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Tim Loden: Yvonne Strahovski's Boyfriend!

Tim Loden: Yvonne Strahovski's Boyfriend!

Chuck starlet Yvonne Strahovski and her boyfriend, actor Tim Loden are affectionate as they go Christmas shopping together in Hollywood on Saturday (December 19).

The 27-year-old Aussie actress picked up a few things on her trip, including swag from Anthropologie!

Chuck will be back sooner than expected, hitting the airwaves January 10! If you missed any episodes last season, you can catch up at!

15+ pictures inside of Yvonne Strahovski and Tim Loden doing some shopping in Hollywood…

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yvonne strahovski shopping tim loden 01
yvonne strahovski shopping tim loden 02
yvonne strahovski shopping tim loden 03
yvonne strahovski shopping tim loden 04
yvonne strahovski shopping tim loden 05
yvonne strahovski shopping tim loden 06
yvonne strahovski shopping tim loden 07
yvonne strahovski shopping tim loden 08
yvonne strahovski shopping tim loden 09
yvonne strahovski shopping tim loden 10
yvonne strahovski shopping tim loden 11
yvonne strahovski shopping tim loden 12
yvonne strahovski shopping tim loden 13
yvonne strahovski shopping tim loden 14
yvonne strahovski shopping tim loden 15

Photos: WENN
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  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …ahahaha.. so wait! that’s not two females in those photos?!? ahahahahaha.. seriously?! which one is tim?!?

  • eeennnaaa

    lucky guy!

  • kris

    Haha. Yeah. I was confused, too. But que sera. She’s still really beautiful!

  • dark dragon

    You know how predictable what a clesha this is it’s all a joke we have a guy who look’s like a girl yuck. He’s lucky for now kid’s her relationship’s tend to last an average year. Girl’s like Yvonne pic loser’s you can’t get anymore predictable then this. It’s all about sex but hey that’s why they are all over eachother. Shallow is as shallow does trust a beautiful girl like her to pick the pimp wanna be. or just for the good lay

  • man2boy


  • Jenna

    That dude is pretty femanine!!!!

  • Sadsandy

    I thought they were a lesbian couple…

  • dark dragon

    it look’s like yvonne is dating herself kinda he look’s way to femanine he likely has god tast in cloth’s lol. Im sorry the guy she dated in australia looked more manly then this wanna be pimp boy.

  • dark dragon

    they smile way way way to much you can tell it’s for press. ahh hollywood

  • loser

    omg I thought he was a girl :))

  • dark dragon

    way low way to get press if you ask me use the good looking idiot to escort you to the mall where the press will certainly be. Ahh well who will the next BF be after this well women wanna be lol.

  • dark dragon

    am i upsetting any chuck fanboy’s and girl’s with a dose of the brutal reality?

  • Ebb

    lol I had to double check to make sure that was a dude

  • dark dragon

    Hmmm it look’s like they are using eachother to me she get’s him press and he get’s sex. two things are a dead give away one it’s the typical smiling hollywood boy holding the beautiful blond with hands all over eachother. so who’s the door gonna be used as a door step first Yvonne or Tim. I think it’s Tim he was likely was to easy to get a hold of.

  • Amber

    Oh shit. I thought that was a lesbian couple!

  • hans

    Australian… really? She looks so scandinavian…

  • dark dragon is a lonely nerd

    Hey Dark Dragon, why don’t you post a picture of yourself so we can compare you to her boyfriend?

    Seriously tough guy, back up that tough internet talk and post a picture so we can see what a real man looks like.

    I’d say there’s a 90% chance you’re a fat virgin.

  • dark dragon

    oh did i upset the little fanboy lol dude im no nerd i just know a couple that is banging for the camera when i see it. Hmmm im not a virgin but i gotta say you certainly can do the internet talk to. Yesh hollywood is so predictable boyfriend mean’s nothing just who your banging. really they have everything and nothing nothing. hot blonde girl with handsome wanna be pimp bad boy is very predictable. I could say that they are shallow but that would be putting it nicely.

  • dark dragon

    @dark dragon is a lonely nerd: and by the way few of those men in hollywood are ‘REAL’ the last real men in hollywood died a long time ago. now we are stuck with these excuses for men womenizing man whores. or the reverse for women either way it’s bad. you don’t have to be a ”REAL” man to see that.

  • dark dragon is a lonely nerd

    I’m waiting for you to post a picture of yourself. Show us what a real man looks like or I have to assume your a nerdy loser who talks trash on the internet to make himself feel better that nobody likes him in real life.

  • dark dragon is a lonely nerd

    I bet Yvonne and her boyfriend are probably having sex right now. She’s probably loving it.

    Meanwhile, dark dragon is crying himself to sleep because no girl will even look at him in real life.

