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Susan Sarandon & Tim Robbins Split

Susan Sarandon & Tim Robbins Split

Susan Sarandon and longtime love Tim Robbins have split, her rep tells People.

The couple, together for over 20 years, met while filming Bull Durham. They have two sons together: Jack Henry, 20, and Miles Guthrie, 17.

“Actress Susan Sarandon and her partner of 23 years, actor Tim Robbins, have announced that they separated over the summer,” her rep told People. “No further comments will be made.”

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  • Baby

    wow I cant believe it..

  • Zoe

    So sad. So sad. They were such a nice couple. Does no one in Hollywood stay together anymore? There’s no hope or couples to look up to anymore because they all eventually just call it quits.

  • Lalique

    How sad. I admire both, separately and together.

  • marissa

    hollywood couples never last.

    sad but life goes on

  • bobby

    oh no i loved them together

  • bobbi

    I rarely care when couples split, but this one touches me. I feel sad.

  • $pinning


  • Ms Anonymous

    Damn. :(

  • caxposed

    WHAT?! they’ve been apart since the summertime?! i have to agree with bobbi/y on this one. this couple was pure perfection plus they’ve been together longer than the time i’ve been part of this world. still, if the love’s no longer there, what’s the point of staying together, right?

  • Chrissy


  • flutters

    What? That’s too bad.

  • nyob

    That is too bad. I always thought they were great together.

  • releka

    Sad, good luck to them both.

  • [marie]

    This sucks. They’ve been together longer than most Hollywood married couples..

    Very sad..

  • A-M

    OH NO! :(

  • CanadaGirl

    Too bad for them, but I get first dibs! Tim’s still hot.

  • Elizabeth


  • Mrs. Claus

    Sad. Both live mostly private in their real lives.With 3 kids, her daughter from a previous marriage, their 2 together, and 23yrs. of being together, why quit. With having a 17 yr.old,still a young kid at a Senior in H.Sch., a 20 yr. son,and a 20 something yr. daughter-daughter-step, why quit now. Add their age, at 48 and 53, why quit. There was some real love and togetherness there so hopefully these people will get back together.

    Hopefully, Tim is banging or going to bang a 25 yrs. old. Start making new babies. That is nasty.
    If he does,why don’t he just give the Sweet Young Thing a few milion ASAP.

    Hollyweird relationships-people do not put into like us normal folks.
    You can count how many successful Hollyweird relationships there are.

    Christmas is now,maybe these two,like them or not, dislike their politics or not, will realize waht is impt. They have a family. Health.Wealth. Financial secuirty for this lifetime to go anywhere,do anything, and have all needs and wants and still have pelnty for their children to establish their lives and for their grandkids.
    What a blessing!!

  • aquame

    Even though I didn’t understand it all, I have to agree with some of what Mrs. Claus said. Why give up 23 years? That’s really sad. How much you want to bet Tim steps out with some younger idiot in 3 … 2 …

  • hans

    So does this have anything to do with Jan Ove Waldner?

  • eliza

    Am so sorry to hear this. Quite a shock after all these years.

  • Lilly

    I cannot believe it. If couples like Suasn and Tim cannot make it, then there is not much hope for anyone else in Hollywoodland….

  • cubedweller

    I’m so sad to hear this. They were a great example of a loving, committed and classy duo for all these years. I admire both of them and wish them nothing but the best.

  • ::SIGH::

    really sorry to hear this. why after all these years together can’t couples resolve their differences? you would think they’ve seen all you can see in a relationship after maybe even 10 years of marriage. it’s really too bad, i’ve always thought these two made a great couple. who’s next, tom hanks? better not! just unbelievable.

  • Noooo

    Like most posters have stated, there will be no hope for future couples. And, they were so close to finishing this world together. But, I guess, humans weren’t meant to to last long together because eventually the honeymoon phase fades and there is nothing left. It is rare, nowadays, when you hear a couple actually making it through all the way, till death do them part. So sad. Will any of us make it? Without hating our lives and just staying with our partner out of routine? I bet that’s how they were.

  • dophine

    OMG….I can´t believe it!! They were one of the most stable couple of Hollywood!!! I´m really so sorry!!! I hope their to keep a good relationship after their split….=(

  • alexkziel

    There is no hope really, only Kurt and Goldie now… :(

  • Pattycake

    Stop over-reacting . Yes, I’m very sad for them. They have to be two of most level headed people in h’weird. And 23 years! But this goes to show that marriage never becomes old hand…even when there is no actual marriage. I think they will find that their lack of a marriage document doesn’t make the split any easier. They will still have to consult lawyers for the property split, etc. And the emotional ties are just as deep. The rumor is that Tim has formed an attachment to a young co star. Susan will get through this. She’s a class act.

  • jane

    It’s would be sad if they had small children but they had 23 years together and have 2 grown children. That’s a very successful relationship. Forever is a fairy tale. It rarely happens. Good luck to both these talented and compassionate people.

  • ellie’

    Well they lasted then most holly wood couples.. I’m very saddened 23yrs is a long time… .

  • jolentini
  • Frida

    @hans: Haha hans that’s really funny lol! And anyway, I don’t get people saying “why quit now?” You know, I bet they’ve thought this through for a long time and guess what, if you’re not having fun anymore or if it isn’t working for some reason, it doesn’t really matter how long you’ve been together. You shouldn’t stay with someone just because you’ve been together for 23 years, then you’ll just end up miserable.

  • Frida

    Oh and losing faith in relationships just ’cause some Hollywood couple broke up is kinda pathetic. Look to the real people around you instead, like me with both my grandparents who were together for like 50 years respectively (until one of them died) or my parents that have been together for 30 years.

  • XXX

    Mrs. Claus @ 12/23/2009 at 5:06 pm

    Just so you know – Susan is 63 and Tim is 51.

  • XXX

    Just wanted to add that I thought that was one partnership that would last.

    Just wanted to add that I thought that was one partnership that would last. I guess no one knows what goes on in anyone else’s relationship.

  • XXX

    Sorry about the double post.

  • XXX

    Wonder why it took so long for them to make the announcement of their split? Maybe they were still trying to work things out.

    Sorry for the previous double post.

  • AGA

    What a shame..maybe there are issues that the public does not know about yet!! I hope that after 23 years together that they have respect for each other and do not have a nasty split.I wish them luck!

  • Chau

    Sad. And I thought they’d last. I guess I should always think that couples in Hollywood don’t last. No one has proved me wrong yet.

  • AGA

    Are there many long term HW marriages around??I can only think of Goldie&Kurt–Tom Hanks&Rita Wilson!! Any more??Oh Bette Midler!!

  • Megs

    HOLY! :O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ewa

    Nooo! They were my last ray of hope…

    Now however, it is official: no union can be permanent :o(

  • kizbit

    I’ll tell you why they split no…because the kids are grown and there won’t be a need for a custody battle. That’s why so many marriages last into the early to mid 20 year range. The woman has had it by then and is sick and tired of taking care of the kids AND the man.

  • kevin

    Susan is a bitch in real life, Tim is a lucky man !!!!!! I work for ICM with Susan’s agent Martha L and she is a nightmare…

  • life


  • loosey says that Susan seems to have left Tim for a geeky young (age 31) ping pong entrepreneur named Jonathan Bricklin. She loooves ping pong and is an investor in Bricklin’s NYC ping pong club. The club opened this past summer — which is when Tim and Susan split.

  • twpumpkin


  • Jeff

    Never thought they’d split up

  • Jen Analstan

    she is still hot for an old woman

  • Stone

    They both look to old for each other!