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Jennifer Garner & Violet Affleck: Holiday Sing-Along!

Jennifer Garner & Violet Affleck: Holiday Sing-Along!

Jennifer Garner takes her daughter Violet Affleck to see the “Holiday Sing-Along” by the Los Angeles Master Chorale at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday (December 19).

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In creepster news, a man was arrested outside a nursery school in Santa Monica attended by Violet. Steven Burky, 37, was arrested and charged with felony stalking and violating a restraining order protecting the family.

FYI: Jen‘s sweater is made by Juicy Couture!

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  • hmmm

    Jen Garner is the Sarah Palin of Hollywood! B Average Actress. Her daughter’s cute though. Does Ben stay with her because of the stalker incident? Maybe he feels obligated to protect his family.

  • hmmm

    Jen Garner is the Sarah Palin of Hollywood! B Average Actress. Her daughter’s cute though. Does Ben stay with her because of the stalker incident? Maybe he feels obligated to protect his family.

  • mika_says_hi

    jen garner is gorgeous. don’t be mean. not everyone is shallow (not meaning that jen is unattractive, as she is gorgeous mother of two!) and wants a blonde bimbo wife.

  • jen the man


  • Dimana

    They’re beautiful.

  • dophine

    Jen the man, how old are you??? She is just a child…! Come on, man…! You can´t slight a little girl in this way!! Let her grow up…and we will see how she is!!! ;D

  • just my opinion

    I suspect she or her PR person tips the razzie everytime she’s out with her kid for photo op and to be relevant. Afterall, aside from Juno she does not had any successful movies just series flop.
    There are tons of A list star with kids and family living in LA, Why were they not spotted ? but we have seen Garner and her daughter almost every week whether it’s at school, shopping, at the park , almost every where. Some would argue the razzie stalk them but why waste your time on B listed actors, I’m sure the Jolie-Pitt, Julia Robert, Reese W.,and other A list stars kids are worth more than the B listed Affleck Kids.

  • lizzie

    Only thing I can say is that Jenn garner can’t dress herself lol.. That’s about all. The rest I can’t judge.

  • lily

    She is SOOO CUTE! Why is she sooo adorable!!

  • ella

    Cant dress her daughters either,cute girls but always dressed like hobos and tomboys never in girly dresses

  • juner

    ella @

  • emma


    Never in Girly Dresses. Whats Violet wearing?

  • Killraw

    A N O R E X I A

  • bandit

    Jennifer G. can’t dress herself, she has awful fashion sense even in casual wear . She either wears runners (I know of NO mother who wears runners as much as she does) or fugly shoes like this like she just came in from working in the garden. Even her friend is dressed more stylish than Jen! And it’s not like her friend is overdoing it clothes-wise, but she knows how to do casual-cute, whereas Jennifer has no clue. Violet is cute but ger pants often too short or her clothes rarely match, but with a Mother like Jennifer, no wonder LOL. But Violet does look happy.

    And Jennifer’s ears, wow, shocked she wears her hair behind those super-large ears of hers (I have a GF who has same prob and would never show them like!). She really has no clue, she thinks that having cute dimples makes her automatically cute….it doesnt.

  • Peachy

    Jennifer Garner appeals to the frumpy,let themselves go, mini van majority because it makes them feel better about themselves.

  • sweetie

    violets dress looks like an amish dress

  • BEN


  • anja

    How can you say that……. : -) Amish girls are much better dressed than this……..

  • Sandy

    You people on this site are crazy—I think there is really just one or two people that make all these posts under different names—i also think that you don’t mean anything you say–your’re just trying to outdo each other with the HATE posts. You need to grow up. Most of us do not find you funny.

  • ew

    jennifer garner will be the next brittany murphy. so sad.

  • dophine

    I agree with you!!!
    I think she is just an actress who does her job…and takes care of her family, trying do a normal life….despite of the paparazzi!
    And what if she is not fashionable?? Should mums wear a sparkling dress for going to pick their children up from the school….?? I don´t think so! I suppose that she prefers to be confortable in her daily life….!!!
    And Violet…is just a little girl…whose only crime is that her parents are famous!!

