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Charlie Sheen Arrested, Spends Christmas In Jail

Charlie Sheen Arrested, Spends Christmas In Jail

Charlie Sheen was arrested Friday morning (December 25) and charged with second degree assault and menacing and criminal mischief in Aspen, Colorado, police said.

Charlie‘s rep, Stan Rosenfield, released a statement saying, “Do not be misled by appearance. Appearance and reality can be as different as night and day.”

The 44-year-old actor, whose real name is Carlos Irwin Estevez, has been married to real estate investor Brooke Mueller since May. The couple welcomed twin sons born in March. Charlie has two young daughters with actress Denise Richards, and a teen daughter from his relationship with Paula Profit.

Charlie currently stars in the popular CBS comedy Two and a Half Men.

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  • xxx

    When is that idiot gonna learn? He’s always freaking in trouble.

  • nense


  • yv

    A Xmas to remember.

  • Julie

    so what, next.


    scumbag. what else is new? it’s charlie sheen for christsakes. he’s no good.

  • G

    We have to stop turning domestic abusers into celebrities, actors, stars, whatever. From Chris Brown to Charlie Sheen, this society condones violence.

    On a trip to Asia, I saw radios and local TV stations refuse to broadcast shows that include actors involved in violence, domestic abuse, etc. They take a moral stand. It creates a society where violence is NOT tolerated.

    This is a powerful way to change America. Stop watching Charlie Sheen, don’t buy Chris Brown music, don’t buy Kate Moss products, etc.

    When are we going to say NO to violence all around?

  • sp

    People don’t change. Once a woman beater is always a woman beater.

  • sara

    I don’t understand these women that marry this guy and on top of that, pop out kids with him, given his past. But, I guess they’re looking at $$ and child support once they divorce…

  • Halli

    I don’t get it. Martin Sheen fathers two sons who’s real last names are Estevez? Is that a step-father’s name? I know Emilio Estevez has kept his last name even though he too is Martin Sheen’s biological son. Guess Charlie wanted to play down his Latino side and play up his Irish roots instead.

  • Halli


    They become celebrities before anyone knows what they really are. So its not about turning abusers into celebrities. Its just a reminder that celebrities are human too and humans do some f-cked up stuff.

  • plez


    Martin Sheen is a stage name. His real name is Ramón Gerardo Antonio Estévez.

  • tracy

    I think I remember a while back there was an issue of some kind of disturbance.. and the press did nothing.. But the tabs can post week after week stories on other celebs that are not true.. and YET they constantly miss all the crap the other celebs are doing..

    Example:. the other celebs have had a free pass for years. Because the tabs have been so focused on posting lies about Brad/Angelina and Jennifer.. They have missed so much Drama from the other celebs.. COME on.. there had to be people who knew this was going one. I will admit that I thought Denise Richards was not telling the truth.. WELL shame on me.

    I guess she left for a good reason. But of course the tabs will still focus on a 5 year old story that is old and geaten to death.. MOVE ON.. look at the stuff you are missing..

  • Catalina

    A leopard will never change their spots.

  • Halli


    Oh my bad. For some reason I thought he was of Irish descent?

  • plez


    Half Spanish Half Irish



  • tim

    who cares who he is or what nationality he is
    if he is black white pink yellow
    short tall
    he is abusive
    they never change
    Chris Brown Charlie
    should be punished
    it is disgusting already!

  • Ciara

    How lovely for Max and the kid with the stupid name to have their first Christmas sans Daddy.

  • Lauren

    didn’t he shoot Kelly preston in the early 90′s?

  • CanadaGirl

    No woman deserves to be abused, but she knew what she was getting into. Hello…. read his trivia on IMDB… this is hardly new behaviour.
    Charlie Sheen is a dirt-bag, but he took the fall during the Heidi Fleiss trial, so the good-ole-boys will make sure he’s taken care of.

  • Deidre

    This article didn’t say anything about DOMESTIC abuse so stop assuming. It sounds like he got a little too rowdy at a ski lodge haha…

  • Mrs. Claus

    I HOPE THIS does not involve his wife.

    I HOPE this guy has it together.

    I HOPE this guy has learned.

    If it is something against this girl, divorce and I assume a settlement must be equal to DENISE who ISCELEBRATING!!! She is over the moon about this news. This iswhatshe has been waiting for.

    Denise gets like $50,000 a month child support. Shares of residuals from Two And A Half Menand more.

    Sad.I am going to TMZ for the dirt.

