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Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz: 'Knight and Day' Trailer!

Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz: 'Knight and Day' Trailer!

Check out the first trailer for Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz‘s latest film, Knight and Day!

After finishing work on the film last week in Sevilla, Spain, the first sneak peek at the film is here.

There’s also an official website now and a Twitter account you can follow for the latest updates on the film’s release!

Expect to see Knight and Day on the big screen next summer!

Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz: ‘Knight and Day’ Trailer
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  • ————-

    looks hilarious.

  • go sox

    I’m liking it….it’s quirky and sarcastic, without being obnoxious. And I’m not a Cruise fan, but he actually pulls it off here!!

  • Giuli

    I saw them filming in salzburg!! And now I’m so excited to see the movie!!

  • s

    it’s been a while since i’ve looked forward to a tom cruise movie, and i am excited to see this. it looks funny. this is what he should do more of.

  • diggler

    Tommy is back baby, Tommy is back!!!!

  • wt?

    So, he turned down that action spy movie that Jolie has now filmed for this Wtf was he thinking? and NO, they have 0 chemistry. I smell another bomb for Cruise.

  • Lovedamovies

    @wt?: You are such a hater. This movie looks awesome and fun. Tom was awesome in Tropic Thunder and he will be awesome in Knight & Day.

    Have you read his blog @ ?

  • mia

    tom cruise is so good looking, charming, and a talented actor. i wish that seeing everything he did several years ago like the brooke shields incident, the oprah couch jumping, the matt lauer “glib” convo, and other stuff wasn’t at the forefront of my mind whenever i see his movies.

  • Maria from Texas

    I don’t like that picture of Tom with those 2 big guns.

  • So Judgemental

    Yeah Mia.. his melt down is a bit hard to shake even after the repeated mind numbing hard sell of dress up doll Suri and beard.

    This has a terrible Mr & Mrs Smith vibe to it. Feel like I have seen this movie before.. maybe a mix of Mr&Mrs Smith and the Bounty. Add a tad of True Lies.

    And yeah.. their chemistry was bad enough in Vanilla Sky.. why the repeat offense? He is not making very good career decisions.. after just about ruining Katie’s with the whole pass on Batman to do Mad Money advice..he has decided to attack his own career some more.

    He would have been amazing in the Tourist with Charlize.. now I just hope it gets made with Jolie and Depp so he can feel like a dumbass for turning it down.

  • SS

    looks a lot better than expected – they make a nice on-screen duo and it looks very entertaining and fun.

  • it looks bad

    Tom’s acting is horrible in this trailer.

  • eliza

    Action / comedy – looks like fun.

  • zzzz

    I think I’ll pass on this one. Looks like a ripoff of Mr. & Mrs. Smith and I’d pass on anything with Cruise in it, anyway.

  • To #7

    You are the hater, calling #6 out for having an opinion. Many people don’t like Tom Cruise and won’t watch his movies because his behavior during the last couple of years.Get over it.


    ZZZZZNO it does not look like a Mr. and Mrs. Smith where Cameron’s
    character is talking to someone about the whole escapade.. They
    are not snipers..It looks like a comedy take on all those action films
    he has done.. especially Mission Impossible..

  • rhonda

    i lOve it! Its looks like a Great summer movie stoe the stressing and hating!

  • rhonda

    i lOve it! Its looks like a Great summer movie stoe the stressing and hating!

  • it looks bad

    did anyone notice his acting his the same in this movie as it is in past movies? Watch the Parody by the Tom Cruise Impersonator and you’ll see it too. The Tom Impersonator would have been a better choice for this movie.

  • sunshine

    I agree with most of the comments on here so far. Tom is looking good. Cameron is still cute. (Though I think both of their acting is over-the-top… Cameron in her comedy and Tom in his action-hero bit. Both can get a little annoying.) The trailer looks like the movie will be pretty funny. I just hope we haven’t seen the “best” parts already.

  • notbusy

    The acting looks really bad here for Tom and Cameron. The Script is dull and not funny where it should be. Looks like Tom is doing an impersonation of Warren Beatty instead of actually acting. Guess they’re hoping the action scenes will sell this movie. That’s what sold his awful movies in the past because he really can’t act.

  • erin

    Different type of movie for him and if the movie is like the trailer, he pulls it off. Time to give the guy a second chance, let it go people. Love don’t hate!

  • Luiza

    I Like!

  • Luigi

    What’s with all these comparisons to Mr. and Mrs. Smith? They’re nothing alike.

  • thats_right

    his crazy I won’t go see his movie the midget thinks his all that, he should concentrate more on his spoiled brat kid Suri who is already wearing make up, high heels, and earings, no way forget Tom I never liked him in any movies for some reason I don’t find him attractive at all.

  • Nobody

    It looks funny!

  • To Luigi

    How do you know the two movies are nothing alike, Four/Luigi?? Oh right….I forgot, Cruise talks to you with his mind. LOL

    You saw the same short trailer we did, so STFU until then movie comes out before you tell everyone what to think you obsessed nutcase!!

