DOES tweet.
    Doesn’t care that she’s done the thing with the hot dog or let Kevin hand her breasts.
    Doesn’t care she is hosting a a NY’s bash for the very site that constantly violates their privacy.
    Doesn’t care his publicist confirmed they are dating, or anything else some of you have come up with.
    I can’t stand Olivia Munn (maybe cause they took off The Screen Savers for her stupid show and I am still bitter) but enough is enough. They are obviously together and it’s time for some of you to just deal with that. Let it go.

  15. 15
    Jane Doe Says:

    @Time for Truth:

    aww you’re so cute! I bet you believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny and Tom Cruise’s complete heterosexuality too!

    If it bothers YOU that people don’t agree with you perhaps you shouldn’t read the offensive comments?

    As for believing Olivia will be bigger than she is now? Do I believe it? No. Does she and her people believe it? fcku yeah! Does Chris Pine have something to cover up? Hell if I know. I’ll consult Tiger Woods.

  16. 16
    lucylulu Says:

    Yes, it is staged. Maybe that’s why people won’t let it go ?

    If Olivia is calling the same paparrazi guy over and over again it seems like she’s a famewhore. No one cares if Chris dates any old girl, but I think most people object to him dating someone who only wants to acquire fame without working on a career the oldfashioned way.

    He will end up looking like a moron for dating her; she will have the ‘additional’ fame that she wants, but she’ll no respect in the industry.

    It’s lose, lose for both involved.

  17. 17
    lucylulu Says:

    Btw, I don’t think anyone really had problems with Beau – she certainly never called the paps and they had a solid relationship for almost 2 years before Star Trek came out. She could have used him for fame – she’s a struggling actress, herself – but she didn’t. She at least showed some respect for their relatlionship.

    This girl, not so much…

  18. 18
    Time for Truth Part Deux Says:

    @Jane Doe

    Reading is essential there swifty. I said do you think she WILL be any bigger by doing what you clowns are saying in terms of her tipping off the paps. The answer was NO. That was the point of the statement. This has nothing to do with you objecting to Olivia Munn, you, and people like you, object to him being with anyone. That is what is sad and pathetic. These comments from people like you aren’t offensive, they are straight up lame and corny. Get a life and get out of theirs.

  19. 19
    cleo Says:

    @15 Go on and mock me but here’s the thing that bothers me. You could be right. Maybe none of that bothers him. But all of it goes against everything he has claimed he wants. Privacy. Respect. Now maybe he just doesn’t care but then he’s been a bit of a hypocrite because it seems to me that if the paparazzi are as hated to him as he claims his girlfriend wouldn’t be endorsing a weblog that is one of the main violaters of his (and now her) privacy. If he isn’t a liar then he SHOULD care. If he doesn’t thats his business but that means he’s full of sh!t. It just doesn’t fit. Why would he go from stating how much he hates the paparazzi and the intrusion on his life a couple weeks ago to being A-OK with it? Is the sex that good? Is she so amazingly wonderful? maybe so. But to me that means something is off. Just my 2 cents. You don’t have to like it but this seems to be a free forum.

  20. 20
    Time for Truth part three Says:


    It’s the same people over and over who post negative thing. I am sure that some of you are the same person posting under different names to make it seem like more people agree with you.
    “No one cares if Chris dates any old girl, but I think most people object to him dating someone who only wants to acquire fame without working on a career the old fashioned way.”
    Who in the hell cares what some of you object to? That is the issue. You are making yourselves WAY TOO important in this man’s personal life. It shouldn’t affect you daily living at all. How is who he is with change your opinion of him in his profession? Get out of the dream world and back into reality. If he ends up looking like a moron, so be it, but that shouldn’t be any of people’s concern who think they have a right to decide what he should do or whom he should date. It’s his life. It’s his choice. Obviously, he has made a choice he feels is good for him. Whether you accept it or not, I’m sure he really doesn’t give a damn. Just makes it easier on yourselves that you do accept the obvious.

  21. 21
    Jane Doe Says:

    @Time for Truth Part Deux:

    And maybe you should learn to read to. I said NO. I don’t think she WILL. But SHE surely does. She thinks she’s the next big thing. And so do her people. And that is all that matters. They think they can increase her profile and increase her cash intake. They could be right to a certain extent. There are a lot more suckers out there to fall for her image.

    You have no clue what I object to. I liked him with Beau Garrett. I thought he looked f**cking adorable with Olivia Thirlby and when they hooked up in NY hoped he’d found someone. I object to someone who is a straight up famehoar cashing in on someone else’s fame.

    Sticks and stones my dear. Why do you care so much what I think? Surely Chris and Olivia couldn’t give a flying fcku, right? But go on and call me names. Which is pretty weak and pathetic and kindergardenish but hey, if that’s all you got, bring it.

  22. 22
    lucylulu Says:

    @Time for whatever.

    I only post under one name. Sorry, but there’s alot of people that look at Olivia with wary eyes considering that she seems to have the Paps on speed dial. Sorry, but that’s something you’re going to have to be okay with as well..

  23. 23
    Jane Doe Says:

    Listen to yourself, Time for Truth. Please reread your own words, k?

    I’m sure he really doesn’t give a damn. Just makes it easier on yourselves that you do accept the obvious.

    Correct, HE doesn’t give a damn. Only you do. You have appointed yourself his white knight, and I am sure he wouldn’t give a damn about that either. Why do you care so much what other people think or say? Easier on ourselves? WTF? I like Chris, I like his acting and I will see his movies regardlessof who he dates. But I will also give my opinion on an open forum and call it the way I see it. And you can call it the way you see it. If you can’t deal with that then I’m sorry. Since you don’t know me or anyone else here I also doubt you honestly care about us making it “easier” on ourselves. What your actual motivation is I can’t even guess at. Maybe you’re a superfan?

  24. 24
    Memei Says:

    he’s so yummy, i’m glad his career is taking off now

  25. 25
    Time for Truth Says:

    I’m not mocking you and it wasn’t meant that way at all. The main reason he may feel differently from months ago…Puzzzsssy. There is your answer

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