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Katie Holmes Hurries to Hermes

Katie Holmes Hurries to Hermes

Katie Holmes hurries out of her car and into Hermes in Beverly Hills on Wednesday (December 23).

The 31-year-old actress, who celebrated her birthday last week in Sevilla, Spain with hubby Tom Cruise, will be able to relax this holiday season – she and Tom both finished shooting films late in the year!

Katie was also spotted out at Ralph Lauren on Rodeo Drive searching for the perfect gifts for her loved ones.

15+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes doing some shopping at Hermes…

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katie holmes last minute shopping hermes 01
katie holmes last minute shopping hermes 02
katie holmes last minute shopping hermes 03
katie holmes last minute shopping hermes 04
katie holmes last minute shopping hermes 05
katie holmes last minute shopping hermes 06
katie holmes last minute shopping hermes 07
katie holmes last minute shopping hermes 08
katie holmes last minute shopping hermes 09
katie holmes last minute shopping hermes 10
katie holmes last minute shopping hermes 11
katie holmes last minute shopping hermes 12
katie holmes last minute shopping hermes 13
katie holmes last minute shopping hermes 14
katie holmes last minute shopping hermes 15
katie holmes last minute shopping hermes 16

Photos: GSI Media, INFDaily
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    Labels, labels, labels.

    No substance, ever.

    Must have a driver and body guard too!!!

    Nouveau Rche’ bore

  • abril

    TOM CRUISE!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Tim Gunn

    The total lack of grooming continues to be a concern.

    A 12 K Hermès bag doesn’t deliver style.

    A lady always has clean groomed hair.


  • Lou

    Tom Hanks eh? Well I must have missed that one! :P

  • Maggie

    Maybe , is she wore flats or sneakers with her jeans, drove herself to the shops, it would look ok, the ditrty messy hair thing, but if you have servants dripping all over you night and day, you have time to comb your hair and match your accessories.

    BTW: I think the $$$ high heeled desinger shoes are too much with the “going to walmart” look, she is working.

  • Whitney

    I actually wonder if she would seem less drab married to Tom Hanks, man how much has Katie changed since being married to Cruise??

  • Excuse me, but….

    I had to scroll up to see what you guys were talking about.

    I never read the intro Jared drivel. It’s ALWAYS gibberish anyway.

    Face it, we are stalkers who spy on the private moment of celebs, nothing written with the pics is true, it’s all made up bs.

  • Whitney

    Also is she hiding a little baby bump behind that bag????

  • CanadaGirl

    Her skin looks quite good. This is the best outfit I’ve seen her in awhile: nice, trendy top, good boots, and dark denim .
    Tim Gunn = Shallow Katie … BTW… why would anyone follow archaic female expectations? “A lady always has clean groomed hair.” Please, get off your high horse.
    Here’s one for you. A real writer (even an individual commenting on a web-site) adheres to proper grammar and structure.

  • Donatella

    she has bigger jowls than Nicole Kidman when Nic is off the botox.

  • buffalo legs

    > jeans are bursting at the seams<

  • Scurries, not hurries

    No doubt, her 3 year old needs a $10,000.00 mini-Birkin bag and it was custom ordered and ready for Santa.

    Perhaps matching $3,000.00 heels as well.

    I want to slap this women.

    Earht to Katie, you buy 3 year old’s purse at the Disney Store, not Hermes.

  • Mrs. Claus

    To be so rich,why so plain Jane.
    Why never joyful?
    She does have a great family so there.

  • Messy

    Her part looks like Lombard St.

  • Mrs. Claus

    Ok,I need to say something nice and still true…Katie does look younger than 31.
    I would say she is 26-28.

  • http://JustJared LadyTash

    Did you mean Tom Cruise? Tom Hanks is married to Rita Wilson.

  • Nicole

    No hun, Tom Cruise.

  • Shannon

    lol Tom Hanks? uh….either we missed something or you need to go back and check what you wrote :)

  • Dear Donatella -FYI

    Botox is not used in the chin area and does not have any effect on “jowls’, only a lower face lift an correct sagging in the jaw area.

    No injections of any type are used there. You can either hold your chin up, gain weight and fill your face out, or get a lift.

    it is amazing to see so many people online go on about botox who have no clue what it does or where it is used.

    Oh, and to explain, not defend Kidman, she has had no injections in her cheeks or implants, the fat yoo see by her jaw, like ALL people, used to be on top of her cheekbones. As we age, our upper cheekbone area becomes thinner, our middle to lower cheeks become fuller due to the slipage of the fat pad and “jowls” are the bottom of the cheekbone fat pad slipping down. Lipo cannot be used either.

    Faces change as we age, it is especailly noticable if you retain the same weight range as in your 20′s.

    Most people gain 20-30 pounds by age forty which fills the face and makes the change less noticable. Additonally, people with oval faces are hit about 10 years earlier, the stronger your jawline, the more time you have. Example, Brit Spears will have jowls very early, weak chin. A woman like Elaine on Sienfeld will look great into her fifties, wide jaw.

    THAT is why thin people with dleivcately shaped faces have more lifts!

    Holmes is a hot mess, but has no jowls.

    PS: Almost all professional women use Botox, it relaxs crows feet and frown lines between the eyes, stopping the formation of future wrinkles, it is painless, and leave no mark after treatment.

