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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Presents Delivery!

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Presents Delivery!

Hayden Christensen and his girlfriend, How I Met Your Mother actress Rachel Bilson, carry in a few presents (covered in green Santa Claus wrapping paper) into her house in Los Angeles on Monday morning (December 20).

Over the weekend, the cute couple delivered gifts to Rachel‘s mom’s house, supposedly to celebrate the birthday of her little sister, Hattie.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen‘s presents delivery…

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rachel bilson hayden christensen presents 01
rachel bilson hayden christensen presents 02
rachel bilson hayden christensen presents 03
rachel bilson hayden christensen presents 04
rachel bilson hayden christensen presents 05
rachel bilson hayden christensen presents 06
rachel bilson hayden christensen presents 07
rachel bilson hayden christensen presents 08
rachel bilson hayden christensen presents 09
rachel bilson hayden christensen presents 10
rachel bilson hayden christensen presents 11
rachel bilson hayden christensen presents 12
rachel bilson hayden christensen presents 13
rachel bilson hayden christensen presents 14

Photos: INFdaily, WENN
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  • T

    JJ’s favorite couple!

  • Victoria

    I must say, both make an incredibly cute couple! It’s nice Hayden is close to Rach’s family, what a gentleman.

    Mmm… I wonder what’s in the green box, any guesses?

  • ocsethummer

    Is Rachel giving the finger in this pic?

    Rachel’s playing with us again Hide and Seek for the enagement ring, such a tease!

  • naomi

    How I Met Your Mother actress? she was in more than 1 episode?

  • MiMi


    No, she was in 1 episode. It’s an episode that’s coming up. Jared likes to blow her up.

  • Sara

    I have notice that her choices of clothes that she wears outside when she is running errands have become quite ugly if you compare it to a couple of years ago when she was always fashion forward dressed. I don’t know what has happened to her but it seems like she doesn’t care anymore. I just hope she goes back to dressing better when she goes outside because that hood sweater that she is wearing just looks ugly on her. ;/

  • Madison

    I guess their not engaged anymore. Seriously I know clebs like their privacy, but it’s really stupid to hide your engagement ring when everybody already knows your engaged. Why would you want to hide your engagement ring?? don’t get it.

  • amanda

    hayden is so cute! love him!

  • lakers fan in boston

    another daily post of rachel doing nothing in LA
    thanks for the update jared, i just wanted 2 no so bad that rachel was up 2 nothing again!! =D
    she just looks boring now

  • Alias

    At least H is carrying some of the packages, god forbid if R was carrying all of them, the haters would be calling him a lazy @ss

  • carrie

    Jared you really need to get your head examined. The How I Meet Your Mother actress?????????? Please I didn’t know that co-staring in 1 episode makes you an official actor of the show.

    Oh and looky here she is playing hide and seek once again with her left hand. For a couple that is supposedly soooooooooo in love with one another they sure look miserable when they are together. And what’s this Rachel giving the finger to her hired beloved paps? She sure is one ungrateful b**ch. But then of course Hayden is in town so she has to “act” (and that word right there is giving her too much credit) as if the paps are such a nuisance. Don’t want the miserable looking boyfriend to think that his beard is a media whore.

  • paulette

    Where is her ring? Why won’t anyone get a statement like before when she was not wearing it to public events? She always wore it when she was with her mom, friends and Hayden out-and-about.

    DId she loose it? Is it being serviced? Or did they break off the engagement?

    Inquiring minds want to know! LOL

  • pauline

    jj seems so inaccurate lately, it is unlikely that hattie was at rachel’s mom’s house and he keeps getting he name wrong in his desperation to post new pictures

  • lexy

    OK so Rachel has a CAMEO in How I Met Your Mother and now she’s an “actress on the show” – what happened to her big hit movie New York I Love You – the only movie she’s in all year that she’s too busy shopping to go to the premiere?
    Also JJ – isn’t Hattie Rachel’s dad’s kid? Why deliver presents to Rachel’s mom’s house??
    See you naysayers complained they weren’t engaged – JJ got on the phone to her PR folks and now she and Hayden are being “stalked” by the paparrazi – b/c we all know this super couple is in the same league as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and the paps wait outside their home and follow them to other people’s homes!! Of course they are engaged – RB’s no fool. Who do you think will pay her mortgage and credit card bills if she leaves him??? Despite what JJ says she’s NOT the star of HIMYM.

  • Melody

    Ok, so she’s not a HIMYM regular. Fine. Most of us who watch the show know that already. But it’s not that big of a deal. You would think he had said she was an Oscar nominated actress with the way people are reacting.

  • Jennifer

    Jared, I believe that’s Rachel’s mother’s neighborhood. Not Rachel’s.

  • sharon

    @carrie: I agree compared to pictures of her taken the 18th till now totally different attitude towards the paps :

  • sharon

    @ocsethummer: OMG she is giving them the bird , wait till Hayden leaves and she will be all smiles and pose for the pap such a fake a$$ !!

  • Jolie

    Maybe this was one of those rare times that she was actually “caught” by the paps. And she’s not in a very good mood today. And it doesn’t look like Hayden was with her when she was papped giving the finger.

  • jessica

    This girl has mental problems, she is engaged for a year ago and everyone knows it, why she hides the ring? And why she don’t smile when Hayden is in LA? I think she knows that Hayden is more important than her, at least, he has a career.

