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Dean Sheremet Files For Divorce From LeAnn Rimes

Dean Sheremet Files For Divorce From LeAnn Rimes
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  • nativenyker

    Living in Chelsea…. Mighty suspicious.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Rooker

    This whole thing has been so weird. She was shanking Eddie for 8 months before they told their spouses and her husband waits until now to file for divorce. Hope he gets a life time of money from her and Eddie needs to payup too. Rimes and Eddie seemed to enjoy putting their spouses through this crap for publicity.

  • Dora

    Who woulda known one of em turn out to be no good lian white trash!

  • Tiif

    Use to like her, not so much now.

  • Mrs. Claus

    LeAnn,tosave face was wanting for Dean to file.How wouldhtat lookwith leAnn filing.Now,she probably had her people tell, time is up. Do it.
    Dean shouldhave let her do it.

    Eddie let Brandi file first too.

    Whatever. LeAnn willpay Dean x amt. HAHAHAH,LeAnn will pay Eddie x amt. too. Eddie should pay Brandi the legal and fair x amt.

  • homeward

    Invasion of privacy. We have known for some time but we are patient. The viruses of Cortez wrought more distruction than his swords. Perhaps when the spring rains fall. Remember what you started.

  • Jon

    Let’s move on.

  • Wardhome

    Remote ping, Alt. IP addresses, Triangulation. Tell your hack, the rules do not apply to those who break them. Coming to a theater near you.

  • Jason

    I see Carrie Underwood just got engaged. She’s a lady of real class and everything is going her way. Her albumn is #1, she’s beautiful, and the country loves her. It’s amazing that she’s the same age as LeAnn Rimes. Hard to believe. Well, the picture above and Carrie Underwood’s sky rocketing celebrity says it all, “Out with the old and in with the new.”

  • Lindsay Love

    He should get alimony, jackpot!

  • lakers fan in boston

    i have 2 remember myself 2 watch jersey shore this week
    im pretty sure, elin will get what she wants from the divorce, it’s pretty much a fact

  • gwen

    So how long before Leann leaks stories(ie-pays People magazine to write a fluff piece about their “great romance” about how Eddie proposed to her? Leann is going to have to work very hard to keep Eddie interested in her, since her divorce will not be final until the summer of 2010 and now a portion of her money will be going to DS.

  • gwen

    Eddie proposed to Brandi on New Year’s Eve, so Leann must be trying to outdo her by either having Eddie “propose to her” (aka Leann’s buys her own engagement ring and pays People magazine to write a fluff piece about how it all supposedly went down) before this date or on that day.

    How funny, one article says that Leann and Dean are trying to keep things private. If they were trying to keep things private, no one would see or hear ANYTHING about them. What is up with these celebs who say that they want privacy, only to go out of their way so that the paps capture their every move or tabloids know all the details of their private lives?

    What a legacy Eddie is leaving for his sons. So thanks to Eddie, his sons will know that for months EC has been going on date nights and receiving pole dances from another man’s wife? And EC said that he was not going to air his dirty laundry because he wanted to insulate his sons from the tabloid.

    I could have thought that Leann filed for the divorce a while back. So were those just stories that Leann put out to justify those photos of her on the beach with Eddie?

  • michaela
  • michaela

    Jason…that’s right. Carrie isn’t going to shack up with the guy before marriage like Brandi did after knowing Eddie only a couple of months or so and then living with him for years out-of-wedlock.

  • gwen

    michela (aka cbme)

    How long did it take Leann to jump into bed with Eddie? Leann and Eddie are shacking up and living together out of wedlock(and even worse, neither Eddie’s nor Leann’s marriages have been finalized and they insist on date nights, pole dances, sticking fingers in ach others mouths, and down Eddie’s shorts), so what is your point? Oh that’s right, everything that happens to Eddie and Leann is always BG fault.

    What exactly does Leann know about Eddie? That if she leaves him unaccompanied for just a second that he will go off and have chemistry with another women? That if you don’t stroke Eddie’s huge ego, he will make public appearances with the woman he is having an affair with? That Eddie will do anything for money and fame? That at the right price, Eddie will throw his own kids under the bus? That Eddie is such a coward that he hides behind women and children and does not ever take responsibility for HIS actions, even when he is caught red handed. Eddie was caught cheating on his wife and on Leann and instead of owning up to it, both times he blamed the media.

    So Leann’s divorce is not going to be finalized until June 2010. That means that Leann is going to pregnant or worse try to go after EC kids because she thinks kids are band-aids that possess the power to make the public believe that Eddie loves her. What a blow for Eddie, to know that he has to share Leann’s money with Dean. That isn’t going to sit well with Eddie, he has competition.

  • michaela

    For someone who wanted to see Brandi stay married to Eddie you sure are down on him. Major disconnect !!!???

  • MMA

    It’s terrible how she flaunted her promiscuity in front of him!

  • Chef Coa

    @MMA: I hear you. He should’ve gotten out long ago!

  • michaela
  • Hobo

    Get it done already!!!!!

  • Stone

    What were they waiting for?

  • gwen

    michela (aka cbme)

    Who said anything about wanting Brandi to stay with Eddie? That’s right, you have a habit of saying that things say what they really don’t say. You criticized Brandi for living with Eddie out of wedlock and you are now trying to deflect because I brought up how Leann is also living with Eddie in wedlock and worse of all they are doing all of this while still married.

    The major disconnect? Yet another one of the words and ideas that you took from my posts. So if my posts don’t say anything, why do you keep using my ideas and words? Imagine all the other things that you lie about.

    The major disconnect is when you drag down Brandi and Dean in order to bring up Leann and Eddie or get offended because people have more sympathy for Brandi and Dean. The major disconnect is when you say that Leann has fans and then post under several different names. The major disconnect is when you downplay my posts and then turn around and use my words and ideas. The mahor disconnect is when you claim to be a Christian or give others lessons on the Bible, only to curse at other posters. The major disconnect is when you claim to have had a cheating husband and father, and then show no empathy for the real victims.

    Didn’t you criticize other posters for copying and pasting and in one thread, you have copied and pasted TWICE. So what does this mean? That you don’t have to follow the guidelines that you expect other posters to live by?

  • michaela

    Merry Christmas and may God bless Le Ann, Eddie, Dean and Brandi. May they have true peace of mind, good health and genuine happiness.

  • Lukas

    Well Leann is a slut.. her vagina is a greedy hungry maneater..

  • SEO Queen

    My first instinct is to be mad when spouses cheat on each other but at the end of the day – we have to be happy. Maybe their marriage was never going to work but I do think they should’ve gotten divorced before they started relationships with other people.

  • gwen

    Well it is hard to make a marriage work when one of the spouses is sneaking to hotels with some else’s spouse and cares so little for their spouses that they would play it out in the media/press because being recognized as a “HW couple” is more important.

  • melchor

    its sad to know this divorced files with le-ann rimes and dean sheremet, i hope that it will not be happen to elin and to tiger, that i do beliive it will never be happen. anyway can you all watch this great video of tiger..

  • gwen

    Why are you asking God to reward EC and LR for their lies, cheating, and deceit? That is not how God works. Well at least we have established that michela=cbme=kathy=mer=kaylyn.

    If LR had any peace within herself, she would not be taunting the married man’s wife. If EC had any peace within himself he would be a man and abide by that promise he made on RR. EC and LR will never have any happiness because they are by nature people who thrive off of the pain that they cause others.