  • haley

    Lets just hope the stupid show he stars in finally gets cancelled. Denise is probably biting her nails worried about her huge support check!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • frida

    Denise Recihards must be laughting out loud LOL

  • Smile4me

    @ G
    Well that list might be long. And if you’re going to treat one a certain way.. they do it for all of the “violent” people.

    sean Penn (beat Madonna), Jay Z ( Stabbed a Man) Mary J ( punched her husband) etc… etc.. list goes on.

    What is banning everyone going to do?/ Point is Celebs are no different then the average joes/janes. Stop trying to make them into these Perfect/ humans .. they do the SAME things.. NOn celebs do.

    I hope people are passionate about these issues in their own communities. why when it happnes to a “certain type” celeb do the media/fans react like its never been done before.

  • Kelly Kleavage

    Kokaine is a heckuva drug

  • Kelly Kleavage

    @Halli: Sheen is a fake last name, he is hispanic. Charlie likes hookers too much to stay married

  • jenna

    his children are going to love to hear how their daddy was in jail on their first christmas. wow.

  • =Logan=

    some people never change. grow up charlie, your a father of 4!

  • Mrs. Claus

    Denise Richards woke up and got an expected gift from Chralie that she had been waiting for.
    DENISE RICHARDS is glowing.Delighted.there is nothing in this world she could have asked for ,not even the return for her mother, if she could have been granted one wish, well, maybe have her mom return to her family.Maybe.

    Brooke is going to divorce Charlie later. Sooner, there will be some counseling.

    Brooke will have to get the same support Denise gets. Brooke,clever,had two kids as well. She got the twins. Two at one time is faster.

    I suspect Denise will go to court to make sure whatever Brooke gets is less than what she gets and Denise got a ton of money for life.

    the media will be all over Charlie onMonday.
    Denise will be talking toanyone with a mic.
    Broke will be in seclusion and issue one of those generic press statements.

    Chralie will have to hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawyer fees for Brooke, Denise,and himself.

    Charlie should just be done with and on Monday afternoon,
    Take a pill cocktail, sandwich,and desseert. Eat a complete meal loaded with dozens of pills..

    Why live through all of thisagony of Deise,the press,Brooke,diovrce attys,for all 3 of them, etc.

    His past be dragged up again….mess,unhappiness.

    He should leave a handwritten will leaving 1/3 to Brooke. 1/3 toDenise. 1/3 to his eldest child who is an adult.

    I hope Charlie eats a bullet , takes an od of pills, or whatever to kill himself. take himself out of his misery.

    Please do not say about his kids.

    their mothers have millions and that is all that matters. When he and Brooke get divorced, he will have to do that whole custody thing, forget.

    I hope the guy kills himself.Give us all real drama.

  • T.


    This story does not say it but everywhere else says it was a scuffle with his wife Brooke.

    She also made the 911 call…

  • Mrs. Claus

    And T, that is why he needs to just off himself. Be done with it.
    He will never be able to live this down. It is going to be a crazy year in the gossip mags,and entertainment shows with the lawyers, him, Brooke, and Denise.

  • Mrs. Claus

    Is he dead yet?
    Did he kill himself yet?

  • Lisa2


    He is really a father of 5! He has a two boys with his current wife, and then the two girls with Denise. Then he has a daughter named Cassandra that he had with Paula Profit who is probably in her 20′s now.

  • Lisa2

    @sara: Because they think they will “change” him and that they are “different” and probably like all the money as you mentioned. They probably like all the attention that goes along with dating a celebrity too.

  • AGA

    Sounds like more went on than what is said here….Charlie had a BAC of .04 while Brooke had a BAC of .14. So,Brooke was very drunk while she has little baby twins in her care, and AT 8:30 in theMorning.
    People should wait for more info before making assumptions…Also Brooke has recanted her statement now anyway!!!

  • Alice

    @Mrs. Claus: You are a judgemental moron/freak! You have no Idea what went on. Brooke was twice as drunk as Charlie was! No-ONe should wish another to off themselves.His kids..who don’t care about tabloid BS-he is just there Dad. And wishing for some-one to die is just plain wrong. Karma on You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • African Girl

    Whoa! This is sick…he’s sick.

  • Mrs. Claus

    Alice,Iamnot a moron/freak.
    You are almost right about the other stuff.

