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Jennifer Lopez: 'The Back-up Plan' Trailer is Here!

Jennifer Lopez: 'The Back-up Plan' Trailer is Here!

Check out the trailer for Jennifer Lopez‘s latest film venture, The Back-up Plan!

Shot over the spring and summer, the film stars J. Lo as Zoe, a woman who’s ready to have a baby even if she hasn’t found Mr. Right! She’s already taken matters into her own hands when she meets Stan (Aussie actor Alex O’Loughlin), the guy she’d been looking for all along…

The film hits theaters April 16, 2010!

Jennifer Lopez: ‘The Back-up Plan’ Trailer
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  • JewelryMaker

    This looks fun. Alex O’Laughlin looks amazing.

  • Fran

    This looks good & Alex O’Loughlin is really hot!!

  • sotos

    I liked it! seems great! and not just because of the shirtless aus guy…

  • Cristobal

    I want to see this. -haha-

  • erikaB

    Looks so cute ! can’t wait to see it.

  • sarah

    Jennifer ‘Fame Whore’ Lopez does not deserve to be in the same room with handsome, sweet, talented Alex O’Loughlin, let alone the same movie.

  • chri5tin3

    wow, this looks really good!
    definately something i’d see more than once and still jump at unexpected parts. yes, im weird!

  • jess


    well sarah Jennifer is the one who picked him, so without her he wouldn’t have got the role in the first place.

    I’m not a big fan of rom-coms but this one looks good.

  • MalibuSunrise

    looks like fun to me even though I avoid these kind of movies.

  • aurora

    Can’t wait to see it!! love Alex O’Loughlin!!!

  • Ivy

    It seems good!

  • mary

    Finally a new Jlo rom-com it was about time, i love her in this kind of movie.

  • Jo

    seems to be a good romantic comedy! So gonna watch it!

  • didi

    I haven’t liked a JLo movie since Out of Sight, but this looks really good. Must be because of Alex O’Loughlin. Gonna watch it!

  • sweetness

    This is brainless stupidity…there was nothing remotely funny in this trailer.

  • kaykay

    This actually looks cute. I thought it was supposed to be similar to that Aniston movie The Baster. But I think Jennifer’s movie is about a woman whose friend kind of tricks her and uses his spern when she goes to a clinic.. That sounded really disgusting to me.. What friend does that..

    anyway Jlo’s looks cute… Not a big rom com fan.. but I could see this or rent it.

  • Sandra

    i love all J.Lo’s movies.This is gonna be fun.
    can’t wait.

  • Caro

    This IS going to be a great movie! I’ve always loved JLo in rom-com….she’s so funny and sweet! And Alex……..well can’t say enough about HIM! Besides being gorgeous he can also act! Been waiting for him to find the right role & show what he can really do……this is it!
    April can’t get here fast enough for me! Yea for Alex!

  • Caro

    This IS going to be a great movie! I’ve always loved JLo in rom/com movies……she so funny & sweet. And Alex………..can’t say enough about that man! He gorgeous but he can also act! Saw his knack for understated humor show up in Moonlight….knew he could do it! The trailers have been wonderful……April can’t get here fast enough for me!
    JLo did herself a big favor when she chose him as her co-star!
    Yea for Alex O’Loughlin!!!!

  • sarah

    Of course she picked him. Who wouldn’t want to be in a movie with him? And have him as your love interest as well? Talk about a bonus. ;)

  • =Logan=

    i love her movies, its my guilty pleasure

  • nativenyker

    Who knew Alex was ripped! Hot stuff.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde


    i’ll definitely see this movie. Alex O’Loughlin is really handsome!!!

  • African Girl

    Isn’t it the same premise with Aniston’s next movie?
    Don’t care much for Lopez, prolly won’t see this movie.

  • Aussie Gal

    We sure to breed them handsome down under!

  • Aussie Gal

    I mean do

  • bandit

    It’s funny how both Jennifers – Lopez and Aniston – are in the same boat, over-40 with limited acting range and only pics offered are lukewarm romcoms, both have a huge need to stay in the limelight They are the same and are in direct competition with each other for movie roles and soundsl like they get offered the same or similar movies. JLo has a leg up on JA with the married with children she can boast about, whereas JA is still in poor-Jen mode, but that’s about the only way they differ to me.

  • bb

    This looks really cute! Can’t wait to see it!

  • Charmed1

    Can’t wait to see this!! I’m a romantic at heart! Hope he turns out to be the sperm donor!!

  • LuckyL

    She’s never casted with another Hispanic man.

