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Zachary Quinto: Tummy Tease!

Zachary Quinto: Tummy Tease!

Zachary Quinto flashes his tummy and treasure trail as he lunches at Little Dome Deli with actress pal Sarah Paulson on Wednesday afternoon (December 23) in Los Feliz, Calif.

This spring, Sarah will join Tony Award-winner Linda Lavin in the Broadway premiere of Collected Stories by New Haven playwright Donald Margulies. At the Manhattan Theatre Club, Sarah will play the role of Lisa, the young protégé of Ruth (Lavin).

In October, 24 actress Cherry Jones revealed and she and Sarah were no longer dating.

Over the summer, ZQ and SP were seen celebrating Jessica Lange‘s photographs in Santa Monica.

20+ pictures inside of tummy tease Zachary Quinto

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zachary quinto tummy tease 01
zachary quinto tummy tease 02
zachary quinto tummy tease 03
zachary quinto tummy tease 04
zachary quinto tummy tease 05
zachary quinto tummy tease 06
zachary quinto tummy tease 07
zachary quinto tummy tease 08
zachary quinto tummy tease 09
zachary quinto tummy tease 10
zachary quinto tummy tease 11
zachary quinto tummy tease 12
zachary quinto tummy tease 13
zachary quinto tummy tease 14
zachary quinto tummy tease 15
zachary quinto tummy tease 16
zachary quinto tummy tease 17
zachary quinto tummy tease 18
zachary quinto tummy tease 19
zachary quinto tummy tease 20
zachary quinto tummy tease 21
zachary quinto tummy tease 22
zachary quinto tummy tease 23

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  • Nicole

    so treasure trails are news now?

  • Tina

    Nice :)

  • noisettes

    he’s so hot!!! but definitely a gay!!at least bisexsual..

  • christina

    she so ugly for him !!!! zach is crazy?? i love zach but i think he is crazy!!!!

  • Sara

    Zachary Quinto’s treasure trail is ALWAYS news! :-)

  • lb

    @Christina: Sarah is a lesbian…so Zach is not her type. They are friends.

  • Stacie

    Zach , your looking Lovely as usual , but I do hate the stripes .

  • Bored

    Hmmm…. photographed with his friend, the lesbian. Yeah people, Zach isn’t gay! Get real, this fruit shake is as queer as a rainbow.

  • British Latin American

    @lb: Most lesbians have significant pleasurable experiences with men, though their preference is for women, so maybe he is her ‘type.’

  • British Latin American

    @Bored: So a man hanging out with straight women is proof that he’s straight? Hah!

  • Gay is OK

    We need more out and proud actors in Hollywood!

  • Karen B

    So, you’re saying that straight people shouldn’t be associating with gay people or they will be assumed to be gay?

    Not saying he’s gay, or that he’s straight, or bi, or anything. I’m saying that stating that hanging out with a lesbian is proof that he’s gay is tantamount to saying you approve of some sort of straight/gay segregation.

  • angeles

    Nice. He should do that in public more often.

  • sarah

    i love tummy teases :D

  • Heather

    I love the belly shot, that made me smile ;)

    Zach can never win… I am sure he has a good reason for not saying in interviews if he prefers men, women, both or neither.. and that reason could be he simply doesn’t want to talk about it because he doesn’t want to, and that is good enough for me :)

    He has guy AND girl friends.. I do too, some of my guy friends are gay, some are straight.. I have lesbian and hetero girl friends.. I am sure a lot of people do.. it is not really that odd people LOL.

  • GeekEmpressofDoom

    GOD Quinto, just get in me now.

  • James

    He’s so FUG

  • Jen Analstan

    They are a cute couple

  • Heather

    I don’t think they are dating… because she is out as a lesbian… but it is refreshing to hear someone say he is dating a female I guess LOL… and he is not fug, he is gorgeous.

  • =Logan=

    so what if he is gay? get over it…its not like he wants to sleep with you.

    i like seeing photos of him.

  • Izzy

    omg he is so hot

  • Jane

    Whose to say who Zach would sleep with and who wouldn’t? Zach could be practically celibate or a huge man whore! We just don’t know.

  • diamond

    so here we are again with all this gay stuff. i don’t understandy why everyone is so interested with who zach is sleeping with. either way it’s not going to be with anyone posting on this blog.

