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Vanessa Hudgens Shows Off Cute Kicks

Vanessa Hudgens Shows Off Cute Kicks

Vanessa Hudgens puts her sneakers on at Skechers at L.A.’s Universal City Walk on Sunday (Decembere 20) and meets hundreds of fans.

The 21-year-old singer and actress showed off cute Ecko Red high-top sneakers and signed autographs for the first 300 fans in line at the shoe store.

While Nessa is doing her thing in L.A., her boyfriend Zac Efron and his family are spending time together in Aspen, Colo. Photographers spotted him meeting fans and playing with dogs on Sunday!

More pics at X17!

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vanessa hudgens skechers ecko red 01
vanessa hudgens skechers ecko red 02
vanessa hudgens skechers ecko red 03
vanessa hudgens skechers ecko red 04

Credit: KKM; Photos: X17Online
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  • amp

    without her usual heels you can see how stumpy she really is

  • Carol

    Love her!

  • Babiivfanforeva

    Love Vanessa!! :D

  • go sox

    She can change her look in a heartbeat….and she pulls it off every time. She looks so funky in those sneaks and long socks!! Hope she has a wonderful Christmas with her family!!

  • sara12
  • blink

    and you’ll miss her. Her 15 minutes of fame are fast approaching their expiry date.

  • simplylovely


  • heat

    her eye makeup looks amazing

  • Jazmin

    Love Vanessa…gorgeous as always…

  • JOrdan


    At least she has 15 minutes. All you are is a low life hater and your 15 seconds of posting trash fame is up now. Maybe you will find a place on PerezHiltons site drawing penises. But you can rest assured that Vanessa made more money than you by the time she was 18 than you will make in your entire jealousy consumed life :)

    Have a nice day

  • curiosity

    Gorgeous…wish I was able to go and meet her :(

    Amazing legs!!!!

  • Ebb

    just curious does anyone know how tall she is?

  • curiosity


    she’s I believe 5’1″ or 5”2″

  • Bee

    Late on the pick-up over here.

    Lol for having to wear that outfit, poor Vanessa. The beater is cute though.

  • AutumnM

    Vanessa is pretty, but that outfit makes her look really stumpy. I know she’s quite petite, but this is not flattering.

  • Cindy

    I guess me and Vanessa are the same height. :P
    From her previous clothing and how tall she looked. I could look the same height as well.

  • lslsharon


  • yets

    she is a really good indorser.
    love her!!

  • xxxxxx

    Omg, she’s so annoying.

  • Trina


    So that’s why she has “Beastly” coming out next year and the Zack Snyder movie “Sucker Punch.” Sounds like way more than 15 minutes of fame to me. But you probably don’t even know who Zack Snyder is. You’re just a jealous, angry female who wishes Zac was with someone else. Get over it. He’s right where he wants to be. With Vanessa. This girl is well on her way to a great career.

  • peggy


    It’s your 15 minutes you need to worry about cause you have more than ou tstayed your welcome.

    Another pathetic jealous, ignorant houchie who dreams of being with Zac – get over it.

  • peggy


    not annoying enough for you to resist posting in her thread. Your obsession is showing.

    She’s great

  • blah

    more power to her but that smile she pulls in the 3rd photo is really fake and annoyoing

  • ayen

    cute! I wish I can pull off short shorts though. :D

  • Malia


    Learn to like yourselves and stop being jealous of this beautiful young lady.

    Jealousy is a symptom of neurotic insecurity.
    . . . .Robert A. Heinlein

    The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves.
    . . . . . William Penn

    Jealousy is a dissatisfaction with self.
    . . . . . Joan Didion

  • xoxo

    @blah: agree with you there, however i think when you have papz calling your name for about 10 minutes and trying to hold a posse…its gets hard…im always amazed when i actually watched one celebrity walk the entire red carpet, its hard!!! i cannot hold a smile for longer than 5 seconds without it starting to look fake…dont know how celebrities do it :S:S

  • ivanka

    @Malia: love you!

    go v! you’ll show you are a real artist

  • http://justjared minda


  • Al

    Booooo! What is she famous for besides posing nude in some pics????

  • blah

    haha true that! i never thought of it that way. i like her, she does well to put up with all of the bullshit that comes with fame.

  • someone
  • sofia

    LOL. What a disaster. She’s such a fashion victim.

  • VaneXXXa the PORN-STAR!

    Thanks for posting, Jared — this totally made my day!

    Damn, girlfriend’s gotten chubby! Evidently skinny or fat doesn’t make a difference to her average looks. But A+ for trying, VaneXXXa!!! *high fives* Maybe try a little harder next time.

    @ MALIA: Great advise! Here’s another one you should take a note of: famous quotes does not make for strong arguments, okay? They just make you sound retarded :)

    @ TRINA: I hear those movies are going straight to DVD — yup, that’s right, they’re gonna be that good :)

  • whatever

    She just looks like she smells bad…

  • Tata

    Nessa is adorable as always!!! Wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Darknight’s man

    HOT girl , love her

  • Karen

    You sound SO ignorant. Enough said about any argument YOU want to make.

    You sound like some kind of a bigot, are you? Maybe you just thought you’d try to start a fight so you could be noticed.

    Well, it would seem a lot of bratty kids are out of school for Christmas break and are bored so here they are making their stupid comments like they have done for the past 3 Christmases when it comes to Vanessa. You are all so obvious.

  • Hanja

    shes soooooo cutee!!
    but I dont like the shoes!

  • dg

    I would love to tap that!

  • Stone

    She’s got that Vanna White pose down!

  • Stone

    She’s got that Vanna White pose down!

  • maeli

    love baby v and she is totally gorgeous

  • diana

    15 minutes of fame are you kidding, this amazing girl is going to be around for a long long while. She has it people, get over it.

  • pop86

    Vanessa is has a toned curvy body. Ecko Red clothes are for teens not adults so anyone over 17 will not look good in them (go to the mall over and you will see what I mean).

  • pam

    She looks chubby in that outfit. Wonder if her movie will bomb like Zac’s “Me and Orson Wells’ did. Her fame will soon be fleeting.

  • lala

    love her
    and her style<3<3

  • pop86


    Why don’t you go back to the delusional thread over at FF.

  • pottersfield

    Jared, What is this twinnie child doing here. She belongs on JJ Jr’s site.
    Can’t get away from the trash no matter where we go.

  • Karen


    Yeah, you’re right, we can’t seem to get away from the trash no matter where we go—-here you are! And Vanessa is not a “twinnie”, she’s 21 years old. Why is Rhianna on her so much? All she does is shop it seems but she is ALWAYS on JJ. And I believe she is only 21 or 22 years old. Did you leave the same message on all her threads????


    Zac’s movie is a indie film so they did not put in many theathers. I live in Denver it just open a week and half a go, last friday it was put in three more theathers, which makes five and it got critical aclaim from the top critics and so did Blandslam. In fact INDIE WIRE, Newyork film critics circle gave Bandslam number 10# out of the top 10 movies of 2009.several