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Ben & Violet Affleck Visit The Child Success Center

Ben & Violet Affleck Visit The Child Success Center

Ben Affleck and his daughter Violet leave the Child Success Center in Santa Monica on Tuesday (December 22).

The CSC places every child at the center of their own success by addressing their needs through their range of enrichment, assessment, remediation and therapeutic programs.

Last week, Los Angeles prosecutors charged a Pennsylvania man on with stalking Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck after he showed up at their Violet‘s school despite a restraining order.

10+ pictures inside of Ben & Violet Affleck visiting the Child Success Center…

Just Jared on Facebook
ben violet affleck visit the child success center 01
ben violet affleck visit the child success center 02
ben violet affleck visit the child success center 03
ben violet affleck visit the child success center 04
ben violet affleck visit the child success center 05
ben violet affleck visit the child success center 06
ben violet affleck visit the child success center 07
ben violet affleck visit the child success center 08
ben violet affleck visit the child success center 09
ben violet affleck visit the child success center 10

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  • shiela


  • facade

    I want my $5.00 back. Extract was a piece of sh*t for a movie! ps. why cover your daughters face when your wife parades her around on a daily basis?

  • Kerry

    I love her……..she looks adorable.

  • connie

    LOL is he actually trying to cover her face in one of the pics,liitle too late for that isnt it

  • alison

    they are both cute i love ben i just watched he’s just not that into you, i love that movie

  • LIsa Rose

    Why would Jared post a picture of a man obviously trying to protect his child getting her picture taken from photographers?????? I think it speaks vollumes about Jared, not Ben, who is just trying to give his child privacy, which she as a non-actor, deserves.

  • cavill fan

    pics of kids should be off limits, even when they are out with their famous parents. Everyday it’s a new pic of this family, why everyday.? is a photographer assigned to these people? I beg you Jared, don’t post anymore of pics of this little girl, same goes for the jolie-pitt clan.


    Stalking is WRONG.

    Ahem, Jared……

  • Anja

    The paparazzi should not be photographing children…any children…whether Shiloh, Suri, Zuma….any of them! The Afflecks have already had to go to court against a stalker found at Violet’s school grounds and now Ben can’t even pick up his child without more photos going off. This is sick, illegal and must be stopped. Is it any wonder why the parents always have to hold their children and not allow them to walk…danger lurks everywhere!

  • ashley

    going on this site and commenting isn’t helping the problem, so if you don’t like papparazzi pics don’t go on these sites live your own life simple

  • cookie

    This is horrible, that poor family have already had to deal with a stalker at school, can you imagine how scary that must be. Please stop posting pics of Violet Affleck jared. This child deserves not to be harassed any further.

  • anja

    Child Success Center – this is center for what kind of children?

  • Lina

    Why do we post Ashely? To show our displeasure. Ignoring it isnt going to make it go away because he (Jared) keeps on posting pics of children! Noone should comment on these pics of chidlren unless it is to register your protest against this abuse of children who are private citizens even if their parents happen to be famous. I havent seen Violet in any movies or TV or even magazine spreads yet after all, so she’s a PRIVATE CITIZEN! LEAVE HER BE!!!!

  • Tina

    “Everyday it’s a new pic of this family, why everyday.?”
    Because the mother is a cheap publicity wh*re.

  • Katie Golmes

    He has weird hair

  • ashey

    cute! Violet is so beautiful

  • jemart

    Why do we never see BOTH Jen&Ben TOGETHER with the kids?

  • anon.

    The paparrazzi stalk that family! They are always around the school when Jen or Ben drop her off or pick Violet up. It is disgusting and it ought to be illegal! I think we can help if you refuse to show anymore pictures. It is horrible that they do this. There are two or three little kids that they really harrrass and Violet is top of that list.

  • Lina

    Heck, I think they have good reason to put Flynet on to the Steven Brukie restraining order, they stalk and harass just the same

    If you don’t think they harasss and are just taking pictures, look at some videos of the paps stalking celebrities, they ask rude and harassing things along with taking pictures. That is nothing a young child should hear….

  • Lina

    Heck, I think they have good reason to put Flynet on to the Steven Brukie restraining order, they stalk and harass just the same

    If you don’t think they harasss and are just taking pictures, look at some videos of the paps stalking celebrities, they ask rude and harassing things along with taking pictures. That is nothing a young child should hear….

  • Lisa2

    I wonder if Ben realized that Violet is wearing sandles in winter? Usually Jennifer has her dressed appropriate for the weather? Oh well, hopefully she didn’t freeze her tille toes off!

  • CanadaGirl

    @jemart: Good point. Why are they never seen together? Hmmm…..
    Violet is such a cutie; she seems clingy with daddy which is very different than when she’s with mum – different parenting attitudes towards the paps?

  • cookie

    jemart, they probably pick Violet up separately as if they are photographed together the slime ball paparazzi who stalk this particular family beyond all reason will probably get paid more – this would make them even more of a target than they already are. I agree that we can help if you refuse to show any more of these pics. Jared, the ball is in your court!

  • cookie

    Dec 15 News Item -Jennifer Garner and husband Ben Affleck have had their lives turned upside down by an allegedly delusional stalker. Now, the trauma is spilling out as news reports surface the frightening man has been arrested for breaking his restraining order while hunting the daughter of the celebrity couple, their young toddler Violet. Steven Burky, was arrested Monday for violating a court order and stalking while violating a court order after he was found to be near Garner’s daughter Violet Affleck’s school. What do the celebrity couple say about their deranged fan? They are frightened, of course. Garner says,
    “He has now shown up at my private residence and has repeatedly expressed his belief that God has sent him a vision of me being persecuted in some manner that might result in my death.”

