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Carrie Underwood: Engagement Ring Details!

Carrie Underwood: Engagement Ring Details!

Carrie Underwood shows off her flashy new engagement ring as she watches her fiance, Mike Fisher of the Ottawa Senators, take on the Boston Bruins during the an NHL hockey game in Canada on Monday (December 21).

A spokesperson from the Diamond Information Center says the 26 year-old country crooner’s ring is estimated to be a five-plus carat brilliant round diamond with diamond sidestones, worth over $150,000.

“I love you so much!” Carrie has told Mike in the liner notes of her latest album, Play On.

FYI: Carrie is keeping warm in a Burberry scarf!

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Photos: Sean Kilpatrick/AP Photo/The Canadian Press
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  • Tealeaf

    She wants EVEYBODY to see her ring..

  • Michelle


    Wouldn’t you if you had a ring like that one? Its beautiful!!!

  • Ally

    Tealeaf I dont blame her. Awesome guy and awesome ring. But I dont think she is “showing” if off. She normally talks with her hands from previous interviews. I think that is all that is going on. You can tell from her face she is engaged in a conversation and using her hands to talk. Not flaunting it purposely.

  • lucy

    that’s a big and beautiful ring!
    i’m so happy for carrie and mike :)

  • Laura

    She’s not showing it off purposely, she’s in a conversation with some friends and using hand gestures, she doesn’t know the cameras are photographing her, anyway, her ring is gorgeous and she has every right to show it off, I would if I were her, but I am extremely unfortunate not to be, she is a very lucky women and the ring is absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations Carrie and Mike.

  • Sarah Cutie

    She is so perfect in every way

  • eliott


  • cayanne

    it gross…less is more! flaunting it all the way, that’s her choice…

  • Jason KC

    Carrie deserves a ring that big! Girl is amazing :) Congrats again. Looks as though 2010 is going to be CARRIE”S YEAR!!!

  • cayanne

    hockey guys don’t make that much money so she probably sported the change for this bling…see it all the time.


    And she has a giant forehead with nothing in there. Helloooooooo.

  • anonymous

    not crazy about this chick. seems awfully full of herself

  • sillyme

    Come on, every woman wants to show off her engagement ring, no matter how big or small it is. I’m not a big Carrie fan, but I like how she handles herself.

  • megan

    how is she trashy? the girl is one of the classiest in hollywood. never steps out of bars drunk, doesn’t from guy to guy, keeps her clothes on, etc. should i go on?

  • haha

    from the photo angle it looks like both her friends are only looking at the ring. LOL if i got an engagement ring like that i would wear it on my forehead.

  • Kristen


    you have got to be kidding me! hockey players make MILLIONS per season.
    of course mike can afford it.

  • kelly

    He’s probably already doing someone else. Carrie seems as though she has really gotten conceited over the past year.

    I can’t believe she is marrying someone after only dating them a year. This is a long distance relationship…she knows hardly nothing about him and vice versa.

    Maybe she will cheat on him instead?

  • Ms Anonymous


    No that is YOU who is trashy, you don’t know crap about Carrie.

  • Ms Anonymous

    Can’t people be happy for someone without being mean? Ridiculous.

  • ace11

    sorry..just don’t see this one lasting

    1 year tops

  • Melissa

    I love how everyone is making a big deal. Mike makes millions so in no way is Carrie going to have to pay for it. Also the thing about only dating a year! That’s just the dumbest thing I have ever heard! That means he really cares about her if he asked her so soon. Its not like they are getting married tomorrow, they can be engaged for a year, so that was another dumb reason to say it wouldnt work out. I think Carrie is a smart girl, and in no way was she showing the ring off. Maybe in the one picture where all of the guys were looking at it too. Oh well she should be happy! Shes a classy gal who deserves nothing for than to be with someone who makes her happy! Same goes for Mike! Hes an awesome guy! Congrats to both of them! I wish them the best!


    Cayenne I think your mistaken.Mike signed a 21 million dollar contract recently.So why would Carrie pay for her own ring.That’s stupid.Stop being a hater.Don’t you realize the more you HATE on other people, the more you block your own blessings in life.I feel sad for some of you.You must lead miserable lives of quiet desperation to HATE on someone in love.Both of whom do a lot of charity work and have faith.I bet if i knew some of you I would see some pretty sad individuals with not much going in their lives.I wish the best for every single person in this world.Because I have the good sense to know that talking bad about others guarantees road blocks in your life.Anyway, I love everybody.Stay positive.Love yourself.Love ecerybody.Love God.