    I’m not interested in seeing Cruise in anything EVER. As long as he gives big bucks (10 mil last year) to a criminal cult that kills people, damages and destroys families and abuses children, I won’t give him a cent of my money…..and neither will alot of others. It’s a matter of principal. That 10 million dollar figure was published in Scientology’s Advance Magazine. Research Scientology. It’s NOT a religion. Cruise is supporting a criminal enterprise.

  • Lana

    Gee I wonder if Tom Cruise will wiretap all of us who don’t go see his movie. :)

    He’s being sued for big bucks for doing it to others. Nice guy. I used to be a fan but after his whole melt down and finding out what Scientology does I cant be bothered with him anymore. When his best friend the leader of Scientology was outed for abusing people Cruise said he still thought his friend was right!! Just google it. Its all over the web. Even nightline reported it. Its not gossip. Like I said, CRUISE IS NOT A NICE GUY.

  • Chef Coa

    Summer? Is there an editors strike going on or something?

  • Patricia

    I like it =) it looks really good, TEAM TOM!!!!!!

  • Kiki

    This one will do better than SALT!!! mark my words!!!
    Knight %day looks freakin hilarious!! i love it!

  • Ha!

    Thank GOD. Tom Cruise finally makes a film again that looks like it might be worth watching.

    “No one follows us or I kill myself and then her.” LOL

  • kim

    I don’t like tom cruise, and was expecting to hate this, but it actually looks good!

  • jmho

    It looks like a rushed trailer, but I’m definitely going to see this. It’s funny and original!! Yay, good for Tom and Cameron.

  • Courtney

    I actually want to go see this! It looks really funny.

  • cathy

    So Judgemental #10 – i think this movie a bit similiar with Mr & Mrs Smith, but tommy girl to old & small as his character here.

  • ET

    i always like him, his movies and acting. That’s enough for me, as I do not know him personally and neither do I want to. Actors are human beings as well, they should be allowed to have their private life beside their work.
    I really do not see that him (tom) jumping on the couch during the O. show a big deal.
    He seemed quirky and abit nutty, that’s ok. I don’t care much about his religion, or the rags saying all those bad things about them, I do not take it into account, when I consider him as an actor.

  • Oh no..

    Won’t spend a dime to see such crap. Does he still think he’s in the Top Gun era? Arent actors supposed to get better and more in depth with their roles? Just another stupid flick, and since he is little midget gay man, how could he possibly have chemistry with Cameron? Hate his little crazy nut case ass.

  • tidbit

    Don’t like Cruise, but the film looks good. That said, I won’t pay to see it. Not supporting scientology if I can help it!

  • Mary

    Love Tom and Cameron! Can’t wait to see!!!!!!!!

  • kelly

    I’ve seen this movie before…it was called Mission Impossible.

    Can he not act like anything but a spy/secret agent?

    You would think after 30 years acting he would expand his range of talent.

    Maybe his Homely untalented golddigger is holding him back?

  • Sarah Cutie

    I think Tom Cruise is a mental patient

  • wendy

    This looks fun, will go and see it. Cruise and Diaz have great chemistry in all the scenes.

  • Molly

    I know you have to suspend reality when watching these kinds of movies but guns being allowed on a plane now? I don’t think so. I like James Mangold as a director but I have zero interest in this movie.

  • won’t be seeing it

    This trailer was annoying-the acting is terrible and seems so forced. Besides, I can’t imagine anyone being attracted to tiny crazy Tom, so I hope they don’t have Cameron falling for him in the movie, bleech.

  • Annie

    Wow..big deal…snooze. Something new and different? No. Just two old has beens trying to renew something they never had before. Yawn.

  • are you kidding?

    …saw avatar 3D last night — “outstanding!” heard the 3d wasn’t great, and it was awesome. they played the trailer for knight and day — ugh, even the title reeks — and, it was pathetic. noone laughed at any of the awful one-liners. tom looks like the usual caricature, and just plain creepy — on edge somehow, cameron looks like she knows she’s making a big mistake…however, i saw a few people heading into that “morgans” move, and anyone can see how god-awful it is by the trailer alone…i guess someone will throw their hard-earned money away on this trash…

  • MMA

    Avatar rules!

  • Ha..

    Did somebody know about tommy girl, when he’s back in the united state, the actor is being sued for allegedly conspiring to spy on Michael Davis Sapir with private investigator Anthony Pellicano and Cruise’s attorney, Bert Fields.
    (Back in 2001, Cruise sued Sapir for $100 million. At the time, Sapir boasted that he owned a video which proved he had been engaged in a “homosexual relationship” with Cruise. Now, it’s Sapir who’s suing, claiming that Cruise hired Pellicano to illegally wiretap his phone at the time of 2001 lawsuit.)
    news from socialite life site.

  • Ha..

    You can go also to splash news online, to see the court papers filed from LA.