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Leonardo DiCaprio Scoots Away with Sunglasses

Leonardo DiCaprio Scoots Away with Sunglasses

Leonardo DiCaprio scoots out of the Beverly Center mall in Los Angeles after doing some shopping on Sunday (December 20).

The 35-year-old actor carried a bag from Solstice sunglass boutique and covered his face with a UCLA baseball cap on the way out to his scooter.

THR announced late last week that Leo and Robert De Niro will be presenting director Martin Scorsese with the Cecil B. DeMille Award next month!

Martin will be recognized for his lifetime achievement in films at the Golden Globes, broadcast live on January 17.

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leonardo dicaprio ucla hat solstice scooter 01
leonardo dicaprio ucla hat solstice scooter 02
leonardo dicaprio ucla hat solstice scooter 03
leonardo dicaprio ucla hat solstice scooter 04
leonardo dicaprio ucla hat solstice scooter 05
leonardo dicaprio ucla hat solstice scooter 06

Credit: David Tonnessen; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • JT

    Go Bruins!!!

  • Lovey

    what a HOTTIE!!! go bruins :)

  • mm

    leo is fat pig

  • anonymous

    you don’t know what fat
    he’s absoutly sexy. :) Yum!

  • kaykay

    Why is he always covering his face.. GMAB.. the paps are more crazy on other celebs then him. Really are the crowd that out of hand that he has to cover his face.. Please LEO.. we like you, but we are not that obsessed.

    YOU are not that popular…

  • anonymous

    Sexy and adorable as always :)

    Go Bruins !!!

  • Lovey


    mm is that fat pig called Scott whatever… Leo is the cutest and your just a jealous bald headed a$$hole!!!

  • lexy

    Now see it’s believable that the paps follow Leo to an underground parking garage to get his picture. Afterall he’s a talented, well-known working actor and he’s easy on the eyes.

  • sara

    Loving the Leo ! Thanks, Jared

  • Gen

    not sexy ! any more

  • I was wondering

    Why was Leo’s last movie that was supposed to be so awesome pushed back until next year.. What is it called. Shutter Island.. hmmm

    I guess it had some serious problems.. Maybe that is why he is hiding his face.

    I like Leo.. but he is not all that.. terrible body.. beautiful face. .but please hardly sexy at all..

  • alison

    geez some people are so mean oh well i kind of feel bad for peeps who make fun of celebs on this site because they are prob just lonely or jealous and need to blow of steam but anyway i love leo

  • laura

    I love Leo. He’s one of my favorite actors.

  • lauren

    ahhh i love leo

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    legendary douchebag.

  • coco

    Leo is gorgeous and sexy. He hides his face from paps because he hates them. I like that about him – that he is quiet, private, and not a famewho*re. Go Leo – evade those pesky paps!

  • connie

    that he is quiet, private, and not a famewho*re.

    that’s why he seen at every Hollywood night-club and party, and that’s why he only dates high profile models, please he’s such a loser, what’s the big deal if your doing everyday life and a pap takes a picture, it’s not like he hates being in front of the cameras , or he wouldn’t have become a actor

    He looks stupid hiding his face , walking with his shirt over his head, grow up you don’t like what comes with being famous like a paparazzi taking your picture, then get out of the business, never heard of a career with only positives, you can take the million dollar paycheques ( especially with Forbes rating in one of the most overpaid actors for what your movies make), and the perks that being rich and famous grate a no body who is lucky enough to get famous for reading lines in front of a camera then you can take the pap taking your picture.

  • helmi

    He covers his face cos he is harrassed by paparazzi – they are a lot of clips on youtube of him being surrounded by photographers and it’s really scary.
    I don’t blame him for not wanting them to take his picture, he’s a serious actor not a tabloid whore.

  • jennifer

    connie, you know why Leo is in this ranking you said it’s becuase his movies are not that ridiculous commercial movies that are made just for make money and easy for people who doesn’t want to think when goes to the cinema… his movie always have substance and shows something important and interesting to watch and always make you think about what you saw! if they pay him u$ 20 it’s because it’s worth and because he’s a great actor.
    as for the paparazzi, I didn’t know that made part of being an actor that you have to pose to them like it’s the most wonderful thing in the world being pursuit everywhere you go… seems awesome!!! Leo makes his job very well, what he needs is the professional press that’s part of his work but not the paparazzi…

  • @17

    So because he is a movie star and gets paid millions of dollars he has to expose his entire life to the paparazzi? Is he supposed to live in `big brother style` and cannot have any privacy just because he is dating models and because he is rich? What`s wrong with you?
    He likes to go to clubs so what? Just look around and you`ll see photographers taking photos of celebs at the supermarket or leaving the gym. What`s the difference? You say Leo shouldn`t go to places where his picture can be taken so it means that everyone famous in LA should stay at home? Paps are everywhere…

  • HUH



  • bandit

    I like Leo. But I wonder if he’s a wild one off camera. Because I just can’t figure out why he would hang with someone like Lindsay Lohan who is so far down the Hollywood chain chain now and is known for her illgeal overindulgences. Somehow the fact he is linked to her a few times makes me think that Leo must be into extreme-partying. Maybe I’m the only one who hates his Lohan connection and what it possibly implies about him.

