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Jude Law & Liev Schreiber: 'Repo Men' Trailer!

Jude Law & Liev Schreiber: 'Repo Men' Trailer!

The trailer for Jude Law and Liev Schreiber‘s newest film, Repo Men, is out now!

The futuristic film, due out April 2, 2010, focuses on The Union, a company that sells mechanical organs for a price, and the repo men that come after those who don’t pay back what they owe!

Jude Law plays Remy, one of the best men in the business, and his former partner, Jake, is played by Forest Whitaker.

FYI: The trailer has some pretty scary moments and is not suitable for all ages!!

‘Repo Men’ Trailer
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  • SS

    hey jared surprised you posted this lol looks very cool – big fan of sci-fi

  • Jules

    Never imagined Jude Law in a role like this.

  • wendy

    Ya, but it seems like Jude is pulling it off, judging from the trailer only though.

  • fresh

    Looks great. Its nice to see Liev Schreiver getting some plum roles. With this and SALT coming up —its going to be a great year for him. Well deserved.

  • CaliWriter

    And if the healthcare bill goes through who says health care won’t become like this?

    Movie looks great, can’t wait.

  • diva

    Jude law looks hot in the movie not only that the plotline of the movie looks awesome im so gonna watch but oh so much blood!

  • Jen

    intense. Not into movies with a lot of blood, but the plotline looks good. Wouldn’t doubt if things got like this in the future.

  • Ethan

    The movie looked cool… until you realize what it is about, people can’t pay for the organs so they send repo men. Why not a new eye for Forest Whitaker?

  • The Real Deal

    Jude Law as an action hero??? I likey, I likey alot.

  • guess who

    785000 is the price for one troop in the military per year to fight overseas.

    call your reps and tell them you will not fund anymore of these exorbitant costs

    the military and defense contractors are jerks and they are the ones bankrupting our nation spiritually and financially

  • AerosManders

    The movie looks alright but I think it is just a rip off of Repo The Genetic Opera.

  • Posh

    @fresh, I totally agree love Liev its great to see him get more big screen time, and good for Jude expanding his acting range, will have to checkout this movie!

  • Jordy

    Rip off of Repo the Genetic Opera. Like exactly!

  • sheryl

    Well, I’ve seen every movie Jude’s ever done, but this one….eeek! The blood doesn’t bother me, but the cutting open and taking out organs in someone’s own home….yikes…..I’m sure I’ll be closing my eyes and covering my ears all through it. They could do a better poster, I think..

  • Scy Fy

    Shut up about Repo! The Craptastic Opera already, it was a steaming pile of horseshit !

  • no to mandated healthins

    as an injured worker i object to healthcare legislation that requires every american to pay for health insurance?


    because health insurance is not health care.
    it is like auto insurance but you know how insurance companies are about paying their bills…they don’t want to
    so if you are an injured worker like me they will try to deny covering your health care even though you paid for the insurance.

    taht is really how it is

    and if you try to get coverage through the government they will have rules or standards that you must meet or fail to meet healthwise in order to qualify for healthcare

    health care and health insurance are not the same thing.
    they mean different things.
    healht care is actual service that you can pay for on your own.
    health insurance is money you pay for services at some future date you may or will never get…as the company will seek to disqualify you for coverage on anything they can
    think of.

    it is unjust for health insurance companies to mandate every ameircan citizen buy health insurance. the healh insurance industry is ripping off americans as it is. now they want more money to do nothing. oh except they want your hard earned dollars to pay them to spy on you and deny you health care. or to fund lawyers fees. but you will never get the health care or quality of health care you deserve

  • vote no on health ins

    call your reps and tell them you will vote them out if they demand that every citizne pay health insurance. its outrageous and expensive and they can still deny you health care and control who you can go to or not go to.

  • dolorescraegt

    wow…….i may never eat liver again…..jude looks amazing..what an idea for a movie……this is certainly new territory for jude….good cast whitaker and shreiber…can’t wait……

  • no to mandatory healthcare

    as an injured worker i find this bill a slap in the face to all injured workers who have been denied health care and lost their jobs because of health reasons.

    this universal health care is not universal.