  • Alias

    She’s giving her haters half the peace sign! LMAO

  • Cathy

    @ 21

    Or it’s like those signals in baseball, telling them where her next location is. LMAO

  • Jax


  • Riley

    The future Tiger Woods couple or could it be the end like with Reese and Jake they were seen together before they broke up. He looks like he slept in the clothes and gee maybe step mom sent home gifts fromthe birthday party.

  • mm

    cute couple

  • lexy

    Perhaps Hayden’s mom or sister commented how odd it was that the paps always know where Rachel is and how she’s grinning for the cameras like The Joker! Hayden is suspcious and notices that she’s spending money on weird things (like paying the paps to follow her) so she has to act all angry and rude. Now she thinks she’s Cameron Diaz and he’s Justin Timberlake.
    please Rachel, your mom’s not famous. You’re not Kourtney Kardashian or Tiger Woods or Gwenny Paltrow – the paps wouldn’t just be hanging out at your mom’s house hoping to get a glimpse of a has been Z-lister and her D-lister man!

  • @26

    for whom you write it? I’m sure that rachel and hayden will not read your post LOL

  • lisa

    All she does is call the paps ,maybe she should put all the energy she has and get a job

  • padme

    Carrie Underwood just got engaged and I’d bet that she would be proud to wear/show off her ring everywhere she goes b/c she loves and respects her man enough to let the world know that she is proud to be his future wife. Rachel is just using gullible Hayden for his money and fame….I see no love betwn her and Hayden at all.

  • naomi

    @MiMi: hahah that’s what i thought, thnks

  • The Bird

    @ #3 Yeah!! She sure is giving the finger! Gee,,,,Wonder why? She is the one calling the paps out. Now, she is making it look like she hates it. Again, hiding the ring. Such a media player. I do like the boots and handbag is all. The handbag I think is bigger then the midget! LOL!

  • Den still smokes

    HC said he quits smoking and look what is in his pocket: a red pack of Du maurier.
    HC n his buddy RB are playing with media and mocking their fans.
    They aren’t engage. That’ s a cheap promo for 2 dying c list stars.

    HC may keep doing movies, but RB is like a dead corpse when it comes to acting. She is bad seriously. Sad.

    HC shoulg hang with other buddies. She does make no good to his reputation.

  • #20

    @Jolie: yeah – no slap – she looks old & ugly & stoopid w/o it!

  • bunny

    OMG!!!! It’s the return of the living dead, omg! ewwwww!!

  • jax

    I think she needs to face the music, she’s been told when the holidays are over, so is this sham relationship. Ring included. She looks so devastated, you’d think someone just told her no one would ever take her pic again, lol..

  • sharon

    LMAO there is ways around moderation…
    As i was commenting same pictures different story??

    Tending to the day’s duties, Rachel Bilson was spotted heading off to an office building in Toluca Lake for an appointment on Monday (December 21).

    During the same time, the former”OC” actress’ fiance, Hayden Christensen, kept himself busy carrying presents into Rachel’s mom’s house in North Hollywood.

  • Chuck

    Ooh, good call Sharon. Maybe he’s aspiring to be the low ball version of Tom Brady, lol.

  • #36

    she goes to an appointment looking like death warmed over!!! Who the f*ck does that!! Like the way JJ tries to put such a positive spin on these two losers and their fake lovelife – two different pics but, hey, no one will notice they’re not together. Hayden is gay & Rachel is his beard – that’s why this relationship is so fake, fake, fake.

  • Brea

    @Victoria: Oh, & here I was thinking he only really sees her family, ooh let me see now, once, maybe twice a year. Silly me, I must have been blind not to notice how close he is.

  • 2eee

    he’s like the worst dressed ever! Trying to hard

  • whodie
  • whodie

    Appointment in what… like acting job?! Well RB looks like “death” most likely she got “denied as usual” again.

    Agreed, HC got the worst in everything – acting, dressing up, personality (he’s such a screwball) and he got an (in)significant other who’s much much worst than him.
    Can anyone still beat that?! lol

  • Alias

    @21 – obviously you don’t know sh1t about bball, the signs are given to the pitcher with the hand upside down LMFAO

  • @#1

    Let me categorically re-phrase that…

    Its JJ’s most favorite yet most despicable Z-listed (Beard) Couple Yey!!!

  • Alias

    @22 – obviously you don’t know sh!t about bball, the signs are given to the pitcher with the hand upside down LMFAO

  • Alias

    @22 – obviously you don’t know sh!t about bball, the signs are given to the pitcher with the hand upside down ROTFLMFAO

  • sharon

    @Alias: Apparently you don’t know who you are commenting too ROTFLMFAO!!

  • sharon

    @Alias: Apparently you don’t know who you are commenting too ROTFLMFAO and LMFAO and LOL !!!

  • Alias

    @ 36, 47, 48 – and apparently you’re using a web proxy server, been banned? LMFAO btw, I just woke up when I posted, even a perfect person like myself can have off days as you can see I corrected myself you on the other hand posted twice and added one word on the second one LOL

  • sidony

    Aaah… that kind of glum expression just goes to show that she recently read the last & latest thread/blog from her pimp gossip blogger JJ.