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Shia LaBeouf & Carey Mulligan Hang In Hollywood

Shia LaBeouf & Carey Mulligan Hang In Hollywood

Shia LaBeouf drops off his girlfriend (and Wall Street 2 costar) Carey Mulligan, and then eats at Greenblatt’s Deli in West Hollywood on Thursday (December 17).

The next day, Carey visited the pet store at the Beverly Glen Market and then went to Beverly Hills to meet up with a girlfriend.

Shia has been taking Carey to all of his favorite spots. They are a very sweet couple,” the eyewitness told People. “They browsed several books and would not let go of each other’s hands.”

10+ pictures inside of Shia LaBeouf & Carey Mulligan hanging in Hollywood…

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shia labeouf carey mulligan hang in hollywood 01
shia labeouf carey mulligan hang in hollywood 02
shia labeouf carey mulligan hang in hollywood 03
shia labeouf carey mulligan hang in hollywood 04
shia labeouf carey mulligan hang in hollywood 05
shia labeouf carey mulligan hang in hollywood 06
shia labeouf carey mulligan hang in hollywood 07
shia labeouf carey mulligan hang in hollywood 08
shia labeouf carey mulligan hang in hollywood 09
shia labeouf carey mulligan hang in hollywood 10

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  • Shiacrazyfan

    Gosh !!!! he’s so hot with his Dodgers sweat-shirt. Love him !!!!!

  • Shiacrazyfan

    Shia is so HOT !!!! the most sexy man ever… he’s so sexy sith his Dodgers sweat-shirt.

  • Really?

    how long is gonna have that stupid hand cast on? he’s had it since June of 08′ Transformer 2 is allready out and he still has it on c’mon!!

  • jen

    hand injuries take many operations to fix.

  • SS

    they make a cute couple. Better than him and Megan Fox lol – those two do not suit each other.

  • lola

    I’m sorry but does he only have one pair of jeans? He’s been wearing that same pair for at least the last four posts on him…

  • Guest

    People theee are old photos. JJ you need a story that bad. These photos are like from is Monday, Time to update….
    Anywho, if you go to they are talking about how these two are getting married next year, WOW talk about falling hard adn moving too fast.

  • HJ

    shia!! hes sooooo cute! :)

  • JJfan

    Couple of things:
    Shia is garbage (trailer trash) and can’t act
    She looks like a guy (nothing is pretty about her)
    Who gives a **** about them dating (or get married) co-stars date co-stars, it happens big deal
    These two are so good for each other, they both are disgusting looking.

  • U

    hes so cute & hot

  • Bah

    Yup perfectly said.
    Also has Shia lost a lot of fans cause of deep passionate relationship with Carey? I ask this cause many of his sites do not seem to be as active as it once was. Even when he was on his off time, I don’t think that I have ever seen these sites as “slow” as they are now.
    Carey is a bad apple (ugly and everything). She has to be using Shia to get her name more known in Hollywood.

  • alison

    i love his movies he is so cute:)

  • roadkill

    @SS: (makes angery fist) ya’know you may be right about that…(sigh)

  • elle

    he’s such a cutie!

  • San

    I have heard that Carey is very stuck up, snotty b**tch. Perfect for each other!

  • So Judgemental

    Are you haters on the drugs? Sniffing glue or something?

    Carey doesn’t need Shia to “get her name around hw”.. Dude will be lucky if she invites him as her date for the Oscar nom she is going to get for An Education.. lil man will get to sit at the big boys table because of her..not the other way around.

    They are a cute couple because unlike some of the commenters here spewing vitriol.. they are rather unpretentious.

  • Scarlett

    Love him

  • ben

    ummm ..I’m not interested in Oscar. and I had never herad of her before until she was dating shia.
    They’re cute couple.
    @alison: I love his movie too.

  • i’M N0 MEGAN F0X

    shia needs a shave and new clothes asap.

  • Lindsay Love

    His hands are healed!

  • christine

    they seem so happy together !

    i’m happy for them (:

  • Stella

    I know shia whose the other guy….oh wait lol

  • Sam

    I love how you guys can accuse someone of being snooty and stuck up and then proceed to criticise the same person. Pot or the kettle?

  • Sam

    I love how some of you guys accuse someone for being a stuck-up bitch and then proceed to criticise there appearance and talent. Pot or the kettle?

  • Iggles

    I don’t like them together. Call me a hater but I definitely agree she isn’t right for him.

  • O_o

    I think that Carey is way too classy for Shia. I also think that the photos of the two of them all over each other are disgusting, they need to get a room and fast.
    I wonder if Carey sold her place in London since moving in with Shia in LA. She moved in with him last month. Marriage soon?

  • MMA

    There’s nothing like a harem.

  • Chef Coa

    @O_o: He’d be crazy!

  • Stone

    They’re a nice couple.

  • What?

    Do you think that this relationship will last?
    I do I think it will last at least 3 years, I guess it is they way that they are all over each other like stink on crap. But I agree that Carey is way too good for Shia, Shia is the trash type.

  • MariahFu


    i agree with you 100% that shia has lost fans because of his relationship with carey stinkin mulligan.
    ya’shes ugly and i didnt even notice her in bleak house(which was so boring,nobody’s going to need sleeping pills again)
    and she wasnt even wellknown before all these “celebrity-sighted”
    sites started publicising their lovey-dovey relationship..
    and i bet An Education or whatever the shit[i havent seen it yet] sucks.

  • zinc

    @Bah: @MariahFu:
    Yep you two are not the only one who sees this, that Shia has lost many fans cause of his relationship with Carey “the man”. If you go to Shia’s IMDB message board it is scarce in there.
    What what is going to happen if Shia does get married next year to this she-man, carey.

  • Linzy

    shia is too cute for her.. marry me~~ shia!

  • laura

    oh, SALLY SPARROW, you could do so much better than this guy. :(

    i hope carey wises up asap!

  • Amanda

    Aww. They are so cute together :)