  • Wowzer

    Wow! I have never seen a man more miserable. So what the paps are out, get over it, you’re “somewhat famous.”

    Put on a happy face for your child and ignore the paps.

  • H.

    You’re talking about a freak stalking them to school and then you proceed to name the school she attends. Not cool, Jared. Think it through dude.

  • kaykay


    And people wonder why celebs like Brad/Angie don’t bring their kids out a lot. Why they are home schooled and such..

    There are some sick and scary people walking around. This is just a small example of how SICK some of them are.. well at least the JP have security.. Ben may need to up the game and get a bodyguard for Jen and his kids. I realize they want to have a “normal life” but Violet is seen all the time (not blaming Jennifer, just saying) and there are some freaks out there who pray on children anyway..

    All celebs are not created equal.. some are bigger then others, and the threats are greater..If it were me… I would pay for secutity and have them on alert to shot to kill if needed.. Whatever it took and no matter the price to protect my family. We see Suri a lot, but TRUST.. Katie has lots of security not far behind. Tom would make sure that no doubt.

    We have all seen what these sick freak are capable of..

  • Ben Affleck fan.

    it’s easy for people to say “just ignore the paps, it’s not big deal”
    how would you know? do you have paparazzi following you everyday?
    i think Ben is just a good dad trying to protect his young daughter.
    I think jennifer garner is very lucky.

  • lexy

    KayKay I think Ben does have a bodyguard but I agree. The paps stalking these schools and parking lots nearby and parks is a problem. I also agree – these kids are so use to strangers hanging around that they do become too trusting. These celeb’s kids are perfect pray for sex predators b/c they are trusting and don’t know better. It’s one thing if parents drag them to premieres or even popular places like The Grove but they are clearly hanging out at Violet’s school. And it’s not appropriate to follow these kids when they are out and about with their nanny. Their nanny isn’t famous.

  • Baby

    he is a good man

  • Soaplover

    WOW all of a sudden, people have just had it with these paps.
    Where have you guys been the past 4 years?
    Wow, some things just amaze me.
    Nice to see Violet though, I love her sweater.

  • MagMile

    Little Violet’s West Virginian roots show loud and clear. Those teeth…. Anyone see the movie “Wrong Turn”? Just sayin’…

  • CanadaGirl

    @cookie: Seriously? Wow. That’s truly scary.

  • mare

    exactly. Is ‘nt this what you wished for Ben. Pretend like your happy at least.

  • Lina

    Yes Jared will have blood on his hands if anything happens to Violet outside where he says she goes to school, since he is NAMING THE SCHOOL!!!!! The Papz are better at stalking than even a stalker since they are the professionals, so if you don’t put out where they eat out, go to school, live, then the crazy guy probbly would never know where to stalk!!!! Jared, you don’t really want anything to happen to the Afflecks and their little girls do you????? THEN STOP

  • free

    Child Success Center – this is a place for very intellectual kids…those who are very very smart.

  • Kate

    @free: very very retarded.

  • JLO

    I will never get over the fact that this beautiful white man didn’t want me. I was good enough to F**K and go slumming with but I wasn’t good enough to be a part of his family. Why???

  • Pippi

    Violet is such a cutie pie and she is even closer to her dad than her mom. Ben is so protective of her, he said in an interview one time how scary it is for him having someone in his life that he would die for.

    That being said, it is creepy how the paps hound this child’s parents whether it’s Ben or Jen with every little thing they do. She is definitely a paparazzi favorite. But enough is enough. Ben and Jen are trying to bring Violet up like any other little girl but unfortunately that has proven to be very dangerous due to the paparazzi knowing their every move (normal families do things on a schedule) thinks like attend school, play at the park and go to the market. This is why more celebritries keep their kids in a prison like setting (locked up and never seeing the light of day) until of course they chose to deal with with insanity. Not fair to the children and that should be laws protecting the kids’ privacy.

    Jen handles the situation a lot better than Ben but she is constantly critized on this site for *parading* or pimping her child out. That in and of inself is total bullsh!it. She values her family’s privacy above everything. Kudos for her for helping the little ones feel less unafraid than some celeb kids. Even when she loses her cool, she is somehow accused of being a b!itch.

  • jolentini
  • Pippi

    Oh and to our friend Kate #37 you would be considered retarded if you weren’t such a evil person. However, since most retards( a nasty word btw) are usually sweet and kind, you would never rise to that status. BOOYA!

  • Pippi


  • Kate

    @Pippi: then violet is probably sweet and kind since she obviously has disorders.


    Ben Affleck is the biggest douche alive

  • Barbette L

    Wow…Ben is sooo good lookin’!

    California laws allow photos of children to be taken and published without parent’s permission?????


  • anja

    Truth hurts but it’s not reason to attack someone (Kate) just because he/she sad the unpleasant TRUTH

  • anja

    correction: said not sad

  • ellie’

    Just love this family… great actors .. great parents.. and beautiful children hope there here everyday…

  • Pippi


  • ScorpioLady


    She is clinging to her father because the little girl is scared of strange people pointing cameras at them. Has nothing to do with parenting. Don’t know much about kids do ya.