    My guess is you don’t hae the extra $500 to try it.

  • canada girl

    Needs to remove the broom handle from her backside.


  • hmmmmm?

    Is she trying to cover up something with that over sized bag???

  • Luigi
  • kelly

    She must have her jeans and pants custom made to fit over those massive thighs and cankles of hers. There is no way she could find them in a store. Her body is freakish!

  • canada girl


    I see no grammatical errors. Zoloft?

  • Tim Gunn

    It’s all about the frame, the bone structure. Poor Katie is just one of those woman who will never be attractive in anything tight.

    Her hips aren’t round and feminine. I saw this in those bathing suit shots in France with Suri, the completely WRONG suit with the leather belt.

    Katie has badly shaped legs (knees and hamstrings), hips, ankles, hands, and the thinner she gets the worse it looks. With her frame she needs the flesh to soften her frame and longer hair to appear feminine.

    This woman has no idea how to dress to hide the negative.

    Sloping shoulders, thick neck, long waisted can be disguised with the right clothes, but she hasn’t a clue.

    With adequate weight she looks nice in dresses with longer fuller skirts and shoes that do NOT draw attention to her flaws.

    Longer hair reshapes her thick neck and hides her sloping shoulders.

    I doubt she’ll ever figure these things on her own.

  • dani

    As usual she looks dreadful. Wrinkled shirt that doesn’t fit properly, jeans are too tight in thighs, shoes are so-so, hair is a mess, and that bag looks like it is a Wal_mart special or something with the way she is wearing it.
    As Katie proves over and over–all the money in the world can’t buy style and class.

  • Annie

    Here we go again….She is back at home with Nut Bag and looking like a starved zombie. Must be all those nights of auditing and crazy bat sh*t. She is soo stupid, money aint everything girl, trust me, I know.. GET OUT and take your kid with you!!!

  • Jamie

    Wow!!!!! She needs to get away from the maniac, pronto! She looked good when she was away from him. So did the kid.

  • slambang

    Dressed like a boy again – is that what Tommy likes???

  • OXA

    I would say she is spreminated, her cheeks are not hollow like they usually are and her face is rounded where normally gaunt.

  • bahaus

    @Jamie: What kid? The kid she was pregnant with, whose father was ‘the maniac’? The kid who has been all her life with ‘the maniac’? You make absolutely no sense! How could BOTH Katie and Suri have looked good BEFORE being with Tom!? Suri’s never been away from Tom!
    “So did the kid.”… Go back to school and learn how time works, and how to write accordingly to it.

  • ellie’

    Katie & Tom a wonderful family.. Tom is one of the greatest actors,, its none of your business how she dresses .. its her life and shes a beautiful woman..

  • jolentini
  • Luigi

    Stop telling her how to live her life, #12.

  • Luigi

    @Luigi: why did you change our name? I really enjoyed “Dear Donatella -FYI” it fits

  • Luigi

    Katie looks like a bum. Suri dresses better than her own mom. Where is daddy dearest?

  • Luigi

    Where is my Lover ? I love Tom Cruise with all of my heart. Katie doesn’t deserve him. she is a sh!t for brains.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    she looks a whole lot better than ….. these people out and about in Hollywood
    kate walsh
    heidi klum
    halle berry
    jen garner
    ellen pompeo, and the list goes on, JJ suplies all the evidence its the scientology part you hate her for
    sometimes i wish she wasn’t with tom cruise

  • nolie

    Her skin looks nice and healthy, she is so young looking, looks younger than 31 much younger, agree.

  • zxcv

    She is beautiful inside and out.

  • Puke

    She deserves everything she gets. Chris Klein has to be pissed about Sur! Cause everyone knows gay, circus freak can’t produce. AND in 2 months? Give me a break. Won’t spend a dime on this freak show of a movie. Won’t even watch it on showtime or hbo when it comes out. Scientology kills.. LOOK IT UP PEOPLE!!!!!

  • Luigi

    I leave my underwear with skidmarks on the floor. Mommy always has to pick up after me. She makes my bed too. I hope she doesn’t notice the wall since that is where I wipe all my boogers. The ones I don’t eat, that is.

  • @!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No, she doesn’t look better than most of those people you listed.

    Thanks for the laugh though.

  • @zxcv


  • the madwoman is back?

    @nolie: much younger, agree.
    Agree with who, “nolie”? With yourself, simonette alanes? #38 39 40 is the madwoman obsessed with Katie.

  • The Gay Thing

    Whatever is going on, someone in this marriage is homosextual

  • AutumnM

    Katie has some big legs! She should wear clothes that flatter her figure better

  • roadkill

    l wonder if she regrets this ”marriage”. l bet she does. She probably rocks herself to sleep with sleeping pills and vodka. She was in love? with what? A bafoon? a total lunatic? What exactly did this ”C” level actress get herself into? lmprisonment for life.

  • ashley

    i love katie

  • Sassy

    Seems like she never has time alone. Does she ever get to hop in the car & GO??? Alone? Run some errands, grab a cuppa. I’d go nuts having someone “handling” me all the time. Her husband’s “church” is fast going down the pooper, read up on it. Check the series in the St. Pete Times, ABC’s Nightline story, Marc Headley’s book “Blown for Good”, all telling about the cult to which they belong. Scary stuff. When do you all think she’ll make her escape?