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Zac Efron Plays with Pups

Zac Efron Plays with Pups

Zac Efron shows off some puppy love as he gets friendly with a few dogs on Sunday (December 20) in Aspen, Colo.

The 22-year-old actor, who’s in town hanging out with some friends and his mom, played with local dogs waiting for their owners and said hello to two young fans who came by. Aww…

Miley Cyrus recently told Sirius XM’s The Morning Mash Up! (via Us Weekly) that she thinks Zac is “the hottest person in the world”.

Zac could get any girl…and do whatever, and he is so loyal and a really good friend,” Miley said.

20+ pictures inside of Zac Efron playing with pups…

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zac efron plays with dogs aspen 01
zac efron plays with dogs aspen 02
zac efron plays with dogs aspen 03
zac efron plays with dogs aspen 04
zac efron plays with dogs aspen 05
zac efron plays with dogs aspen 06
zac efron plays with dogs aspen 07
zac efron plays with dogs aspen 08
zac efron plays with dogs aspen 09
zac efron plays with dogs aspen 10
zac efron plays with dogs aspen 11
zac efron plays with dogs aspen 12
zac efron plays with dogs aspen 13
zac efron plays with dogs aspen 14
zac efron plays with dogs aspen 15
zac efron plays with dogs aspen 16
zac efron plays with dogs aspen 17
zac efron plays with dogs aspen 18
zac efron plays with dogs aspen 19
zac efron plays with dogs aspen 20

Photos: GSI Media
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  • alison

    i love him he is so cute, but what is wrong with his hair?

  • istar

    aw… sooo cute! puppy love! lol :D

  • Elaine

    His hair???

  • Mileena

    I’m not a fan. He’s cute, yeah but not that hot as some girls make him out to be. I’m more into manly men. Also, I loved his old hair better than his new one. Look at it! It’s a total mess(not in a good way as it used to). But he’s way bettet than other actors nowadays though! He’s handsome. So cute here with the dogs!


    AAAHW. ♥

  • liza

    @Mileena: I agree im more into manly men. To me even though he is in his early twenties I still see this HSM kid. Ikd, just my feelings, personally i was always more attracted to men older than me so I was into actors like Brad pitt, (back in the day) Johnny Depp those kinds of actors. I’m 19 but I just not into Efron much. Now I’m really into Alex Skarsgard, I really like those European actors more and more.

    Back to the point, Im glad he finally gotten rid of his long shaggy hair and he does look better the way it is now and as far as acting goes IMO, I think he is going to be the only HSM actor to have a long term acting career he is the best actor on those movies and from a few others I’ve seen of him.

  • milly

    He is there with his family, his mom, brother and dad. He is there for an event.

    And stop blowing that Miley quote out of proportion.

  • G

    I really hate it when someone describes a guy as so hot that EVERY girl in the world would want him.

    Enough. Girls are not so simple and shallow that they would drop everything and run with tongues hanging out of their mouths after Zac or George Clooney or whatever. I’d like to think that girls are as complex as boys and that they like nerds, geeks, beasts, etc.

    I sure as heck don’t want Zac. So not EVERY girl wants him, okay?

  • Mileena

    @liza: I couldn’t agree more. Seems like we have a lot in common since I’m also 19 and I’ve always loved older men like Brad Pitt (back in the 90s when he was actually hot) and Johnny Depp…Idk I love actor like Josh Hartnett or James Franco aswell. XD Anyway, I still see him as this HSM pretty boy. Btw, Alex Skarsgard is pure hotness. I love him too. Manly men are definitely the best.

  • pottersfield

    Until Zac gets rid of the albatros around his neck he will always be known as that HSM kid.
    He will be a better actor as he matures. Love the rictures with the dogs.

  • T

    he’s not attractive. and he’ not a good actor.
    butter face

  • athena

    Great that Zac has some time to spend with his family. You can tell how guys will treat you as a boyfriend by how they treat their friends and pets. Not that any of these dogs are Zac’s pets, but he’s gentle with them…he spends time with his family, and he has friends that respect his privacy and are loyal to him.