  • dark dragon

    hm@dark dragon is a lonely nerd: boy your harsh sex means nothing these day’s really other then pleasure and getting off blah blah. You we take these pic’s at face value like a bunch of whiney loser’s. So where did you learn to bullie hmmm cause the last guy that bullied me ended up with a pencil and a pen in him. but we are on the internet so of course we are all talk all the time.

  • dark dragon is a lonely nerd

    I really hope that english isn’t your first language because you type like a ret@rd.

    And sex is awesome by the way. It’s the best feeling in the world. Only a virgin would say sex is no big deal.

    This guy gets to sleep with Yvonne, he wins at life.

    By the way, I know your Sorrown, the same loser that posts nast comments about Yvonne at every Chuck site.

    Have fun living in your mom’s basement troll.

  • dark dragon

    really to much punk talk comes from both the internet and hollywood. Hollywood is all about me,me,me who’s dating that person oh who’s dating that person this week who’s dating this one this week. Oh they broke up after a year how sad i thought they ”LOOKED GOOD TOGETHOR” and they are such a “CUTE COUPLE” is a clesha and pure publicity even if it doesn’t look like it but it is a joke.

  • dark dragon is a lonely nerd

    You seriously sound like you ten years old. Please tell me you are not an adult.

  • dark dragon

    @dark dragon is a lonely nerd: so we are both internet punk’s good to see.

  • dark dragon

    @dark dragon is a lonely nerd: let us call a truce then

  • dark dragon

    @dark dragon is a lonely nerd: Ok i say some very harsh thing’s but that is sick man.

  • JJ

    Is it just me or is he a Matt Doran look alike?

  • Dave

    I didn’t know samantha ronson had a sister.

  • tinsky

    he looks as geeky as zachary levi but a lot less attractive…. is this yvonne’s way of saying that as hot as she is, nerds are her type? zachary should get the hint & ditch his gf for yvonne…..

  • JJ

    @tinsky: this would be the weirdest way of showing that but ah it would figure. stranger thing’s have happend in hollywood i guess lol. i feel bad for that guy now

  • Lauren

    wth. i thought that was a woman.
    cmon yvonne i thought you had taste, jeez.

  • MMA

    What’s with all these Aussies?

  • nikki

    dark dragon shut up.

  • JJ

    @nikki: You chew out olivia munn and chris pine yet when i get on a actress other then her you flip out. That is hypocrisy no one get’s a exception this PC BS isn’t helping anybody.

  • aerosmith

    dude looks like a lady

  • Chef Coa

    Are they both anorexic?

  • smish smorshen

    I’ll admit he does look kinda feminine. Maybe she’s a lesbian, but in denial. He very well may have less muscle mass than she does, she’s pretty ripped, even more so this season. Being as fit as she is I would have figured she would have wanted a guy who wasn’t so wirey, possibly Australian (since she seems pro Aussie), and is all about nature (hiking), blah blah blah etc…. Kinda like Steve Erwin, but obviously her own age. This seems kinda off to me. What’s up with the stupid hat, worn out jeans jacket, and the shoes? It’s like the 80′s puked up all over him. When did a sweater, a pair of jean, and normal shoes go out of style? Shouldn’t he try and look somewhat decent for his super hot movie/television girlfriend. Put in a bit of effort dude, she’s worth more than that. Her publicist is probably more confused than we are.

  • Sarah Cutie

    They make a great couple

  • Stone

    I have no idea who would win that fight!

  • superman

    Haven’t we seen this type of thing before Lance Bass anyone.

  • yuck

    i tot that tim guy was a girl!! omg, i tot yvonne was homo at first

  • superman

    I have a question why do we idolize some of the saddest people in the world who have everything and nothing. To be honest this is sad,stupid and someone will end up hurt over this. tragic but thats what hormones are for i guess

  • Anne

    This guy looks like a friggin girl. I had to look at the picture for awhile to make sure that it was a guy. She should date Zachary Levi, he’s hot. He may be nerdy but he’s really cute and super nice to the fans. I know i know he’s dating Caitlin Crosby but come on, Zach and Yvonne look amazing together. Whatever i guess, it’s her choice.

  • superman

    I can honestly say ive seen this type of shallow thing before a million times. And this is shallow as hell talk about keeping up apperances for the pap’s.

  • smackeru

    lol….that tim guy looks like a freakin’ toothpick….:))
    I thought yvonne had better taste….:(

  • superman

    @smackeru: toothpick lol ive heard he looks like a girl more then she does he seem’s to use more beauty products then she does. Well her publicist has to be fuming over this cause well the publicity over this mess has been negative. Im used to seeing unhappy so called couples fake smiling but this is crazy. Maybe toothpicks are more popular these days lol.

  • Cinder

    Yeah, what’s wrong with Yvonne ?

    She must not know that she is suppose to get dating advice from sad Assholes on gossip websites.


  • superman

    I wish so called celebrities where less predictable but sadly they are.