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Lourdes Leon Wears Leather in London

Lourdes Leon Wears Leather in London

Lourdes Leon is looking stylish as she walks with friends in London on Wednesday (December 23).

The 13-year-old daughter of Madonna rocked in a leather jacket and black boots on the overcast London day.

In New York City last week, Lourdes and her famous mama hit the red carpet on Tuesday (December 15) at the premiere of Nine! Both Madonna and Lourdes were dressed by Dolce & Gabbana to the event.

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46 Responses to “Lourdes Leon Wears Leather in London”

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  1. 1
    Jeez!!!! Says:

    She looks exactly like her mother, except she’s. A brunette.

  2. 2
    ayj6m6l Says:

    she’s beautiful !! so cute

  3. 3
    ivanka Says:

    @ayj6m6l: yeah and her friends sure love the paparazzis

  4. 4
    Asha Says:

    She is so pretty. I can see her being the next pop princess.

  5. 5
    2010 Says:

    Are these her NYC friends?
    or London friends?
    That school she goes to suck$.

  6. 6
    g!na Says:

    The girl with the red plaid jacket is the prettiest & so is the girl in the pink scarf. @Asha: pop princess? maybe a fashion designer since she likes clothes. If you cant sing than how are you going to be a pop princess? Since she’s priviliged her mom Madonna will get her a role in a movie.Lourdes was set since her birth. She one the lottery when she became Madonna’s kid! Many kids her age will have to work hard to get what they want!

  7. 7
    Mike Says:

    @g!na: Do you criticize all celebrity children, even those of your beloved celebs, because they have privileges too? You seem to have it out for Lourdes all the time. Just because she has opportunities that doesn’t mean she doesn’t work hard or isn’t dedicated to whatever she does, whether it’s her piano playing, ballet, or whatever else she might do.

    And how do you know she can’t sing? Have you ever heard her? Plus, not being able to sing didn’t stop Britney or Miley. Either way, she’s only 13 she has plenty of time to decide what she wants to do.

    Chill and lay off of her already.

  8. 8
    pretty young girl Says:

    She looks like Lil Wayne

  9. 9
    Casey Says:

    This girl is totally mini Madonna. I love her clothes.

  10. 10
    sharon Says:

    i would say they are her london friends as im sure not that many new york friends would be in london so close to christmas!

  11. 11
    g!na Says:

    @Mike: I work with poverty kids believe me she has a lot of privilege! normal kids don’t have a stylist @ 2 yrs old, normal kids don’t go to huge movie premiers,normal kids don’t wear 1,000 dollar outfits! yeah, she’s way too privileged!

  12. 12
    haley Says:

    she looks like Joey Ramone! lol. needs to close that mouth. ugh

  13. 13
    sshhii_baby Says:

    She is super cute! She does have alot of style for her age. Hey, if Miley can be a pop princess…Lourdes can be one too! Don’t hate her because she is born with a silver spoon. The poor child haven’t done anything to warrant unnecessary hate..geez…

  14. 14
    Mike Says:

    @g!na: Re-read my comment, I didn’t say she didn’t have opportunities but what I find annoying is how you harp on her in every single post, do you do the same thing for all celebrity children even for those of your beloved celebs? You single her out for what others also have. I don’t understand why she should be faulted for having privileges that others don’t. She shouldn’t be blamed nor should she have to apologize for what she has. If she’s grateful, does things for others (like working in Malawian orphanages), and is a kind person (neither of us know her personally so we can’t say), then I don’t know how you can fault her for what she had no control over–meaning what she was born into. In that case you should be faulted for having a roof over your head, internet access, and other privileges whilst many poor children don’t and are starving to death. What a silly way of thinking and rationalizing hatred and negativity. It’s just unnecessary.

  15. 15
    sshhii_baby Says:

    G!na, how is it her fault for being born with priviledged? You are mad at a 13yr.old child, for something that is totally out of her control. Seriously, how old are you? If you’re 14, then ok..I can understand your jealousy…

  16. 16
    g!na Says:

    I personally feel Madonna favors her oldest child Lourdes! I hope she treats little Mercy the same as she does with the others. The poor thing was living in poverty far too long.

  17. 17
    infamous Says:

    ugly spoiled brat

  18. 18
    chase m. Says:

    The girl in the pink scarf is pretty! @Haley- Lourdes does look like a Ramone. he he

  19. 19
    Memei Says:

    they look much older than 13, kids are so stylish now these days, i looked and dressed like an 11 yr old at that age. hmmm

  20. 20
    lexy Says:

    JJ leave this kid alone. She’s just trying to be a normal girl hanging out with her friends. She’s NOT with her famous mom or even semi-famous dad. Why is she being photographed??? Leave these kids alone and let them be kids!!

  21. 21
    ashey Says:

    shes cute… and her friends love the papparazis

  22. 22
    nativenyker Says:

    She is a knockout!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  23. 23
    Mileena Says:

    Who the HELL is saying the girl with the pink scarf is the prettiest?!!! You guys had better go get your eyes checked because as much as I can see, even Lourdes (whom I think is not that pretty) is prettier!! The pink-scarfed girl is really fugly. You’re either sayin’ that out of hatred for Lourdes or you are seriously seeing something else than I do!

  24. 24
    dundies Says:

    Who the HELL is saying the girl with the pink scarf is the prettiest?!!!
    LOL you just made my day, and that would be G!na Ha

  25. 25
    black Says:

    —–And who the HELL is saying that girls need to have a good voice to be popstars????????

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