    I beleive he will kill himself. I should have phrased that differently.
    I feel sorry for those4 innocent little kids, but Charlie will see very litle of them because of Brooke’s custody fight and Denise RICHARDS will reopen her divorce and custody. Come on, look at it realistically.Brooke has DIVORCE written all over this. Chralie is in for one hell of a year. There is no Happy New Year wishes for him, just New Year. The divorce, custody battle, Denise talking in front of every mic, Chralie being placed into anger mngt. by Broke, what a mess.
    Denise had it so and maybe still does that Charlie sees little of those girls.
    The whole thing is sad.I really wished for him to prove himself ok andmake thismarriage work. The thought of Denise lawyering up, getting her press statment ready for Sat, 12/26, GLOATING and GLOWING over this is disgusting.
    It is a mess.

    It doesn’t matter if Brooke beat him with a golf club up and down the mainstreet in Aspen. If she called the police,that is it. Chralie,being Charlie, could be beaten and the police WILL arrest him.

    The whole thing is sad. A disgrace. Common as in trashy behavior.

    You are RICH byeond rich and are inAspen, a palce for the rich only,minus the servants.All the other rich /famous and just rich are there. Everybody is reading this today. It is Christmas morning.What a mess.

  • Tio

    If he is charged, I think Two and a Half Men will come to an end, no-one will want to support him. Anyway, the show is rubbish after Jake grew up.

  • christine (WeHo & NYC)

    I guess Denise Richards was right about him.
    It’s actors like Charlie that make Brad Pitt look upstanding.
    Let go of the anger, Carlos Estevz.
    And cut out alcohol.

  • celebrities…

    Not everyone worths millions…. ugh

  • http://justjared FOXY BROWN

    Let’s see if he (a grown man with a history of abuse) is punished and ridiculed like Chris Brown (a teenager with no previous history of abuse except that he grew up in an abusive household). Give Chris another chance. Some teenagers lack the ability to control their reactions and to reason through their choices. They react on impulses as do some adults obviously. So many adults have been forgiven for their actions. How about giving this “Teenager” another chance.

  • mimi

    His wife hit him first. What? Women expect to hit men with impunity now? Rihanna hit Chris Brown first with a cell phoned. For the record, Chris Brown was a celebrity before he hit Rihanna.

  • VL

    He is a funny guy – Nutty – and he should not be around kids or women!

  • AutumnM

    Well no suprise here. Charlie’s always in trouble esp. when it comes to fighting, sex and drugs. I doubt he’ll ever change. Why these women continue to marry or date him is a mystery to me.

  • Hollow

    My god! I didn’t knew his real name wasn’t Charlie Sheen? Damn…. And I never liked him anyway.. not in his movies, not in his 2 men tv show.. I just think he thinks too much of himself and he has nothing to offer really….
    I just hate him.. he is sooo arrogant.. Charlie just go away, people wanna puke on you

  • miapocca

    His real name is Carlos Irwin Sheen.
    His father is first generation of both half Spanish (dada from somwhere on the portugal border) and Half Irish(Galway-mother).
    His Dad’s family lived in Bermuda then later in teh Midwest somewhere. Martine Sheen run off to NY where Emilio was born , then they moved to California,. The other children are Ramon, then Charlie then Renee.
    Martin Sheen is currently shooting a film directed by Emilio.
    Previoulsy Martin Sheen had Charlie do time for his bad behaviour..but he seems to have inherited all the bad genes in the family. Quite a headache for an upstanding socially consious catholic father.,..

    Oh well I have no sympathy for Brooke Meuller…she knew what she was getting into and helped Cahrlie crucify the MOTHER of his children..too bad she cant take the heat…they are both psycho and deserve each other, so other sane men and women can be free of their madness, ..Just liek Paris an Doug…couple like this should stay together forever adn forever and enjooy their crazines…I dont think a court shoudl grant Meuller a divorce..ahahhahahahah

  • lakers fan in boston

    seems like she was drunk and made some false charges…
    lol, i had no idea, charlie was named carlos

  • Toni

    Is anyone really suprised he was arrested for DV. If I recall in the 90s he had similar cases and he was known for messing around with strippers and prostitutes. I’m not suprised at all that’s probably why no one is really shocked about this incident.

  • I can’t take it anymore

    Charlieis bad news. Always has been.

    Denise is batsheit crazy-saying Charlie was into child p orn,
    getting with Ritchie and saying well, her friendship with Heather was over at that point, etc.

    Charlie-saying that about Denise’smother was low.
    His background is what it is.

    Denise total divorce payday will equal 25 million.

    Brooke wants and deserves her 25 million too.