  • elle

    thanks jared
    very cool trailer ;)

  • Chloe

    @whoever is posting about healthcare….shush.

    This movie looks interesting…maybe I’ll wait for the DVD.

  • Eloisa

    Its looks like a great movie action…… i want to see it!

  • no to mandatory insurance

    19 should say NO to mandatory health insurance. rather than no to mandatory healthcare.

    healthcare and heath insurance are not the same
    as an injured worker my employer denied me tthe health care i needed and then fired me. i had insurance.
    employers are abusing the system along iwth the health insurance companies..

    oh get this i worked at a hospital.
    so there is no excuse for this and it is a slap in the face to all injured workers to have to pay health insurance when they are being denied the care to begin with.

    health insurance companies are the enemy. oh

    hospitals are self insured for workers comp and they deny health care anyway….sounds criminal and illegal to me

    so dont’ tell me health insurance companies or hospitals give a damn about patients all they care about is money. they dont’ care about people who are sick and injured. they care about money. that is all.

    health insurance companies have to be better regulated and changed. becuase they are not meeting their obligations.

    this movie is making ti sound like patients are not meeting their obligations when teh truth is that insurance companies are not meeting thier obligations.t hey are like car salesmen pulling the bait and switch selling you a lemon.

    health insurance companies are thugs. they don’t give a damn about you they only care about your money. they are like a union. a mafia.

  • mslewis

    Funny how Jared chooses to talk about Jude and Liev when the poster and trailer lists Forrest as being the co-star!! Evidently, Liev has just a small part in this movie. Why, I wonder? Is Forrest, the Oscar winner, not a big enough star for you Jared?

    Moving on . . . Judging by the trailer and the fact that it is coming out in April, I seriously doubt this will be a big hit. However, the producers are obviously catering to young men in the audience by emphasizing the blood and guts. They are probably hoping for a surprise hit like “Taken” from last year. IMO it truly looks awful!!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    um.. sorry, no! next.

  • no to health insurance

    ok yeah right let’s talk about the costs to fund a war….785000 x 30000 troops plus the ones already there.


    you figure it out

    that’s 785000 per year for one person to kill poor people living in a dustbowl.. .

    tell me about your values again chloe?

    ps: 785000 is the cost according to this movie for a car part labeled a liver and its not even human.

    785000 is the cost for only one troop vs 785000 for an artificial liver…and the result is the same…military men at the price of 785000 to take your life away. not give you life. to take yours away..they are bankrupting america with their sick values.

    tell me how you are going to reconcile this?

    i think the military is artificial LIVER that’s what i think.

  • Twilight sucks

    Holy moly, this looks BAD in a GOOD way!

  • Farley

    Jude Law’s looking at me like he’s after my organs.

  • Gimme some!

    Oh Jude, how about you donate your, uh, organ to me, sweet fella?

  • no to mandatory insurance

    oh yeah along with your life they are taking your money too

  • The Real Deal

    AerosManders @ 12/23/2009 at 8:01 pm The movie looks alright but I think it is just a rip off of Repo The Genetic Opera.

    The basis for Repo! The Genetic Opera was The Necromerchant’s Debt, which told the story of a graverobber in debt to a Repo Organ Man. It was performed on stage, and when it became a success creators Smith and Zdunich expanded on the universe to create all of the storylines that became Repo! The Genetic Opera.

    Repo Men is based on Eric Garcia’s (Matchstick Men) The Repossession Mambo. Clearly not the basis for Repo! The Genetic Opera. It may have provided inspiration for the creators of The Genetic Opera, but it was not an adaptation.

    Repo Men is an adaptation of the novel.

    To call it a rip-off would be calling Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds a rip-off of Enzo Castellari’s Inglorious Bastards.

  • here’s the real deal

    you want to talk ripoff

    here’s the real deal

    mandatory health insurance is a ripoff

  • here’s the real deal

    i just had flash of memory moment

    nancy pelosi and eric garcia are both from san francisco

    how involved are the corrupt insurance companies, the corrupt military, and the corrupt defense contractors working in the background on this movie and book?