  • amtj2008

    Thats how I feel, he said he would never dicuss his private life because what does that have to do with his acting ability. I agree, it would be a lose, lose. IF he did come out and say his pereference** then either the fact that he likes men will limit his acting roles. If he likes women then she would always be considered a beard or ugly. One of the main reason I love him is because he maintains mystery, I can see him as sylar, or spock not as a “male whore” or a “woman beater”. I think if you know to much about a “celebrities” private life, it bleeds into their roles and you can’t see past that. I have a gay bff and he and I share a variance of friends. It is sad because sometimes ignorant people assume all or none. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and we are all curious people with the right to speculate. However people forget semantics, saying “he is gay,” is different from “I think/believe he is gay”.

    ** I find it quite unsettling that people are so rude as to always question a person sexual preferences. I also find it odd and rather ignorant that are society puts poeple in boxes and sets criteria to deem them gay or straight. We are a society of “guilty until proven innocent”. There are no concret markers that prove he is or isnt, just because one fat f*ck heard he was at a gay bar posted his OPINION now everyone looks for “gay” qualities.

  • Errantman

    Haha. I love it! A famous, attractive actor wearing Hanes underwear! Kudos on being frugal Zachary. No joke! You’re awesome. Definitely no joke.

  • Nella


    I think your post is great. Until I came to the end and read “just because one fat f*ck heard …..” fat f*ck?? you are no better than all the rude people you profess to dislike so much.

  • amtj2008

    I do have the right to dislike someone (the fat f*uk being perez) who claims to be for gay rights but spends most of his time ragging on people and trying to “out” gays in hollywood. If he can judge people he does not know, then I reserve the right to judge him. I would never ask nor assume anything upon a person I have never met or know well. This guy believes that we have a right to know everything about our “famous” people and that just because they “might” be rich they have no reason to complain. He draws d*cks and poop on his pictures as well as give certain actors the name “gayface” Also I never claim to be better then anyone, No one is better then anyone, some are just better off. My dislike is for people who can not see things unbiasly. I mean every time a Zach pic is posted half of the post are “that outfit makes him gay”, or “now this is how you KNOW he gay” . Why can’t people just comment on hot hot or unhot he looks?

  • Gay and Proud

    Heteros never get “outed” as being straight. Be gay and proud! Lots of celebs are all for gay rights but seem ashamed when they thenselves are gay.

  • Nella


    OK let me get this straight ( no pun intended) :
    You reserve the right to dislike Perez and call him a fat f*uk.
    Yet you want people to comment only “hot or unhot he looks”? What about their right to like, dislike and say exactly whatever they want, just as you have about Perez?

  • Sara

    Gay, straight, or bi, thank you God for Zachary Quinto!

  • angeles


    amtj2008′s only stating the obvious about Perez. Personally I think the man is a fat pinko and a disgrace to gay men and women everywhere. He has tried to out Zachary several times on his twitter and on his site, blasting the poor man because Perez didn’t see him at a prop 8 rally. And that is his way of supporting gay rights, trying to out someone not out yet and blasting them because he didn’t happen to see him at a rally?

    People hate perez, even my gays can’t stand him.

  • amtj2008

    Lol no as I stated people have the right to say whatever but it is amazing that no one just says “eww” ,”those jeans are crap” or “he is hot” That what I meant by hot or not, not always making skin deep comparisons, like sexual preferences. When we regularly critique normal people we always talk about the outside (what they wear, hair and skin). Amazingly so, now people just post “he is gay, looks gay or hanging around lesbians/gays makes him gay”. My gay friends hate perez and someone like him who gives his bias opinions as fact deserves to be called every name in the book. He has said almost every hollywood actor is gay and when they state their not, he writes crap about them. ZQ is hot in my personal opinion, I don’t care what he is. He could be an alien from neptune and I would not like him any less.

  • beckasaurus

    Zachary Quinto is so sexy and smart, plus he seems like a total sweetheart. He’s patient and kind with his fans, and has never lashed out at the paps. As curious as I am, I also wish that people would get off his back about the whole sexual preference thing. At the end of the day, what does it matter if he likes men or women? He’ ll still be the hottest boy in Hollywood, either way.

  • Stone

    Treasure trail?

  • Mary284


    i totally agree… people should stop this discussion, it really doesn’t matter…

    He’s a cool actor and his private life is not our business…

  • Chef Jacke

    I didn’t know he was a lesbian.

  • MMA

    I don’t know who’s sleezier, him or Jared. Perhaps we should take a poll.

  • for British Latin American

    you describe bisexuals not lesbians, is a true homosexual sarah.
    You’re a pervert.