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Dakota Fanning Decks The Nails

Dakota Fanning Decks The Nails

Dakota Fanning gets her nails done on Christmas Eve with her sister Elle and mom Joy in Studio City on Thursday (December 24).

The 15-year-old actress recently remembered her costar for Uptown Girls, Brittany Murphy, who passed away on Sunday.

“I got to know Brittany when we made the film Uptown Girls,” Dakota told E!. “We became great friends despite the fact we were many years apart in age. Brittany had such a warm child-like spirit that drew people to her. With her goes a piece of my heart and I will miss her terribly. I know how strong Brittany‘s love was for her family and my heart goes out to all of them, especially her mother Sharon. I love you Brittany.”

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  • Lindley

    That was such a sweet thing to say. I still cannot believe Brittany has passed. It makes me so sad. I adored her. It sounds like she was really close with her mother. It’s so heartbreaking.

  • cady

    that’s not their mom, it’s their agent cindy osbrink

  • Elsie

    That’s not their agent or their mother, it’s their Grandmother…

  • Beesly

    That’s not their agent, their mother, or grandmother, it’s their father…

  • Bellie

    That’s not their agent, their mother, grandmother, or their father…its their uncles best friends sister in law.

  • Carla

    I like that purse does anyone know who its by.

  • analeigh

    @Carla: It’s a Proenza Schouler handbag :)

  • GoodTimes

    Not a cute photo at all…

  • jdub

    omg i remember seeing her little sister for the first time in Daddy Day Care, and then again in Benjamin Button. she’s really growing up. one word for Dakota tho, “woof!”

  • African Girl

    That’s such a nature and thoughtful thing to say.

  • African Girl

    That should have been Mature.

  • Jane

    Little sister is taller than Dakota now.

  • dundies

    That’s not their agent, their mother, grandmother, or their father or uncles best friends sister in law, its their fathers first cousin

  • shari

    It’s not their mom. Their mom has brown hair.

  • [marie]

    Sweet Jesus I hope that this girl doesn’t turn out like Lindsay Lohan. Keep your head in your books and stay away from the cocaine..

  • Kelly Kleavage

    Swing door!

  • Steven Mark Pilling

    The woman in the picture with Dakota and Elle was Cindy Osbrink. She (or her in-house publicist Erica Stimak) was almost certainly the author of Dakota’s statement about Brittany Murphy… as with all of the Fannings’ public announcements. She watches Dakota- in particular- like a hawk. That “warm child-like” remark has Cindy’s fingerprints all over it. This is meant to (once again) re-enforce the notion of Dakota’s supernatural “maturity” and, at the same time, put a careful distance between her and Brittany by its blandness. In fact, Brittany may have been the one true friend that Dakota ever had in Hollywood… who didn’t use her for their own ends. That includes the Fanning parents and- certainly- Osbrink herself.

    Cindy doesn’t like competition in this arena. Besides, she’s going to need to maintain that image of Dakota as the “wise child” once again, as she did after the “Hounddog” debacle. When the likewise pornographic “The Runaways” comes out, this will again become the primary shield against bad press and possible litigation. The Kristen Stewart collaboration (which gained Dakota back a career after “Hounddog” put it in virtual limbo) has a downside insomuch as Dakota must now do the “dirty work” for Kristen to bolster HER career into adulthood. “The Runaways” was the price for this.

    Therefore, Cindy’s close supervision and dominance of Dakota continues. She’s got too much invested in that kid to ever let her out from under her thumb. If Dakota had spoken for herself on this occasion (assuming she has enough of her own personality left) she might have told something a little more substantial about Brittany Murphy. With the possible exception of her sister, only the late Miss Murphy ever showed her friendship and compassion that didn’t have a dollar sign attached. Dakota remains the most exploited child star in Hollywood history.

  • totheknowitall

    @Steven Mark Pilling: Steven Mark Pilling First off THATS DAKOTA AND ELLS GRANDMA MARY JANE
    you need to get a new life.
    I have seen your DUMB DUMB DUMB replys about Dakota for a long time and time for you to move on.

  • All Women Stalker

    Elle is looking pretty.


  • wow

    Picture of Cindy Osbrink here: So that’s grandma Fanning.

    @DakotafanningN Dakota Fanning Twitter News.

  • totheknowitall

    @wow:lol she’s the maternal grandmother Hannah Dakota Fanning 1994

    Steve J. Fanning 1967
    Heather Joy Arrington 1967

    Both paternal grandarents are gone

    William E. Fanning Sr.1934 – 2006
    Katharina Kramb German 1937 – 1997

    Richard Cameron Arrington 1947 maternal grandfather
    Mary Jane Odum maternal grandmother

  • g!na

    I love dakota and Elle fanning. Their great actresses. RIP Brittany! your a beautiful angel now. ♥

  • Stone

    Hopefully she was on her way to get her face done next!

  • Chef Jacke

    Do her parents dress her like that???

  • MMA

    Well, we know they’re not spending her money on clothes!

  • Steven Mark Pilling

    Dear Knowitall: I’ll admit I might have been mistaken in identifying that woman as Cindy Osbrink. If so, they certainly bear a marked resemblance to one another. But that does not negate the truth of the rest of the narrative. I’ll proceed to “getting a new life” when I see justice for exploited children, in and out of Hollywood. Unfortunately, Dakota still remains the poster child for that sort of thing. BTW: I’m familiar with the Fanning’s geneology. I could even tell you the names of Steve Fanning’s siblings. I found that out by accident when I accessed William Fanning, Senior’s obituary. It’s useless knowledge, of course, except that it illustrated how Steve is apparently estranged from his own family. Now… can you tell ME what other tragic event in their lives also occurred on April 11, 2006? If you’re such a loyal fan, you ought to know.

  • RandomKotaFan

    @Steven Mark Pilling:

    There was a faked CNN death hoax of Dakota, just days after losing her grandfather.

  • Steven Mark Pilling

    @RandomKotaFan: Dear RKF: I remember the “death hoax” days very well. That occurred on April 11, 2006… the SAME day that William Fanning, Sr. passed away. He was buried in Conyers GA on the 15th. Son Steven and family were not present.
    Dakota went undercover for six weeks after that. Resultingly, a lot of her fans went frantic, not knowing whether she was alive or dead. One young man actually threatened suicide! I was very busy trying to tell kids that it was an obvious hoax. I’m still particularly angry at Cindy Osbrink for allowing that to happen. However- since then- she’s proved her disdain from Dakota’s original young fanbase in an even worse mannner.

  • Natalie Matthews

    @Steven Mark Pilling look you seriously need to get a life and stop talking a load of bull, Dakota is her own person, she says what she thinks not what other people tell her to say and you are not a Dakota fan because all you do is dump on her, constantly, anyone who is a real fan does not judge, put down or mock them!!! and also any real fan would have known that in fact the woman in the picture with them is Mary Jane Arington their grandmother on their mothers side
    get a life!!!
    stop making up a load of bull just because you are insucure about yourself, you must live a really sad life if this is all can do and i pitty you

  • Steven Mark Pilling

    @Natalie Matthews: Dear Natalie: My purpose is not to “dump” on Dakota Fanning. Her own handlers have done that quite adequately with their merciless exploitations of her. I’m about protecting children from a culture gone insane. Few stories better illustrate the nature and extent of that insanity than does Dakota’s. That’s why she’s important in all this. If you’re a true supporter of her’s, then your “pitty” should be directed at her, not me. And your prayers, too. Mine are.