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Jaden Smith & Jackie Chan: 'Karate Kid' Trailer!

Jaden Smith & Jackie Chan: 'Karate Kid' Trailer!

Check out the trailer for Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan‘s remake of The Karate Kid!

The 11-year-old son of Will Smith stars as Dre Parker, a kid who’s got it all – until his mom’s new job means relocating to China!

After dealing with a bully, he learns kung fu from maintenance man Mr. Han (Chan) and stands up for himself once and for all.

The film comes out June 11, 2010!

Jackie Chan & Jaden Smith: ‘The Karate Kid’ Trailer
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  • anonymous

    cannot stand this kid, so will be skipping this one

  • http://google toni

    Jaden is a cutie. Just so much like his dad Will.

  • MMA

    Hollywood has gotten so incestuous.

  • WHY!!

    Why? WHY? WHY?

    Why did Will and Jada have to ruin a really great little film.. I know he is your child, but But this film should not have been remade or revamped whatever they are calling it.. PLUS Jaden is too young to be the Karate kid.. THEY should have done it with the older son..

    but they really seem to be pushing his career and the sister’s. big time..

  • Sarah Cuties

    This looks awesome

  • Kenza

    I love Jaden!! He trained so hard for this!

  • LuckyL

    Strong family, positive kids.

  • Hdhc

    Karate =from japan NOT China. Urgh I hate it when Hollywood does it. Other than that I haven’t watched the trailer yet but it should be called Kung fu kid if it’s called karate kid remake

  • http://none Monk

    Stop remaking good movies, and remake the BAD ONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …`wow. all though it’s a corny remake idea this looks more serious than the first karate kids. ahahaha and jaden looks like he’s been trained well before the making of this film. he has way more moves than ralph macchio.. who didn’t have any moves whatsoever in ANY karate kid flick. LOL
    trailer look good. i’m shocked.

  • alison

    nobody can replace ralph macchio who is amazing! nothing against will’s son i love the pursuit of happiness it’s just they shouldn’t be remaking a classic movie.

  • Cindy

    Nothing beats the original one that’s for sure. It seems interesting, but like I said before, Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita owned it!.

  • AutumnM

    Jaden is so cute

  • anony

    Can’t stand this kid either.
    Hope he doesn’t turn out gay like his dad.
    And why can’t his character’s name be Tim or Billy?
    Why is it always some stupid hip hop name?

  • meowtime

    I cant stand him either…another child of a star who thinks they are very important…
    this will flop BIG TIME, nobody wants to watch this scientologist spawn ruin a movie….

    im so tired of will smith, he is turning into tom cruise…when is suri gunna have her own show on abc?

  • alison

    you didn’t just call will smith gay he is one of the best actors ever:) you rock will

  • black

    ———–Well, I believe that simply too many people dislike Will Smiths son, Jaden, to bother with this.
    Even though the boy is only eleven, he already has a cocky, aroogant air and vibe around him that it just sets people off.

  • Stone

    For what good reason, aside from trying to make a $. It’s a shame that that’s now the the priority in every segment of our society.

  • seriously?

    This makes me ill. I cant stand this kid. I love Will Smith but this kid is cocky as hell and I just wanna smack him.

  • nospitting

    Those dissing Jaden, a child, should be ashamed of themselves. Forget who or what is father is. Jaden has a gorgeous face and looks pretty talented. Merry f’ing xmas to you all!

  • anonymous

    He’s in a movie so it’s fair game to express opinions about him.
    Personally I dislike this kid and would avoid anything he is in.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i didnt even see the trailer but i could tell this movie is gonna bomb
    how can they re-do a classic like the original karate kid
    jackie chan hasnt had a good movie since rush hour 2, so this is gonna suck for sure

  • j

    F ALL OF YOU! He is beautiful and SO immensely talented. I’m not a fan of remakes either, but the boy is KILLING it here. Be real folks!

  • Anonymous

    Why would you say this kid is talented *before you’ve seen the movie*.

    Do you think that you need to defend will smith? C’mon; he doesn’t care about you, he’s another hollywood star.

    Anyway, speaking as a father, my son really isn’t that talented, but he’s driving his mom crazy so we got him out of the house for a few weeks.

    OF course the movie is going to bomb — how can you have the “karate kid” when nobody does karate in the movie? Of course, a lot of my homies have no idea the two have nothing to do with each other, so you’ll line up opening night. Good, we need more money.

  • rossy40

    I loved the original as well. Saw it 4 times in the theater – very rare thing for me to do but it was well worth it. I think the reason Hollywood does remakes is because they think: “Nobody’s interested in OLD movies. Let’s do it again!” Then it’s pretty much a carbon copy of the original (same action & dialog) for a fraction of what a completely new movie would cost.
    I know that The Karate Kid had 3 sequels – KK2 & 3 starring Ralph Macchio & “The Next Karate Kid” with Hillary Swank. And it suddenly occurred to me that had I been in charge… Since Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi) passed away in 2005, I would have paid homage to him & the original by doing this movie with Daniel taking over the role of mentor to Smith’s character. No offense to anybody in this movie. It is a job after all.
    Just thinking…

  • Custom T

    Was there nothing else for Chan to do?

  • jackkkkk

    Jaden is so beautiful!

  • Kate Wendy Aton

    Your My Idol Jared!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bella

    Aww! Jaden is soooooo cute!! And he’s kinda hot, and has a really good body!! He seems really stuck up at first in the movie but then he turns out to be a really messed up, normal sweet kid! I think that he’s a really really good actor, and he’s totally awesome! :)