  • likir

    Jennifer Lopez is the first and only woman to have both no1 movie and no1 album in same week! She is ,maybe, the biggest trendsetter of this decade ! She is talented dancer, singer and actor!!!!! If you watched `Selena` , `Out of sight` and `Angel eyes` you would know she is really good! And her romantic comedies are actually fun and interesting not like boring Maniston rom-coms! And yes, she was fame whore but she calmed down and took some time off to have family! And she is HOT AND BEAUTIFUL like Maniston will never be! So please do not compare these two!!!!!
    P.s Movie looks GRATE!!!!!

  • jadel

    it looks good and i love jlo so i will be right there watching it on opening night.

  • Me

    This movie looks horrible and should go straight to dvd or lifetime. She is the worst actress.

  • mikee25

    She is a good actress and everyone has a right to their opinion. But for the people who love to come on these sites and hate on Jlo, I think you should stop wasting your time with so much hate. If you don’t like her thats cool, don’t come on then and look at the trailer. This movie looks very funny and with all the awful things that are happening in the world a romantic comedy is what we need to escape and laugh for a bit. GO JLO

  • Magnolia

    This actually looks funny and Jennifer Lopez is gorgeous in it.
    Isn’t Jennifer Aniston doing one with a very similar plot?
    Well she is a little late …lol
    Jlo beat her to it….that makes JA most original romcom plot boring and tired just like all the rest of them.
    Oh and I am not a huge fan of Jennifer lopez but I will watch her limited acting of Jennifer Anistons limited acting every time!
    J-lo might have the same personality in all her movies….but Jennifer Aniston is just wooden

  • Jlo’s twin sis

    Her last two movies one went straight to video and the other
    went and made little money but cost her out of her own pocket
    20 million dollars..But he does not need to show up to promote
    it isn’t great she will be in charge… and did they tell you that the
    Dog Whisper is in it too..!! You the comment keep mentioning
    Jlo’s movies from 8 years ago… But not the recent ones..Like
    Monster in law with Michael Vartan and looked what happened
    to him .. no where is career crashed after that movie …
    Luckily she starred in the last movie she was in with her own

  • Patricia

    Can’t wait, it looks good !!!!

  • MMA

    She certainly knows a lot about backing-up!

  • alison

    i want to see it too

  • Inaru

    I think at this point Jennifer Lopez should do another kind of movies, i think rom coms are past her and she’d be better choosing more dramatic material or an action movie. That said, this one seems promising, seems like she has good on screen chemistry with Alex O’L, but then who wouldn’t, he is seriously hot. I hope she has a hit with this one, i like her and she needs a successful movie and it would do a lot of good for Alex O’L's career too so it’s win win for both of them. I’m hoping for a big hit for both of them.

  • Eden Lords

    J-LO New Single (( LOUBOUTINS )) Is out ..The Beat is Hot..It’s Out on iTunes & Amazon..only 99 it and dance

  • fred

    Um, either some Alex O’Loughlin fansite led a bunch of commenters here .. or the same person is posting under different names to shill this flick …. but this trailer by no means makes this lame movie looks remotely good, oh ye of little taste.

    That said, that guy is blazing hot. But, really, J.Lo as an actress died after “Out of Sight” … and this plot is straight out of “Will & Grace” circa 2001. I’ll Google Image that guy way before I pay any money to waste two hours of my life.

  • serena1994

    it looks really funny

  • Chef Coa

    Yeah, if anyone’s had a back-up plan, she the girl!

  • http://deleted oli

    Looks lik a good movie to go watch with my honey, i like her movies better than her music cant wait.

  • soopx1

    This looks like a good movie.I like Jennifer Lopez.Love her singing
    and dancing.

  • Mr Doodle!

    Hey whats strange is that im an indian and theres this INDIAN movie that came out five years ago and it had the same story.Even the scene were the exact same.I think the director is remaking that movie as it was a super duper hit worldwide.Every scene is the same.I can even tell that there is a scene in this trailer in which J lo is eating something while sitting in bed with the alex guy.I can tell its icecream n she was getting a craving for it bcoz of her pregnancy.Im telling u all these scenes r just the same.Dont call me crazy people coz this has actually happend n if this is just a co-incidence(which im not going to buy :p) then the producers should actually watch that movie n anybody who wants to know the name of the movie can contact me on rickpicknick@hotmail

  • Sarah Cutie

    Sounds like a good movie

  • wendy

    Dont like any of her movies, but i have to say this trailer is cute. It looks like a decent rom com, who knew, they have insane chemistry!

  • Stone

    Baby got back!