    What’s great about Zac’s hairdo’s is that even with long and messy hair, he looks great…unlike some celebs that need that hair coverage to make them look good. Zac could be bald and still look great…his beauty is the flaw of having two beautiful parents with great genes. He is beautiful yet handsome, and when his beard grows in, he looks very manly.

  • athena

    @T: Great that you’d want to spread your negative opinion….don’t be bitter, keep your negativity to yourself.

  • pop86

    Zac and his family are having a winter vacation in Aspen Co. Enjoy snowboarding.

    The dogs are adorable. I want one.

  • marisa

    it looks like fluffy the 3 headed dog from HP in the first pic. hahahah love u zac!

  • pop86


    Thank you for sharing your opinions about yourself.

    I have no doubt that you are not attractive and can’t act.

    I totally agree with you that you have a face of an a$$.

    Again, thanks for posting.

  • Trina


    By albatross, you mean Nikki Blonsky, right? Yes, until she stops mentioning him in every interview she does, she’ll keep dragging him down to her level.

  • Gemma

    @liza: Nah i think Vanessa and Ashley wil do pretty well for thereselves, Vanessa more than Ashley and Lucas is doing well, a movie he was in was nominated for an oscar ‘milk’ his sucsess has been quicker though

  • Lindsay Love

    He is such a good boyfriend

  • liza

    @Mileena: How can I forget about Josh and James :D love them too ;)

    Definitely, I love that the more manly men can be hot and classy at the same time, but they are more mature and gentlemen like to act foolish like some of the younger celebs are these days.

  • Malia

    Hope Zac is having fun with his family. Wonder if they’ll ski as well as snowboard? It’s around 38 degrees in Aspen and down to 13 tonight. Also hope Zac doesn’t forget to put on his sun screen. Light is reflected off the snow and you can get double the exposure–from above and from the reflection below. Some people come home from ski trips with “goggle” eyes.

  • meyli

    awwwww miley have the reason i love her for what she saids awwww zac looks soooooo cute and obviously he is the hottest guy in the world I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!! SO MUCH :)

  • meyli


    i respect alll of you comments because everyone have their own opinion but i think the best is that if you do not like you reserve your opinion because for the people that if we like it’s annoying read your comments so if you dont like zac efron what are you doing watching his news just ignore it and just .

    this is what i think

  • birdie53

    It’s great Zac gets to spend this time with his family. I honestly like him
    more for his kind heart than his perfect looks. As usual the Miley comment was taken out of context, she was trying to say that even though she thinks he’s the best looking guy out there she thinks because he has been a loyal boyfriend and friend (and she does mention Vanessa) that makes him more attractive. Which I agree with
    there is nothing more attractive that a man who is loyal and not a player.

  • go sox

    @birdie53: I could not agree more….there is nothing more unattractive to me, than a man who sleeps around, or does not have the maturity to love a woman. Would not touch a guy like that with a 10 ft. pole.

  • go sox

    So nice that Zac can spend a family vacation snowboarding with his family, after being away since July. Nothing more fun in winter, than being together on the slopes!!

  • Tiptoes

    Its nice to see Zac at this promo event.

    I see that his family is also there with him. One of the things I like about him is that he values his family and spends time with them.

  • Tiptoes

    Also, I wanted to ask if you guys had seen MAOW?

    I am happy that Christian is getting the recognition he deserves.

  • wicked wench

    He’s as cute as those puppies, lol. Yes, I also appreciate his moral character (doesn’t smoke, do drugs, drinks in moderation, works-out, generally behaves himself.) Perhaps that’s why as an older woman, I find him oh-so-appealing.

  • birdie

    @Tiptoes: Yes, I saw it and I thought it was wonderful. It’s a shame it didn’t get around to more theatres I really think there is an audience for this type of film. Even though it was intended as a “Indie film”.I think they underestimated the Zac fans
    and audiences in general because with the wonderful reviews people
    would have given it a chance. I also heard that the studio promoted Christian’s performance in the best actor catagory instead of best supporting actor when they sent out DVD’s to promote the actors for nominations . That was a GREAT diservice to him because his performance was sensational and worth every penny of the ticket. He definately would’ve received a nomination in the best suporting actor
    catagory as opposed to the much tougher Best Actor catagory. WE do still have the Oscars to hope for but being the Golden Globes overlooked him it isn’t vey hopeful.
    I also think people will change their minds if they have any doubt about
    Zac Efron’s talent and the future of his career. (talking about non fans here, us fans have known for a long time how talented Zac is)

  • Malia

    @wicked wench:

    Here’s another older lady who loves and respects him for the same reasons.