  • here’s the real deal

    not to mention the corrupt homeland security
    but i did…because…

    its corrupt too

  • the truth

    This movie is trying to make it sound like the patients are the bad guys
    when the truth is that the insurance companies are the bad guys

    go read all the kings men and you find out about the kickbacks involved with defense contractors ….785000 for one troop is outrageous. these jerks in office are bankrupting america.

    neither dems or repubs are innocent. they are all corrupt and have been bought and paid for by defense contractors and insurance companies.

  • the truth


    its the insurance companies and the military/defense contractors that are the bad guys…with a little help… ok a LOT of help from attorneys with no heart.

    This movie is trying to make it sound like the patients are the bad guys
    when the truth is that the insurance companies and the military are the bad guys

  • Sara ☼

    Oh my Godness! I love these two so much! They’re awesome! Jude looking yummier than ever! Great team! I can’t chose who I love more. Let me see… I think Jude. Haha. Yay! Of course Jude, my sweet sweet Heart. <3 This is gonna be great.

  • Chuck

    Count me in.

  • Sara ☼

    Forest Whitaker and Jude Law I mean.

  • Sofia

    This movie is trying to make it sound like the patients are the bad guys
    Where did you get that? As Remy(Jude Law) , the hunter, has become the hunted, I think very obviously this film is criticizing the “Union”.

  • more reasons why to say no

    so this health plan is not taking care of business in the correct sector.

    this is the whole reason edwards got run out with that cheating scandal…he was an attorney who would have gone after insurance companies….which i think is the proper thing to do

    health insurance companies are the problem. they are the ones who need to be overhauled and changed.

    its not the patients that are the problem its the hospitals and insurance companies. but the bigger criminals are the insurance companies. they only pay 50% of the bill and drag their feet for months on end getting around to paying teh damn thing. on average its 4 months to get paid. because hospitals know that insurance companies are slow to pay and only pay half, the hospitals charge double.

    then there is the matter of taxes.
    health care is non taxable. and
    from a tax return point of view…the doctors are making out like a bandit. their gross revenue is 50% higher, they get to write off the 50% bad debt the insurance company didn’t pay and their income and expense is adjusted accordingly, yet they come out ahead. its a ripoff.
    doctors and insurance companies both take advantage of patients finanicially. i’ve never seen a doctor tax return but i’d like to look at one to verify how it comes out in the end for them.

    remember its non taxable income to them. they are making out like bandits. and now its going to be even more…
    the overhaul is not occurring in teh right place. the insurance companies have to be investigated and prosecuted for fraud and waste inside their own administration and overhead. it should not be the patients who are denied coverage. it shoudl be that the insurance companies get a better rein on their own expenses and cut the fat and pay their patient bills on time.

  • to sofia

    are you pro war?

  • Sofia

    I like peace. Why?

  • BR549

    My liver just quivered.

  • Daphne

    Woohoo! My heart palpitated then just exploded.

  • sharyllee

    JUde and Forrest Yummmy but I do not like any scary movies, Only Jude movies I will see…

  • no to mandatory insurance

    this movie is making ti sound like patients are not meeting their obligations when the truth is that insurance companies are not meeting thier obligations.they are like car salesmen pulling the bait and switch selling you a lemon.

    health insurance companies are thugs. they don’t give a damn about you they only care about your money. they are like a union. a mafia.

    i put the whole quote in because you didn’t take everything in context.

  • no to insurance and military

    i am not pleased to hear the callousness with which the military is eager to take a life and bully american citizens just so they can go kill people.

    to the tune of 765000 for a liver…translation:

    the cost to send one troop to afghanistan. which is a true fact. it is not made up. is 765000.

    its actually a little higher. that’s the per year cost. that is what you and i are paying for in taxes and here they are acting like we owe them.

    i don’t think so. i don’t owe them squat

  • Mia

    I agree with Jordy, totally a Rip off of Repo the Genetic to a tee, lame.

  • ann

    thehunter becomes the hunted. I think this will be a good movie. Can’t wait to see it.