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Gwyneth Paltrow: Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Gwyneth Paltrow: Jesus is the Reason for the Season

Gwyneth Paltrow is back to “nourish the inner aspect” with her latest GOOP newsletter.

The 37-year-old actress writes about Jesus saying, “Our experts weigh in with thoughts about the man himself on his birthday. Merry Christmas!”

Spiritual leader Deepak Chopra says, “So the answer to any question about the “real” Jesus is to look within and step onto the path that leads to God consciousness. Every great spiritual teacher has indicated that this is the only way to truth and freedom. Jesus is the teacher in this lineage who has the most prestige in the West, and for that I am glad, particularly at Christmas time.”

Kabbalah scholar Michael Berg adds, “During this holiday season, we all have so much we can learn from the life and teachings of Jesus. To be religious or spiritual means a constant process of growing and changing, consistently becoming a better and better person, knowing that none of our beliefs can – nor should they – bring us anything but a growing sense of love, compassion, and tolerance for those whom we love, and, more importantly, for those with whom we disagree.”

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  • namers

    Happy Holidays people. Be kind in your comments and reflect the true meaning of the season.

  • Winter

    That is nice but Gwyneth didn’t “write” any of this. The “experts” did.

  • Mrs. Claus

    Can she just say Merry Christmas?

    What was all that about?

  • Bubbles

    Jesus didn’t even exist, get over it!

  • YAWN

    This women was why the word, “vapid” was created.

    I love Jesue, I can’t give a minute of my life to this self loving loon.

  • nat

    Actually, he was born in March not December. This was a pagan holiday.

  • dundies

    lol yeah i hate to say it that christmas really has nothing to do with jesus, and nowhere in the bible does it say to cut down a tree and celebrate this holiday, nor does it say he was born this month. If you ask any kid they think of Santa, which is another story :/

  • LolaSvelt

    She is so damn pretentious…but I can’t help but love her!

  • Jen Analstan

    She is so lovely!

  • Jane

    I can’t stand that stuck-up wench.

  • maxx

    Why does she always have to call in these so-called ”experts”? Can’t she just wish everyone a happy christmas and be done with it, why preachy-preachy all the time Gwyneth?!

  • Sam

    Jesus is the reason for Christmas. It’s true we don’t know exactly when he was born, but it a good time to just sit and truly think about what a great sacrifice was made when God became flesh for us. Its a huge thing that deserves more than one day a year to celebrate.

  • azlea

    @maxx: She is not very creative and doesn’t seem to be much of a writer (I think she does write the opening paragraph), so she has to rely on other people to do the work for her.

  • Penny

    Jesus’ birthday is actually on December 27th :) Going back 2000 years, he was born in springtime.

  • http://justjared zencat

    She is a stupid cunt.

  • Khristi

    We should really cut people some slack during the holiday season-heck every season for that matter. Whether you agree with religion or not, you can’t deny the feeling that you get around the holidays. Love yourself and then you can fully love and except everyone else. Joy to the world.

  • Kris

    GP never seemed to have great passion for Goop but she seems truly bored with it now. She doesn’t contribute much anymore. She just hands it over to an expert or two.

  • Infinite

    @maxx: Those who can do, those who can’t have someone else write it for them.

  • who?


  • Vixen

    @azlea: I see your point. She does seem to pass a lot of her newsletters on to others to create the bulk of the content.

  • peter


    You’ll have to do some research on the history of Christmas and its celebrations, my friend. Christ-mas celebrates the birth of Christ. Period. The Christmas tree to Christians is an evergreen that represents eternal life. And the lights represent Jesus being the Light of the world. Read the book of John in the Bible before deciding not to believe… Who knows… you may be wrong…

  • my3cents

    @Vixen: She doesn’t have the background or expertise to contribute more than a paragraph on most of the subjects. The recipes are probably her strongest point and a lot of those she gets from other sources.

  • greenfan

    I’m getting a mental image of Gwyneth’s high school essays. An intro. paragraph in her own words…the rest cribbed from Cliffs Notes and other sources.

  • rascal

    @Kris: Yep, she does seem bored….and running out of things to write about

  • Vartan

    I think Gwyneth should concentrate on food and cooking. That seems to be her strength and where she exhibits true passion although her videos need some work. The rest of the time she seems to be trying to do too much. She is not going to be the next Martha Stewart. She doesn’t have the following or crediblity for that, but maybe she could carve herself a nice little niche if she narrowed her focus and concentrated on something that truly excited her.

  • Mrs. Claus


  • Mrs. Claus


  • Mrs. Claus

    Opps Thanks St. Peter.

  • sweetannie

    JESUS is NOT the original reason we celebrate chistmas, but it is a holiday that christians kind of have stolen imo. In skandinavia the old vikings celebrated this time of the year that the sun was turning and that the days got lighter and lighter.

  • CanadaGirl

    She’s going to have to do a “cleanse/fast” soon, ’cause sweetheart is bulking up.

  • Elle

    @Peter UGH WRONG. “Chistmas” was invented by the Christians back when Christianity was only beginning to take roots. They chose to place it in December to replace the pagan rituals of Yuletide and Winter Solstice. Many of the classic/original so called Christmas traditions are actually rooted in pagan beliefs – Christians merely adapted them to reflect their Christian ideals. This way they could more easily spread Christianity and replace the other holidays and religions. Yes it is true that the evergreen tree “represents” eternal life – but that is not only applicable to the beliefs of Christians.

    Try reading your HISTORY book (fact) rather than your bible (myth/legend/tales). Not saying there is anything wrong with being Christian or reading the Bible, but if you want to discuss the historical and TRUE roots of the holiday of Christmas you should cite some credible sources.

  • david

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  • LuckyL

    I thought she was into Kabbalah?

  • Julie

    i’m sorry, but who really cares what she thinks, merry christmas everyone, see i was nice.,

  • Kelly Kleavage

    I thought she was jewish

  • Stone

    Mental illness.

  • Sandy Beach

    People wake up, please do not allow “experts” to continue to deceive you. If you want to know who Jesus is, just ask Him, He will meet you where you are. You’re going to meet him one day anyway, why not make it today.

  • Chef Jacke

    I think I’ll leave my spiritual advisor. Thanks anyway.

  • Belinda

    @Sam: Right on, Sam. God Bless!

  • Belinda

    @Bubbles: You’re sad. Yes he did!