  • french


    There have never been pics to prove that they know each other, they were maybe at same parties but it doesn’t mean they are friends or a couple.

  • french


    And i don’t see Leo with people like her, it’s very degrading for him.

  • MMA

    Down and out in Beverly Hills!

  • Mari

    I LOVE Leo and am so glad you feature his photos. I know he covers his face because he doesn’t want the paparazzi making money off taking his photos, but I do enjoy catching a glimpse of him. To those who criticize him, he’s without a doubt one of the best actors of our time. Yes, I wish he’d date someone other than models, too (hey, like me!), but at least he’s known for long-term relationships. I think he was with Bar for about three years and on and off with Gisele for 5.

  • anonymous

    I heard Lohan’s father was glad that Leo’s hanging out with her because he’s a good influence. I don’t understand why Leo can’t hang out with Lindsey. Maybe he wants to help her like he told Zac Efron to not get into drugs. That’s why Brittney Murphy died. So, I say, Go Leo for being a good role model. You don’t see him doing drugs and getting DUI’s. So leave him alone!

  • Dude

    @anonymous: STFU…Brittney Murphy died because she had diabetis. Not everyone in young hollywood that dies is a drug addict. Leo and Lilo arent friends but its clear they’re associates. Only Lilo can save herself from herself and no one else.

  • lu

    i think he is overrated….he only makes movies for scorcese to be nominated….he s trying so hard but i dont think he will get!

  • ja

    im not his fan for years now, i think he s getting worst with years, his attitude dont fit with the image people idealize from him….hang out w LL, please being good model…laghhhhhh

  • Sarah Cutie

    Who is he dating now?

  • Sarah Cuties

    I hope he gets married soon.

  • Stone

    I thought he died in the Titanic?

  • Stone

    I thought he died in the Titanic?

  • omg, not again

    what is this obsession with Lindsay Lohan??? Leo has nothing to do with her. There is nothing wrong with him hanging out with her or being at the same club or party as her if he chooses to do so… she is a young girl with a f*cked up family who has many problems, just like millions of other people in the world..i don’t understand why ppl wanna keep linking her to Leo…the one has nothing to do with the other!!!!

  • coco

    Merry Christmas Leo!

  • love Leo

    now that’s my dream man. brad pitt is handsome and all but he’s a dumb pretty boy next to Leo.

  • Law

    Yes, helping Katrina victims, helping the poor, using his architectural knowledge to help build houses for people is pretty dumb!

    Both Leo and Bard are great! Stop tearing down people to lift one up. You can lift both of them up!!

  • Old or new?
  • jennifer

    I think it’s new because I never saw this pics before…

  • Old or new?

    I haven`t seen them before either but that doesn`t necessary mean that they are new… I hope they aren`t !!!

  • @40

    I saw your comment on BZ. Based on some Brazilian blog and these photos you are sure they are back on? That must be a VERY RELIABLE blog…

  • So, the photos are new. Leo`s sanity lasted for 6 months and now he is back to being an idi*t! Congrats, Leo!!!

  • Kev

    Not again! what a dissapointment!

  • Tell me about it! Disappointment is an understatement. I thought he was better than that but apparently I was wrong!

  • Leo is a disapointment

    How can you be so dumb Leo? Why do keep choosing a bimbo model over an intelligent self-made woman? Bar will definately get pregnant now to trap you. She’s very desperate after being six months apart from you. Bar will not let you get away so easily next time. Reports are that Bar was the one calling you and begging you to take her back and you had to fall for it. How can you be so clueless Leo? There are so many prettier and smarter women than Bar. You have let your fans down. You will regret taking this fame**** back.

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    hahaha……… I allways new that Leo and Bar gonna be back together!! Leo is a smart boy! wishing both of them all the happiness in the world! ((((((((((:
    looooooove Bar’s scarf!

  • @47

    I always knew you were an idiot and you keep proving my point over and over again!

  • http://israel Lisa rose

    @@47: WHO CARES from your opinion about me?!? LOL
    LEO IS WITH BAR AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! ((((((((((((((((((((((:::

  • Jess

    Love you Leo <3 :)