    I still can’t believe that MAOW was only released in 64 theaters. What a shame. I saw it twice, and the audiences’ reactions were great

  • Jenna

    Went to school with this guy in Santa Maria… such a Dbag!! LOL

  • celestine

    Honey Zac went to school in San Luis Obispo being Paulding Middle School and Arroyo Grande High School

  • tenamoore

    Zac is a great guy he has a lot more older fans now and it is just the tweens that change they minds on how they are into every day and people that hate on him don’t even now im it is sad to be honest :)

  • irongrumma

    i am glad zac spend time with his family. but i am sorry vanessa could’t be with him on this trip.he have fun been be with them. i think he spen d christmas with his family. and new year with vanessa.vanessa look good sun.i want to wish you all a merry christmas. and hope santa bring verthink you want.

  • Kristin M

    Zac changed his style and I love it. He looks so much hotter with the dark brown hair, the sunglasses, the black clothes, very rock and roll. Much better than his surfer boy look, I’ll tell you that. Once these boys leave Disney, they start actually growing up! I’m looking forward to his future career, he just has to stay away from Disney or people won’t take him seriously as an actor.

  • Karen


    We fans or people who know anything about him at all know exactly where he went to school. HOWEVER, it never ceases to amaze me how troublemakers like Jenna will come on a board like this and try to get by with making such asinine statements. IF people didn’t care about this guy they most likely won’t bother to read much about him or much less stop to make a comment. IF you are a fan then—as I said—they know his background and where he went to school. All other people like Jenna just want to get something negative started. But they are too stupid to understand that they only make themselves look bad with these kinds of comments. They don’t even know how to tell a good lie or when to do it. You should never try it when it can so easily be disproved.

  • MMA

    It’s a dog’s life!

  • Chef Coa

    I wouldn’t let him near my dog!

  • pita

    oh blessed him ,amazing that he has time off for his family and look
    like zac have fun playing with the dog waiting for thier owners.

  • Tiptoes


    thanks Birdie…i read that too!
    But still, Christian’s acting is being recognized by some critics and some has even highlighted his role as one of the best supporting actor’s performance of the year. Its still not too late for the Oscar nomination – so I am crossing my fingers for this!

    Malia – glad you finally got to watch it!

  • Karen

    I wish I could get to see MAOW. I think the powers that be would be surprised just how well this movie might do if people got a chance to see it. I believe Zac’s fanbase has been highly underestimated and now that people have been passing the word how good Christian McKay is in it the movie and some have gotten to see his interviews firsthand, I believe a lot of people would want to go see his performance alone.


    Zac is back in L.A. He was seen with Vanessa, shopping, proably last minute christmas shopping. Several people saw them together and i read it on sweetheart blog. I think he was in aspen for just a few days with his family and friends, my guest he came home monday. I beleive Zac and Vanessa will be sucessful in there careers, they both have alot of talent and both there last movies are critically aclaim by alot of critics. In Denver they just added three more theaters for his movie MAOW. i’ve hadn’t had a chance to see it because of the holldays and working, but i hope to see it this weekend. By the way Zac and Vanessa shows alot more maturity than alot of older actors, i beleive Zac and Vanessa are going todo well in anything they do. Right now they are working on improving and growing on there acting skills, which shows alot of maturity.

  • Malia

    As of Dec 18th, MAOW is now in 134 theaters. Must be in larger cities. Still only one theater here in Portland. I believe it will be in more theaters nationwide starting Dec 25th.

  • pita


  • Tiptoes

    Merry Christmas too!


  • manzi

    he looks soooooooooooo sweeeet in wat so ever hairstyle he is in!!!!!!!!!!!





  • tenamoore


    I think zac was goos but i think he has some older fans but i am sad to say that he is still be thought of as troy it is sad :)