  • janeth

    @megan: from guy to guy! your off honey she’s been with every hockey player and other sport figures… let that be known! but If I had a ring like that I would show it off too…

  • nolalove

    She’s a classy woman with a good head on her shoulders. Leave her alone & take your jealously elsewhere. She’s going to move on & be successful no matter what you think.

  • amanda


    I agree!

  • MMA

    Well, if she stays off the bottle it could work out I guess.

  • Cristobal

    6 months tops.

  • LuckyL

    anonymous @ 12/22/2009 at 5:36 pm

    not crazy about this chick. seems awfully full of herself
    Then you obviously don’t know sh*t about her

  • LuckyL

    MMA @ 12/22/2009 at 7:15 pm

    Well, if she stays off the bottle it could work out I guess.
    No honestly, what the f*ck are you going on about these last few threads??

  • bimp

    @ LMFAO

  • KRIS

    It’s sooo obvious she is SO FULL OF HERSELF!

  • Yay Carrie

    What I love about Carrie Underwood is that she doesn’t seem to be a fake — like Jessica Simpson. I’m so disappointed in Jessica. She’s a nice girl, but she doesn’t know where her head is these days. She’s dating the lousiest men. She should just find a nice, normal guy. She acts like she needs someone who is in the spotlight to put her in the spotlight. Simpson is a has-been. She should have forgotten about stardom and tried to grow up. Maybe her marriage would have survived.

  • Michelle

    They are getting married sometime this summer per Mike’s website. There isn’t a nicer, Godly couple out there. I am thrilled for them and pray God’s blessings upon their lives.

  • Allie

    That ring is huge and I am incredibly jealous. I hope it lasts, they are the cutest couple!

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    JJ -

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  • sasha

    No Class…and No Talent

  • Htr

    @JUST LOVE PEOPLE #23 @Michelle #34
    Spare me your bible thumping ways.

    @LuckyL #29 #30
    Carrie Underwood’s Pr much.

  • Grace

    yaaa all you haters are just jealous of her fame and fortune. she was just a normal girl before she was on american idol and she graduated magna cum laude (top her her class) in her university class, so she does have a brain and values herself. She isnt stupid like Britney or Paris. She’s not flaunting her goods or going to bars uncessarily to get shots of herself from the paparazzi. She is a down to earth home town girl who just happens to have worked her way into a magnificent country singing career. I admire her ability to keep herself out of the limelight unless it is to promote her music!!

  • Stone

    Well, from some of the things I’ve read, I wish him the best of luck!!!

  • Dana

    Who designed and made that ring, wow!!

    I am happy for the couple.

  • CanadaGirl

    Too funny that both friends are looking at her ring. Haha.
    She seems sweet and deserving of her happiness.

  • Linda

    I just found out that Johnathon Arndt designed her engagement ring. She is beautiful and I think the couple looks perfect. I wish them a life of happiness together.

  • Kae

    This man will never leave Carrie. God continues to bless both of them. Congrats! And yes girl flaunt that ROCK!!!!!

  • Legra

    are you people listening to yourselfs??! you sound absolutly ridiculous!!! you don’t even know carrie, and neither do i! just because she’s famous doesn’t mean she’s trashy or flaunting anything! get over your jealousy and be happy for someone! everyone makin stupid comments about her, her engagment and that ring are pathetic! think before you type. . .

  • Brooklyn

    Mike makes more than enough money to pay for the ring all on his own. And I know that Mike will not and has not slept with anyone else while he’s been with Carrie.

  • JEN

    That poor guy doesn’t know what he’s getting into…

  • gill

    the guy would cheat on her. She’s only been dating him for like a year and already planned to mary him? I smelled a soon divorce after that.

  • longchamp

    …and that is in no way a contrived hand gesture – please. they just love the paps when it’s time to show off, don’t they.

  • abby.


    uhm. actually, yes they do. if they’re good, and mike fisher is good.

  • Custom T

    I hope that the tabloids Yankee Stadium stories got it wrong!