  • hong kong

    Jennifer looks so happy and she is so pretty! Violet is a cutie pie, what a lovely girl!!!

  • HoneyBee

    yeah blablabla.. if you want a so called NORMAL life you shouldn’t marry ben or make movies.. you should stick to a normal life.. yes, a normal job.. yes just like us.. and we can say whatever we want about them, she pimps her kids everytime she’s out because her husband doesn’t give her attention or what? her kid looks like crap for a million dollar child. come on, even my friends children wear more designer clothes than she does.. it’s sad yes that her parents are jen and ben.. she is become an anorexic mom and he is a dad who’s never around.. greaaaaat example for you kids! just absolutely great.. i mean, i don’t dislike her or like her, but if you go out and you know the paps are following you, you put on a designer bag? but you can’t wear some normal clothes? what’s up with that? she always looks like a soccer mom who lives in a small village.. sorry she’s not.. she was nothing before she married ben, and now she’s still nothing.. just like katie holmes she is overrated and has a job because she’s married to someone who makes millions..
    i don’t believe she’s happy.. she’s just trying….. and no i don’t think everybody is changing their names here..

  • dophine

    Who are you…or I to say which are cool clothes and which aren´t??
    I agree with you can judge her or her style while she is working…because that´s her job…and it´s a public job…but her private life…is like ours….personal and private, and I don´t think that anyone has the right to judge this, and less when we are relating to the life of a child.
    Is she a good actress or not?? I suppose everyone has an opinion…and this is something that all of us can judge.

  • Brit

    How normal for Jennifer another weekend spent with the paparazzi and Violet and no Ben.

  • sophie

    violet and jennifer are gorgeous!!

  • Soaplover

    That’s what were trying to say, she doesn’t have to wear a sparkling dress, look at her friend next to her, she’s casual and cute.
    Jennifer needs to take pride in herself!
    Vi is really cute!!!!!!

  • Lindsay Love

    She looks just like her mom

  • lakers fan in boston

    ehh, she looks weird without makeup
    really plain in fact
    i hope she gets off those jeans, i think that’s the 3rd time ive seen her with those same exact jeans

  • Meela

    Look it’s Violet, the diaper wearing 3 1/2 year old! What’s up with these Hollywood type mothers aka Gwen Stefani! Can you please have your nannies potty train and get rid of those baby bottles (Kingston)

  • sheila

    Jennifer is so pretty and looking sweet when she smiles.

  • Kate

    @Meela: 3 1/2 year old? 4 year old!!!!!!! she has some kind of disorder which i think is why she looks so weird

  • katy

    Where’s PIPPY? Maybe he/she turned out to be the famous stalker.

  • Kate

    @Meela: 3 1/2 year old??? 4 year old!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its obvious this girl has a disorder and her parents are doing shit about it.

  • Pippi

    Jennifer Garner would be beautiful even is she were butt naked. She doesn’t need to wear fancy clothes to look beautiful. The bottom line is she is on her own time and free to dress as she pleases. If some of you are offended, look away. Use you head for something besides a hat rack, dumbsh!t a@@holes.

  • ellie’

    Beautiful family.. and gorgeous children..

  • Kate

    @katy: pippi did turn out to be the stalker. just terrible.

  • Angelove

    Her daughter is wearing a cute dress from Hanna Anderson. I love ordering from Hanna, the tights, too. CUTE GIRL!!!

  • Angelove


  • Ben Affleck fan.

    Jennifer is looking a bit too thin lately,
    i think she looks better when she has a bit of chub on her face!
    Violet is so cute, such a gorgeous little lady!
    i know everyone says she looks like jen, but i see more of ben in her
    what a lovely family :)

  • MMA

    They don’t look happy.

  • Stone

    @MMA: They aren’t.

  • Happy

    Whyis everybody so jealous? They look great and Jen looks really happy and beautiful! Her outft is casual and pretty and the colors look good on her. As for violet she is dressed like a normal little kid, she is really cute though! Jennifer Garner is a real handson mother. Few are those that can have both a great career and a happy family!

  • Happy

    watch!! What a great trailer and Jen proves what a GREAT actress she is!

  • Jack ward

    Violet has the cutest ears.